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Melbeth Froilan

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Designer: Melbeth Froilan, World Class Designers Magazine, Center Picture Photographer: Lory Obero, Left picture Photographer: Jaypee Noche, Right Picture by Wildfolks Studio

World Class Designers Magazine would like to welcome amazing Filipino designer Melbeth Froilan.

World Class Designers Magazine:  Please tell us about your brand.

Philippine-based Melbeth Froilan Atelier is a Fashion Brand focused on a custom-made design pieces with one goal in mind: for that piece to be your favorite. The pieces are designed and handmade with love by Melbeth, a Sustainable Fashion Designer that believes and supports locally made and hand-weaving craftsmanship. Melbeth is changing the way the consumer looks at how garments are made from Fast Fashion to Slow Fashion. The Brand was established in 2018 and has presented in the Philippine’s best Fashion Magazine, MEGA September 2018, Fashion Institute of the Philippines Fashion Week 2018, and many other shows and events. The Brand was recognized in the Top 10 Designers 2018 during the Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation Show held in Manila and was also included in the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Candidate Photoshoots. Melbeth Froilan opened a design studio in 2019 and started selling in the heart of Cebu City. The team Melbeth wants you to celebrate your body in any and all forms. We are creating high-quality garments for the modern, creative wo/men with its stunning silhouettes and timeless classics, from flirty dresses to practical classics in all your favorite seasonal colors of body-positive wo/men apparel and from formal wear to bridal wear to ready to wear. Melbeth Froilan Atelier is specializing in environmentally friendly sustainable fabrics and shipped with you in recycled packaging.  These pieces will be your most well-loved staples for years to come.

World Class Designers Magazine: Tell us about the history of your brand.

First and foremost, before I started to create my brand it took me time to really think what I wanted to be known for as a fashion designer back when it was 2018 during my first runway collection show.

I created my brand to be known for who really I am as a person, and I’ve always been an advocate and supports on how to save our planet and be environmental friendly as much as I can be, and one aspect is by reducing waste and be environmental sustainability and be never be scared to make sustainable fashion into luxury runway show.

World Class Designers Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

Being born in the small island of the Philippines, Bohol, with less fashion trends and laid back island life, with no background of Fashion Industry, Melbeth took a step to be in the concrete jungle of the Philippines to follow her dreams to be heard with her talent and be a successful fashion designer one day and make her own brand. She loves to travel the world since she was young and found herself what she really wants to become and that was to pursue her dream in fashion. Her journey into the fashion industry, started when she enrolled into a fashion school while starting from scratch. The foundation for her inspiration came from her grandmother and mother who loves sewing and crochets. When she completed her Bachelor Degree, she went back to fashion school and completed her degrees as a Professional Fashion Designer. Her vision is to embrace a sustainable future because she has seen that fashion has been one of the biggest environmental pollutant in the world but it can also be the biggest source of the environmental solution and in through her vision of sustainability, she hopes to changes that.

World Class Designers Magazine: Tell us about your collection we are showcasing.

Melbeth Froilan Collection is about not being afraid to combine environmental sustainability and luxury fashion together in a runway. With our unique hand-made prints and hand-weaving the crafth on natural raw fabrics and organic silk and cotton fabrics. We hope to give our clients the uniqueness of designs and silhouettes but at the same time will give them the luxury feeling. Because Melbeth’s goal as a designer is to provide the clients the comfortable feeling when wearing Melbeth and at the same time be environmental cautious even from Bridal Gowns, to Formalwear to Ready to Wear pieces, so they can be able to be themselves in any events.

World Class Designers Magazine:  What was your inspiration?

The inspiration of the Collection is called Toekoms Volhoubare which means Sustainable Future in Afrikaans. I was inspired by the African Culture especially with its vibrant colors of their beadworks. Aside from that, I believe in the Filipino Identity, the hand-weaving craftsmanship,and by making it a mission to keep it alive by the use of zero waste and recycled materials. The silhouettes used are extreme but still feminine, incorporating architectural elements in the designs with its exaggerated proportions. The cuttings of the fabric are the main technique used to play with the colors of Africa. Hand-made weaving is the main fabrication used in the collection that came from a zero-waste.

World Class Designers Magazine: Which major fashion shows were you able to showcase your collection so far?

