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Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021

Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss World Class Ms. USA 2021, WorldClass Beauty Queens Magazine

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021 to our World Class Royal Court.

Full name: Kaanchan S Farkiya

Title/Year: Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021

Pageant System: Miss WorldClass

Previous title: Ms. Asian North America 2016, WorldClass Beauty Queens California

Ambassador 2018, 1st runner up for Miss Madhya Pradesh India1997 and Mrs. Asia San Diego 2016, Mrs. Role Model of the Year 2016, Mrs. People Choice 2016, Mrs. Elegance 2016, Mrs. Congeniality2016, and Mrs. Cultural of the Year 2016.

Zodiac sign: Aries

Hobbies: Painting, Writing, Dancing, Singing, Gardening

Years competed: 2016-2021

Countries visited: India, Mexico, UK, China, Germany, USA

Likes: Spending time with kids, Etiquette, Honesty, Caring people, Research & Learning, Art, Culture & Diversity

Dislikes: Manipulative attitude, Negativity, Racism and Inequality

World Class Beauty Queens: You are already a World Class Celebrity Cover Girl.  Please

tell us about all your amazing World Class Covers.

First of all, it is an honor and privilege for me to be here for an interview as a World Class

Celebrity Cover Girl with World Class Beauty Queens Magazine. Having featured in the

World’s famous pageant magazine is a fantastic surreal feeling. World Class Beauty Queens

Magazine is an international magazine and big thanks to my mentor, the legendary executive

editor in chief of Miss WorldClass Derek Tokarzewski for this amazing opportunity. I am sure

that every model dream to be on the cover of a magazine and I am as excited as today I was the day when my son was born because that was the happiest time of my life. This feeling of

happiness and gratitude negate feelings of entitlement and fosters feelings of positivity.

Moreover, I am the first Indian women who is representing Miss WorldClass as Ms. USA!! This

amalgamation of global outreach and integration of multiculturalism made the World Class cover unique.

World Class Beauty Queens: How does it feel to accomplish so much?

My feeling is beyond words. Our World-class, legendary director says that “Dreams Do Come

True” and I am experiencing it right now. I could never imagine that I will also be featured as

Miss WorldClass Ms. USA. All my accomplishments, let me think deeper and connect with my

core as this dream is beyond beautiful and now this is the reality of my life. I am thankful to

those people who offered encouragement and supported me. Sometimes you got to sit and really think how blessed you are. I always remember to work with a balance of my heart and brain. I never let any of my accomplishments dominate on my humble heart because gratitude habits have a self-perpetuating nature. In a time when the system and society are oscillating on the edge of extinction and anxiety is on the rise, it is imperative for me to contribute more to society and uplift the morale of the people which is most needed at this time of the pandemic. Yes, I feel accomplished because it's the essence of why I do things and it aligns with the purpose of my life.

World Class Beauty Queens: Which Cover is your favorite and why?

I am thrilled to be a part of Royal Court and featured as the celebrity cover girl. I am so much

amazed to see all World Class royal magazines with amazing beauty queens around the world. Actually, I love all covers even if it is from other countries representatives, I feel so happy to see them on the cover. I commemorate every cover from modeling to fashion to beauty, as I can feel how much this is precious and royal to feature in the WorldClass brand. A far as my cover, it’s my heartfelt appreciation for this opportunity to be featured on the cover of the international magazine. This is a prestigious title and I love everything about it. I am so fortunate that I have been invited by the Royal Mr. United Nations 2018 and the Director of Mr. and Miss WorldClass to the world-class royal court for a virtual pageant as Miss WorldClass. This was one of the biggest and happiest moments of my life just to be a part of the Royal Court and on top of it when I was appointed as Miss WorldClass Ms. USA I was touched beyond words and this special honor is a gift I will always treasure.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about World Class Brand.

