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Sec Lucia Hou 2020 World Class Woman of the Decade

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Sec Lucia Hou 2020 World Class Woman of the Decade, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Sec Lucia Hou 2020 World Class Woman of the Decade, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photography by Kha Tran (Ktranphotography), MUAH by Cathy In Beauty Jewellery by Andrea Agosta, Designer Gowns by Lucy Laurita, Shoes by Desert Rose Collection

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to congratulate amazing Queen Sec Lucia Hou on being recognized as 2020 World Class Woman of the Decade

Lucia was representing World Class Brand as World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador 2018 and was recognized as the 2018 Woman of the Year out of 400 candidates for her philanthropic work and community services.

Full name: Sec Lucia Hou Contest Winner: 2020 World Class Woman of the Decade

Title/Year: World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador 2018

Previous titles: Ms Asia Pacific 2020 Multicultural, South East Asia & Australian Director / Ms Oceania World Class 2018 / Mrs Oceania Globe 2017 / Mrs Coral Sea Globe 2016 / Mrs Australia Globe Peoples Choice 2016

Pageant Systems: Ms Asia Pacific / Mrs World Class / Mrs Globe / Mrs Australia Globe

Age: 44

Zodiac sign: Taurus / Fire Dragon

Hobbies: Photography, Diving, Dancing & Camping.

Platform: PROJECT KARMA Saves children from sex exploitation and sex slavery around SE Asia & Australia. We work with many organisations hand in hand who do similar work. Our niche lies in law enforcement, super hero stuff… undercover investigations and surveillance, tracking down the criminals and syndicates, busting them, putting them behind bars, saving the children. Educate, rehabilitate and repeat…

Years competed: 2016 & 2017

Countries visited: Australia, Amsterdam, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam.

Likes: Fashion, Sparkly thing, Food, Sleep, Music, Beach, Mermaids, Motor bikes, Travelling, Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Adventures & Super heroes.

Dislikes: Selfishness, Rudeness, Racism & Violence.

Status: Proud mother of two amazing young children; Xavier & Phoenix

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about yourself.

I am a child of Christ. I was born in Laos, the youngest of 11 children and migrated to Australia when I was only 1 years of age. My nationality is Australian /Chinese / Vietnamese / Laotian.

My Chinese given name, Sec, means ‘diamond’ and my Italian name, Lucia, means ‘graceful light’. I also have one other adopted brother and I was co-cared / fostered by Italian parents as well as my biological own. I have been fortunate enough to have an upbringing filled with memories of warmth, love, support and happiness. My immediate multicultural family alone expands over 200 members, in which over 30 of them are my nieces and nephews and now great nieces and great nephews.

I continue to be surrounded by people who prove to be great references in my life.

My passion lies in photography, the art of capturing light, and it is essentially my language of love. Through my lens I am able to paint the best version of how my subject wants to see themselves.

I love sparkly things and anything super hero. My favourite superhero’s are Superman & Wonder Woman.

My favourite colour is red because it’s bold, sexy and the colour of love. Many women are afraid to wear red because it’s so intense. I also love the different shades and spectrum of blue because I associate it with calm and the sea and ocean, where I love to dive like I am a mermaid and watch corpuscular rays shine through the water.

So, like my favourite colours, I am described as an extremist in anything I put my heart and soul in as well as a very kind and compassionate person.

Career wise I wear many hats; I am a Director of a Building and Maintenance company, Painter and Plasterer, Photographer, Media Manager, PR, Public Speaker, MC, Creative Director, Reigning Queen, Charity Ambassador… but my biggest accomplishment of all, is that I am a Mother to two amazing, energetic and funny children.

My focus is on influencing positive outcomes for change & empowerment.

My life aspiration encompasses passive self-improvement & inspiring others to live extraordinary lives whilst empowering their dreams and to always maintain integrity and empathy as a role model, providing great references in life, especially to my very own two children.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us why did you decide to become World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador?

There is a certain honour in serving the country that you call home. Australia is the most multicultural country in the world that celebrates all people from all ethnic backgrounds and nationalities in harmony.

World Class Beauty Queens: Before you were recognized as World Class Woman of the Decade, you were recognized first as 2018 World Class Woman of the Year by Derek Tokarzewski. And to clarify World Class Woman of the Year is selected out of all the pageant interviews conducted by World Class Beauty Queens Magazine and selection is based on the impact made with personal platform. During that year there were over 400 people considered for that recognition, out of which 40 were selected as official candidates. One of the benefits of being recognized as World Class Woman of the Year is having the interview published in every World Class print magazine following year. Lucia’s interview was published in 48 magazines helping her reach a wider audience.

Tell us about what it meant to you to be recognized as 2018 World Class Woman of the Year?

