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Reiss Tiara -Founder of UniWorld, Millennium Universe Pageant and Millennium World Excellence Award

Reiss Tiara -Founder of UniWorld, Millennium Universe Pageant and Millennium World Excellence Award, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine,
Reiss Tiara -Founder of UniWorld, Millennium Universe Pageant and Millennium World Excellence Award, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine,

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome Reiss Tiara Founder of UniWorld and Millennium Universe Pageant and Millennium World Excellence Award

Name: Dato Reiss Tiara Country/city: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

System: UniWorld ,Millennium Universe Pageant and Millennium World Excellence Award World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

Hello my name is Dato Reiss Tiara, Malaysian socialite entrepreneur, beauty queen & Excellence award founder, philanthropy and mother.

These are the roles I’m playing now.

Up until today, I’ve owned and operated many different businesses, managing a wine label ReissJaden was one of them. I have my passion and love in beauty pageants, and today, I am the brand owner of two international pageants: The UniWorld pageant and THEREISS BRANDING Organization – which runs the Millennium World Business Award and Millennium Universe beauty franchise. After the big success of Millennium Universe pageant, I have decided to officially IP register another new international pageant title UniWorld. After all of that, I would always still find time to do more green environmental projects to plant more trees, protect the earth, ocean and corals to have a healthier earth.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are some of your personal achievements?

My proudest achievement was representing Malaysia as the cabinet minister‘s wife to receive Her Majesty Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth from United Kingdom while her royal highness visited Malaysia during Commonwealth Game. I'm truly honored and blessed to have this official protocol duty. I'm also blessed to be selected as well known Japanese cosmetic brand SK-11 Malaysia face, Eucerin Ambassador and Mrs World Ambassador was certainly one of my proud personal achievements.

Come 2015, I needed a new project to work on, and so in celebration of our family’s long history in winemaking, I launched Malaysia brand “ReissJaden” fruit wine that year. Who knew it'd become a famous fruit wine label that would enshrine Malaysia on the international stage once again when it made headways as an exotic liquor marque in overseas markets.

These days, I find pleasure in tending to UniWorld and Millennium Universe international pageant. I like the challenge of multitasking, and the motivating energy I get from moving, growing the Millennium brand and UniWorld brand, so it would become the next best achievement when it soars to greater heights.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about your pageant history.

My love with pageantries began in my early years, the passion still burns brightly.

As a girl who grew up in Ipoh, I can assure you that pageantries back then were not organized very frequently as they are today, but the feverish desire to be in that glamorous gown on the stage, and glowing, was truly magical, and it lives inside every girl who aspires to be the best version of herself to inspire others. It was every little girl’s dream.

Pageantries were one of the best things that occurred in my life, and they got me to where I needed to be. Although much has transpired since my days as a model, beauty queen Ambassador, minister wife the pageantry journey is still spectacular and there are more opportunities today for everyone to express themselves physically and socially, than ever before.

As the founder of UniWorld Pageant and Millennium Universe pageant today, I will still walk that glamorous stage proudly, and I feel truly blessed to have arrived here, looking at the industry from a new perspective, visions and missions.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What made you decide to start your system?

I probably never wanted to start my own “system”. But yeah, having my very own pageant is a seductive idea, and it was part of the inception. Honestly, there was no shortage of ideas to plagiarize for setting-up my own pageant but I realized that there was a lack of beauty pageants that focus on other aspects of us females apart from beauty.

Before I founded the Millennium Organization and UniWorld, I would ponder at length, “How do I build a more meaningful pageant?”

Since then, I’ve decided that UniWorld and Millennium Universe pageants need to celebrate true womanhood, and pay homage to beauty, courage, perseverance, and virtue which is able to inspire and motive others. Beauty, more specifically, physical beauty, is one feature which we are born and destined with. It is the other heavenly values that take time and effort, and these are things that matter which can't be worn or washed away like lipstick or eyeshadow, it should be everlasting and evergreen.

UniWorld and Millennium Universe pageants have a different kind of characteristics, we are fine with going deeper than just looks. An uncommon trait in UniWorld and Millennium Universe competition which is our judges look for is confidence and intelligence, which possibly might not come across the average beauty pageant. How do you measure that? Well, honestly, no one knows, but we do.