World-Class Brand was established in 2016 by Derek Tokarzewski in Chicago, Illinois, the USA with a focus to Empower, Educate, Inspire. One of the divisions is World Class Brand Publishing which covers 5 areas of entertainment: Pageantry, Fashion, Modelling, Film, and Music. There are over 50 different World-Class magazines. Out of those 50 magazines, 25 are pageant magazines. With World Class Beauty Queens Magazine being the biggest print pageant magazine in the world with 125 print issues. What's special about World Class Beauty Queens Magazine in each issue features at least one beauty queen from every continent giving it true global reach and presence. There are also other World Class pageant magazines for every continent and different countries. World-Class Brand's focus is to Empower, Educate and Inspire readers around the world through interviews with amazing and talented people. With a strong focus on women empowerment and recognizing the humanitarian work that lives in the hearts of Beauty Queens.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about World Class Ambassadorship.

World Class Beauty Queens Ambassadors and Miss WorldClass Ambassadors are invited at large by our Director Derek Tokarzewski to represent our country, region, or state. Each Ambassador is required to fully promote their platform through appearances, volunteering, and submitting articles related to their platform to further educate the audience. A big part of

Ambassadorship is a mentorship program established to help individuals focus on their personal and professional growth through their platform development. There are 3 core areas of the program: guidance, encouragement, and awareness. World Class Ambassador represents World Class Brand through the amazing and sparkly crown and sash.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us why did you decide to become World Class Ambassador?

World Class ambassador is a prestigious title and I am truly blessed with this honor. Becoming a World Class Ambassador is a great way to share and spread awareness of my platform. As an executive board member of a nonprofit organization, we provided a voice of unity, and empowerment for Asian Pacific American communities through the power of Media Arts, specifically Television, Films, and online media in the US. In addition, it has been four years, I have been serving as a board of director of the civic organization along with responsibilities for community improvement and it acts as a forum for identifying and solving community problems. Apart from this, my platform is something that could create a positive and welcoming ambiance for the people. Many people are not aware or they are untouched of issues happening in others life. Through my platform, I believe that people will get to know the social causes that I am passionate about it and be able to motivate others. With the World Class publication and with my new title as Miss WorldClass Ms. USA I will not only reach out to people of my country but everyone around the globe. That’s why as a World Class Ambassador I will be able to be a strong representative of not only of my local community but my voice that could reach the global audience. This gives me the power to evoke everyone to feel confident and composure towards life and ultimately it would impact more people. Through such actions and my voice could reach elected representatives of my area more effectively and beyond.

World Class Beauty Queens: Any upcoming appearances that you hope to make as the


I am taking every step of my life as an inspiration from my dad’s life and his memories. He is still around me and he lives in my heart. My wish is to inspire others, help and support my community and people around the world as well as make my parents proud by doing good deeds in my life. I have many more appearances coming up where I will be able to wear my magnificent sash that says a lot about women empowerment and hopefully it will give motivation to those who could relate their life with my experience. I can’t wait to wear it with

gratitude and royalty. Since last year, I have the opportunity to touch twice as many people’s life virtually. I have been asked by professional companies to appear and become their brand

ambassador for their agency. For example, in the past few years, all my appearances helped those nonprofits generate more donations. As we are in a pandemic situation there are more of them online, my plan is to assist community-based organizations that are interested in facilitating remote community engagement activities. Most of my appearances could be my upcoming interview with some charity organizations where I am planning to work related to diversity and inclusivity among people regardless of gender, age, nationality, color, and ethnicity. Coupled with this, I have been invited as an online celebrity judge for the International Ghoomar Diva 2021 by Kirti Raaz films. I will be judging dance participants with Bollywood actress Padmini Kolhapure for the grand finale which is coming soon.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your plans for 2021 as an Ambassador?