I believe that as with any accolade or position one is blessed with, a title is just a title unless you embrace it, appreciate it, commit to it, nurture it, grow it, and give it LIFE to make an IMPACT for yourself and all those around you. Whether it is a small impact or large impact, it can lead to a long lasting impact and furthermore opportunities, just like a never-ending ripple affect. Furthermore, it is the impact you can have on others, that inspires and causes them to adopt their own impacts with a positive infectious attitude and behaviour that leads to a greater change. To me, having been recognized as the 2018 World Class Woman Of The Year meant that I was and am making an impact for my philanthropic causes and also building a life legacy. This honour has also fuelled my inner ambition and aspirations to become more and do more, not only for what God has called upon my life, not only for my family, not only for the children of our tomorrow, not only for the community, not only for the underprivileged, but also for myself as a woman, mother, queen, role model. Having my interviews published in so many publications, means that my outreach has life and carries hope. Having my interviews published by the BIGGEST PRINT PAGEANT MAGAZINE IN THE WORLD, a true cross continental promotion regardless of what title or what system, is like a blessing on steroids! I am so honoured to be a part of this non prejudice system that allows all voices to be heard and causing more doors of opportunity to be opened.

Just as expensive and priceless items are set high in value because of its maker, prestigious brand and its ambassadors, I also believe that belonging to and having the honour of being part of the World Class brand family is what makes incredible difference.

To start with, for me, being recognized by Derek Tokawzerski is a privilege in itself, as I hold so much respect for this man whom I consider as my mentor, and is living proof of his brand’s purpose; to EMPOWER, EDUCATE & INSPIRE, encouraging and giving individuals an opportunity to have a real voice.

Why I emphasize ‘real voice’ is because throughout my own experience having been interviewed throughout the past decade with so many various media, I have experienced a whole lot of editing and suppression, where what I had expressed had been chopped and changed or left out. The World Class Brand interviews has allowed my voice to be uncapped, regardless of the taboo topics my causes advocate for, my faith, my beliefs and my cultural identity. I believe a real voice is when you can be truly free from censorship, then your heart can truly speak and you can be the most authentic version of yourself, without fears of judgment or biased limitations. I am so grateful and so proud to have been recognized as 2018 World Class Woman Of The Year, it has been such an amazing journey and experience & lifetime achievement I will always cherish.

World Class Beauty Queens: Now you hold the highest honour offered by World Class Brand as the Woman of the Decade, which is selected once every 10 years from all the Woman of the Year. And now this interview will be published in every print magazine through the decade educating and inspiring people around the world to get involved and give back through charity or volunteer work. What does this honour mean to you?

To be honest, It feels so surreal and incredibly humbling to be blessed with such an honourable recognition. I am still pinching myself with heartfelt gratitude! I already hold ‘Woman of the Year’ on the highest regards, now ‘Woman of the Decade’ has just magnified all my senses of purpose and passion.

To have an international reach with the World Class Brand behind supporting me, feels like super hero status, where in which case, this queen has just been given her super hero powers, equipped and fuelled to fight on against injustices! The amazing super power to outreach on a high magnitude level for the philanthropic causes in order to make a difference with an impactful punch!

I have always believed that ‘Courage’ sparks from being ‘Encouraged’ and that's exactly how I feel… Encouraged by this blessing to put on the full armour of God, standing firm with the belt of truth buckled around my waist, wearing the breastplate of righteousness, my feet grounded and fitted with the gospel of peace, taking up the shield of faith, helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit. To maintain courage to fight for the things I believe in, to believe in myself and to believe in others.

For me, being awarded Woman Of The Decade means that I will be able to have leverage into creating more opportunities to promote not only my own platform but also many others, to have a bigger voice to make international and ground breaking change, and have a pivotal role in the world of leadership and empowerment.

For me personally, being awarded the highest honour as Woman Of The Decade will go down in my books as a lifetime achievement and a testimony that anything is possible for those who believe. I look forward to representing as the World Class Woman Of The Decade internationally, empowering, educating and inspiring others to make their mark in this world. Encourage others to take courage and to become champions of hope and change through their aspirations and philanthropic platforms.

World Class Beauty Queens: What appearances have you done as World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador?

As a proud ambassador for the World Class Brand, I have worn my crown proudly at many events and throughout my social media posts where appropriate. At a very early stage of my life, I learnt the value of ‘Edification’ and the importance to ‘Edify’ others, especially when they are the cause or contribution toward your promotion. Naturally I have a very grateful heart and I always want to give back so much praise, love and joy to those whom have helped encourage me to be the woman I am today. Therefore, to all my sponsors, friends, mentors, family and foundations/brands that I represent, I always make the effort into edifying them back. In doing so, it shows respect, honour, proudness and gratefulness. It also helps boost their platform (which is also linked to my own platform), so results in boosting both platforms, a win win!

