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Sneha Gupta Miss Teen South Asia World 2022

Sneha Gupta Miss Teen South Asia World 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photographers: Pooja Gupta and Avinash Gupta
Sneha Gupta Miss Teen South Asia World 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photographers: Pooja Gupta and Avinash Gupta

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Sneha Gupta Miss Teen South Asia World 2022.

Full name: Sneha Gupta

Title/Year: Miss Teen South Asia World 2022

Pageant System: Miss South Aisa World 2022 by My Dream TV USA

Age: 18

Education Level: Senior in High School, Pursuing BS in computer science and

Business Management

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies: Dancing, Traveling, trying new foods, and listening to music

Platform: My Dream TV USA, Women and Girls empowerment

Years competed: 2021 & 2022

Countries visited: USA, India, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia

Likes: Fashion, Volunteering, Teaching Kids, Fitness

Dislikes: Status Quo, Double Standards

Status: Single

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Sneha Gupta. I’m a senior in high school. I am born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, USA. In high school, in addition to the science-based subjects I have focused my studies on business and marketing. As a part of high school clubs, I competed and won at both national and international levels. I’m passionate about giving back to the community. I volunteer and have been teaching kids the fundamentals of coding, mathematics, and Hindi for almost six years.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Please tell us about your education.

I am a senior (12 th grade) student in Denmark High School in Forsyth County, Georgia. I have been admitted in one of the most prestigious colleges of Georgia and will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in computer science and business management.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What does women empowerment mean to you?

For me woman empowerment is all about choice and ability to walk the path a woman wants to. She can be a homemaker, a professional, an entrepreneur, a sports player whatever she desires if it is her choice. A woman should be able to live, feel, express and flourish without worrying about what others will think about her. She should get same support as others to utilize her innate strengths and feel the pride in her accomplishments.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about your pageant history.

It all started in September 2021, my mom got a call from a friend, who believed I had a potential. We discussed and as I had a lot of passion for fashion, we took the leap of faith, and the journey began. I competed in Miss Teen Bharat Georgia organized by Inspiration Enterprises in October 2021. With a great guidance from my pageant coaches and a lot of support from my family I not only won the crown of Miss Teen Bharat Georgia 2021, but I was also the winner of the “Beautiful Smile” award.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Who knew that this was just a beginning? I was encouraged to compete for nationals in Sterling Virginia in December 2021, representing my home state Georgia. These three days event was one of the best experiences I had. It included Washington city tour, celebrity meet and greet, music video shoot, talent round, jaw dropping grand event, and fierce competition on final day, which included three runway rounds along with Q&A. The most mesmerizing and memorable moment was when I was crowned winner of Miss Teen Bhart USA 2021 along with Miss Teen Most Worldwide Popular 2021 on my birthday December 13th . Oh, what a finish to year 2021! But that was not the end of pageant journey for me, I was again invited to compete in Miss Teen South Asia World 2022, one of the most prestigious, glamourous and grand pageant organized by My Dream TV USA in Dallas, Texas. This was one of the most thrilling and exhilarating experience for me. Competing with the participants who were unique, beautiful, and highly talented was very fun and of course daunting at times. The encouragement from my family, support from fellow participants and my belief that I can achieve anything that I put my focus and energy into, is what allowed me to push myself. I will never forget the evening of March 27 th , 2022, when I was crowned Miss Teen South Asia World 2022 and Miss Teen South Asia Worldwide Popular 2022 Winner by none other than the Bollywood actress Preity Zinta. It was one of the best moments of my life! I would like to give credit for these crown and victory to first my mom, who has been my #1 cheerleader, mentor and guide, my family and friends who never stopped believing in me and always offered their endless support.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What inspired you to do your first pageant?

There are two types of inspirations one can have, internal and external. For me my mom and her friends were the external motivators. Internally, it was my passion for fashion, dancing, and a will to take on a challenge and do something new is what motivated me to sign up for the pageant. It seemed a perfect opportunity to show not other but to myself that I can walk the path I have never been on regardless of the outcome.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Why did you choose to compete for your current title?