I think being a representative of Miss World-class is a responsibility and leadership opportunity to drive change. Currently, surrounded by city leaders inspired me to become the Town

Council’s Board of Directors to reinforce the positive outcome in my community. Being an

ambassador for Miss WorldClass discovered the true significance and purpose of my life. My

dedication towards Miss World-class will definitely serve others for humanity. Since last year,

people around the world have been suffering from pain, losses, and financial challenges. This has certainly affected the morale of the people around them who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. In India, people have been losing their loved one’s life every day and facing emotional and economic challenges due to pandemics. When people stuck in their homes for weeks, I have seen their lifestyle change, and some of them are facing unemployment, mental health illness, relationship issues, and other social challenges. I am working with few organizations where I will be helping people who need a platform to show their talent. Also, I will be helping in food distribution to needy people. I have been working and reaching out to those communities where I can help in all my capacity. I am also planning to help and support people who are suffering from mental health around the world through video conferencing. In addition, as a member of the Global Executive Committee, the IATB organization designated me the post of IATB President California for a social cause. Through the IATB organization, I support, promote and help talented artists to realize their worth to reach new heights. For instance, we organized a global prayer for World peace through devotional songs, and the purpose of this program was to encourage those who have been struggling to regain the last breath of their lives in hospitals. Together with this, I am going to create virtual visits to the hospitalized children and I will provide an avenue for them to feel connected through my storytelling events. I will also be a part of hosting a video talent show to give the young and adults the opportunity to showcase their singing talents and share their stories of inspiration.

Besides, I dedicate my title to the memory of my dad. Whatever I will do this year, all the

inspiration is coming from the life lesson given by my dad. His ascendancy, his guidance, and

the knowledge he had imparted upon me have been a great asset and source of motivation

throughout my life.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Tell us about your previous pageant experience and titles.

All my pageant experiences were so vivid. I won a state-level beauty pageant as the first Princess in India when I was a teen and placed as Miss Madhya Pradesh 1997 1st runner-up. After marriage, I moved to the USA. In 2016, I was the first runner-up for Mrs. Asia San Diego 2016 where I represented India. I have earned subtitles as Mrs. Role Model of the Year 2016, Mrs. People Choice, Mrs. Elegance, Mrs. Congeniality, and Mrs. Cultural of the Year 2016. After winning all subtitles all the girls rushed over me immediately and all of the people were so happy for me. It was a moment where I felt so much appreciated.

In the same year, I went to Las Vegas for the Ms. Asian North America competition where I spent one of the best weeks of my life. I shared happiness and emotions with all pageant sisters. I still can’t believe that I was the winner of Ms. Asian North America 2016 and the most rewarding aspect is giving pride to my city and my country. It was exhilarating and my reign was so significant and laden with meaning and admiration with my vision to fulfill all my

responsibilities as a queen. After winning the Ms. Asian North America title I learned so much and it was a significant life changing opportunity.

World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do your first pageant?  

My parents are my biggest inspiration who always motivated me for everything I do. I used to do lots of stage performances since my childhood and someone from the television industry asked me to participate in Miss Madhya Pradesh 1997. I was not sure about joining a state-level competition at that time. However, when I passed the selection process then I tried out in my first pageant with my sister just for fun. It was really an interesting experience. All in all, the support of my wonderful family and believing in me, made me think of participating in my first pageant. Working for something that I love to do and earning respect and support from people at a very young age was very invigorating.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your platform or what cause do you volunteer for.  

I’ve realized that helping other people, brings immense happiness not only to people but it also gave me eternal bliss. Being happy about showing compassion has been generalized as well as it sounds cliché, but it’s hard to discern until someone has truly experienced it. During my reign as the aforementioned with all pageant experience, I was fortunate to promote cultural awareness and community outreach among people of all ages. As an Executive Board for Asian Culture & Media alliance organizations, I worked with ambassadors of the Philippines, Vietnamese, Japanese, and other Asian Pacific American community members to empower culture and talent for the underprivileged youth. I also helped raise funds by organizing annual golf tournaments and other cultural programs. volunteer work against child trafficking and child abuse, as well as advocating for the needs of underprivileged and special needs children. I am still working with NGOs, senators, and representatives of my area to take action to end trafficking. For example, I am a member of a charity organization-“Jai Ho Foundation” for dealing with issues like Child Labor, Malnutrition, Child Marriage, Poverty, Education, and Illiteracy.

I worked with the Streets of Hope organization for homeless brothers and sisters, and we served over 200 homeless people food and donations, and lots of haircuts every year. Sometimes small things can also help someone such as I Keep a "Blessing Bag" in my car in case I see someone in need. I make care packages and food packages that could help my homeless brothers and sisters.