The most recent appearance I have done representing as World Class Brand Queens Oceania Ambassador, is the announcement of landing the role as a TV cast member for a travel and adventure series, Adventure All Stars, which I will be starring in toward the end of this year, produced by the internationally acclaimed, Charity TV Global, a not for profit media platform that combines entertainment with philanthropy across the world. Heading a team of 24, we will all be raising awareness and funds for my platform Project Karma and be featured across two episodes. The show will be aired on national and international television (Channel 7 Network, Channel 9 Network throughout Australia, New Zealand & in over 10 million households throughout Asia, and more than 45 million households globally, including ABC, Newscorp, Virgin, Nova & Outdoor Channel)

During the last few years, I have also represented as World Class Beauty Queen ambassador on many radio interviews, where I am a regular special guest, such as SBS radio and The Stockmans breakfast and brunch radio show. I have graced covers and been featured in other magazine and newspaper publications such as; Influential People Magazine, The Indian Weekly, G’day India, Herald Sun, Your Career Magazine, The Philippine Times & many others where I am either wearing my World Class Crown or being interviewed mentioning the World Class Brand.

I have made countless appearances such as; Community & Multicultural Festivals, Charity Events, Chinese New Year Events, Fashion Events, Business Networking Events, Mental Health Foundation Australia Multicultural Gala, Pageantry Galas and Award events (Where I have also won 2018 Honoury Extraordinary and Inspirational Women of Australia Grand Winner Award & 2019 Community Award)… all whilst wearing my World Class Crown. It has been a pleasure and honour representing as World Class Beauty Queens Ambassador, and a bigger honour being able to meet and work with other queens and kings, encouraging and promoting their platforms by inviting them for an interview in the capacity as a Editor In Chief of World Class Queens of Australia Magazine.

World Class Beauty Queens: This is your 5th Cover as World Class Celebrity Cover Girl please tell us about the first 4 covers and what they mean to you. World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, World Class Queens Of Australia Magazine, World Class Queens of Oceania Magazine & World Class Beauty Queens Magazine 2018 Woman of The Year Special Edition?

My first cover for World Class Beauty Queens Magazine has to be my favourite out of the first three, alongside the following 2018 Woman Of The Year special edition! Mainly because of the bonus centrefold cover queen poster that was also the first of its feature kind. It was so exciting and I was blown away being a special edition and centrefold poster! It was also my birthday month and I felt like I was gifted with such a huge present and blessing. I was super proud of the philanthropic platform I was representing as Project Karma had just made a huge breakthrough the year before working together with Federal Parliament into the enquiry that lead to the fastest legislation passed through Australian Parliament history known as the Passport Ban Act, banning overseas travel of its registered child sex offenders, which now protects thousands of children in vulnerable countries. I was also super proud to share my story of my pageant experience, to encourage and inspire my sister queens around the globe.

My feature in World Class Beauty Queens Magazine led to the opportunity to become an ambassador for the World Class Brand as a representative for my country Australia & also proudly for the region of Oceania, which comprises of 16 countries across the Oceanian region.

World Class Queens Of Australia Magazine was such a sentimental publication to be a part of, because I was being featured along side my fellow Australian sister queens for the country I call home, which two were also from the Mrs Australia Globe system. Eloise Grace was also featured alongside me, whom was the successor of my very first pageant title of Mrs Coral Sea Globe. Today I am proud to see her successfully publish her self titled book this year which is available digitally on Kindle. Proudly, I am also featured in her book!

World Class Queens Of Oceania was a very proud moment as I was representing as 2018 World Class Beauty Queens Oceania as well as 2017 Mrs Oceania Globe. I love how the World Class Brand honours their queens and gives so much recognition to their achievements, dreams and platforms. I certainly felt empowered and blessed and in turn was able to pass on the empowerment and blessings onto others.

The end of 2018 saw me grace the cover as World Class Woman Of The Year 2018, One of my biggest achievements noted and cited on Wikipedia. It was a very exiting and proud time for my philanthopic platform too, as February 2019 saw a breakthrough for Project Karma, once again leading the enquiry internationally making recommendations to the UK government Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse for legislative change with similar measures relating to the Travel Ban Act. How amazing would it be if all countries around the world followed Project Karma’s recommended model and worked together to eradicate these atrocious crimes and introduce legislative changes into the protection of children and imprisonment for child sex offenders. Today I am very proud of my platform and believe in the impact Project Karma makes, with advocacies focused on improving legislation, policies and procedures, across many public and private sectors, to better protect children from sex crimes. Currently, we are proud to have been invited by the Parliament of Victoria to provide an expert submission to the Legislative Council and Social Issues Committee for the ‘Inquiry into the Management of Child Sex Offender Information’ in Victoria. Project Karma believes, with the right management, such legislation will assist into better protection of children.

This is exactly what being a cover girl to me is all about, the ability to make waves in an huge vast ocean by having my voice heard and magnified, which then allows the possibility leading to change and impact.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about World Class Brand.

