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Nirodha De Silva World Class Beauty Queens USA Ambassador 2023

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Nirodha De Silva World Class Beauty Queens USA Ambassador 2023.

Full name: Nirodha De Silva

Title/Year: World Class Beauty Queens USA Ambassador 2023.

Pageant System:  Miss WorldClass

Previous titles: Mrs.USA United Nation International Ambassador 2019-2020

Mrs Sri Lanka for Mrs. United Nation International 2019

Miss. Sri Lanka for Miss University International 2004

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

 Hobbies: I often practice yoga and meditation which help my intellectual and spiritual

development as well as build my inner strength my self-confidence. My Artistic activities

include singing, dancing, acting, and photography.

Years competed:   One year as Mrs; Two years as Miss

Countries visited: Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, United Kingdom

Likes: Classical Music, Travelling, Dancing, Meditation, intellectual discussions about global


Dislikes: Discrimination against others, Dishonesty, Pessimism by close associates, others not being on time for appointments, lack of passion and others not making eye contact when talking

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How does it feel to be recognized as World Class

Beauty Queens USA Ambassador?

The opportunity, which was by invitation only, made me tremendously happy. In September

2021, World Class Beauty Queens magazine already featured me in Issue 126. I want to be

remembered for inspiring and motivating others, especially disadvantaged communities, and for empowering women from all ethnic backgrounds. I am attracted to the opportunity to serve as an ambassador because it enables me to express my message to the audience through public appearances, volunteer work, and other community activities. Since this ambassadorship aims to empower women and the humanitarian work that Beauty Queens cherish precious in their hearts, it is an honor to serve as the World Class Beauty Queens USA ambassador.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Please tell us what made you decide to join Royal

House of World Class as USA Ambassador?

I have seen several pageant magazines in other nations. The goal of the World Class Brand is to inspire, educate, and empower readers worldwide. As a role model, I would like to promote its purpose because it is also congruent with my platform, which is what led me to join the Royal House of World Class as the USA Ambassador. My service work is built upon my platform. A strong brand ambassadorship should inspire and instruct individuals. First and foremost, I have a great deal of understanding for everyone's needs. Second, because I am people-oriented, I have the power to persuade others to change for the better. This has been demonstrated to me in my classrooms and supported by comments from students, colleagues, and others that I regularly mentor. For me, nothing has been more successful than being able to improve someone's life. I'm motivated to use the title to come up with unique strategies for improving the world in which we live.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your platform goals as USA Ambassador in


I commence by becoming more engaged in volunteer work and community initiatives. I constantly tutor math for the 4-H STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Agriculture, and Math) camp for high school students in Oklahoma. Through regular instruction, I participated in a number of mathematics seminars for students. I have high hopes that I can carry on the work in which I will be involved this year and that it will create new opportunities for charitable services. My personal goal is to help women worldwide. I want to be remembered for inspiring and motivating others, especially underprivileged communities, and for empowering women from all ethnic backgrounds. I want to be recognized as an outstanding role model, particularly as an educator who motivates people. Furthermore, I want to be a mentor for young women who wish to compete in pageants. Many ladies mentally mimic someone else, making it difficult for them to show their true selves, which eventually leads to poor posture. I want to teach them the best techniques for showcasing the candidates; personalities, including their internal and external beauty.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Anything else you hope to accomplish in 2023 as

USA Ambassador?

I would like to keep working with an emphasis on humanitarian endeavors as a role model for

young people, women, and the community. In terms of my own platform, I want to support

women worldwide in various charities. Through interviews with extraordinary and brilliant

people, The World Class focuses on educating, inspiring, and empowering readers around the globe. It is not just about presenting beauty. I will share my expertise by energizing and encouraging others in the community. The activities for student achievement and personal

development that will help them achieve and make wise decisions for a better future are

something I would like to expand, especially as an educator. World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What would like to take away at the end of your reign

from this experience? 

Being featured in World Class Magazine is a profound feeling of pride and satisfaction in my

achievement. My goal is to help underserved populations and those in our society that need help the most, especially by educating and mentoring children and those who have struggled in their early lives. I understand that the mentorship program is a significant component of this ambassadorship; therefore, it is a joy to me that my passionate goal is to get accomplished through a world-class mentorship program. I will work to explore more creative and innovative ideas to feel the positive impact of my work that made a positive difference in their life. Our dreams come into reality when we set goals to attain them.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: You are already a World Class Celebrity Cover Girl. 

Please tell us about your amazing World Class Cover.

Being a World Class Cover Girl was a fantastic experience. My debut cover appeared in the

September 2021 issue 126 of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine. My makeup artist,

hairstylist, and photographer collaborated to create the perfect pageant cover for me.

At Serenity Spa, my hair and makeup were done. When the makeup was finished, my makeup artist startled me and said, "Oh, it's great; now you look great on the magazine cover." I naturally have curly hair, so when I styled it, it turned out how I had anticipated it would—curlier. Also, excellent work was done by my photographer. She scrutinized every posture I took, making sure my surroundings and attire were flawless. I showed them the magazine since everyone was so excited. I am extremely lucky to have such a team create the incredible World Class Cover, and I am very grateful to each and every one of them.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What inspired you to  become Cover Girl?

A distinguished designation, "World Class Ambassador" is available only by invitation. It is,

therefore, a big honor for me. Being able to share and promote my platform around the world as a World Class Ambassador is an amazing opportunity. Empowering women from all racial and ethnic backgrounds is one of my greatest goals. Each woman has her own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and her prosperous future depends on education. Setting goals and creating the appropriate plans of action to attain them is crucial for turning our aspirations into reality. I am able to reach out to people and educate them because of my status as a world-class ambassador. Additionally, it will facilitate networking with the public and organizations.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What praises or recognitions did you receive so far

from your World Class cover?

I received appreciation from my family, friends, and the community. It was a true honor to be

invited to participate in community development activities, especially as a guest speaker, thanks to the World Class publication. Furthermore, it will provide me with access to more opportunities around the world. World Class Beauty Queens: Being World Class Celebrity Cover Girl is a great achievement. 

How does it feel to accomplish so much?

Undoubtedly, that is a great accomplishment. The World Class mentoring program is a crucial component of ambassadorship. Serving our community and having a positive, long-lasting impact on others lives are both important to me. As a world-class ambassador, I am convinced that I can accomplish a lot through my passionate communication and advocacy for fostering beneficial impacts pertaining to the needs of the community.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview.

Nirodha De Silva World Class Beauty Queens USA Ambassador 2023, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr WorldClass 2023 Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

Miss WorldClass and WorldClass Ambassadors.


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