Moreover, it fostered my love of reading, understanding, and working with students and made me realize the amount of influence. Although 2020 was a difficult year and so 2021 for many other countries where the pandemic is still creating chaos in people’s life. There are many people who were not fortunate to even see their loved one’s when they took their last breath My most recent program in 2020 is helping publicize is “You Are Not Alone” phone calls MMTC launched for those who were quarantining alone and would feel reassured knowing there is someone who will make a daily phone call to check upon them. Organizing Blood drives in my area also helped to meet the needs of local patients who were battling life-threatening blood disorders and cancers, suffering from trauma like burns or accidents, and even complications from childbirth. Some news interviews were published in Emerald News New Delhi, India where we discussed the current situation everywhere especially in India, and how during this pandemic our lives have slowed down. Mainly we focused that how to handle the situation and move forward from here. Currently, I am a Mira Mesa Town Council non-profit civic group Board of director at Large which holds monthly “town hall” meetings and sponsors projects to make our community a better place to live. By the same token, I enjoy planning and publicizing the Fourth of July celebration, including a mid-day Parade and all-day Family Fun Day in the MM community park, which culminated with fireworks set off from fields at the High School.

Equally, I was able to continue a tradition from 1984 to recognize special volunteers who make this community a better place and I presented an award to “The Volunteer of The Year 2016 and 2018”. I got a chance to have a formal dinner and meeting with State Assemblyman, California State Senator Toni Atkins, Congressman Scott Peters, San Diego Mayer and supervisor, and 6th District City Council member who also presented their awards to the winner. Likewise, I helped and organized the street fair and It was not possible without the support of the sensational team, creative vendors, all volunteers, and people from the community.

I am also a certified Yoga Instructor where I serve the community with free yoga workshops and help children and adults to practice mindful way of self-care. Yoga workshops helped me to reach out in every household for mother and children yoga time with a collaboration of a yoga outfit company. In addition, every year, we serve Thanksgiving meals to over 300 people in need with my family at Sacred Heart Church. Furthermore, I outreach to the Asian American community for few years, and working to prevent hunger and for causes that help children are particularly important to me.

As a hunger advocate, I traveled to Sacramento for human rights! I spoke with our elected

officials and legislators regarding Senate Bill 708 (Pre- Release Public Benefits Enrollment – enrolling eligible inmates into Cal fresh employment and other assistance prior to release), SB 138 (Child Hunger – Expand access to school meals). In addition, we asked the legislature to restore both State Supplement Payment and Income for eligible senior citizens to help lift 1.3 million Californians out of poverty.

The beautiful collaboration between families, students, and community through camaraderie and fellowship is a life-changing experience. All events I participated, taught me the value of serving others, time management, sharing, and caring. Correspondingly, it increased my ability to better relate with all ages of individuals. The impact of connection and communication with people not only helps and improves thoughtfulness but also helps their generation to live with a higher energy of positivity and a balanced mindset. I always liked learning new skills, planning, and implementing new tasks. Being a creative person, I developed a habit of discipline and goal setting. I started supervising students and expanded team-building events through mentoring and meetings. In my journey of volunteering, I never even thought that I would discover my strength.

All my volunteer experience has changed my outlook for life and It helped me find my mission and vision by exploring opportunities and expanding my horizons. World Class Beauty Queens: What are some of your achievements?

It was my privilege to be acknowledged for a few of my achievements such as when I received

the State of California the Senate Certificate by the State Senate and Legislature of the United

States in special recognition of outstanding contribution. A proclamation from Council Member

Chris Cate's office for being named Ms. Asian North America Queen was beyond my expectation. I received an honor for The City of San Diego from the Town Council Association in the same year, I got the opportunity to personally meet Legislative and assembly members for various good causes such as child/human trafficking. I was featured on the cover of a magazine – “Mira Mesa Living” Magazine Nov - Dec 2016 issue. My interview displayed on the spotlight page in the Mira Mesa Living magazine. Some other magazines have published my interviews such as headlines of Indian Eagle Travel Beats magazine and other international newspapers.

