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Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022.

Full name: Heather Eduvigen Velasquez

Title/Year: Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022

Pageant System: Mrs. Señora United States

Age: 47

Education Level: High School, AA Business Administration, BA Business Administration Management-College of Santa Fe

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Hobbies: Teaching Weight Training Classes, Traveling, Spa Days, Dancing, Listening to Music, and Enjoys Eating Delicious Food

Platform: Health and Wellness in our Communities

Years competed: 1 year

Countries visited: Mexico

Likes: Faith and Coffee

Dislikes: 5:30 a.m. Alarm Clock

Status: In a Relationship

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

As a believer in Christ my mission is to show everyone love on my daily path. I am a mother of two incredible sons: Mario-25 year old/NMSP Officer, Mateo-16 year old/Student at PVHS. I work for the NM Judiciary for 17 years and currently am a Court Financial Manager and Language Access Specialist for the Administrative Office of the Courts (NM). Our team reviews and reconciles Magistrate and District Court Financial End of the Month Reports. I have taught part time fitness classes since 2010-Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D. and now Women and Weights Training. I am blessed to still have both my parents-Horace (Horacio) and Rosemary. Our family roots run deep in Northern New Mexico, originally from Cañones and Youngsville area. Soy Norteña!

I am a loving, caring and giving person. I give so much of my energy and strength every single day to encourage others to look and feel their best through the world of health, wellness and strength training. Sometimes all a person really needs is a hug, a smile or an encouraging and uplifting word. I have two modes: high energy...lets get things done or stick a fork in her she's done! My favorite things include getting dressed up for events, sporting around my athletic attire or comfy jammies. I am also quite funny for those that get it. I am always cracking jokes, singing or being silly. I do not take life too seriously after all life is a journey that should be enjoyed!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Please tell us about your education.

My primary education included: Milan Elementary in Milan, NM; Espanola Elementary in Española, NM and Pinon Elementary in Santa Fe, NM. Attended Capshaw Jr. High and graduated with honors from Capital High School in Santa Fe, NM. College Education included: University of New Mexico, Northern NM College, Santa Fe Community College and College of Santa Fe.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What does women Empowerment means to you? As a teenager I worked for Sears, we were given the authority to make decisions and taught "empowerment" early on. We were able to make our own decisions about discounts, returns and customer service without having to call a manager. This taught me to grow up strong, confident and knowing that I was able to make decisions without questioning my authority as a woman or person. Empowerment when used appropriately can be a very beautiful tool!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about your pageant history.

At the beautiful wise age of 47, running for Mrs. Señora New Mexico was the first pageant I had ever participated in! I have been modeling since I was 16 for fashion shows, photo shoots and TV commercials. It was such an honor to run for this prestigious title and win! I am more than honored and humbled to be able to represent my home state of New Mexico.... Nuevo Mexico, mi estado mas lindo!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What inspired you to do your first pageant?

As a woman in our community who inspires other women to look and feel their best, putting my name in the hat for Mrs. Señora New Mexico was my way of representing women of all ages, shapes and sizes and inspiring women to be all they can be! Age is just a number and that we should always strive to attain goals, inspire others with our stories and keep on pushing through in spite of life's many challenges. Thus, I wanted to represent our culturally rich Latinas from Northern New Mexico who are so beautiful inside and out.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Why did you choose to compete for your current title?

The term "Señora" to me represents a right of passage. As a "Señora" may of us have experienced life's' highs and lows, struggles, illness, shortcomings, loss, but even through those woes' like a diamond takes shape, so do we as women! We go through the fire and come out shining bright like a diamond! As a mentor to younger women, we can inspire them to never give up, to keep persevering and learn and accept the lesson in all endeavors.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about?

An application and pageant fee are the first step in securing your spot in upcoming competition and show. The next step is to secure strong sponsorship to assist you in costs during your run for your title. It is important to read through all material sent by the organization and follow the rules of the contract. Setting a timeline and organization are key to success in the process. Once the organization has accepted your application and contract has been finalized, the next step is being "crowned" with your local title. You will represent your local community with that title, wear it with honor and pride! Be sure and attend community events and spread awareness of your journey. The next steps include getting ready for the big day! Shopping, training and planning are essential to your run for the crown! A four day training, classes and pageant prep are the last step in the process. Enjoy every minute of the concourse and the show, it all passes by so fast. Disfruten los momentos!

Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Peter Gonzales Photography
Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Peter Gonzales Photography

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are you being judged on during the competition?

As an applicant, your application should be professional, clear and legible. Pageant fee and all associated fees should be promptly paid. The organization shouldn't have to reach out to you for missing information, take this opportunity to showcase your skills as a potential queen. As a candidate given specific items to bring and times to attend, be punctual and prepared. Adhere to everything expected of you in the process as you are being tested from the beginning. During the concourse and show, presentation, preparedness, beauty, intelligence, humbleness, community service, interview skills, athletic attire, ability to communicate in both English and Spanish and being a team player are essential keys. Lastly, be yourself.....let your inner light shine! Brilla como una estrella!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about your experience during the competition.

My experience was very positive and uplifting. From the moment that I walked in, I felt welcomed and among some of the most beautiful women from around the world. It was a humbling experience as my Spanish is not as polished or strong as most. I grew up speaking English, therefore Spanish is my second language. However, not once was I ever made feel different for my Northern New Mexico dialect that I grew up speaking at home. I walked away establishing new found friendships, deeper appreciation for culture and a new found confidence!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about your platform or what cause do you volunteer for.

The platform I selected to represent and promote is health and wellness in our communities. As a mentor and fitness instructor in my own community, it is important to spread awareness on self love, self care and keeping active in all phases of life. As many of our foods now are processed and depleted of vital minerals and nutrition, it is important to become educated on what is going into our bodies. Our bodies will tell us by how it feels on what we are consuming or not consuming. In most recent years I have battled aliments affecting the body such as: tendinitis, arthritis, osteopenia, auto immune-lupus, and menopause. I also had a total hip replacement in 2017. I have had to eliminate items from my diet such as alcohol, sugars and gluten in order to reduce inflammation in my body. As these aliments have affected my body, it has been extremely important to stay on a non impactive workout regimen that works for me. As we get older it is important to incorporate strength training and clean eating in order for our bodies to run at optimal levels. I always say, are you feeding your body high octane or regular unleaded? A healthy outside starts from the inside!

In this arena, I have volunteered in our community and donated my time as a fitness instructor for fitness benefits such as Zumbathons, Relay for Life, and benefit fundraisers. In past years, I have volunteered at Holy Cross School, Boys and Girls Club in Santa Fe, AABC parent volunteer and once drove an entire All Stars Baseball Team to Alamogordo for their state tournament!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What appearances have you done with your title?

Appearances have included: Route 66 Music West Fest, Espanola Valley Arts and Crafts Festival, Job Fair Plaza de Espanola, Grand Opening of Bowie's Backstage at Moving Arts Espanola, Hands are not for Hurting Event, Dia De Los Muertos Celebration at Santa Fe Plaza, Bella's of New Mexico Trunk o Treat, Catrinas Event at ABQ Saltyard, assisted in loading up donated bikes for the Navajo Reservation, Lowrider Capital Toy Drive, 99.9 The Beat Radio Interview with LaLa Gonzales, Toys for Smiles at Tony E Quintana Elementary school in Sombrillo, NM, read to Ms. Flores 2nd grade classroom at James Rodriguez Elementary in Espanola, Glow Rider Event in Espanola. I look forward to many other events in the upcoming year!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are some of your achievements?

By far the greatest achievement in my life has been raising my two sons with the help of their father and our family. I always say, "it takes a village." I am extremely proud of them! My two sons are my pride and joy. Those two young men motivate me to be the best version of me each and everyday without even knowing it. I just want to continue to make my two boys proud and be an example to them and others. In spite of the lemons that life may throw at you, rise above and make lemonade!

Professionally, my greatest achievement is working for NM Judiciary. I am very blessed to work in the capacity that I do as I get to work with staff, management and elected officials on a daily basis across the state. This is not just a job for me, its an honorable career!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What makes you stand out from all those other beautiful girls?

On the first night of the program I was asked this very same question, and I will answer this question the same. Every single woman in that room was beautiful and deserving of a crown. We are all unique and perfectly created in HIS image and that is what makes us all beautiful. I have learned leadership skills in my lifetime that help set me apart, but in that I am genuine, sincere and extend grace and love. That is a type of inner beauty that not everyone of this world may have and I hope and pray more could attain.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about the moment your name was called out as the winner.