Miss Teen South Asia World is one of the biggest platforms in the USA with many categories. After willing the Georgian and USA pageant this seems to be the natural progression and next level of competition. I wanted to continue to challenge myself and continue to learn more about the platform. The idea and opportunity to meet all the amazing participants, work with fashion and entertainment industry icons and learning from them was quite appealing as well.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about?

The main idea of this pageant system is to empower each contestant and groom them to bring out the best of her. The pageant system tries to spread the message of positivity and give a platform to all participants to voice their opinion. The encouragement and support provided by the leaders opens the new avenues for one to pursue their passion and positively contribute to their community. I am looking forward to being the role model to many and continue to teach and empower kids.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are you being judged on during the competition?

In the pageant, the judging starts the day you sign up. Your participation, introduction, positivity, involvement, and support for fellow participant is all being looked at. In addition, you also compete in many rounds such as talent, formal, ethnic, and a unique dressing round which is selected for the event. In addition to the most important interview round, your social media participation is also important to contribute toward worldwide popular award. The choice of dresses for each round and how one demonstrates their personality, confidence, and bonding with others on and off stage play a vital role in the competition.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about your experience during the competition.

The interaction with the organizers, your supporters and fellow participants start the day you signup. We had grooming sessions with pageant mentors, the pageant walks learning and practice sessions with one of the best choreographers in the world, makeup sessions with leading makeup artists. The entire experience was quite wonderful. It is all about continue to learn and enhance your skills and working so many beautiful and talented people is always so fulfilling. I have made many new friends, built new connections in the fashion industry, which I will cherish rest of my life.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about your platform or what cause do you volunteer for.

My platform is volunteering, I support and participate in various organizations to help children gain confidence in problem solving and their ability to learn new skills. As a part of Sunday school, I have taught Hindi to elementary school kids for many years. I have been teaching basics of coding at Code Ninja and concepts of mathematics at Mathnasium.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What appearances have you done with your title?

This pageant had opened so many new avenues for me. I have been interviewed for many newspapers and magazines in India. I’m appointed as a judge and mentor for various pageants happening in the state of Georgia. I have participated in many local fashion shows and been part of local community building events and county and city level election meet and greet events.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are some of your achievements?

I consider myself a passionate learner and fierce competitor. During my high school I have not only participated but won many titles at regional, national, and international level competitions. I have held my school’s DECA and FBLA club leadership positions. With a deep passion for fashion, I have competed in three pageants, winning 6 titles. My deep roots of giving back to the community has encouraged me to volunteer over 800 hours in last four years.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What makes you stand out from all those other beautiful girls?

I believe every contestant is uniquely beautiful and talented and these competitions are not about winning or losing but promoting a healthy learning and bringing out the best in each other. I believe it was the hard work, support from my family, willingness to push myself beyond limits and determination to do something for myself is what allowed me to achieve what I have been able to. I hope to inspire many thousands to get out of their comfort zone and try something that they never even thought about.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about the moment your name was called out as the winner.

I can relive the moment they called out my name every day. That was one of the best moments to be cherished and remembered for sure. I knew the competition was going to be tough, and all the beautiful contestants were uniquely talented. It was gratifying and became so very special to be crowned by Bollywood actress Preity Zinta. I want to thank everyone for believing in me and showering their love and blessings.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What does it mean to you to be a Beauty Queen?

To me, beauty does not mean perfection. Beauty Queen is to be pure at heart, have passion to do good and be yourself. You should embrace your flaws and feel confident and that what you will do is what people will remember. I see Beauty Queen as a platform for me to extend my horizons and ability to help others in need.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How did compete in pageants help your life?

I think we all can achieve what we set our mind to, whether that is to be successful in a profession or learn a new skill. For me, this pageant has helped me discover and solidify my passion of fashion and entertainment. It reinstated the fact that we should always believe in ourselves, and there are no barriers that can hold you in achieving our dreams.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How did pageants help your self-esteem and body image?