It was in this oversight we found our new territory. It was full steam ahead for me and my team as we got Millennium Organization and UniWorld off the ground and encouraged a whole new generation of women around the world to show their true selves, true beauties carry herself with poise, a fantastic orator exudes confidence and inspire others.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about your system.

UniWorld and Millennium organization's motto are to promote female empowerment by hosting elaborate and festive events such as beauty pageants and world achievement awards. Participants will not mainly be judged based on their beautiful faces but their personalities, intelligence and self-confidence to promote tourism and charity.

We, and by we, it’s the soul and beauties of UniWorld and Millennium Universe. Also work closely with non-governmental organizations, environmental issues and charity homes to spread our message of love, kindness, and sincerity for aiding humanitarian and sustainability causes to protect earth and ocean. Beauty with purpose is our motto, encapsulating this vision is important.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What is the mission statement of the system?

Our system aims to cultivate an ecosystem of beauty queens shimmering with beauty outside as well as in the inside, a true beauty with brain.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Where do the competitions take place and in what countries/venues?

When we're talking about UniWorld and Millennium Universe activities, there really is no fixed itinerary.

For our 2018, we hosted the Mrs Malaysia Millennium Universe’s gala night at 5 stars Hotel Forest City. Malaysia’s Royals and politicians were our special VVIP, everyone enjoyed the ball. In 2019 Mrs Millennium Universe international gala dinner finale, we chose the very classy W Hotel in the vibrant heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which lent the event a touch of sophistication and glamorous zest and energy. It was bright stage lights, huge LED and poster displays, and a banquet setting with Royals, VVIPs, celebrities and socialites in attendance with overwhelming success. It was the hot topic in town that year about this successful gala pageant night and successfully caught lots of media focus.

Immediately after our W Hotel run, the repertoire changes pace, and we had new idea, we left the urban jungles of KL for the sun-sweetened beaches of Desaru coast, a tropical paradise with white sands and amazing resorts. Mind you, not on holiday, it was our Miss & Mrs Millennium Universe pageant show along the coastline, and it made the experience superbly instagrammable. This was a blue sky, white cloud with beauties.

UniWorld and Millennium Universe openly embraces diversity and inclusivity with regards to the international communities participating in our events. As for 2019, we were astonished to be rejoicing yet another year of multinational unity.

In our recent instalments, beauty queens have travelled all the way from the coasts of Venezuela, China, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Peru, USA, Australia, and beaches of the Philippines, etc... to our international platform. Ambassadors of beauty from many countries,

beauty queens of Millennium Universe come from all over the world.

Even though they are of different nationalities, they manage to charm and touch the lives of those around them for their admirable physical appearances and pristine inner beauty. Media was enchanted by all the world beauty queens flew in to Malaysia from across the world.

These two combined elements are intended to create a bigger impact for empowering women.

Don’t you think?

All in all, all the world class beauty queens have graced our events with their presence. As a Malaysian endeavor, the turnout was nothing short of a miracle and breakthrough altogether. It demonstrates relevance and faith in the Millennium Universe vision.

Tell us about 2019 winners.

The winner of the 2019 Mrs Tourism Millennium Universe crown was Yusby Mendez from Venezuela, Mrs Millennium Universe crown was Ms. Leyla Murugova from Tatarstan, Russia – whom was also our undisputed “Mrs Body Beautiful”. Following closely behind were our gorgeous runner-ups from Estonia (Katlin Loonde), USA and the Philippines.

We had also reserved merit awards to compliment the charms (Ivy Yang of China is Mrs Beautiful Smile 2019), and (“Mrs Most Glamorous” went to Indonesia’s one-and-only Kelly) etc, to name a few from the arsenal our beauty queens have brought to the competition. We have amazing subsidiary titles, so I’ll leave it to you to find out what little these Wonder Women can't achieve.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are some things you are proud of your Queens have achieved with their titles?

There are many great examples but I’ll give you one example. And she’s none other than Ms. Yusby Mendez, our grand winner of Mrs Tourism Millennium Universe 2019, would have to still return to her busy schedules as a full-time lawyer and model after taking home the tiara and sash. With our world title she won, she has attracted movie director ‘s focus to cast her the role in movie “Karma”.