Some other awards such as - Charles Patrick Memorial award, Well Fargo Bank award,

Raymond Farmer Memorial award, American Student Association of Community College for

leadership award, USC Credit Union award, San Diego Management Association award,

Committee Commander award, The Outstanding Student Leader of the Year, College

Foundation award, Kathy Mangiameli Memorial award, Super Senator award, Child

Development Professional Award, Leadership & Dedication award, etc. I also got the title and responsibility as World Class Beauty Queens California Ambassador2018 which is a beautiful achievement.

In 2018, when I visited India, thousands of people gave me immense love and respect when I

hoisted our national flag on 15 August, the Independence Day of India with other respected political leaders. Furthermore, The Senior Citizen organization invited and awarded me for my

homecoming celebration in India and I am thankful to all incredible organizations such as the

Sangini group, Porwal Youth club, for their hospitality and all awards. It is still mesmerizing

moment when the Journalist Union of Madhya Pradesh awarded me uncountable flowers,

trophies, and a real and authentic pure Silver Crown. I was feeling so humble when I was invited as a special guest of honor in the 4th of July parade in 2017 and 2018. I have been in the judging panel such as EKAL foundation SD as a judge for a fancy dress competition. It has been fun to be invited for interviews on Viet News TV (VNTV) as community outreach resources. I am thankful to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs who invited me to presents the 2019 awards for the Exceptional Teachers of the Year in 2019. I was invited to the largest Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association Band Review & Field Tournament competition where I distributed the first-place trophy to the winner. Hosted a stage show with TV, radio, community leaders, or social personalities in the 8th Annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival. As Special Guest Appearance in cultural programs of Agarwal Association USA. My article in the newspaper @NewsCenter Community College District. It was an honor when I was invited for an interview.

Some wonderful evenings as a Royalty Guest of Honor at California Teen Universe 2017 and

Miss San Diego Beauty Pageant. Royalty judge at the Miss & Teen Cover Girl pageant of a Bridal Magazine.

I was invited as a speaker at “The WOW Talks” in their truth forum and a place for women of

wellness, a wake-up call, and a legacy awakened. I shared "How to Cultivate Philanthropic

Leadership in Communities." Some special appearances @ fashion show for award-winning

designers. It was featured in San Diego Downtown News and KUSI news @10 in their latest

news for encouraging fashion designer students and their fashion merchandising. Identically, as an owner and founder of Le’nore Beauty Junction, I provide assistance to women to accentuate their overall beauty.

It was an honor to be invited for a VIP screening of the “Think and Grow Rich the Legacy”

movie and Red Carpet event with executive producer John Shin. As an executive board of

directors, I was able to collaborate and organize the ACMA Media Awards gala and Red-Carpet event for award nominees and recipients with Hollywood actress Bai Ling! San Diego County Fair invited guests to enter a world of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and It was amazing to see San Diego County Fair displayed my banner in the city with my message of “expand your brain by immersing yourself in creative and educational exhibits”. In addition, I got special congressional recognition from a member of Congress 52nd District, and an honor from Town Council Association 2020.

These are a few of my professional achievements but personally, I feel that having life itself is a big achievement. Every day is a gift; every breath is a gift and everyone can make their life

beautiful by believing in yourself and doing action on some key factors such as learning from

failures, spreading understanding, and sharing kindness everywhere. Most important is gratitude for all you’ve received and found these key factors are true achievements.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did pageants helped your self-esteem and body image?

Body image and self-esteem have been known to be connected and are the most noticeable issues for the young generation and especially women. It starts particularly during puberty and

adolescence which has a lasting effect on any individual throughout their life span. I believe that body image concerns are associated with overall of your self-concept such as social, academic, and physical self-concepts. If a person has low overall self-esteem and has their poor body image they tend to diet and become susceptible to eating disorders and this could give an adverse outcome. I have seen many girls who do and having this kind of thoughts and feelings become their obstacle in their life goals. We need to address these issues in both health and educational settings.

