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Savannah Lockwood

Savannah Lockwood, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Jim Donnelly Photo
Savannah Lockwood, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Jim Donnelly Photo

World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing Model Savannah Lockwood.

Name: Savannah Lockwood

Height: 5’1

Eye Color: blue

Hair Color: blonde

Bust (in inches): 31in

Waist: 22in

Hips: 24in

Shoe size: 6.5

Age: 19

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Favorite Designer: Rudi Gernreich

Favorite Color: baby blue

Years modeling: 1

Countries visited: Mexico

Likes: dancing, cheerleading, traveling, hiking, camping, sunshine, and going on four wheeler rides

Dislikes: cold weather, fish, being kept in side (lockdowns)

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself:

I am a small town girl from Stevensville Montana and now attended Rocky Mountain College in Billings Mt. I am a huge people person and love learning about and connecting with new individuals! I find it very interesting and refreshing to meet and learn about a new person! I am always looking for ways to express myself, and have found that one of the best ways for me to do so is through my outfits. I’m a huge fan of matching my outfits to my personality by making them bright and fun!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about your modeling experience.

I have competed in pageantry for over 4 years and have recently gotten into modeling this last year. I am the current reigning Miss Bikini MT Model and will be walking in Miami swim week this coming July. I love modeling outside and one of my favorite places to model is in lakes and rivers!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Bikini modeling is often done very early in the morning to catch that perfect lighting, are you a morning person and if not what is your strategy for 6am shoots where you have to already have your hair and makeup done?

I am a morning person! While being a full time student, a student athlete, and holding a state title my schedule requires me to have a early morning job, which has allowed me to adapt to getting up at 4am every morning. Getting up this early is really beneficial and works for me because I get so much done throughout my day! Getting ready with hair and makeup at 6amwouldn’t be a problem for me because that is already my daily routine.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Tell us about your first big break into modeling, what was the first modeling job you did and how were you discovered?

I got discovered through competing in the Miss Montana teen USA pageant and was then given the opportunity to rain for Montana for both the Miss Montana Earth USA pageant and Miss Bikini Model US, as well as work with Warner Models who is partnered with Miss Bikini.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For the image to come out perfect you have to really connect with the photographer to get the pose captured just right with the lighting,angle,and mood of the shoot. How do you typically connect with a photographer you just met on set?

I am a very bubbly and friendly person, which makes it easy for me to get comfortable and connect with my photographers, I also go into every photo shoot with an open mindset which allows the photographer to position me and work with me easily. I am an open book and love sharing about myself, let’s just say I am not shy? I am very open and will answer any question my photographers have honestly, I found this helps them be able to connect with me!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: There are so many iconic bikini poses that create this image captured in time that stand out and are widely known even by people not connected to the modeling world, what is your favorite iconic bikini pose and why?

My favorite iconic bikini pose would be laying on your side, I feel this is a go to pose for on the beach shoots and it give a nice elongated view of the body with looking relaxed. You can make this pose look sexy, relaxed, casual, and captivating! I feel you have a lot of room to make this pose look good in any context and are able to switch it up.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have agency or do you freelance? Tell us why.

I freelance because I like to have the choice to work with multiple people, and haven’t quite found the right agency to sign with. I feel that when I find the right agency that aligns with my values, personality and brand I will be more than willing to sign with them!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Certain colors look good on certain people based on a variety of factors, what colors look best on you and which one is your favorite to model in?

I feel that light blues and pinks look good on me because of my tan complexion and blonde hair. I also feel that colors such as forest and dark green looks good on me because it makes my eyes pop and it’s also my favorite color to model in!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: When you are considering taking a modeling job what factors come into play. Do you have a list of items that are deal breakers, or a list of items that seal the deal for you? Tell us about your ideal modeling job and what that looks like.

When considering a job I like to take into consideration what brand, company, ex. I am modeling to make sure I agree with their purpose. I want to support and represent what and who I model for. For example I love modeling for organizations and companies who are eco friendly and sustainable!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What would you consider your biggest achievement as a model so far? I would say my biggest achievement is getting to walk in Miami swim week and being able to model for world class designers.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have any bikini models that you look up to? Please tell us why you are inspired by that particular model.

I am definitely inspired by Kathy Jacobs! She is the smallest and oldest rookie to date. It is inspiring to see a short bikini model have such success! I look up to her because I have been told a lot that I am too short to be a model and that I could never do runway because of my height, watching her be so successful in this industry even with being short has really given me hope and confidence that I can be super successful to as long as I go after it!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Describe how you prepare for an upcoming shoot. Tell us about your routine, do you have any superstitious rituals, a certain number of hours of sleep, or specific music you hype yourself up to, or beauty routine you swear by?

How I prepare for a shoot is I always try to get a full night’s sleep so I don’t look tired the day of my shoot. I often listen to worship music before my shoots because it helps me center myself, I also always stretch right before I leave for the shoot because I found that helps makes my body feel better and I am able to do more of a variety of poses when I am flexible and stretched.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What is the best piece of modeling advice you have received in your career that you would like to share with aspiring models?

The best piece of advice about modeling I have received is to not let my height or age stop me. There isn’t any limit to modeling and if you think there is you have to be the one to break it! Oftentimes I am discouraged by others about my modeling because of my height and age. People underestimate me because I am short and young, yet I know that those factors don’t matter and if I work hard I can be successful.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every model has a pose or part of their body that they like to focus on because it is the money shot of them. What is your favorite feature or pose for you personally?

Personally, my favorite feature I like to focus on is my smile, I feel my smile brightens up any picture and it makes the shots look exciting and fun! Every picture of myself that I love is because I have a big bright smile in it, I feel my smile is what draws you into the photo!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every person can make an impact on the world, what is one thing you are doing to make the world a brighter place?

My dream is to become a youth therapist. Currently I am going to school full-time majoring in both psychology and sociology in order to become a therapist. I have always felt called to do this to help kids who feel as if they don’t have anyone. I want to be the friendly face and listening ear kids can depend on.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For every passion/need there is a nonprofit or charity that promotes or helps fill this need. What is your favorite nonprofit or charity and why is it your favorite?

Children’s melanoma prevention foundation. This is my favorite because when I was a teenager I found out I had pre-melanoma, and not a lot of children and teens get it at a young age so I didn’t have many people my age who understood what I was going through. I like this foundation because it supports those who do and helps give them the support and care that they need!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Who is your dream designer to model for or your dream modeling job? What steps are you currently taking to make this dream a reality?

A dream job would be to model for a swimsuit brand that is made for small breasted women, such as CUPSHE. This is a dream job because it is giving confidence to women of all sizes and is uniquely designed to help boost small breasted women's confidence.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Where can we learn more about your work? Tell us your websites and social media handles and where someone can go to hire you for modeling jobs?

I am very active on both of my social media platforms Instagram: Savannah.mae.l and Facebook: Savannah Lockwood World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview! Interview by Cassandra Wallace Editor in Chief of World Class Bikini Models Magazine. Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Bikini Models Magazine.

Savannah Lockwood, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Jim Donnelly Photo

Savannah Lockwood, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Jim Donnelly Photo

Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Brand Publishing Mr WorldClass 2022 Mr United Nations 2018 Mr USA United Nations 2017 Platform: Empowerment


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