Initially, like others, I used to think that pageant is all about external beauty. It's much more than that, it's about your personality, your confidence, your ability to carry yourself, think on your feet and adopt to the situation. Taking part in the contest has given a huge boost to my self-esteem. Winner or not, pageants really help break the barrier. It shows who you really are as an individual and solidifies your personality.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there. How does it feel?

I feel honored and humbled to be an inspiration. With the title comes greater responsibility. I want to live and portray positivity, focused, and keep inspiring many more with my journey.

What is your onstage strategy to win the judges over?

Judging these events are no easy task and every judge knows what goes on. With over three rounds there is so much chaos with change or outfit, makeup, hair styles. At the end of the day what really mattered to me was the focus to demonstrate my ability and confidence to highlight my outfit’s uniqueness with the emotions and attitude needed. I believe in keeping my smile on and showcasing my personality to the judges.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How did you prepare for your competition?

Once I registered for the pageant, I worked with my mom in planning out the details. We thought of my looks, hair styles, dresses, etc. I watched many Miss America, Miss World, and Miss Universe pageant videos, prepared my answers, ran scenarios in my mind. I spent several hours every day practicing my dance for talent show, practicing my walk with and without my outfits until the very last day of the event.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your tips for learning better pageant walk?

Pageant walk is one of the most important parts of the contest. Choosing a heel that is most comfortable for you to be walking in and gives you the correct posture and walk is the first step. If you are going to have different ones to go with your outfit, you must walk every day for 10-15 minutes. Practicing in you selected the outfits, especially the turns is very important and should get you ready for the show.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your tips for choosing the right pageant dress?

Know that every participant is going to try to bring their best dress to the pageant. The best dress is the one that brings out your personality, and who you are as a person. Be willing to try a new style or color that may be different from what you might always choose.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your tips for winning interviews?

Smile, confidence, authenticity, and humility and the keys to winning the interviews. Know there going to be questions that does not have right or wrong answer. Speak from your heart and what comes to your mind immediately is what matters most.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What is one mistake that you've done during competing you wish you could redo and fix it?

There is always something to learn from these pageant experiences. With so little time between the 3 dress rounds, I wish I was a bit more organized with all my outfits and jewelry so I could have that little extra time. But know there is nothing call perfection, at the end it all turned out good.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What other mistakes are made by girls during the contest?

I think all the girls were extremely beautiful and talented. With so much rush, it is very difficult to see and point out other’s mistakes. In general, better preparation along with planning and practice for every event is will prepare you better and ultimately be successful.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Any modeling or acting experience?

Yes, since starting participation in pageant, I have walked ramp for both national and international designers. I have done music videos and have started my YouTube channel which can be found by searching “Sneha Gupta Bollywood”. I am considering part of acting club as I go to my college this year! I have also gotten a few offers for acting in TV Serial.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your plans for 2022 as a Queen?

I want to reach out to as many individuals in my local community as possible, and inspire them to keep dreaming, stay focused and march forward towards what they believe in and want to achieve. In addition, participation in as many fashion shows as possible to continue to sharpen my skills along with starting to get better at acting is what I am going to continue.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

A positive attitude and the right actions to make this world better and people confident in their abilities to achieve anything they set their mind to.

International Director/ CEO: Rashmi Bedi and Janak Bedi

National Directors: Kunjita Vijan and Meeta Ramchandani

State Director: Priyanka Tyagi Agarwal

Pageant website:


Guide, Dressing coach and Mentor: Pooja Gupta

Pagent Mentor: Divya Mowar

Ramp Walk Coach: Sumana Goswami

Dressing Inspiration: Kriti Rathore (

Photographers: Pooja Gupta and Avinash Gupta

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview! Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine.

Sneha Gupta Miss Teen South Asia World 2022, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photographers: Pooja Gupta and Avinash Gupta

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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