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Art Infinitum

World Class Designers Magazine, Designer: Art Infinitum, Model: Cassandra Wallace, Photo by James Santiago, Make up: Ramaad Morris & Jalee Parker
World Class Designers Magazine, Designer: Art Infinitum, Model: Cassandra Wallace, Photo by James Santiago, Make up: Ramaad Morris & Jalee Parker

World Class Designers Magazine would like to welcome amazing brand Art Infinitum.

World Class Designers Magazine: Please tell us about your brand.

"La Vitae" is Art Infinitum's Fashion Department, where Art is created the classic way via painting on canvas, and then those creations are transferred to fabric. We use the best fabrics and materials available: Nappa leather for bags; silk, polyester/spandex combinations that will not wrinkle; and of course, the magical crushed velvet (my favorite). Art Infinitum is an Art and Fashion House. A very fun place to be.

World Class Designers Magazine: Tell us about the history of your brand.

Art Infinitum and La Vitae were born during the times of pandemic. As a long time amateur artist, I dedicated more of my time to painting during isolation and experimented with fabrics. I loved it! It took me to a better place, and allowed me to stay far from the negative impacts of the situation. The first samples were met with such positive reactions that I pushed forward. Life began again, "La Vitae", and my Art, as I discovered, could be applied in an infinite amount of ways... So "Art Infinitum" and "La Vitae" made sense to me.

World Class Designers Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

I was born in France, a long time ago... By original trade, I was an aircraft technician, spent some time in the French Army, and in parallel was an amateur artist and poker player. After twenty (20) plus years of flying around the World, I retired from aviation to launch "Art Infinitum" and "La Vitae". Some people said this was a gamble; I say this is an adventure! I am happier than I have ever been right now. And yes I still play poker, and also create poker apparel with my "Art Infinitum" designs, called Poker Bunny Xpress. I am a busy cat.

World Class Designers Magazine: Tell us about your collection we are showcasing.

The collection showcased is very colorful, very fluid, uniquely luxe... a smile factory... The paintings that I have derived into my designs are: BlueX, Winter Inferno, Dolphin, Phantom, Pink, Drop, Flow, Pollen, Commando... More creations to come!!!

World Class Designers Magazine: What was your inspiration?

As an artist this is a tough one to answer: Yes, colors matter to me on a specific day. Each painting was born out of a different inspiration and mood, so none is equal. The transfer to fabric is more "mechanical" in the process, but still very creative. The fabric and design matters enormously of course.

World Class Designers Magazine: Which major fashion shows were you able to showcase your collection so far?

New York Fashion Week in February 2022 at the New Yorker, was an amazing experience, a learning one too.

World Class Designers Magazine: Which fashion shows was your favorite and why?

The February 2022 NYFW show is the only one I have done so far, so it is my favorite! Joking aside, there is room for my designs to improve and I am working on the next show as we speak...

World Class Designers Magazine: You recently had your line displayed at NY Fashion Week. Cassandra Wallace was one of your models for the event can you please describe your experience working with her?

I met Cassandra Wallace through Dedra Curtis with QB Elite Model & Talent, and where to start... As a model, Cassandra, was an example to follow; very very good at what she does. She can make any apparel look great.

I have had the pleasure to get to know her as a person, and I can honestly say that Cassandra is an absolute Gem: Friendly, charming, a beautiful human being. All it takes is to strike a conversation with her to realize you are in great company.

World Class Designers Magazine: Where would you like to showcase next?

I enjoyed New York very much. It was a good experience and the New Yorker Hotel was a great location and venue. What's next???...

Orlando, Florida is likely to be where my next show will be... a happy place for happy colors!

World Class Designers Magazine: What local, national or international celebrities did you dress so far?

I dressed successful pageant queens and actresses, like Cassandra Wallace, Leyla Murugova, Mercy Maddox, Dedra Curtis, and Cherie Dempster. I have a couple of Sports Athletes that I cannot name yet...Surprise coming soon... As a young brand I can not complain. I am just getting started! World Class Designers Magazine: What are some of your highlights as a designer?

Truthfully, the moments when a person smiles after touching the fabrics or tries on a dress... Precious moments. A sense of accomplishment. I mean, there are so many choices out there; so many great designers. If I can trigger a smile, it is a success. As for the technical aspect, working with crushed velvet and seeing the final product for the first time... Magical!

World Class Designers Magazine: What were some obstacles as a young designer that you had to overcome.

Negativity: few around you believe at first, or see your vision. So much competition they say. Bigger brands, bigger margins, ect... But I realized I didn't have to convince anyone right away. This is my adventure. If I turn around, I cannot move forward. Then comes the business aspect. I had to learn every aspect of owning a business, while continuing to explore my capabilities as an Artist. Again, some very big obstacles there. Once the first products came out and the business' bases were set, the negativity turned into encouragements, and business a second nature... Of course, more obstacles ahead. The way I see it... Tons of fun then.

World Class Designers Magazine: As a established Designer what are your goals now?

Established? I like you already! Getting the word out is really important right now. Having people to touch the fabrics is big for "La Vitae". Again, I use only the best fabrics out there and the reactions for the lucky few, so far, is amazing. Also keeping my prices as low as possible; a sacrifice on the margin, but I am not selling a name. I even sign my art very small and discretely. I want to create very unique, beautiful and fun high quality products, that most of us can afford. A tough goal, but so far I am able to achieve that, in addition to also keeping my designs being made in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

World Class Designers Magazine: What can we expect from you in 2022 as a designer?

2022 will be all about exposure. Also, "La Vitae Brand" will offer an exclusive amount of hand-made jean jackets that I have named: "Rope Jackets". A sneak peak of this made the runway show in NYFW, so few will be made. Maybe 5 or 6.

It will be hard to get one. Keep in touch with our social medias and get a chance to bid for one!

World Class Designers Magazine: How can clients purchase you’re designs or contact you?

We have a shop online:

All the collections are there, dresses, handbags etc... A fun place.

Also, at the same online store, you can enter the gallery and get a print of each painting on canvas, wood, metal, acrylic or even a full mural, Matching your bag, outfit... A really fun place!

I am working on a Boutique, location soon to be revealed.

As for contact, I can be reached via emailed at:

World Class Designers Magazine: What legacy would you like to leave behind?

Legacy is a big word, it is only relevant if it is a very positive one right? At a personal level, if "La Vitae Brand" keeps giving smiles to people grabbing their very cool bags, in 50 years... Yes, that sounds good, quality it was!

On a more impersonal level, "La Vitae" and "Art Infinitum" having new artists, with new ideas and offering new designs that keeps people smiling... Wouldn't that be good too?

World Class Designers Magazine would like to thank you for this amazing interview. Interview by Cassandra Wallace Editor in Chief of World Class Bikini Models Magazine. Owner - Derek Tokarzewski

World Class Designers Magazine, Designer: Art Infinitum, Model: Cassandra Wallace, Photo by James Santiago, Make up: Ramaad Morris & Jalee Parker

Derek Tokarzewski Owner Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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