Between flashing bulbs and time with the various magazines and New York Fashion week she models for, Ms. Yusby will continue her work defending and upholding the sanctity of law and human rights. It is for her dedication to her craft and work that she received Millennium Universe’s trademark Human Rights Hibiscus Award, which I confirmed was a recognition she truly deserved.

The proudest thing for a brand founder like myself is seeing my fellow beauty queens recognized for the good effort they’ve put in for the betterment of society, seeing the value of self-refinement, and working doubly hard because they’ve been empowered by this Millennium experience. The lasting impact of UniWorld and Millennium Universe tiara would forever be that you’ll have to live up to the expectations of wearing it, and that’s demonstrating true character and making us proud.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Why are pageant competitions important for women?

As I’ve said before, I believe that a pageantry brings out the best in a woman for the world to recognize, and it’s a truly motivational platform for women from all walks of life to share their experiences and positive values to inspire and motivate. The glitz, glam, and prestige offered by UniWorld pageant and Millennium Universe Organization present an opportunity for beautiful women with a once-in-a- lifetime experience, to interact and networking with wonderful people from diverse cultures and businesses on an international platform.

UniWorld and Millennium Universe pageant see itself as having redefined the optics for beauty and the greatest benefit of it all is to have given women the strength to be proud of their achievements and potential.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are the plans for 2020 competition?

In the year of 2020, due to lockdown situation, we have to care for the importance of health and safety first, we have decided to postpone it. The next world pageant date will be announced when World Health Organization declares safe travel for all. After our bouts with pageants for the year, I’ve received a surprising load of messages from fans and beauty queens globally for their interest to represent their countries.

What’s more is that these fans are no ordinary fans, but large business owners, and fashion industry players who can’t wait to see UniWorld and Millennium Universe dress up further for global integration and franchise.

Future years look like an excellent year to host UniWorld pageant and Millennium Universe pageant in many parts of the world. It could be a special pageant, special gala fine dining dinner, or a huge annual party in appreciation of the strong support we were given. I am positive that very soon, UniWorld Pageant and Millennium Universe pageant will host in many locations it’s never been to before, both locally (in time for the Visit Malaysia season) and overseas.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: If someone would like to sign up to compete in your system how can they request information?

I'd highly encourage beauty enthusiasts and world beauty queens to take a chance at participating in our pageant events.

The easiest way for anyone to reach out to us is via our website http//, our Instagram and Facebook official page Millennium and UniWorld. Nevertheless, UniWorld Pageant & Millennium Universe pageant are gaining traction fast and attention on social media as well. Interested parties can look for us on Facebook official pages @Datoreisstiara , Millennium Universe, UniWorld , do give us a like, share, or invite your pretty friends whom may be an upcoming UniWorld and Millennium Universe beauty queens in the world class level.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What legacy would you like to leave behind?

The UniWorld pageant and Millennium Universe pageant aspire to impart a noble legacy and foster a sisterhood bonding of beauties driven by missions and purpose, to face the world like how a true beauty queen does... with class and charm.

I wish that others would remember me not as a celebrity socialite or beauty queen but as a symbol of female empowerment and inspiring Icon. We are at a point in time where women are capable of being as good, if not even better, than our male counterparts, regardless of the sectors or occupation we’re talking about. I also hope my organization will succeed in conveying this vision to the world, we women do have a voice to change the world for a better world.

I told my UniWorld and Millennium Universe Beauty Queens that I could always count on them to be transcendent from the brand, to be the ambassadors of inner strength and goodwill to spread the light globally. UniWorld and Millennium Universe’s lifestyle, exemplifying high end couture's, luxurious style with sophistication. At the end of the day, you should wear your smile with as much pride as you would wear your tiaras. Additional point to highlight is our prestigious Millennium World Excellence Achievement Award is an award ceremony to confer and recognise to mark the achievement of famous personalities, celebrities and entrepreneurs across the world in honour of their achievements. Our respectful recipients are Malaysia highly respected Public iconic figure Tun Michael Chen, Korea top ten composer Daydream ( he composed K pop song Winter Sonata), Hong Kong movie star Timonthy Tse-sing Cheng, Hong Kong movie director Pako, Malaysia celebrity chef Wan, UPM vice chancellor Professor Datin Paduka DatoDr Aini etc to name a few.

Check us out at for more info. World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview. Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

Reiss Tiara -Founder of UniWorld, Millennium Universe Pageant and Millennium World Excellence Award, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine,

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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