We showcased our collections and has presented in the Philippine’s best Fashion Magazine, MEGA September 2018, Scene Zone Magazine 2018, Preview Ph Magazine 2018,FIP Fashion Week 2018, The Collection was included in the Top 10 Filipino Designers 2018 during the Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation Show held in Manila, Cebu’s Creative Scene 2018, Floreia Sustainable Accessories 2018, Anthill Fabric Gallery 2018, Kasalan at Kotilyon Ayala Center Cebu Exhibit 2018, Finally Found You Bridal Fair Cebu Fashion Show 2019, Denim Academy Runway Show 2019,  and was also included in the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Candidate from Romblon Maria Fee Tajaran representing Romblon,1st Runner up in the Aboitiz Green Fashion Revolution 2017, and many more fashion events

World Class Designers Magazine: What local, national or international celebrities did you dress?

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Candidate Maria Fee Tajaran representing Romblon, Philippines, Mara Smith(Instagram Influencer and Fashion Model), Janett Jager( Fashion Model), Yaofa Dela Cruz (Fashion Model), and Afri Smith (Fashion Model).

World Class Designers Magazine: What made you decide to become a fashion designer?

I decided to be a fashion designer because I knew since I was young, I was always passionate about it.

Being a little shy and insecure about my body figure I wanted my clothes to talk for me so I chose to redesign the clothes I buy from stores to express who I really am. Buying high-end brand clothes cost so much in the shops, so I went ahead and design my own. When I got the chance to study in a Fashion School I decided to create a few pieces just for myself, and I was so proud of myself because it was a perfect fit and I made it from imaginary sketch designs to actual dress, it was a huge success and later on friends and family loves my designs and had complimented me a lot so I decided to make it a business. When I had finished my College Degree, I went back to school for fashion to focus on graduating to become a fulltime Fashion Designer running my own brand and A Fashion Instructor in the Fashion School where I graduated.

World Class Designers Magazine: What were some obstacles as a young designer that you had to overcome.

Being in the Fashion Industry as young as 19 years old, I needed to learn and get used to freehand sketching from being dependent with rulers in Interior Designing and having good sketching skills is one of the most important as a designer. Being a fashion designer, I need to learn everything, from an imaginary sketch to technical pattern making, to cutting fabrics and sewing the final stitch to Runway Shows. As a fashion designer, one must know all the stages.

World Class Designers Magazine: As an established Designer what are your goals now.

As a Sustainable Fashion Designer, my goal is to keep my clients and future clients support and admire the power of slow fashion and that every piece made from Melbeth is absolutely one of a kind and unique handmade with love. Despite the mass productions overtaking the fashion business right now, creating and supporting the small community and contributing to help our planet not be in danger is a big step for a better future in the industry. Melbeth’s goal is to change people’s views and appreciate the slow fashion and to help reduce waste.

World Class Designers Magazine: What can we expect from you in 2020 as a designer?

We will be launching our Sustainable Swimwear/ Active Wear Collection for our Spring/Summer 2021 Collection. We will continue to promote sustainable fashion while bringing ecological awareness to the community.

World Class Designers Magazine: How can clients purchase your designs or contact you?

Clients can contact Melbeth Froilan Atelier and  purchase items on my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/melbethfroilanatelier/ , Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/THEMelbethFroilan, and email us @ themelbethfroilan@gmail.com

Contact me directly and visit our studio for a scheduled appointment.

World Class Designers Magazine: What legacy would you like to leave behind?

Fashion wouldn’t be what it is today without the ingenious creativity of great designers. Never be afraid to express yourself and be different. Because it represents you, it is your statement and it’s your choice to be unique.

In this kind of relationship with our chosen apparel only means that we are able to express ourselves confidently and be thirsty for creative innovation for a better future in the fashion industry.

Melbeth wants you to celebrate your body in any and all forms.

When people look good, they feel better. World Class Designers Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview.

World Class Designers Magazine, Designer: Melbeth Froilan, Model: Miss Universe Philippines -Romblon 2020 Maria Fee Tajaran, Photographer: Jaypee Noche, Make Up artist: Jomer Arances 

Stylist: Johnlery Dote, Hair: Alvin Alforo,  Earings: Shandar

World Class Designers Magazine, Designer: Melbeth Froilan, Photographer: Lory Obero Model: Rodina Luspo Sheena Seinne Dalo, Hannah Isabel Lacopia, Jezra San Pedro

World Class Designers Magazine, Designer: Melbeth Froilan, Photographer: Wildfolks Studios 

Styled by: Style Like Ai

Accessories: Floreia Accessories 

Make up by: Maria Faizel Tan

Hair: Reysan Ornopia

Ensembles: Melbeth Froilan Model: Afri Smith

World Class Designers Magazine, Designer: Melbeth Froilan, Photographer: Joselito Caleon Model: Rodina Luspo, Sheena Seinne Dalo, Hannah Isabel Lacopia, Jezra San Pedro Derek Tokarzewski Owner Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans iffocares.org

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