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Sockene White

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Sockene White, World Class Petite Models Magazine,
Model: Sockene White, World Class Petite Models Magazine, Photo by Orville Spence

World Class Petite Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing Jamaican model Sockene White.

Name: Sockene White

Weight: 58.967 / 130

Height: 5'6

Eye Color: Brown

Bust: 34

Waist: 27

Hips: 39

Shoe Size: 6/ 7/ 7 1/2

Age: 28

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hobbies: Reading, surfing the net, spending time motivating self,  writing, songs, poems, and stories

Years Modeling: 5 years

Countries Visited: none

Likes: Seeing others happy, love to walking in my heel, it makes me feel powerful, love motivating others to push beyond their limits.

Dislikes: Dishonesty and person who destroy others with negative words

Status: Single

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

Hi, I am Sockene White, I am from Rosemount Linstead St. Catherine on the beautiful island of Jamaica. I am the second of eight siblings I’ve attended at Ewarton High School where I was successful with four CCSLC. I am jovial, fun, determined, hardworking, and benevolent. In my spare time, I read, surf the net to educate myself, and the things that are going on in the world, and do self-motivation.

After high school, I sought employment as a housemaid, while working I have always motivation myself that I can do so much more.  I started working two jobs to save enough money to send myself back to school. I started Heart Trust NTA certificate in General Beauty Therapy in levels one and two and degree months after while I was employed at Mega mart on Waterloo Road Kingston in the Digicel Department as a Customer Service / Sale Representative. Every day I tell myself that the sky is the limit.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Please tell us about your modeling experience.

I was signed by an agency as the Brand Ambassador, featured on CVM at sunrise, and TVJ Smiles, Weekend Smile, Daytime Live, and Won Miss Charity Jamaica 2018. I’ve walked in fashion shows such as the Sway Fashion Show 2017 and Evolve Fashion Show.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How were you discovered?

I woke up one morning feeling extra confident in myself so I put on my swimwear and a little makeup, ‘I didn’t even know how to put make-up on but I did’ and started taking pictures after playing with my sister. The way that I was so overconfident I posted, them on Facebook, and to my surprise, I’ve got a lot of positive comments like ‘Why don’t you go to pulse and try out for their plus-size ‘? And I was like what? So I decided to visit their company when I got there the judge told me I was too small to be a plus size.

On my way out one of the girls that were there approached me, then asked ‘if I ever heard about Reggae Youth Magazine? I said no so she started showing it to me on Facebook, I was so excited I went there the next day luckily did I know that it was only one spot remaining, I asked for the owner to speak with her, she then told me to prepare for the upcoming journey.  A few months later I was the new face of Reggae Youth Magazine Cover Girl 2015. World Class Petite Models Magazine: What made you decide to become a model?

People! I know you may be wondering why I said people, let me explain, it is my expression to say "listen", I was 5 feet 5 inches, 150 pounds at age 15. I always love fashion, love the way it looks on those models when watching movies others that took the time out to create art in fashion, at the age of 19 I started to speak with my friends about it, they told me I was too short, fat and I will never be recognized by anyone I felt bad I locked myself away from others and spend time with myself and my thoughts.

While doing that I started to watch videos, practice poses, and talk to myself by using the negative words from my friends and others to motivate me. It took me a long while to love and appreciate me, build enough courage, confidence to avoid the nouns that they threw at me.  Five years later I was the face of a cover girl magazine and I can proudly say I am a proud model.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your favorite style of modeling and why?

Runway modeling! Being a runway model gives me the opportunity to attend events all over the world, great networking, making new friends with fellow models, photographers, and scouts, you get to advertise creative Clothing Designer’s, walk-in fashion shows as well as being inspired by passionate and creative people.

As a runway model, it helps to build your confidence and your self-esteem molded you into a better person. It can yield a very glamorous lifestyle but most importantly you have to be a great listener and to be a speedy worker. To hear the audience cheering for you and smiles and everyone faces is breathtaking. World Class Petite Models Magazine: Who’s your mother agency and why did you choose them or why you freelance?

It is an honor to be signed by Infinity International / l2 Model Management because they look out for others like myself, they are fun, jovial, and free-spirited but when it comes to being the best they put out the time and effort in all of us. They look out for inspiring models no matter the height, skin color, or ethnicity with l2 Model Management we all are unique in our ways and all belong to be seen by the world. They have an excellent runway trainer Dwayne Hinds and one of Jamaica's best photographer Orville Spence. This enables me to be equipped with all the skills needed to excel.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Which designer’s did you have the chance to model for?

I’ve modeled for Janzen Endless Dezigns at the Sway Fashion show, Evolve, and Cloud 9

Rebirth Couture, Soshorna Henry, Yah-Shirah Lindsay, Tka Walters

House of Fennel: The day I was supposed to meet Mr. Fennel, my manager at the time Mr. Dyer he told me that it was very hard to please in a good way “laugh out loud” and I must make sure I walk for him on the day of the fashion show.

After when Mr. Fennel enters the office and talk to us he was jovial, calm, and encouraging, he started to fit me but none of the clothes would fit because I was too slim they laughed at me the whole day, minute after he told me he will make something for me to walk the fashion show cause he saw something in me that will pop the outfit that he had in mind. That day was a day to remember.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Which fashion shows have you modeled in?

I’ve been blessed to walk for Collection Moda, Sway Fashion Show, Cloud 9, and Evolve Fashion show in Kingston Jamaica. which were amazing events

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Which Fashion Show was your favorite and why?

