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Rebecca Garcia

Rebecca Garcia, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Gary Hufham
Rebecca Garcia, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Gary Hufham

World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing Model Rebecca Garcia.

Name: Rebecca Garcia

Height: 5’4

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Bust (in inches): 33

Waist: 27

Hips: 36

Shoe size: 6.5

Age: 18

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Favorite Designer: Donatella Versace

Favorite Color: Red

Years modeling: 4

Countries visited: 2 (Mexico and Philippines)

Likes: Music and admiring clouds/stars

Dislikes: Disrespectful people who demand respect

Status: Single, enrolling in college

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

I moved to Texas from California about 3 years ago. I recently graduated high school and enrolled in Lone Star College majoring in criminal justice. I danced hip hop for eight years before moving to Texas as well as began playing guitar. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, and I’d describe myself as outgoing, respectful, and obedient. If I’m not in school, work, or have an empty schedule, I like to spend my time rollerblading and painting or drawing.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about your modeling experience.

When I was 11 years old I began attending Barbizon modeling and Acting School in San Francisco, while I lived in California. After graduating from Barbizon I continued modeling by taking modeling workshops that were developed by Charleston Pierce in San Francisco, CA as well. During this time, I participated in the Worldwide Women’s Festival Fashion Show in San Francisco. When my family and I moved to Texas, I began a contract with John Casablancas Model Talent Management, and graduated from the program in 2020. I am currently preparing for my participation in this year’s Model and Talent Expo Convention in Dallas this November.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Bikini modeling is often done very early in the morning to catch that perfect lighting, are you a morning person and if not what is your strategy for 6am shoots where you have to already have your hair and makeup done?

Generally, I like waking up early because it makes my days feel longer, although waking up early isn’t always easy, especially for shoots. To make my day go smoother, I wake up early enough to have extra time when getting ready (as in doing my hair and makeup) because rushing makes me feel unready. I sleep as early as I need the night before according to what time I must be ready for the shoot the next day, that way I still get a good amount of sleep and avoid waking up tired. When I wake up super early in the morning, I often don’t feel like eating anything, but I still eat because I know the energy is necessary. Once I’ve had at least something small to eat, I’m ready to go! World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Tell us about your first big break into modeling, what was the first modeling job you did and how were you discovered?

The first modeling job I did was in San Francisco, California. I was discovered by Charleston Pierce, who was my teacher in his acting and modeling workshop that many other models attended regularly as well as myself. Charleston Pierce saw my potential, and offered me a spot in the Worldwide Women’s Festival Fashion Show, which I could not pass up. The fashion show included females of a variety of ages, who presented clothes designed by local clothing designers.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For the image to come out perfect you have to really connect with the photographer to get the pose captured just right with the lighting and angle and mood of the shoot. How do you typically connect with a photographer you just met on set?

I feel that before meeting any photographer, it is important to know that their job includes observing their model from a variety of views in order to get the best photos they can when the time comes. From experience, I think many people tend to overthink this, and that causes them to not feel comfortable when photographers, specifically outgoing ones, must observe their model. To connect with photographers, I ask any questions that I can think of at that moment, and they always tend to ask questions back. This, like with anyone else, gives us a chance to have a sense of each other's lives, experience, and personalities.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: There are so many iconic bikini poses that create this image captured in time that stand out and are widely known even by people not connected to the modeling world, what is your favorite iconic bikini pose and why?

My favorite bikini poses are the ones done on the ground. Laying down, sitting down, kneeling, etc. I feel these poses are somewhat more sensually dramatic so they draw more attention. For bikinis specifically, these floor poses also make it easy for a model to accentuate her curves.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have agency or do you freelance?

I began with John Casablancas’ Model Talent Management Agency (JC MTM.) because they provide training in modeling and acting. This agency allows me to attend their classes/workshops any time, which is beneficial for me because I can practice when I want or when I feel it is necessary. Since graduating from the program, I haven’t turned to JC MTM. for assistance in finding jobs, because I was focused on graduating high school, and wanted to prioritize that. Now that I’ve graduated, I’ve gotten back into modeling, and have the drive to become someone big!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Which designers did you have a chance to model for?

