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Rose R K Marok Mrs United Kingdom International 2019

Rose R K Marok Mrs United Kingdom International 2019, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Patron Production Uk

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Rose R K Marok Mrs United Kingdom International 2019.

Full name: Rose R K Marok Title/Year: Mrs United Kingdom International 2019 Other title: Mrs India UK 2019 Classic Pageant System: Mrs (Married woman) Age: 38 Zodiac sign: Gemini Hobbies: Travelling, Working out, Shopping Platform: Mental Health and Domestic violence Awareness Years competed: 2019 Countries visited: UK, USA Likes: Travelling ,Honest people Dislikes: Dishonest people Status: Married World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about yourself.

I am Mrs Rose R K Marok, I am working mother of 2 and run a successful Dental clinic with my husband in Solihull in UK.  I was born and brought up in India. I have spent most of my life in boarding schools in India and that taught me to be independent. I am happily married and have very supportive and caring husband. My family is my biggest strength. My beautiful 12 year old daughter always keeps me grounded as she is very honest and critical about everything. My 10 year old son is a charmer, he loves playing piano and singing.

World Class Beauty Queens: What does women Empowerment means to you? Women empowerment means to me to engage and encourage women to understand their rights and represent themselves and their interests in their self authoritative manner. It is very important for women to understand that they have full right to control their life and use all the resources to benefit from them.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your pageant history. I have never been part of any beauty pageant prior to this, Mrs India UK was my first ever pageant.  World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do your first pageant? I think every girl dreams of getting dressed up and wearing a crown. So, I had the dream in the back of my mind somewhere. But My daughter was my biggest inspiration in entering this pageant. As in today's world body image with youngsters has become a big issue I wanted to show my daughter and all the youngsters that beauty is not all about how you look, it is about who you are as person. World Class Beauty Queens: Why did you choose to compete for your current title? I chose to compete in MRS India UK as it is the first ever platform dedicated to Indian/Indian ethnicity married women residing in UK. This also includes British Indians who are here or currently abroad. Being one of the first trademark pageant, it encourages empowered women to be a part of this platform to advocate various social causes. Till date they have supported multiple charities by raising awareness and funds. Some of which are Allergy awareness campaigns, British Heart Foundation, Environment safety campaigns, Girl Child education, domestic violence and many more worldwide.  World Class Beauty Queens: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about? Adding to all of that I have said about Mrs India UK ,The uniqueness and strength of this platform is the quality of Mentors and bespoke pageant programs that no other pageant currently has.  Apart from this, it is one of the first pageant with maximum International opportunities with top pageants such as Mrs Universe, Mrs International, Mrs Earth etc., and its achievements Internationally by winners add to the credibility of the platform. Being Mrs India UK 2019 Classic I will be representing United Kingdom at Mrs International 2019 in West Virginia. World Class Beauty Queens: What are you being judged on during the competition? In this pageant one of the most wonderful judging concept is that there are various rounds of evaluation. The areas of competition are code of conduct, fitness, photoshoot, talent, national costume, catwalk, presentations, stage presence, public speaking etc. This allows every finalist to perform in various areas but also allows finalists to balance out in their strengths where they can score high. Often people think judging happens on the finale day but judging starts from day one to look out for the best amongst the best to represent this platform.  World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your experience during the competition. The whole experience throughout this competition has been amazing. My favorite part is all the training sessions we have had in between, where there is no competition and all 28 of us were like sisters. Some girls are great cook and they would bring lunch for everyone. I really enjoyed talent round too, it was like a party and got to watch so many talented girls on stage. World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your platform or what cause do you volunteer for. Currently I volunteer and raise funds for various causes. I have been taking part in various events to raise funds for cancer research. I also volunteer and raise funds for my local charity Cameron Grant memorial trust that supports and educate people on mental health. As a family we have been donating Easter eggs and Easter crafts to local children hospital every year. Domestic violence is another cause that i am getting involved with a local charity in Birmingham, They help and educate people on domestic violence and run workshops to do sex education too. World Class Beauty Queens: What appearances have you done with your title? I have been invited to do various interviews with very prestigious media channels such as BBC. I have also hosted a premier for a movie in my local cinema. Recently I have been invited as an VIP guest to a press conference of a musical show happening all over England.  