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Prophetik, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine, Photo by Frank MacDonald
Prophetik, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine, Photo by Frank MacDonald

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine would like to welcome amazing designer Mr Jeff Garner of Prophetik.

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine has the big pleasure to interview romantic visual artist, pioneer, and unconventional designer Mr Jeff Garner. The fashion designer creator of sustainable eco label Prophetik is changing the perception of luxury. Recent winner of Emmy for his Prophetik documentary, Mr Garner today takes his time to interview with World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine.

Hello Mr Garner thank you so much for this interview. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: When did you find the passion for the fashion industry?

Age of 6 years on my farm in TN I learned to sew with my grandmother who made everything for her home and children including quilts. I spent time in my room after school after riding horses taking clothes apart and putting them back together.

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: When did you officially start your career as a fashion designer?

I started officially when I was about 16 designing clothing for my friends in bands out of Nashville, TN which lead to designing their merchandise as well. Then I landed my first career job working with Stiletto Entertainment which managed Barry Manilow, Fleetwood Mac, and Donna Summer at age 18 designing both stage clothing and merchandise. 

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Your brand is called "Prophetik", why that name?

I wanted the name to represent something deeper in the fickle shallow world of fashion. I believe everyone relates to the deeper meaning of protecting our world with sustainable fashion and creating positive choices. 

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: What made you decide to choose the sustainable, eco-friendly to approach to your designs? 

In my viewpoint there is no other design than sustainable. I have always been doing it since the beginning 15 years ago. Growing up on a horse farm in TN makes one respect mother nature and animals and I would never do anything to destroy God’s beauty for my own personal self interest. 

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: When and where did you present your first collection?

My first collection was called ‘Southern Shores’ and I presented it at London Fashion week with Cara Delevingne as my lead model her first catwalk at LFW and my friend  Phil Collen from Def Leppard played the show live.

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: What fabrics did you used for it?

Hemp, organic cotton, wool, and some old southern quilting. 

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: In which Fashion Weeks your designs were presented until now?

Shanghai, Vancouver, Ottawa, LA, NYC, Milan, Paris, London

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Tell us about your collaboration with Apple?

I was asked to produce an iphone leather case for Apple. I was able to produce it locally in my home town using American Leather that was from cow’s that died of natural causes and natural tannins and not only delivered ahead of schedule but under price. I was proving a point that you can make things properly and locally for commercial distribution. They went into 10 of the boutique stores and sold out. 

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: How did you feel when you were named one of the top 40 artists in the US and your designs were placed into the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery for the 40 under 40 Exhibition?

I felt honored to be considered one of the top 40 artists in the US at my age range. I respect that our museum recognizes fashion as an art form and not what commercial fast fashion companies have bastardized it with trend and ripping off real designers off the catwalk to supply their endless demand to consumers. These companies like H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, and others should not copy and rip off designers work and art. They all have inspiration boards that their “design team” puts together who simply steal true designers work and art form to produce for their mass production and then call it their own. That is why these fashion artists can barely survive during today’s times for there are not enough art collectors and true fashion supporters as there once was. 

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: You have recently won an Emmy for your Prophetik documentary, how was the experience?

Surreal to be honored by the academy for again a passion and desire to give everyone on this earth enough knowledge to make an educated decision with their buying power. If they know the toxins in fashion they can choose an alternative purchase just like in the food moment. 

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: What celebrities have you dressed?

I have a lot of friends in the arts that support my cause…Giselle Bundchen , Maggie Grace, Ed Norton, Suzy Amis Cameron, Livia Firth, Jared Leto, etc. 

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: What places or countries market your designs?

Currently I am working with Scotland on this latest collection ‘Women of the Crown’

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Originally, I was approached by Natasha Troitino from Historical Environment Scotland in Houston at the Dressed to Kilt event in which I designed a few pieces for that is a charity fund-raiser for wounded Scottish Veterans. 

I was invited to tour the historical properties in Scotland and having Scottish heritage in my southern American old family roots I connected to the Mary Queen of Scots time period. The Renaissance era was an interesting period for fashion moving out of the dark ages of medieval to the bright silks and plant based colors. Catherine de’ Medici guided royal courts of Europe into fashion etiquette of court alongside traditions and mannerisms that lasted for years to come. A time of Women leading the most influential countries in Europe focusing the energy upon art not war. Catherine de’ Medici Queen of France, Queen Elisabeth in England, Mary Queen of Scots in Scotland, and Elizabeth of Valois Spanish Queen consort, daughter of Catherine de’ Medici. Mary Queen of Scots brought back from French Court to Scotland a new Renaissance of Dress that was romantic in nature. Hence ‘Women of the Crown’ which launched February 7th at Edinburgh Castle.

I believe that what we wear affects our health and has implications based up on the nature of synthetic dyes and fabrications containing carcinogens and other harmful toxins. Synthetic dyes are made of petro chemicals.

Our textile fashion industry is so dependent on these chemicals that corporate profits are at stake and to even admit a health concern about their products would open them up to liability lawsuits hence the dismissive attitude and stubborn resistance of the scientific evidence. Chemical industries have well funded public relations campaign to convince the public there is nothing to fear. Prophetik Atelier  343 Main Street Franklin, TN 37065 Instagram: Prophetik

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine is so grateful for the interview with amazing Fashion Designer Mr Jeff Garner from Prophethik. We wish him more success!

Special thanks to Allison (assistant of Mr Garner)

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capicci 

Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine

Prophetik, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine, Photo by Frank MacDonald

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