Pageant really helped me to understand my body image because when I was on the stage, I

always acknowledged the type of body I have. I have. In the pageant world, women are

constantly reminded of the ideal contemporary standards of beauty queens by the ubiquitous

media in our society. I know that I don’t have a pageant standard body size and shape; however, I was able to develop my positive self-image and a strong sense of self-worth. I always believe that my body image represents a large part of my self-concept as well as it relates to many other women from my community and women who have average body shapes and sizes. I always remember and share with others that, you need to first accept that your body is a gift from God, and it's our responsibility to take care of yourself. Usually, heavier body weight has been found to predict lower self-esteem in girls and plays a central role in the mental health of young people, as a result, they feel dissatisfaction in their life. On the other side, there are inspirations out there such as plus size models are great examples of having high self-esteem and body image. These plus-size models are redefining the concept of body image and feel confidently beautiful. I believe that there should not be a beauty standard in pageantry because will give a message to all women that they are beautiful and it is nothing to do with their stature. All in all, I would say that we need to wipe out those limiting beliefs about women and their body image.

World Class Beauty Queens: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there. How does it


I love interacting with young children, teenage girls, and women of all age groups. I believe that communication is the key to exchange the goodness from every culture and get to know about the concerns and issues of the specific region or country. These traits assist me in all my future endeavors, of any kind of helping profession, as it requires me to interact with people and understand their matter of interest. I feel so blessed and I would like to say to them that no matter who you are and where ever you are in the world, you will know to some degree that you are unique and you are special. To all women - no one is like you and you never know that people are lookup to your story that you have overcome what you are going through now, and it could become part of someone else’s source of inspiration.

I think we can get inspiration from every single thing around us. If I am an inspiration to girls out there, I am so honored to receive this compliment with my heart and soul. First of all, I try my best to be a good role model to my son as well as to all other kids out there. Actually, many young girls send me countless cards all the time and express their feelings that how much they admire me and wanted to be like me one day. I am truly grateful to meet all wonderful young girls and women who constantly remind me I could be someone who is changing someone’s life positively.

World Class Beauty Queens : When you compete what is you on stage strategy to win the

judges over?

Every pageant system is different and judging criteria are different based on eligibility requirements. The role of judges is to compare contestants with each other to rank each contestant accordingly and then they choose the finalist. You have to be confident in who you are as an individual and don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith for yourself. During my pageant, all wonderful audience helped me out by cheering for me. That was really helpful. As I love being on stage, I just go with the flow. No matter what, you have to feel happy from within.

World Class Beauty Queens: How do you prepare for your competition?

Thank you for giving me the chance to share my thoughts about the preparation for the competition. I first started thinking positively and healing myself with a positive outlook on life. I always prepare my mind to stay calm and remove any negative self-talk. After I not only start preparing for my walk, interview, and outfits but I also focused on my competence, resoluteness, and willpower. I also like to talk to my mother who solves almost all queries that come to my mind. She always says that life is all about the present moment and who you are now and recognize your potential that your heart is guiding you towards. In addition, having surrounded by supportive and positive friends and family is a crucial factor for the preparation. My preparation journey was full of gratitude, hard work, and trust in myself; However, without my friends, families, and sponsors it was not possible to win the crown and position.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for learning better pageant walk?

A better pageant walk comes when you feel confident in what you have and not to worry about the outcome. Practice is the key and when you walk keep your head up and shoulders back. If I do practice enough, I would not be anxious about my walk rather I would just enjoy the moment.

Make sure your footwear should be comfortable while walking on stage. Set a realistic goal in your mind and do not only obsessed for the winning because at the end there will be only one winner. There will be possibility of winning or not winning at the end of the day you’ll still feel accomplished. If we will not be having fun, then there is no point to participate because if you enjoy truly it will show in your walk as well as in your overall performance.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for choosing the right pageant dress?

Always decide if the dress suits you and it’s a super important consideration when choosing your pageant gown. It could be more trendy or modest. Over the last few years, pageant dress styles have changed greatly. So, you should look for trendy style to stay up with the trends in fashion and formal wear. However, consider your dress choice according to the culture of your pageant system. There is not a certain winning pageant gown as diversifying tastes and fashions have been changing. For me, the right pageant dress should be according to your body type. Whether it’s your swimsuit, interview outfit or evening gown always make sure it should fit you. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable and confident in it. When I saw my pageant outfit, I knew that the dress I choose will make me feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful. Whether you’re competing in a famous pageant or for a local pageant, it’s important to take into consideration that comfort is by far the most important aspect of choosing a pageant dress.

