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Maxim Sachraj

Maxim Sachraj, World Class Models Magazine, Left and Right Photo by Mirko Fuhrherr, Center photo by Adriano Artexcellence

World Class Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing German Model Maxim Sachraj.

Name: Maxim Sachraj City/Country of Birth: Minsk/Belarus 31.12.1988 Citizenship: German Height: 189 cm Age: 30 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Languages you speak: English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish World Class Models Magazine: When and why you decided be model? It was in 2005... I can remember my mothers words: Maxim would you like take part in this Campaign? There was an application process ongoing for a summer Holiday Train ticket & they were Looking your Young People as faces of this Campaign. Sadly I missed the Deadline. So my mother said, don't be sad .. try once more and apply in Internet. So I applied on model platforms in Germany and one  guy asked me if I would take part in Milan Fashion week.. I had no experience and idea how I even could connect to this fashion week... I had no experience at all. This guy was Eugen Bauder.. one of the best male models worldwide. He had great campaigns and work as an german Actor now. Eugen gave me the contact to his Manager of an Berlin agency. So I applied again.. but that time directly to an agency. My mother and me took Pictures on the Basement area.. haha I had no idea what was needed. Nowdays I know that this were the worst polaroids. but even worst things can develop great opportunities :) I got an invitation to the Berlin agency and that is how the journey started... I signed! World Class Models Magazine: Are you the first  in your family who decided follow the fashion world? I`m the first and only who is in the modelling Industry.. my dad loved to do photography.. so I had the Connection to Equipment and the Lifestyle of photography very soon. World Class Models Magazine: What was the first catwalk you have done and where? My first professional runway was at the Berlin Fashion week for Kilian Kerner. A german designer. Sadly I had no luck in my first Season of Milan & Paris Fashion week for the runway Jobs. World Class Models Magazine: Tell us the runway you did since your beginnings until now. Berlin Fashion Week - Kilian Kerner Lisboa Fashion Week - Mustra Maderia Fashion Week - Nuno Gama World Class Models Magazine: What brands or designers have you worked for? Designer / Brands: Kilian Kerner, Mustra, Nuno Gama, Benetton, Moncler, Impetus, Peter Hahn, Edeka, Superbock Beer, Digel Suits, Volvo Cars, Douglas, Mister Spex, Redken, JD Sports (Puma, Nike, Adidas), Footlocker, Volvo, 209 Mare, Limberry, SteigenbergerMagazines: JÓN, Vulkan, Adon, Superillu, World Class Models Magazine: You were have been in important red carpets, Charity events, can you mention us some of them:  AIDS Gala Berlin, Bulgari Press Days, Boggi Milano Opening Hamburg, Bunte New Face Award, Schubecks Teatro Premiere, German Blogger Award, Different Film premieres, IQOS 3 Germany Premiere, Kroongard Charity Race, Charity Party Movember Foundation by L ́Oreal World Class Models Magazine: We know you were part of the TV Show "Bachelorette" the last year, how was that experience? It was a great experience for my life. Your visibility on media growth so fast... Totally different to modeling & actoring business. It is a short term market… People dont think really sustained. Ist not my Lifestyle.. so I decided to stay in modelling and actors Industry. World Class Models Magazine: You are one of the exclusive Volvo`s model, recently shoot a commercial of this, what means to you work for this wonderful car`s brand? Volvo is such a great brand and Company. Combine Technology, Design,  Sustainability & humans responsibility in one. I really love the new products of VOLVO. As I worked as an engineer in worldwide Project for Volkswagen concern I know About the automotive Business and can say that Im really proud to have worked exclusive for VOLVO. .. World Class Models Magazine: What do you prefer walk in runway or work in commercial and campaigns? I really like both. But I see that I can better work in campaigns & commercial. World Class Models Magazine: What runway in the world would you like to be participate? My dream is to run in NY Fashion week. Also Milan, Paris & London would be great. World Class Models Magazine: Do you have any upcoming projects? Right now Im working hard on my Actor skills and have classes. I want to develop my experience in this Industry. Beside I Produce my own Videos for different Brands and planning a Video Platform for virtual reality. My wish is to film one day a runway with a 360° camera to let People around the world be part of this amazing experience. I want that everybody can see it how it feels waiting for his turn and finally arrive the runway and do the runway. If one designer would like to be one of the first for this experience.. please feel free to contact me. World Class Models Magazine: Tell us where we can find you? (web sites, social networks, etc)Website: www.maximsachraj.com Instagram: Maxim Sachraj (maxim_sachraj) Facebook: Maxim Sachraj Youtube: Maxim Sachraj

World Class Argentina Models Magazine is grateful with the lovely German model Maxim Sachraj for this interview, wish him the best wishes. Interview by Maria Fernanda Capicci Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine and World Class Argentina Model Magazine.

Maxim Sachraj, World Class Models Magazine, photo by Adriano Artexcellence, C.Adriano De Jesus Anuciação

Maxim Sachraj, World Class Models Magazine, photo by Mirko Fuhrherr

Maxim Sachraj, World Class Models Magazine, photo by Mirko Fuhrherr

Maxim Sachraj, World Class Models Magazine, photo by Mirko Fuhrherr

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