World Class Brand was established in 2016 by Derek Tokarzewski in Chicago, Illinois, USA. One of the divisions is World Class Brand Publishing which covers 5 areas of entertainment: Pageantry, Fashion, Modelling, Film and Music. There are over 50 different World Class magazines with World Class Beauty Queens Magazine being the biggest print pageant magazine in the world with 122 print issues. What's special about World Class Beauty Queens Magazine is each issue featured at least one Beauty Queen from every continent giving it true global reach. There are also other World Class pageant magazines for every continent and different countries. I had the privilege of being the Celebrity Cover Girl for World Class Queens of Australia Magazine and World Class Queens of Oceania Magazine. I was also invited to be the Editor in Chief of World Class Queens of Australia Magazine. World Class Brand focus is to Empower, Educate and Inspire readers around the world through interviews with amazing and talented people. With strong focus on women empowerment and recognizing the humanitarian work that lives in the heart of that beauty. So to be at the forefront for my home country is more than an honour.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about World Class Ambassadorship.

World Class Ambassadorship is a virtual pageant where we are invited by our Director Derek Tokarzewski to represent our country or region. Big part of Ambassadorship is a mentorship program established to help individuals focus on their personal growth through their platform development. There are 3 core areas of the program: guidance, encouragement and promotion. My pageant title was World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador 2018. Through my crown and sash I was able to bring into focus the issues which are the core of my platform. Besides working on our platform one of the responsibilities was to promote World Class Brand in our respected country or region.

There's also Miss WorldClass which has it's own rules and requirements.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your pageant history.

As a professional photographer, I have been photographing beauty queens and pageant finals for over 7 years.

In 2016, I was invited by a former Mrs Australia Globe title holder to enter and reluctantly dismissed the idea at first, as I had just turned 40 years of age, had no modelling or pageant experience, nor did I even own any makeup products at all.

After being further encouraged by fellow friends whom I had mentioned the idea to, I imagined the possibility of the ability to expand my platform towards advocating about issues that are close to my heart, so I said YES.

In 2016, competing alongside more than 20 finalists in my first ever pageant at the age of 40, I am proud to look back and say that I was the first Asian in the Mrs Australia Globe to have ever won 2 titles in the one pageant year; Mrs Australia Globe Peoples Choice & Mrs Coral Sea Globe.

The last Mrs Coral Sea title at the time, was awarded 6 years ago.

In 2016 I competed alongside more than 60 countries internationally in the Mrs Globe international event in China Hainan and placed in the top finals.

In 2017 I was awarded at an international level, the title Mrs Oceania Globe, as the regional favourite of the world, where I also placed in the top finals in China Shenzhen out of 72 countries at the Mrs Globe international event.

In the same year I am also proud to say that my sister Kim Michael, won the title Mrs Australia Globe Classic 2017 (for women aged 45 years and over), which she then competed at the Mrs Globe U.S of A & Classic international finals in Las Vegas.

Kim & I are the first ever sisters winning titles in the Mrs Australia Globe / Mrs Globe pageant within the same year. It has an honour representing alongside my sister as the reigning queens for our country.

In all my experience working in the pageant industry as a photographer and stylist, I have never imagined beyond my wildest dreams that I would be inspired to change from ‘hiding behind’ to ’shining in front’ of the camera.

In 2018, I was graced as an ambassador for the World Class Beauty Queen brand, Editor in Chief, Oceania 2018, Australia 2018 & Woman Of The Year 2018. I feel like my journey has just begun and looking forward to endless possibilities of what can be achieved.

In 2019. I featured on National TV in a documentary about my ambassadorship and work with the National Homeless Collective, ‘Homegirl’ Episode 3 Behind The Sash, It was a ten part documentary series about 4 main cast members on the search for the next Mrs Australia.

In 2020, I was appointed as Ms Asia Pacific 2020 Multicultural, South East Asia & Australian Director, unfortunately I was only able to be involved in one event at the start of the year for Ms Asia Pacific as following this, we all saw the unfolding of the world wide Covid 19 Pandemic.

World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do your first pageant?

As I have been involved with creating media portfolios for beauty queens over 7 years, getting to know their personality and purpose have been a big factor of where I drew part of the inspiration from.

Humanitarian work lives in the heart of pageantry & the goodness that came out of their efforts intrigued me. Witnessing the new era of ‘beauty with brains and a purpose’ and seeing that most finalists were aspiring individuals such as accomplished doctors, lawyers & change makers also intrigued me. Witnessing how pageantry provided a platform to be the voice for those who cannot be heard intrigued me the most.

I resonated with a quote I read from one of my dear friend, Gary Lee’s (New Australian Of The Year 2016) post that said, ‘If an opportunity intrigues you, even just a bit, say YES then figure it out later. Be generous, but also be selective, but when you say YES, give it your all’, so I said YES!

