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Cassandra Wallace

Cassandra Wallace, World Class Petite Models Magazine, Photo by Robin Houck
Cassandra Wallace, World Class Petite Models Magazine, Photo by Robin Houck

World Class Petite Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing USA model Cassandra Wallace.

Name: Cassandra Wallace

Model IG: @Cassandra.Bannon.Wallace

Height: 5'5''

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Bust (in inches): 35

Waist: 27

Hips: 36 1/2

Shoe size: 6.5

Age: 35

Zodiac sign: Leo

Hobbies: finding unique ways to give back and make a difference.

Years modeling: 4

Countries visited: Morocco, Senegal, The Gambia, Uganda, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, South Africa, Costa Rica, Belize, St. Martin, Aruba, and St. Lucia.

Likes: drinking coffee, soaking up sunshine, traveling, and spending time with my boys.

Dislikes: cleaning bathrooms and chocolate

Status: Single

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself. I am a happy mother to three boys, Brycen (9), Brodi (7), and Bronx (7); being a “boy mom” is the absolute best. They are the light of my world and shape my purpose. Professionally, I am a tax accountant with the Enrolled Agent designation. I own a private tax practice – and yes, I seriously enjoy helping people save money on their taxes!

I also try to combine my professional expertise with my passion for volunteering. I recently accepted a position as Chief Financial Officer for an international nonprofit organization called Global Dignity. Global Dignity is active in over 80 countries; its mission is to promote religious, ethnic, cultural, and gender dignity in schools, communities, and workplaces by providing education in tolerance and mutual respect; their ultimate goal is to foster just, open, and peaceful societies.

I also serve on the advisory council for the Academy of United States Veteran Foundation, an organization which coordinates with multiple other non-profit groups to provide services that are both badly needed and often sadly inaccessible to veterans. They help to provide housing for the homeless, health care advocacy for service-related conditions, resume training, access to service animals and have a special interest in improving access to mental health support and suicide prevention.

Finally, I am on the advisory council for an organization called “BPur;” this is a global initiative being presented to the United Nations to improve global human rights by focusing on the promotion of religious tolerance, disarming extremism, and encouraging secular instead of religion-based political structures.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Let's start with your most recent achievements. Modeling during NYFW and being featured on a billboard in New York during NYFW.

I know this will be hard but which one is more exciting and why?

When I was offered the opportunity by QB Elite Model & Talent to walk in their show “Art Meets Beauty,” featuring the work of Sebastien Syssau, I was beyond thrilled. I was particularly impressed by their decision to incorporate the experience into a television documentary upon the experience of modeling - it truly represented a once in a lifetime opportunity; the models were all eligible to be featured on a billboard in Times Square. As part of the experience the crew was filming us as we did a morning photoshoot, and, ultimately, at the big “reveal” moment when the billboards lit up. Of course, all of us were hoping to have been chosen… the suspense was a little nerve wracking. And then… surreal. I was looking at myself!! It was an incredible honor.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Tell us more your appearance on the Billboard.

What made the moment particularly magical, is that it represented a confluence of several things that for me are quite special. In the photo used, I appear alongside my good friend, Mercy Maddox (also my roommate at NY fashion week); it was taken during a photoshoot we did together in December. At the moment of the reveal, we were standing next to each other, just as we were in the photo. Furthermore, the photographer who took the shot in December, Robin Houck, was also there for this New York experience – and actually captured images of us in Times Square at that moment. Images of us. Looking at ourselves on the billboard! Talk about serendipity.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Tell us the story behind your opportunity of walking during NYFW.

Dedra Curtis is the CEO of QB Elite. I met her (and my friend Mercy Maddox) when we competed together in the Ms World International pageant. Dedra mentioned she knew an amazing artist who was interested in transferring his paintings onto textiles; he was contemplating starting a line for both clothing and accessories using this technique. She invited the two of us (Mercy and myself) to do a photoshoot in Seattle this past December with that in mind. Art Infinitum (Sebastien’s company) was updating their product website, and she was looking for models. There was a lot of good chemistry at that shoot; it helps that the three of us had become good friends as a result of our pageant experience together. And I’m particularly appreciative of the job done by the photographer, Robin Houck. Afterwards, Dedra offered us both the opportunity to walk in the NY Fashion week show “Art Meets Beauty,” which exclusively modeled Art Infinitum’s latest line La Vitae.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: This us about your NYFW experience. What did you feel and what kind of emotions were going through you before you left for New York.