World Class Beauty Queens: What are some of your achievements? I think my biggest achievement is being a mother and been able to teach my kids to respect others. World Class Beauty Queens: What is your on stage strategy to win the judges over? My on stage strategy is same as my life strategy be yourself and be honest to yourself and have fun, Rest will follow. World Class Beauty Queens: What makes you stand out from all those other beautiful girls? I guess my authenticity and honesty is what made me stand out. World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about the moment your name was called out as the winner. Oh I can never forget that, As they announced my name and i walked on stage, both my kids ran up to me, hugged me so tight with tears in their eyes and said to me "we are so proud of you mummy". Which made me swelled with pride and showed me that how much my winning meant to them. World Class Beauty Queens: What does it mean to you to be a Beauty Queen? To me to be a beauty queen means that be human and keep humility. You set an example for others, stand up for others in need. World Class Beauty Queens: How did competing in pageants helped your life? Competing in pageant has given me a recognition and platform for me take my causes further and help all those who I can. World Class Beauty Queens: How did pageants helped your self esteem and body image? I think it has helped me more with my health as i have started looking after myself more. I have always liked healthy lifestyles but sometimes we get too busy and take our health for granted but after this pageant, I have started to take better care of myself and realised that if I am happy and content within myself then i can look after the people around me better. World Class Beauty Queens: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there. How does it feel? It feels great but at the same time I feel very responsible to live up to that too. World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for learning better pageant walk? As for anything Practice, practice, practice. No matter how many training sessions you pay for if you don't practice they are useless. World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for choosing right pageant dress? Pageant dress should be something that represents you and you are comfortable wearing it. Go and try some dresses and always take some one with you to help you. World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for winning interview? There is no such thing as winning interview, but I would suggest whatever you do please be yourself and try and stay calm. Take your time answering the question. World Class Beauty Queens: How did you prepare for your competition? As this was my first ever pageant, I had no idea, where to start? But beauty with this pageant was the training and mentoring they provided throughout. Along with this I did my own research and even sometime discussed with family and friends as I think they know me and my strengths and weaknesses very well. World Class Beauty Queens: What is one mistake that you've done during competing you wish you could redo and fix it? I felt that throughout the competition I was very open, discussed everything with all the competitors and forgot that it was a competition. This is something I wish I could redo but I can't change that as I guess that is my personality. World Class Beauty Queens: What other mistakes are made by girls during the contest? This is hard to say as I'll be judging others but I felt as if some of them had bit of misconception of the whole idea of pageant, so I think it is very important to do the research before you decide to do anything and understand your own caliber, and take everything that comes your way with dignity. World Class Beauty Queens: Any modeling or acting experience? No I have no modelling or acting experience apart from being part of school and college stage performances.  World Class Beauty Queens: What are your plans for 2019 as a Queen? My first step is to compete in Mrs International and I am gearing up for this. Secondly I am working with my local community charities to help promote their work and help my community. I am also in talks to do few appearances on Ramps for fashion shows and to appear in some punjabi (Regional Films). I guess now I am broadening my horizon and pushing the envelope to see what I can achieve. World Class Beauty Queens: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? I would like to be the change to make this world a little better place for my children and the future generation. I would like to leave behind a teaching to my kids to have humility and be a kind human. We all came into this world to serve a purpose, find that purpose and go for it. Live for today not for yesterday or tomorrow International Director: Mrs Aditi Patnakar National Director: Mrs Aditit PatnakarYour Local Director: Mrs Aditi Patnakar Pageant website:https://www.mrsindiauk.com/ , https://www.mrsinternational.com/ World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you to Rose R K Marok Mrs United Kingdom International 2019 for this wonderful interview.

Rose R K Marok Mrs United Kingdom International 2019, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Patron Production Uk

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans iffocares.org

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