Recently, I modeled clothes designed by Emma Cruz Agustin, from her Hermione’s Collection. I actually found this job because my mom, who’s from the Philippines, realized one of our neighbors was from the same part of the Philippines as she was. She found that our neighbor’s daughter helped in organizing Houston local fashion shows. She then invited my mom, my sister and I to a fashion show, and after we met, she wanted to work with my sister and I right away.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Have you modeled in any fashion shows?

I was recently in a fashion show which took place in Houston’s Paradis Event Center. This show was hosted by the clothing designer, Emma Cruz. There were around 20 other models who were all female. This fashion show felt like my first because it was my first in years, but was really the second fashion show I’d ever been in. I remember only small parts of my first fashion show, but not vividly enough to describe how the full event went. I was about 12 years old and I lived in California at the time of my first show. I really loved the experience I had in the most recent fashion show I participated in because although it was still pretty new to me, I had more experience and practice than I did before my first fashion show, which gave me a lot of confidence.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Certain colors look good on certain people based on a variety of factors, what colors look best on you and which one is your favorite to model in?

When I was about 11 years old, I recall my photographer and my teacher at the time telling me the best color on me for my headshot was either turquoise or royal blue. Recently, I've had multiple people, including a current photographer I’ve been working with named Gary Hufham, that light purple suited my skin tone well. Personally, I think all these colors suit me well and they ended up looking really good in the photos I’ve taken wearing these colors. I have warm toned skin, so I believe that cool colors like royal blue and light purple, with warm tones look best on me, as well as really bright colors such as neon colors because the color of my skin is relatively tan.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: When you are considering taking a modeling job what factors come into play. Do you have a list of items that are deal breakers, or a list of items that seal the deal for you? Tell us about your ideal modeling job and what that looks like.

I’m not so picky about jobs because over time I’ve learned that this industry doesn’t cater to people who are working in this area. I think what stops people from becoming big in this industry, is the amount of ‘deal breakers’ they have. For example, I’ve witnessed people who desire recognition and even fame in modeling, but refuse to show their legs, stomach, or even just their figure in a fashion show. I don’t think there aren’t any jobs for models with these specific boundaries, I just feel that in this case, one should not be in a fashion show if they don’t want their figure to be seen. With that being said, I’m okay with expanding my comfort zone and trying out new things. I will take most jobs as long as I am not required to fully expose my genitalia.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What would you consider your biggest achievement as a model so far?

My biggest achievement as a model is not a show, or a photoshoot. When I began modeling, I was insecure and I doubted myself a lot. It took a lot of practice to get to where I am, and I know even now I still have lots of room for improvement, as does nearly everyone else. As someone who was underweight for years and had a lot of body acne, I didn’t have a positive outlook on the idea of me modeling and/or acting. Of course, this lead me to believe modeling wasn’t for me. Because of this, I stopped modeling for a couple years. During this break, I still had the desire to model and I realized that if I didn’t find a way to get over my insecurities and go further into a modeling career, I would always regret it in the future. This is my dream, and the only thing stopping me was myself. Eventually, I gained the weight that I wanted. It took me a while to realize it with pride, so for a while, I only wore clothes that you couldn’t see my figure in. Big shirts, big pants, etc. I only recently obtained my confidence after a few more photoshoots, and getting further along puberty. I believe my biggest achievement as a model so far, was realizing that I needed to change my mentality. The changing of my mentality was the source of my motivation to become someone big.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have any bikini models that you look up to? Please tell us why you are inspired by that particular model.

One bikini model I look up to is Chrissy Teigen. I first heard of her when I realized she was the spouse of John Legend because I idolized him as a singer. I noticed that Chrissy was gorgeous, as well as all other models, but unlike many models, Chrissy has a baby-face. Her face is very round, as well as my own, and the only other model I knew had a round face was Gigi Hadid. I grew up thinking models looked best with long, skinny faces, so to see Chrissy had a round face like my own, I immediately admired her because her and Gigi Hadid showed me the beauty of having a round face. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Describe how you prepare for an upcoming shoot. Tell us about your routine, do you have any superstitious rituals, a certain number of hours of sleep, or specific music you hype yourself up to, or beauty routine you swear by?