I imagined the possibility of the ability to expand my platform towards advocating about issues that are close to my heart, such as the various charities I had partnered with over the past five years, surrounding issues such as; bullying, homelessness, sex exploitation and slavery, children born with heart disease, disadvantaged children, victims of abuse, mental health and women empowerment.

I imagined that if could challenging myself, by being brave enough to take the leap out of my comfort zone, be humble enough to accept that there is so much more to learn, be proud enough to believe I am worthy, be grounded enough to know beauty shines from within, be confident enough to represent , be faithful enough to understand this is part of my destiny & also be passionate enough to truly want to further inspire others as a role model, then I would really be walking the walk and talking the talk and proving that there are no age, religion, race or gender limitations to what seems impossible become possible.

So at the age of 40, with no pageant experience and who didn’t even know how to apply make up, I was inspired with everything that intrigued me and the dream of being an active part of a ripple effect of goodness, I said yes toward the opportunity to giving it my all.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your platform or what cause do you volunteer for.

I am proudly the first official ambassador for Project Karma. Project Karma saves children from sex exploitation and slavery across South East Asia and Australia, combating the devastation of child sexual abuse and online sexual crimes against children. My focus is to spread awareness on this taboo topic that for decades no one wants to talk about and continues to be a huge human rights violation that is going largely unnoticed around the world.

Project Karma is a not-for-profit charity organization and is comprised of; Australian and foreign law enforcement officers, investigators, operatives and other volunteers to combat the sexual exploitation of children both within Australia and in key regions of South East (SE) Asia where the majority of these crimes occur. In collaboration with Australian and SE Asian partners and networks Project Karma aims to: Develop and implement strategic action plans to combat these issues, Bring legal actions against sexual abusers of children, Rescue and rehabilitate child victims and potential victims of these crimes, Create and deliver awareness and education programs at all levels in SE Asia, Australia and beyond about sexual abuse and exploitation of children, & Lobby Government for recognition and action to address key causes surrounding these crimes.

The global industry for underage sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of children is worth at around $36 Billion US a year! Involving an estimated 5.5 million child victims were trafficked last year, where the majority of these children live in South East Asia. This number is growing at an estimated 20% per year and exists mainly because it is so accessible, targeted at the world’s poorest children by organised crime. Not only do some of these children live on less than $2 a day, these children routinely face sexual and physical violence being trapped in the worst forms of exploitation such as drug trafficking and prostitution. Some children as young as 1 years old are subject to prolific abuse and the sexual assault filmed to be sold and distributed to sick pedophiles throughout the black underworld market. Children as young as 5 years of age, are found drugged and chained to the floor, sold and abused as sex slaves. As a mother of two young children, my heart aches from knowing the reality that so many millions of children have to endure this injustice at such an innocent age. I am still in disbelief that we live in the 21st century with so much advancement in technology, and yet the world is so behind in humanity within this taboo topic.

Project Karma is prepared to take the risks necessary as its focus is to disrupt the Organised Crime networks that create and supply a market of children for sexual exploitation.

Project Karma is currently implementing a 3-year Sentinel Pilot Project aiming at working with government bodies to review current allocation systems and establishing crisis assessment centre and aftercare programs to the following regions including: Bali (Indonesia), Cebu (Philippines), Bangkok, Pattaya and other regions of Thailand. Following a review of these pilot projects Project Karma will expand the model to: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Through delivery of the Sentinel Project Project Karma aims to: Deliver training packages on investigation and vigilance of these crimes to local SE Asian police and other law enforcement agencies, Create trustworthy intelligence networks and private investigation teams, Facilitate legal action against child abusers and traffickers, Rescue sexually exploited and abused children, Provide support for welfare, rehabilitation and legal services for victims, Create and deliver ongoing programs of advocacy, awareness and education to local community members, universities and beyond & Establish local partnerships for ongoing project delivery including signed memorandum of understandings.

Through awareness I believe we can all can make a difference. Together we can rescue and rehabilitate children, disrupt criminal networks, prosecute offenders, influence governments to create better laws, empower communities to stamp out these crimes and take this fight to its core.

People can help by Checking out the work we are doing and see the vision that we have.

Support and promote our Facebook page: and our Twitter account: @ProjectKarmaAU

Promote our website to others.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your involvement with Project Karma over the years.

As a reigning queen and the ambassador for Project Karma, I have been able to grow awareness through various forms of media such as;

Magazines, newspapers, radios, events, public speaking, Wikipedia & television. Apart from raising awareness, I also play a big part in the back end of the organisation such as; helping maintain the website, create fund-raising projects & lobbying for legislative change.

Currently I am heading a team of 24 TV cast members to fundraise for Project Karma as part of a television project that will see us featured on two episode travel and adventure show, airing nationally and internationally.