Being announced, "Mrs. Señora New Mexico" was a surreal moment! I gave thanks to God immediately for placing me in this honorable role. What an incredible opportunity to be able to inspire other women and represent our home state-New Mexico the Land of Enchantment. As we held hands and prayed, our first runner up Natalie Trujillo, Señora Jarales was truly inspiring to me as well. I thanked her for inspiring me in our 4 days at the concourse and for becoming my friend.

Bringing home the crown to Northern New Mexico is such an honor to represent who we are as Norteños: music, art, low riders, culture, traditions, faith, comidas y familia! We did this together Santa Fe, Espanola and surrounding communities, this is our crown. This is our opportunity to showcase the beautiful heritage and rich culture that we encompass in Northern New Mexico. I certainly am proud to be a Nortena! "Soy Norteña" como canta mi amiga Jenna Martinez de Peñasco.

Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Peter Gonzales Photography
Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Peter Gonzales Photography

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What does it mean to you to be a Beauty Queen?

This year is an opportunity to serve, enlighten and set an example for others to follow. As I have held positions in public service and community service in years past, this year is a year to resurrect those special moments that touch your life in many ways that tangible things cannot. This year I have seen tears in an elderly woman's eyes as I placed my crown on her and gave her a hug. My ears have heard children thank me for reading to them. My eyes have seen a childs' dream come true after she told me how she had been asking her mom to take her to see Santa and we brought Santa to her school. I have been filled with emotion and had tears of joy running down my cheeks as we distributed toys to children who may not have had received otherwise.

Being a beauty queen also means being true to who you are and how you were raised. I always say, "do not forget where you came from." I grew up going for wood with my family, playing in the acequia with my sister, I grew up bringing in palitos and wood, making a fire and heating up our home for when my parents got home. I was raised "a masando por tortillas", frying potatoes with ground beef, spam or whatever we had to add. I know what it is like to have and have not. It is important to keep family traditions alive that are dying out. That is why it is important for me to represent this crown to its fullest potential, to remind our generation of what is being lost by todays' world. Simpler is sometimes better.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How did competing in pageants helped your life?

This was my first pageant, however being in classes such as public speaking, activities such as drill team, DECA, FBLA and student council helped pave the path as well. I also attribute my readiness to my daily fitness instruction. I am blessed to be able to get up in front of 3 to 15 ladies every single day, lead and mentor them into becoming the best version of themselves!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How did pageants helped your self esteem and body image?

The platform I ran behind is the same of our organization: "Porque toda mujer merece una corona"/ " Because every woman deserves a crown". This very foundation is what assisted the process of applying, competing and winning. I didn't feel pressured to look a certain way or have a certain body type. This pageant and organization helps support that notion. In turn, that boosts your confidence an allows you to shine inside and out.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there. How does it feel?

As a mentor of other women (of all ages) in our community, state and social media platforms I do find it important to live the lifestyle that I promote. I find it extremely important to take care of myself by eating clean and strength training 5 times a week. Being an inspiration to others means being dedicated to what you believe in. While most get to call it a day after working 8 hours, I still have a few to go. I go home every single day, prepare our fitness club studio, change into my fitness attire, eat a healthy snack and plan for class. Therefore, me being dedicated for the benefit of others isn't always easy, it requires me to dig deep every single day because so many other depend on me.

It is not only important as a mentor to promote outer physical beauty but that from within. A great balance of mind, body and soul is what I strive to promote. Leading by example in having a faith based path, taking the time to relax meditate and self care is equally important. Therefore, I am beyond blessed to inspire others and I always ask for God to guide me with my actions, my words and my example.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What is your on stage strategy to win the judges over?

Honestly? I was myself! I was truly my genuine, happy, smiling self. There was no strategy, there was no plan. I literally prayed, placed everything in Gods hands and dug deep. It all flowed from there. Funny thing is that I had been so nervous during trainings, interviews and activities the three days prior and leading up to the day of the actual show and competition. The day of, I woke up so calm and peaceful. There were no nerves just excitement to see the entire show unfold. I was so excited to have my world renowned stylist Jerome Gonzales and make up artist Janelle Otero doll me up. I was beyond thrilled to wear my opening number dress, cultural heritage dress and evening gown. I was looking forward to seeing our Team Heather greet me on the red carpet. Thus, I had no other jitters about what could or couldn't happen on stage, after all you can't control those things, you just go with the flow.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How did you prepare for your competition?