This is actually my second opportunity to walk in an NYFW show. Last year I walked in the “Wow Wear” show. I think because of that, I wasn’t quite as nervous this time. That being said, I was still pretty nervous! NYFW is quite an experience, in and of itself. It can be intimidating being surrounded by so many models who seem to look, walk, and pose like perfection. Also, I admit I have a little bit of self-consciousness about my body after having had three children, two of which are twins… a lot of stretching has happened!

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How did it feel to land in New York as a model?

It was a huge honor. It also felt like winning the lotto. I knew when I heard the news that I was going to have a weekend where my hard work paid off and many of my dreams had come true. It felt like I was right where I was supposed to be.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How was the pre fashion show experience before the show and backstage.

It was very organized. The dressing room was packed with models, outfits, accessory changes, jewelry, bags, umbrellas. The practice run beforehand made it feel like we would have a nice leisurely pace for changing throughout the show. Showtime was not like that. We had to sprint back to the changing room to switch outfit after outfit; it was a little manic. But all of us worked together to make sure each had everything they needed in time to walk – it was great to work with such a nice group of people.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Tell us about the designer you walked for.

The designer is Sebastien Syssau. His paintings are gorgeous, in my opinion; he then transfers those works to textiles – they then appear on dresses, hoodies, bikinis, pants, luggage, purses, sunglasses, and other apparel. He also paints commissioned pieces. You can check out his work at if you use my code Cassandra5 you can get 5% your purchase.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: You are back stage and ready to step on the runway. Walk us through your experience.

With each pass down the runway, the models posed once at the start and then twice during a down-and-back catwalk. I wanted to have unique poses for each spot, and to do something different with each accessory. I practiced a lot backstage prior to going out. When it was finally my turn, I didn’t face-plant. That was a plus. Also, the audience was much more interactive than I’d anticipated; it was incredibly energizing to feed off of the feedback coming from the crowd.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: YOU made it runway portion is over. How did it feel right after and being surrounded by all the Models.

I felt honored to be surrounded by so many beautiful and talented people. It’s very humbling. But also exhilarating. I’m constantly learning from those around me, so it was a wonderful opportunity to glean some wisdom from those with more talent and experience.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Reflecting back in your hotel room on your runway achievement. What is going through your mind.

I had a bit of disbelief. I honestly felt proud of myself that I pulled it off despite my nerves and relative inexperience; I knew my hard work and perseverance had paid off. And I was lifted by how fun the experience was. .

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Now that NYFW is conquered. What is next on your achievement list?

From a modeling perspective, I have always wanted to walk in Miami Swim Week. (hint hint QB Elite Model & Talent). I’ve also never been to Paris and I would LOVE to walk in Paris Fashion Week.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Please tell us about all your modeling experience.

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Billboards and TV commercials for Valdi Vieso in Haiti

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World Class Petite Models Magazine: Have you done any modeling interviews before?

No, I have never done a modeling interview before. This is my first; thank you for the opportunity!

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What made you decide to become a model?

I come from a large family. Every child wants to stand out in some way or another – for me, I wanted to be like my big sister. She modeled when we were young, and was chosen to be Miss Washington Pre-teen. I wanted to be like her; she was a positive role model in my life. Later, I found that I enjoyed doing it for my own reasons.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How were you discovered?

I've always been fascinated with how a photo freezes a moment in time. I wanted to model but had no idea how to go about it. I'm naturally quite shy. Modeling was for extraverted people, or so I thought, and so it would always be for me an unactualized ambition. I was working as a barista when I was 17 and a local photographer getting coffee asked me if I would like to model for him. He was shooting school photos and wanted to update his sample pamphlet. I agreed, although it was kind of terrifying; it was also exhilarating, and I got hooked. I will never forget the moment seeing my face on all the flyers going home for everyone to order their school pictures.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your favorite style of modeling and why?

I like runway modeling because it feels so in the moment; I feed off of the audience’s energy and the movement. Commercial modeling is challenging because you are trying to replicate the same thing over and over and have it come across as fresh and original every time. My favorite? It is a tossup between runway and print modeling for me. I like the fact that with print modeling I get to take time to pose, and get the feedback from the photographer or those around me; also I often know what poses I would like to do ahead of time.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Do you have agency or do you freelance?

After NYFW I signed with QB Elite Model & Talent. This is an absolutely wonderful, respectful, female owned-and-run agency. Unfortunately, I’ve had several very unpleasant experiences and propositions when working with male-run agencies; many seem to expect some sort of on-the-side quid pro quo in order to offer you a job. I’m a professional. I absolutely refuse to prostitute myself. These people should be ashamed. Working with my current agency is amazing; I enjoy that they find jobs for me that fit my personality.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Have you modeled in any fashion shows?