I have also used my title to support a range of other charities and causes at their events such as Bully Zero Australia Foundation, The Victorian Cultural Association Inc, Mental Health Foundation Australia, National Homeless Collective , The Melbourne Indian Film Festival, Heart Kids, CDF Transport Charity and many more.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are some of your achievements?

In relation to my personal life’s journey, I was able to accomplish academic achievements and receive promotions within my career.

I even purchased my first Ferrari 355 Spider and made top 10 finance consultant in my early twenties.

My greatest achievement of all would have to be the arrival of my two young children in my thirties.

I am an awarding winning photographer and a proud charity partner and official ambassador to many great causes.

I am currently the face of Saka Water China and the proudest ambassador for Project Karma.

Pageant related, some of my achievements are that, I made international queen in my first pageant experience. I have learnt that this is a huge achievement because many people compete for years in pageants in their own country but never make it internationally.

I was the first Asian to be crowned in the Mrs Australia Globe.

I was also the first to be awarded two titles in the one pageant coronation: Mrs Australia Globe Peoples Choice as well as Mrs Coral Sea Globe.

I believe I might be the first and only winner to perform the robot dance as part of my victory dance on stage. This is probably not considered to be an achievement to some, but being comfortable enough to allow your true personality to shine without worrying about judgment on a national pageant stage is gold.

I was awarding as World Class 2018 Woman Of The Year internationally for my philanthropic efforts.

In 2019 I was featured in over 50 magazines and newsprints.

I was featured on national and international TV in a documentary series, Behind The Sash, Homegirl (Episode 3) as the guest queen cast and ambassador for the National Homeless Collective. Behind The Sash follow four powerful women as they travel the nation and abroad to shine a light on issues of injustice impacting women and children whilst searching for the next Mrs Australia. Behind The Sash is directed and produced by Danielle Mcalpine Johnson, whom happens to be the inspiring and gorgeous predecessor of my Mrs Oceania Globe title. To me, Danielle is the epitome of a true queen of substance.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is your onstage strategy to win the judges over?

Having judged fashion shows and models, I would say poise, confidence, along side a happy demeanor with character is what I find most attractive.

As this is in regards to an international beauty pageant, then my onstage strategy is mainly confidence and personality, along with having an impressive wardrobe and wearing my best smile.

World Class Beauty Queens: What does it mean to you to be a Beauty Queen?

People often ask me, how does it feel like to wear my queen crown. My answer is LOVE. My answer is FAMILY, I am still the person I was before but I am MORE. My heart is more, My passion is more, My purpose is MORE, My determination to help others is MORE but I just do things a little bit differently now… doing the same thing but MORE and whilst wearing heels and a crown. This is my answer because I believe being a beauty queen doesn’t just define or make you, pageantry is hard work, you would have had to have it in you all along, that diamond in your heart just needed a platform to shine from, for people to hear your voice and to believe in you, an energy of goodness fuelled in order to empower others. This crown has given me MORE.

In a span of two years I have adopted a global family across the world of more than 200 members and gained a louder voice and a wider platform.

Within my four years, I have a huge presence on social media, with nearly 5000 friends on Facebook and over 20,000 followers on Instagram. I have been featured on the front cover of magazines, front cover of the newspapers, articles written about me, been on TV, been featured in a documentary about me, interviewed on the radio, on stage public speaking to over 5,000 people, spent so much time in front of the lens instead of only behind, and am featured on Wikipedia as well as been nominated for over 7 awards including The Most Compassionate Award and ranked in the TOP 15 in the Mrs Globe International stage and competed alongside 72 countries in the world. BUT… what does all this opportunity and exposure really mean? As I am not in it for the fame, nor for work?!

It means ABILITY. The ability to be a beacon of light and a voice for those who aren’t heard. Yes I have become a model, not the type that breaks out with the vogue poses, and not the kind of role of a character playing a part in a movie, but a real life ROLE MODEL. Hopefully I’ll prove to be a very good one, especially to my little ones, but nonetheless, a very proud one.

Because this crown has given me the ability to represent and be a role model across many spectrums, including hope, love and charity. Not only do I use my ability to support many wonderful charities and foundations such as National Homeless Collective, Mental Health Foundation Australia, Bully Zero Australia Foundation & CDF Patients Transport Charity, but one of my proudest achievements is that I became the first official ambassador for Project Karma. An Australian charity organisation that saves children from sex exploitation and human trafficking throughout South East Asia and Australia. To be standing alongside a real life super hero, Glen Hulley who is the founder, and towards supporting Project Karma’s sentinel project that will see 11 crisis centers built in 8 countries and the implementation of much needed child protection laws, policing, education and agriculture within the communities to teach them how to feed themselves and be less vulnerable to the predators of crime. I think for me that is the type of legacy I will want to leave in my name and I will wear my crown every so proudly whilst representing.

