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Makayla Wint

Model: Makayla Wint, World Class Petite Models Magazine,
Model: Makayla Wint , World Class Petite Models Magazine, Photo by Orville Spence

World Class Petite Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing Jamaican model Makayla Wint.

Name: Makayla Wint 

Height: 5,3”

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color: Dark brown

Bust (in inches): 31”

Waist: 24”

Hips: 35”

Shoe size: 7

Age: 17

Zodiac sign: Scorpio 

Hobbies: Singing, journaling, drawing, painting and designing.

Years modeling: 1 year

Countries visited: I have not visited any countries yet but I do plan to travel.

Likes: I like going to the beach in the early mornings as it calms my mind. I enjoy being active and occupied. I like the company of others and also being by myself. I love people who are straight forward, truthful and fun. I am also an animal lover.

Dislikes: I hate being lied to, disrespected or played with. I don’t like wasting my time nor do I like hypocrites.

Status: Student

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Makayla Breanna Wint. I am 17 years old and my goal in life is to be a famous model and artist. I enjoy drawing, singing, even painting and people’s company as well as time alone. I take pride in my work and I like helping people even if it’s to just give a bit of advice. I love dogs and I love entertainment and food. I finished high school in 2019 and decided to begin my career as well as to enter college, I did get accepted but I chose to wait out a year. I plan on working really hard towards achieving my goals no matter what obstacle that might fall in my way, I am a child of God and I do believe in his word, and I am going to be the greatest legacy.

World Class Petite Models Magazine:  Please tell us about your modeling experience.

Most of my experience has mainly come from doing photo shoots or the learning process of modeling. As I am gradually building myself up into becoming the woman I want to be in the industry. Modeling isn’t easy. Modeling isn’t something learnt over night. I was told practice makes permanent and that’s what modeling does, the experience that I have in modeling is the beginning stages where I learn how to speak, pose and walk. The beginning is a very serious process because after that whatever you remember will remain in your mind until refocused back. My experience was fun and very emotional as well as satisfying.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How were you discovered?

I was discovered by Mr. Orville Spence who later on introduced me to Mr. Dwayne Hinds.

During my time working with Mr. Spence, we did a couple shoots together as he is my photographer. He ended guiding me and helping me in my career and became a great friend. Thereafter, he then placed my photo in the newspaper and it was then after my first exposure to a bit of the spotlight, When I met Mr. Hinds.  Mr. Spence suggested to me about learning how to walk properly, talk and about the whole etiquette thing and that’s what I wanted to do, learn to become a model, the dos and don’ts. 

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What made you decide to become a model?

What made me decide to be a model, when I began to watch Victoria Secret runways, Miss World and Caribbean’s Next Top Model, I saw myself in that image just being there on the runway feeling brave and empowered and as if I was adored and loved was what made me decide to become a model. That I could change myself from where I am to the star of the show.

World Class Petite Models Magazine:  What is your favorite style of modeling and why?

I have 3 favorite styles of modeling. 1.Swimsuit and lingerie, 2.Fashion and 3.Runway modeling.  Why all three, well fashion models are mainly seen in high fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle. The swimsuit and lingerie modeling they usually show off the curves and the silhouette of your body as for the runway modeling which mostly has people who are 5,9” on the runway, always be on catwalks or a showcasing of designers clothing line. All of these all my favorites each has something different that suits my taste.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Who's your mother agency and why did you choose them. Or why do you freelance?

I started off doing freelancing as I wasn’t ready to be signed by an agency nor did I know where I would fit in, until I was founded by I² Model Management. This is when I finally made a decision and I know it’s my best decision, the trainer is the best Mr. Dwayne hinds is a world class trainer and he allows me to express myself through my walk as well as he gives me the tips, tricks and skills to becoming a successful model and compete in the fashion industry. The photographer I would say is the only and by far the best photographer, he has a way with his camera and he brings out my personality in a positive light, he takes his time and he is precise. Mr. Orville Spence is very creative, fun and is full of character, even has a vibrant personality which works with my personality very well so each photoshoot I’ve done the photos show the real me and brings out my personality. With this company I know that I can be the model I want to be and become my own brand and even a brand ambassador. 

World Class Petite Models Magazine:  Which designers did you have a chance to model for?

 (List them, if there are any fun stories behind how you scored those jobs share it, entertain us)

There was this one designer that I worked with, her business name is Na’Mae Style @namaestyles, her dresses were beautiful.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Which designer was your favorite and why?

I don’t have a favorite just yet but in due time I might end up with so many favorites that I won't be able to pinpoint my most favorite from my least favorite. 

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Which major fashion shows have you modeled in?

Sadly, I have not gotten the chance to do so as I was to begin in the early stages of 2020 but because of circumstances that was not possible at the time. 

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Which fashion show was your favorite and why?

Whenever I get to do my first fashion show and if that becomes my all time favorite, it will be because I was so astounded and walked that fashion show as if it was made for me. That impact and image would create a name for me and I would be most remembered.  But I currently do not have a favorite at this moment.