World Class Beauty Queens : What are your tips for winning an interview?

During interview always present yourself in the way who you are and say what you really mean it. If you are in a group interview, then give chance to other contestants as well or wait for your turn during interview. Be yourself and that is an extra ordinary thing. During my preparations, I started to connect with some of the delegates and we always share our thoughts and discuss our platforms, made me so excited and this conversation gives a feeling a unity and feelings of team work for good causes all women strived for. Having a sisterhood ambiance in an interview room also helped and boosted everyone’s energy.

World Class Beauty Queens: Any Modeling experience?

I have done several modellings works and it was a fun experience; from fashion shows by local, national and international designers for ethnic to western wears. All the intricated work with embellished, jewels, on indigenous fabric were so authentic and beautiful. Commercial photography and ad commercials for products includes 24 carat gold and diamond

jewelries, cooking oil, eye glasses, contact lenses, fabric whitener, beauty Products such as Face wash, face pack, and other hair care products. I have worked for TV and Print media for several clothing brands such as Jeans, Indian ethic wear, gowns and some accessories etc. Model for 10 pages yearly calendar was fascinating when was doing my bachelor degree. Some other tv commercials for outlet stores, schools and educational organizations has been most interesting work for me. Some fashion shows such as bridal expo fashion show from Zara and original collection for bridal wear & prom dresses. Another special appearance in fashion’s most innovative night out at Seize the Sunset to support students and fashion curriculum in college. It was the 36th Annual Golden Scissors Fashion Show, with award winning designers. I did the most enjoyable fashion show as a show stopper by an international designer Ahmad Murtaza and it was a special outfit for me from Dubai.

World Class Beauty Queens: Any acting experience? 

Yes, acting in a tv series something that was offered by several tv directors and producers when I was a teenager. I felt so humble and accepted to try my own acting skills. In the acting field, I did few Tv series, and music videos for local television in India. I have worked as a lead role actress in state level tv serials that used to telecast in the morning and prime time television every week. It was a learning experience working with all kinds of talented actors. During that time, I was science major students doing my bachelor degree, where I started working for tv. It genuinely took up a good chunk of my time, but I feel as though dipping my toe in the water for so many other extracurricular activities along with studies had let me gain insight into other experiences and viewpoints.

World Class Beauty Queens: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

My dad has gifted me a powerful legacy of his selfless and unconditional love for me and for my family members. My dad was someone who saw some abilities within me, and it helped bring out and realize my potential. His guiding force kept me motivated and to reach to the apex of success in all area of life. He always taught me great things never comes with comfort zone. This kind of legacy I would like to leave behind. In the same way, I would be living and determined to be the positive change in the community, country, and around the world.

Every human life is a work of art, a unique self-portrait. It does not matter what our current age or our state of health, since we do not know how long we will live for sure. I believe that we all are born with a purpose and as we grow up, we find out what that purpose is. World peace and humanity are a wonderful legacy. In addition, I want to help needy people live a better life in turn. All I want to be known as a person that someone who truly made a difference in society regardless of religion, color and ethnicity. To leave an imprint on this world, to leave behind something that can make our next generation their future a little brighter. I would like to be a catalyst for something amazing in another person’s life. I think, whatever your goals are in your life, you have to be inspirational at the end of the day. The thought that propels me to as a higher principle of life is no matter what your life journey has thrown at you and whether anyone questioned about your self-worth or for your identity or circumstance; I want people to remember that no other person but only you can define your own future. Hence, free yourself from guilt and change your internal “code of ethics” and let go of nagging your self-doubts.

The kind of legacy I want to leave behind is my willingness to place service above self, and promote awareness to live with dignity. I want every person’s ability to thrive, recognize their strengths and become the best version of themselves by knowing that they are the greatest superpower on the planet.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview. Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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