My greatest memories above all start from the beginning… my mum and sisters squeezing my hand and telling me how proud they were. My daughter Phoenix sporting her little princess crown and especially my son Xavier for every time I was unsure and nervous on stage…his loving eyes were constantly locked onto mine so when I would glance at him, his thumbs would automatically go up to let me know I was doing ok and he was proud of me. Those are the kind of memories that came with me acquiring my crown, so in conclusion; What does my crown feel like on? It feels like LOVE.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did competing in pageants helped your life?

My journey through pageantry has taught me how to accentuate my natural inner and outer beauty and taught me how to speak confidently in public. It has given me stage experience and the ability to alter my platform to a higher level.

It has given me access to arrears that I would not have normally been able to expose myself in, It has helped grow my audience and given me lifetime experiences.

The experiences has helped me learn so much more about myself and I have grown a new respect and appreciation to the world of pageantry.

Pageantry has given me the opportunity to proudly represent my country, my ethnicity, my multiculturalism, my individualism and my platforms.

It has instilled within me lifetime memories shared with other world queens and the experience of being bold and brave enough to strut in a bikini on an international stage like a Victoria Secret Model.

Overall, my whole pageantry experience empowered and polished me to becoming more.

World Class Beauty Queens: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there. How does it feel?

I believe I am an inspiration to not only girls but to all people of different ages and gender.

I aspire to inspire, so it feels very empowering to be able to empower others. Alongside the empowerment comes with the sense of responsibility, because as they say, with great power comes great responsibility.

I also feel very proud that I can be a role model and spread my infectious ripples of kindness and goodness.

I have a grateful heart and feel very blessed by the Lord above.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for learning better pageant walk?

As a photographer/videographer/creative director, I adopted the skills as a very natural stylist by trade. I am constantly modelling and directing my subjects on how to pose, act or walk a certain way.

This has been an advantage in being able to see the art of pageantry walk in a professional, judges and audience perspective and apply techniques in teaching my subjects and also through my own stage experiences.

To be able to walk with a stride that’s looks confident, classy, comfortable, natural and energetic is a matter of practice. It is best practiced wearing the type of shoes you intend to wear on stage and to understand the intended timing of your stride.

My greatest tip is to wear in your shoes long enough well before the event, so they won’t be uncomfortable and cause your feet pain in your moment in the spotlight.

I usually go shopping in my heels to distract myself whilst I am ‘practicing’ and walking around the house in my heels and having fun with it. A classic trick is to walk straight elegantly across the room whilst balancing a thick and heavy book on your head, this is to practice maintaining a straight posture and a glide rather than a stride.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for choosing right pageant dress?

There are many factors involved in choosing the right pageant dress. Better understanding of your body shape and what type of style suits it, aids in complimenting your stage presence. Having access to a wide variety of dresses to explore the different styles will help, as well as embracing a second or third opinion.

The right pageant dress should fit perfectly, accentuate your assets and your curves, easy to walk confidently in and something that makes your personality shine as well make you feel and look amazing wearing it. For example one of my best features is my neckletage and shoulders, thus strapless dresses usually compliment my body most. Understanding what colours suit you most or brings out your best features, such as your eyes, is also a bonus. Something to also give thought to is how the dress looks like on camera and if it is a stop and stare dress that will evoke the reaction that you are after.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for winning interview?

Be honest and let your personality come through. Having a unique story to tell sets you in the league of being remembered and interesting. Sounding too rehearsed makes you come across as being fake. Being genuine and sincere is very attractive. Talking clearly, concisely and at a good speed and tone will show confidence and poise. Make plenty eye contact with your audience and engage them with some body language, such as the relevant hand gestures.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is one mistake that you’ve done during competing you wish you could redo and fix it?

After being crowned in my first ever pageant experience, I performed the robot dance on stage, which let my excitement and personality shine through, filling the whole audience with laughter.

Two years later in my latest pageant experience, I was too focused on maintaining an elegant posture, that even though I was so exited and really wanted to burst out in a shuffle and dance the moon walk, I regret I didn’t do what I would have liked to make the experience even more memorable.

World Class Beauty Queens: Any other mistakes competitors should watch out for while competing?

During both years of my international pageant experience, I have witnessed women emotionally falling apart because they are comparing themselves with others and getting their mindset mixed up with all the stress and craziest of pageantry and not allowing their own inner beauty to shine. Mental health, I believe plays a major part in competition as your confidence is what attracts your success. Embrace and concentrate on yourself instead of spending that energy measuring your self worth against others. Have fun and make plenty of friends but most of all, run in your own lane! There is no one that can be a better version of you, because there is only one you in this world, so be the BEST YOU can be.

World Class Beauty Queens: Any modelling or acting experience?

Not as a professional model or actor, because my main interest and hobbies revolve more around being behind the lens as the photographer/ videographer or creative director.

However the perks of becoming a beauty queen has led to continuous opportunities into modelling and acting. I have modelled at events for charities for fun, such as Scleroderma Victoria. Lexus Melbourne Cup, Fashion On The Fields and the Australian Fashion Awards. Fashion modelling wise, I have also been featured in the AGE, Herald Sun & the Financial Review publications.