Three months prior to the show I started working with my nutrition coach Isaac Velarde from King of Kings Superior Nutrition out of Rio Rancho, NM in order to bring a good stage package. He assigned extra training homework aside from me teaching my classes. Therefore, I hit two a day strength training 4 days a week in order to assist in tightening up some areas I wanted to work on. Nutrition, hydration, supplementation, training and sleep are important to the process. Stylist Jerome Gonzales was also critical in assisting me with in person practice, que's and points.

Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Peter Gonzales Photography
Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Peter Gonzales Photography

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your tips for learning better pageant walk?

Invest in a posing coach and stylist! I had no idea how to walk on stage, stop and pose or perform turns. Little techniques such as hand placement, head/neck rotation, shoulder poise, eye contact and stances are all mission critical. I was fortunate enough, that my nutrition coach had me reach out to Dacia Rutske who previously worked for Miss America and had previously competed on many national levels. She was able to assist me in a few techniques in improving my stage presence and walk. I was extremely grateful for the assistance she was able to give me on such short timeframe.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your tips for choosing right pageant dress?

Seek colors and styles that compliment you and your body type. You will say "I do" to the right dress when you try it on, move on to others and keep trying on the "one." If you question something about a dress, or have to ask someone's opinion about it, it may not be the right dress for you. The right dress will make you feel empowered, like a queen and on top of the world! Shop with local seamstress, local dress shops, or wedding dress boutiques. There are hidden gems right in your back yard, do not be afraid to give them a shot.

I shop smart and shop for bargains, if you come across a dress on sale, buy it. Chances you will end up needing it for the show, interviews appearances or other events. After all a queen can never have too many dresses or gowns!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your tips for winning interview?

Be yourself, be genuine, be sincere. Those qualities will shine through in your interview. You will be able to read body language from the Judges on how you are doing. Adjust accordingly, either up the energy or tone it down. Be prepared, practice with loved ones. Set up a mock interview with friends or family and have them ask you random question. I practiced with my fitness family every single day for a month before the show, we practiced stage presence, stage walking and posing or having them ask me random questions. That practice ahead of time will ensure you have confidence and are sure of yourself while being asked questions during the interview or on stage.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What is one mistake that you've done during competing you wish you could redo and fix it?

May I be honest? Pack extra nude intimate apparel. Everything nude! The day of check in, I was running short on time picking up my cultural heritage jewelry and rushing to my hair appointment. I was pressed for time and had the sweetest little angel (my boyfriend Billy) drop everything he was doing and head into Victoria Secret with my list of unmentionables. He picked up everything to the tee right down to the size, style and color! That honestly was the sweetest thing that anyone had ever done for me. He recognized the need and urgency and came through for me like a champ. However, I cannot stress enough....PACK EXTRA NUDE EVERYTHING for underneath your gowns! Be prepared, extra prepared. Go through your competition checklist up and down, inside and out. Highlight items you need to pack. Break everything up by day. I went as far as bagging up my jewelry in zip lock bags with my shoes for each outfit. This helped during the night of the show. Everything was bagged according to each ensemble.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What other mistakes are made by girls during the contest?

I was so focused on our 4 day schedule, meetings, deadlines and being prepared for each day that I did not have time to take note of anyone else's shortcomings. However, even if you live in the local area of the hosting city, I would recommend staying at the hotel designated for the program. It made it so much easier to check in with all of my luggage, gowns, hydration, food and snacks for the duration of 4 day program. As much as we tried to stick to the scheduled times, there were days that being at the hotel made it very convenient to snack, hydrate, freshen up, change or rest from activity to activity. Four days are dedicated to the program. Enjoy and experience in all the memories. Be prepared to check in and live in that moment for four days. After all, you have earned that moment and you deserve it.....Reina!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Any modeling or acting experience?

Since the age of 16, I have dabbled in fashion shows, modeling, photo shoots, small publications, small commercials and stage presence. My participation in each of those has been more of a means of artistic expression and a healthy outlet. I have always loved themed photo shoots which take me back in time. I love the roaring 20's, 40's, and 50's themed classic looks the best. I have worked with incredible New Mexico Photographers such as: Peter Gonzales, Tony Lopez, Requel Martinez, Nikki Bustos and Roman Martinez. I have also worked with former Lowrider Magazine Photographer Marco Patino out of Los Angeles California.