One thing I’ve always had concern for before photoshoots is the quality of my skin. Beginning puberty, I realized I had body acne as well as facial acne. I hid as much of my skin as I could for so long before I learned from my dermatologist that PanOxyl Acne cleanser would be effective in getting rid of and preventing breakouts. PanOxyl has since been my right hand in presenting myself in any way. When I know I want clear skin weeks before a shoot, I know my diet should not consist of chocolate, chips, nor too much grease leading up to it because those cause my breakouts the most. When I get ready, I hype myself up to hispanic music because although I don’t yet speak fluent Spanish, dancing to and singing hispanic music gives me more energy than any energy drink could. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What is the best piece of modeling advice you have received in your career that you would like to share with aspiring models?

My favorite piece of advice actually came from one of my older sisters, who introduced me to the idea that my mentality was my only limit in becoming a model. She didn’t intend to bring about my confidence in modeling, specifically. My sister to me was like a motivational speaker. She always had a lot to tell me, generally speaking, about the importance of having a positive mindset, and how it can affect you if you don’t, although it does get difficult sometimes. I believe that you attract what you often think about, and my sister’s advice is a major factor in my optimism.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every model has a pose or part of their body that they like to focus on because it is the money shot of them. What is your favorite feature or pose for you personally?

Surprisingly, I don’t have specific poses I constantly reuse in photo shoots. I feel all my features are worth focusing on, but I think it depends on the focus of the photoshoot. Generally speaking, I like to emphasize my hips, and my smile. Depending on what I’m wearing, I also like to accentuate my chest.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every person can make an impact on the world, what is one thing you are doing to make the world a brighter place?

In a world like ours, it’s not easy to stay positive all the time. Everything going on socially, politically, economically, and environmentally, seems to be overwhelming for people of all groups. What I've come to realize is that throughout my entire life, I’ve always felt the need to be a source of happiness to anyone I can. I believe I was born to entertain. To perform for the enjoyment of other people. I’ve had many performances for many different crowds, and I feel entertainment plays a huge role in everyone’s life. When I sing or dance in front of many people, I see this as a way of sharing positive feelings among them, and that is what I love doing.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For every passion/need there is a nonprofit or charity that promotes or helps fill this need. What is your favorite nonprofit or charity and why is it your favorite?

One of the nonprofit organizations I favor is called Attention Deficit Disorder Association. This organization supports individuals impacted by attention deficit disorders and similar or related conditions by educating people, and advocating for the development of resources/services that meet the education, social, and health care needs of all individuals with ADD/ADHD. I recently took a lot of interest in researching ADD and ADHD (Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) because I’ve felt, and still feel as though I can relate a lot to people with these disorders having experienced almost every symptom myself, although I am not medically diagnosed with either. I’ve always had concern for people who go through the struggles of these disorders, and any mental disorders, because it truly is a disturbance in people’s everyday life.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Who is your dream designer to model for or your dream modeling job? What steps are you currently taking to make this dream a reality?

My dream modeling job has always been to model for Versace. I’ve watched so many of Versace’s runway fashion shows, and every one of them makes me feel most inspired to get up, get out, and walk a runway. In a way, they motivate me, so I watch them before shows and photoshoots. Versace advertisements, fashion shows, etc., all look sharp, clean, classy, and extravagant. I’d LOVE to represent Versace.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Where can we learn more about your work? Tell us your websites and social media handles and where someone can go to hire you for modeling jobs?

I’ve been on Instagram for years now, and my handle is ‘REBGRLR’. I only recently became active on Facebook/Messenger, and you can find me there using my full name (Rebecca Garcia Larita), or my email ( World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview! Interview by Cassandra Wallace Editor in Chief of World Class Bikini Models Magazine. Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Bikini Models Magazine.

Rebecca Garcia, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Gary Hufham

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