Sway Fashion Show! It was a night to remember.  I’ve learned how to move as quickly as possible because you Have to change for the next clothing, especially if you have to walk for the same designer, remove clothing from your body so quickly I never knew I would do something like that. It was challenging but amazingly beautiful.

To walk through an audience with a bright smile and their faces and hear them cheering for you it's breathtaking, walking, and posing for the photographers and looking drizzling in the art of creative fashion that I will do all over again with no regret.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your biggest success as a model so far?

Being the Face of Reggae Youth Magazine Cover Girl 2015, the Brand Ambassador for Sway Caribbean Model Agency, to be featured on CVM Sunrise morning time, TVJ Smiles, Weekend Smile, Daytime Live and to be the winner of Charity Jamaica 2018.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your secret to scoring runway jobs?

Having a good portfolio with a variety of images to show my versatility so that the casting director can sit up and pay attention. Show your personality, be confident, know your work, know your style, and your products. Be different with a good attitude, be approachable, have the look, be the look, and the future is yours.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Tell us about your upcoming fashion shows?

I haven’t heard of any at this moment but I hope I would have some coming soon, this pandemic as slow down a lot in Jamaica.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Tell us about your favorite photoshoots?

My favorite shoot is when I did nude for the first time I was so afraid to be out like that then I realized that I have to be open-minded, express myself, discover who I am, and bond with the idea of the concept. After the photo was edited it warms my heart when I saw it, I personally admire the creativity of it, the way my skin glows, how I was relaxed expressing my feeling through the photos it was breathtaking.

Being able to create a masterpiece and telling a story through that image, creating art through portrait brings positive energy to me to keep pushing to create more art through the portrait.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your secret to finding the right photographers and why?

First I will find a photographer that loves to shoot the type of images I want, look at their websites and check out their photos because most photographers have different ways and style of lighting their work, and editing their work, their poses, and more I pay keen attention to those.

I look for images that speak to me that make me stop in track and smile. I make sure it is someone that I can be comfortable with and will be available, someone that can interact with, that can tell me if I am posing wrong and be able to give direction in composing the shoot.  

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How do you prepare for a shoot?

Exfoliate your skin, moisture, wax or shave, get a facial, shave eyebrows, get a manicure and a pedicure if needed, make sure your hair is properly groomed, drink a lot of water, stay away from sugar, dairy and fast-food and go to sleep early the night before the shoot.

If I am the one that is responsible for clothing I pick out 5-6 pieces. I need my portrait to be the reflection of me so I would choose something dark, something light, funky, fun and sexy to fit my form to pack aside so on the day of the shoot I don’t have to be running around to get everything done.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Any modeling tips for upcoming models?

Being a model is not easy, you're going to hear a hundred no’s by agency, people criticizing you, friends going to tell you, you can’t   but you can’t, challenges coming your way but you can’t let that stop you from achieving your dream to become a model.

Be yourself, believe in yourself, trust in the thing you want to do and about to do, bypass the negative and focus on the positive, block out the hate words, pray and believe in what you pray for and remember in everything you do always put God first he is the key to all your success.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Any video commercial or film experience?

I haven’t done a commercial or film but it’s my dream to be featured in a commercial or a film in the coming future.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Do you volunteer for any cause?

Currently, I am not involved with any charity foundation but in the future am looking forward to being engaged in a lot of them and to be able to give back more to the world then what I am giving now. I haven’t volunteered with a foundation before but I have helped so many on a daily basis giving to others that need my love, care, and support.

Seeing the smile on their faces gives me joy, makes me feel happy in giving, helping, and spending time with God praying for them and for god to give them the help.  

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your favorite fashion style?

Vintage is my favorite style because they are clothing that is old, has a classy look, and has exquisiteness. They are fabrics that I think people don’t appreciate any more because they are rather trendy. Vintage is an old fashion that never goes out of fashion, old is gold and rightly.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your secret to success?

My secret to success is to have faith in whatever you put your mind to, put God first in everything you do. Determination, It is both a firmness of purpose and willingness to work unceasingly towards that purpose in spite of any obstacles, difficulties, or failures along the way.

Use your skills effectively, It comes hand in hand with being determined and putting in a lot of time and effort, passion and discipline are to practice something unabated, day in and day out, keep working until you have accomplished your ultimate goals.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What would you like to accomplish as a model in 2020?

One of my 2020 goals have already been met, I am currently signed to a wonderful agency called I2 Model Management. My aspiration is to be on the cover of Vogue, to walk in fashion weeks like Paris, Milan, and New York, featured in commercials to be recognized by Ralph Lauren.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: I want to be shooting for Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and Miuccia Prada. World Class Petite Models Magazine: What would be your ultimate modeling dream job?

To be the next international supermodel, to be a feature in high rated commercials and film to be a feature in movies, and high rated comedies and plays

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your overall modeling goal?

Opening my own model agency for all types of upcoming models that have not been recognized by other agencies is the one that was told that they are too fat, short, too tall, too dark, too light skin and to be there to educate them on everything that is there to be known.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What legacy as a model would you like to leave behind?

To be that someone to be remembered and talk about every day, I want to leave behind a brand of courage, a motivator, a teacher, and a mentor for upcoming inspired models.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Where can we learn about your work?

If you want to know more about Sockene white you can follow me on Instagram at @keelah_08, Facebook at Kellyanndra Barbie White, and at I2 Model Management.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How can someone hire you for a job?

I can be contacted by email at, I2modelmanagement (, and by 1876 772-9817/ 1876 533-2530.

World Class Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview.

Model: Sockene White, World Class Petite Models Magazine, Photo by Orville Spence Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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