A special project that comes to mind was something Diego Lopez from Hands Across Cultures in 2011 invited me to participate in. A photoshoot entitled: Chimayo Lowrider Photoshoot by Gabriela Marks/Campos depicted lowriders and oldies in Northern New Mexico. The project was on display at the New Mexico History Museum in 2017. The exhibit entitled: Con Cariño ran for 3 months and released a book in conjunction with the show. It was such an honor to work with such incredible artistry, beautiful people, Hispanic culture and vehicles.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your plans for 2022 as a Queen?

There are two main missions this year: bringing awareness to my platform (Health and Wellness) and spreading awareness of culture, traditions and heritage. The first is clear, I am the living example of fighting auto immune everyday and still am determined to keep active. My mission in life is to live a balanced and healthy life, to live life to its fullest potential. I always say, I have illness....illness doesn't have me! As long as I am proactive about taking my vitamins minerals and supplements, eating clean, hydrating properly, nourishing my mind with positivity, and getting my proper dosage of rest each day then my job is done. We all have to take responsibility in our health, especially as we age. We have to be proactive in taking our health into our own hands. It is our responsibility to treat the source not the symptom. Therefore, if I can make one difference in someone's life to change or incorporate a little something that aides in health, my impact and mission has been fulfilled.

Secondly, we live in such a beautiful and culturally rich state. It is important we as New Mexican's continue to teach our children the importance of faith, traditional doings, culture and heritage. It can be something so simple as carrying on grandmothers recipe of biscochitos or tamales. Teaching our children to build a fire in a woodstove to keep warm is a skillset and essential to many of our homes in New Mexico. When times are tough, teach your children how to make a meal from pantry items that you may not normally cook with. I always give my mom credit, she can make a feast from literally from what seems like nothing at all. Which brings me to my next point, cooking with mom, sewing with mom, crafting with mom or listening to rancheras with mom are the moments that we need to cherish most in this life! Sitting at the table with my father, having coffee and escuchando consejos are some of life's sweetest blessings. Embrace those moments, this life passes by too fast. I have been blessed to witness and enjoy the fruits of my fathers labor from his garden every year. He grows corn, squash (calavacitas), cabbage, carrots, onion, jalapenos and Chimayo Chile! My eyes and heart have enjoyed such sweetness, traditions like this are being lost and we should continue teaching the ways of the past. During my childhood, my father was a penitente (brotherhood) from the church in Canones. I have participated as a "Veronica" during Good Friday Stations of the Cross and enjoyed an incredible lenten meal prepared by the women of the village at the morada after services. These are some of my greatest and most precious memories, and I know that these experiences have shaped me into the woman that I am today. Therefore, I truly thank my parents for such a simple but culturally rich childhood.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want to be remembered as a woman and Reina who gave her all to help other women feel stronger, empowered, healthier, happier and more confident. I truly believe that I have been blessed with a gift to teach, and that is through the world of fitness. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of women and many have become life long friends. That is truly honorable, and I am incredibly grateful. My cup overflows each and every single day as I see women who didn't think they had the strength to lift heavier, do a push up, complete a set of burpees, squat or side plank achieve that next level. I have been witness to bodies evolving over time. Bodies that have changed getting stronger and developing more muscle tone. Witnessing faces of conquering victories versus faces of defeat are trophies to me, now that is truly winning! If allowed and granted plenty of health, strength and longevity I hope to do this for many more years to come! For now, I take one rep, one set, one step, one workout and one day at a time. Un Dia a La Vez se dice....Amor, abrazos y besos por buena salud!

National Director: Patricia Montoya

Your Local Director: Patricia Montoya

Name of the Photographer credits: Massimo Lorenzini "Mondo Bello Photography" and "Peter Gonzales Photography" Dresses by: Yoselin's Boutique. Accessories by: Jade Queen Jewelry Hair and Makeup by: Stylist Jerome Gonzales, Janelle Otero Thank your sponsors: Jade Queen Jewelry, Cristo Templar, El Parasol Pojoaque, Road Runner Redimix, Women and Weights, King of Kings Superior Nutrition Inc.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview.

Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Peter Gonzales Photography

Heather Eduvigen Velasquez Mrs. Señora New Mexico 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Mondo Bello Photography Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr WorldClass 2023 Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

Miss WorldClass and WorldClass Ambassadors.


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