In regards to acting, I cant call my opportunities ‘acting’ as its more that I was featured as a TV cast in a documentary series, in a music film clip, and also as a mum with my real onscreen daughter in a Bollywood movie, and soon to be a cast in a travel and adventure show; which is more classified as ‘reality TV’!

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your plans for 2021 as a Queen?

With the worst of the world wide pandemic now manageable in Australia, representing as World Class Queen at events will now be possible as the industry will slowly come back to life.

During the lockdown in 2020, I focussed my time on creating the Project Karma TV cast team for the upcoming travel & adventure show, Adventure All Stars, which not only will see us all fundraising for our platform, but also appointing them as ambassadors. 2021 will see all 24 casts creating mini fundraising events and advocating for Project Karma. Filming is set to start in September 2021 and aired on national and international TV at the end of the year.

Mid this year I will be also featured in a book about leadership by leaders, called; ‘Warriors, Are You Ready!’ by Iris Du, author and founder of two award winning companies, Careerists & TalenTank. Iris Du is also an offical cast of Adventure All Stars and has been newly appointed as an ambassador for Project Karma.

In regards to my philanthropic platforms with official ambassadorships, I will continue to strongly advocate for all the charities and organisations that I currently represent namely; Ambassador for Project Karma, Multicultural Ambassador / Event Co-ordinator/ Co-chair for Tasmania with symposium Homelessness & Mental Health for the Mental Health Foundation Australia, Ambassador for National Homeless Collective, Ambassador for Bully Zero Australia Foundation, Ambassador for CDF Patients Transport Charity.

In the capacity as the Ms Asia Pacific 2020 Multicultural, South East Asia & Australian Director, I will continue to support queens & their platforms during their pageantry journey.

As an Editor In Chief, I will continue to support other queens and kings with opportunity to become a part of the World Class Brand.

As the World Class Woman of The Decade, I plan to feature in as many articles, radio and media in order to shine a light on issues of injustices, especially highlighting my philanthropic platforms, in order to create a bigger outreach for the charities I represent. Also as a role model to all individuals that my articles and story may Empower, Educate and Inspire to become MORE!

World Class Beauty Queens: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

One of the most inspiring women that I had the pleasure of actually knowing throughout my childhood was my brother’s Australian foster parent, Mrs Ryan. Memories of my visitations and sitting at her dining table full of foster children, as well as her very own children are one of my fondest childhood memories. Understanding that this incredible woman had a heart so big that she became so charitable toward caring for under privileged children of all ethnicity and that she was so lovely and kind in giving these children who travelled in and out of her home, an opportunity to feel like they belonged to an alternative family unit. As I grew older as a young girl, I witnessed the same children had returned from time to time to visit her and most of them grew into successful adults. After her passing more than a decade ago, I was also happy to hear that a story was televised in honour of the late Mrs Ryan and how she not only touched, changed but also gave opportunity to all the children who were blessed under her care. Her remembrance and presence of compassion has never left me and her legacy lives in the many lives of those she was able to touch. The Ryan family also lived as missionaries in India for 7 years. They were a blessing in my life as I was brought up in a world not influenced by racism or cultural division. It is a testimony of how important it is to surround the children of our tomorrow with positive influences from a very young age, our future leaders with love and compassion. I dream that one day I can also carry the same charitable light serving others less fortunate through missionary work.

This is the type of footprint I would love to leave behind in many hearts of many generations to come.

I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to use my platform as Project Karma’s Ambassador. The realization that my efforts and voice can potentially save millions of children and free them from sex slavery and continual abuse is so enormous. The dream that one day, the sentinel project model can potentially become so successful, that the whole world would then be able to adopt the model and work towards a future free from these atrocities. The dream that all the children that gets saved, have a second chance to live a decent life. This is the kind of legacy I want to leave behind; ‘Lucia Hou was a super hero, she dedicated her life fighting crime with her presence and she saved and gave hope to millions of children. As a queen, she ruled the world by saving the world. As a mother, she instilled great values and love in her own children that they are so proud of her, and the charity was so abundantly blessed that she was able to care for hundreds more. On a lighter note, she was such a legendary super hero that she even has her own barbie doll character made in honour of her’

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you to Sec Lucia Hou World Class Woman of the Decade and our World Class Beauty Queen Oceania Ambassador 2018 for this amazing interview. Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine Congratulations to our World Class Celebrity Cover Girl. Print Magazine can be purchased online in the link below.

Sec Lucia Hou 2020 World Class Woman of the Decade, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photography by Kha Tran (Ktranphotography), MUAH by Cathy In Beauty

Jewellery by Andrea Agosta, Designer Gowns by Lucy Laurita, Shoes by Desert Rose Collection

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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