In 2021 I modeled in New York Fashion Week for the “WoW Wear” show. New York city is such an experience in and of itself. It was amazing to be able to feel all the excitement and energy of the show. This was my first runway show and I remember thinking how quickly it seemed to go. Compared to print modeling photoshoots, this is an all day affair. It was fun to try something new and I was grateful for the opportunity to meet the designer and so many talented models.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Tell us about some of the photoshoots that you've done so far?

I love to laugh. Doing shoots in a ballgown or some beautiful formal dress always ends up in laughter. In the off chance that you have ever tried to don a ballgown with five different layers, each layer is fitted and has to be pulled, cajoled, coaxed, heaved into place. It’s an ordeal. It involves some serious patience, time, and, invariably, laughter. After one such fiasco, I had a friend tell me she would disown me if I ever tried to put that thing on again…we still tease each other.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What would you consider your biggest achievement as a model so far?

As an indirect answer to the question, I honestly feel like my volunteer work is my biggest achievement so far; many of my opportunities to give back to those around me have come directly from my work and experiences modeling. I can leverage a title, an award, a following, or an online presence to help address issues that are important to me morally and spiritually. From a pragmatic perspective, one of my favorite honors was being chosen World Class Beauty Queens Magazine Cover Girl. It feels pretty glamourous to be dressed up in a pageant gown, wearing my sash and crown. That combined the fun and excitement of modeling with the experience of being a “queen.”

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How do you prepare for a photoshoot?

I make sure to get a good night’s rest beforehand. And to eat a really big dinner. I find I'm usually so nervous the day of that I have little appetite, so I bulk up the night before! I mentally prepare too, thinking about the different poses, movements, and expressions the shoot will require. I practice in front a mirror and with self-recording.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Any modeling tips for girls that would like to model in your area?

The best piece of advice I can give is be confident and be you. Nothing looks better than someone who feels good in their own skin. That gives you radiance.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Any video commercial or film experience?

I modeled for a wine and champagne company in Haiti and they used several of the video clips for TV commercials. I’m still sipping champagne on TV in Haiti to this day.

I was on season one of "Queen of the Crowned," a reality TV show, and will also be on season two.

During NYFW Alterego Productions was filing a documentary on modeling and I was involved in that.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What is your personal fashion style?

I really enjoy dressing up. My personal fashion style could probably be described as being over-dressed to everything. I like wearing high heels and dresses to every occasion. Something about being dressed up makes me feel confident.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What would you like to accomplish as a model in 2022.

For 2022 I really want to try modeling that will push me to my limits and move me out of my comfort zone. I am competing against myself and I want raise the bar each time I model.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What are some of your non modeling achievements?

I'm the current World Class Beauty Queens North America Ambassador for 2021. My previous pageant titles include: Ms Poulsbo, Ms Washington, Ms World America, and Ms World International, Mrs. Pageant Planet Best of Fitness for all Ms. /Mrs. Pageants worldwide for 2019, Pageant Planet Best of Fitness 2020, and Pageant Planet's Top 10 Evening Gown of 2020.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Do you volunteer for any cause?

Yes! I tease that my hobby is volunteering. Volunteering is my passion. I feel so fulfilled any time I get an opportunity to volunteer and give back. I am the US Ambassador for the only youth football league in Haiti; as such I was able to help find sponsors for girls to play football in Haiti at no cost to them. Girls in Haitian culture are particularly underserved; education opportunities are unheard of, and this league offers scholarship opportunities that not only change the girls’ lives, but the lives of their entire family and village as well. I also volunteer with the local Boys and Girls club. Children, in my mind, are the key to the future; I enjoy doing what I can to help ensure they have a safe space to learn, have access to a computer, a library, and meaningful adult relationships is for me very meaningful. I’m also active with the local food bank, Fishline. I benefitted from their assistance as a girl. I love to give back to them.

Also previously mentioned, is my work with several organizations including Global Dignity, the Academy of United States Veterans Foundation, and BPur.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: What would be your ultimate modeling dream job?

I love wearing bikinis. I would love to be in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: Where can we learn more about your work?

The best way to learn more about me is via social media. I usually post about my modeling, volunteer work, and myself in general on Instagram @Cassandra.Bannon.Wallace or on Facebook at Cassandra Wallace.

World Class Petite Models Magazine: How can someone hire you for modeling jobs?

You can reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook.

Model IG: @Cassandra.Bannon.Wallace

World Class Petite Models Magazine would like to thank for this wonderful interview.

Cassandra Wallace, World Class Petite Models Magazine, Photo by Robin Houck

Cassandra Wallace, World Class Petite Models Magazine, Photo by Robin Houck

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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