World Class Petite Models Magazine:  What is your biggest success as a model so far?

My biggest success as a model so far is when people started to recognize, believe and support my dreams as I gradually became an inspiration and role model on my journey to success. There are times when I see people recreating my photos as if I am their muse and It makes me happy to see that. It’s as if I’m breaking ground. My biggest success is seeing myself empowering people and helping them find their true passion, that’s my success as a model so far.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your secret to scoring runway jobs?

Not to out my own candle but I’m not at the height for runway modeling, but who says I can’t dream big and work towards it. I do believe that with I² Model Management I will get many opportunities on the run despite my height. So for now I don’t have any secrets about scoring runway jobs but stay tuned who knows what will happen next.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Tell us about your upcoming fashion shows.

I do not have any upcoming fashion shows at this moment but I do plan to engage myself in some fashion shows to come.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Tell us about some of your favorite photoshoots.

One of my favorite shoots was, when I wore some beautiful designed dresses and the photo was done outdoors in nature. It was a very playful yet sophisticated shoot and I loved it. Each image was a different side of me and each side told a story and I love a good story.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your secret to finding the right photographers to work with and why?

I don’t have any secrets as I only trust one photographer at the moment, but for the future I do hope for growth so that I can work with multiple photographers. I don’t look for photographers, they often find me. At the end of the day when a decision is made to work with them or not during my shoot I just have fun with it and ensure to get great results.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How do you prepare for a photoshoot?

I prepare myself by looking into a mirror and imagine being on set and go to bed with the ideas floating around, in the morning I might recap before getting ready and also ensuring to clean my skin. I often pack in the mornings or sometimes over night.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Tell us about your publishing success so for.

I have been published twice so far and it makes me feel great. When I first got a phone call notifying me that I was in the paper I was so excited. Being published draws a lot of attention to you and you never know who might get to see you and sometimes those same people end up working with you. Then BOOM, before you know it the right person may come along and your career takes a turn for success.  You just never know who might see your pictures like your image and end up being the one to bring you farther, it all starts with a push.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Any modeling tips for up and coming models?

It never hurts to be yourself. Nothing is better than you. We all have something that separates us from one another and oftentimes we realize that too late, being in front of a camera for the first time I was nervous but wasn’t afraid to show my personality, don’t hide that unique aspect of yourself because that’s the part that makes you, you. And we all need that.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Any video commercial or film experience?

No, I do not have any experience in that area.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Do you volunteer for any cause?

Volunteer, well I did help a shelter once with a group of females and a small number of males, as we gave back to people who were less fortunate. 

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your personal fashion style?

My personal style is sometimes a combination of various ideas that are pieced together. 

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your secret to success.

The secret to success is there is no secret. It’s all about mindset, dreaming and getting that dream into reality, and if that’s what you really want you'll work towards it. It might be hard but each obstacle either makes you or breaks you, even strengthens you for what to come.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What would you like to accomplish as a model in 2020.

I would like to accomplish, well in the beginning of 2020 around march would have been my first time doing a fashion show but that was taken away for certain reason, but I still got time to prepare and regain back what I lost.  But for the rest of the year, I would like to accomplish a chance to do a show for the first and also more photoshoots.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What would be your ultimate modeling dream job?

My ultimate modeling dream job is to get a chance to work with vogue and elite models even to do model for famous Paris fashion designers top in the industry, as well as to get an opportunity to walk with the Victoria’s Secret girls in their fashion show.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your overall modeling goal?

As a child, I used to sit back and enjoy watching Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks strut across the runway fiercely. Well what can I say, I enjoy and adore them and they have empowered my thinking. My overall modeling goal is to be as successful and to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk as they did or even better and make a name for myself. And show the world that I too can make it no matter the height or the struggle I can make it.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What legacy as a model would you like to leave behind?

The type of legacy that I would like to leave behind is one that will impact the world. They say my height might stop me from being the model I want to be, but who knows if I might be the one to change that. The legacy that I intend to leave behind will be by far the greatest legacy, one that will change the minds of former modeling company owners and blow the minds of the entertainment industry, being short isn’t a set back but it gives you an opportunity to do what others can not and show the world what difference can make. There are a lot of things that come with modeling, sometimes people lose themselves or people gain what they didn’t know was there before, it’s all about pushing yourself and being empowered and uplifted, even the simplest thing is just having fun. life is about learning and having experience so that you can teach it back to others so why not enjoy all life has to offer and build a legacy of your own for people to look up too. #livelovelaugh

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Where can we learn more about your work?

You can find some of my work on my Instagram @br._eanna / @officialeanna. I am now working with I² Model Management so you can check out their company’s Instagram page @I2modelmanagement.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How can someone hire you for modeling jobs?

If anyone, company, or organization wants to hire me for a job. They can do so through my agency I² Model Management (, my Instagram by sending me a message or the company's Instagram.

World Class Petite Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview.

Model: Makayla Wint, World Class Petite Models Magazine, Photo by Orville Spence Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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