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Leyla Murugova

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Leyla Murugova, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Nijaz Turdaliev
Leyla Murugova, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Nijaz Turdaliev

World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing model Leyla Murugova.

Name: Leyla Murugova

Height: 5’9''

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Bust (in inches): 36

Waist: 24


Shoe size:8


Zodiac sign: Libra

Favorite Designer: Balmain

Favorite Color: Red

Years modeling: 17

Countries visited: 25 countries

Likes: art, cars, fashion

Dislikes: TV news

Status: single

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Leyla, I am from Kazan city in Russia. I’m an interior designer by trade. By creating interior designs it inspires me and makes me happy. I am also an experienced fashion model, this enables me to have more creativity and fun with my life.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about your modeling experience.

I have been working as a model for over 17 years. During this time I have done many photoshoots and fashion shows for local and international designers. I have also done covers for local magazines such as ‘’COURAGE’’ and ‘’FIRST KEY’’. I have received awards for the following three international pageants: Mrs Planet 2017, Mrs Millennium Universe 2019 and Ms World International 2019. Including being featured in runway shows.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Bikini modeling is often done very early in the morning to catch that perfect lighting, are you a morning person and if not what is your strategy for 6am shoots where you have to already have your hair and makeup done?

Actually I am not a morning person at all. If I need to wake up for an earlier morning shoot I will prepare my wardrobe the evening before the shoot and I will set my alarm leaving myself with enough time to do my hair and makeup prior to my arrival for the shoot. Shooting is my passion and for this reason I am willing to wake up very early.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Tell us about your first big break into modeling, what was the first modeling job you did and how were you discovered?

My first big break into modeling was at young age. I was selected to do a photoshoot for a very large oil company and was also offered compensation. I was discovered at an audition I attended and selected over many other models. At the time I could not believe that this was real. However today these are the most memorable and most cherished moments for me.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For the image to come out perfect you have to really connect with the photographer to get the pose captured just right with the lighting and angle and mood of the shoot. How do you typically connect with a photographer you just met on set?

I usually find it easy to connect with people. Especially with creative photographers. Within the first five minutes we already know what needs to be done to create the perfect poses for the appropriate shots. Sometimes it takes a little more time to connect, but the end result is that we as a team are very satisfied with the outcome of the shoot.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: There are so many iconic bikini poses that create this image captured in time that stand out and are widely known even by people not connected to the modeling world, what is your favorite iconic bikini pose and why?

My iconic bikini pose is to shift the weight of my body onto one leg, and turn 45° degrees into the camera, placing my hands on my waist and smiling. Actually this pose sounds very basic however the shots always come perfect.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have agency or do you freelance?

I have and do work with multiple agencies. I freelance as well. I never turn down good opportunities. Especially opportunities that make me very happy and also provide income at the same time.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Which designers did you have a chance to model for?

I have done modeling for many international designers , The most recent designers were the ones at these fashion shows, Mike Sylla, Malcolm Staples, Alvertis Alve’ Alexander, Prashant Goyal , Janai Wray and Sebastien Syssau . The designer Sebastien surprised all of us models when he appeared after the show and gifted us all of the outfits we displayed for the event . All of the girls were extremely excited and very happy.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Have you modeled in any fashion shows?

I have participated in numerous fashion shows throughout my life. These were fashion shows within my country of residence and abroad. This includes doing fashion shows in The USA, Malaysia, Georgia, Bulgaria, and most recently and most memorable The New York Fashion Week. Within a few days I modeled three fashion shows and displayed the collections for six different fashion designers. It was the best modeling experience of my life. I was very excited and happy that life had given me such an amazing opportunity it was like receiving a gem as a gift.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Certain colors look good on certain people based on a variety of factors, what colors look best on you and which one is your favorite to model in?

Bright Red is my favorite color to model in. However I am comfortable wearing all colors. Bright colors look even more spectacular as it really compliments my Hazel Exotic looking eyes, My Silky smooth Tanned skin, Curvy body and Beautiful smile.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: When you are considering taking a modeling job what factors come into play. Do you have a list of items that are deal breakers, or a list of items that seal the deal for you? Tell us about your ideal modeling job and what that looks like.

There are factors that I do take into consideration. For example I don’t do nude shoots or adult content. The ideal shooting for me is a talented photographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, clothing stylist, and a nice place to shoot, ideal weather helps and puts me in a great mood.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What would you consider your biggest achievement as a model so far?

The biggest achievements for me were to be Crowned “Ms World International” in Miami Florida “MRS. Millennium Universe” in Malaysia “Mrs.Planet” in Bulgaria

Participating in New York Fashion week was also a major achievement

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have any bikini models that you look up to? Please tell us why you are inspired by that particular model.

Naomi Campbell is my favorite Model. She has been my inspiration as far back as I can remember. She is a stunningly beautiful has a perfect body, and she always manages to stay looking as if she doesn't age.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Describe how you prepare for an upcoming shoot. Tell us about your routine, do you have any superstitious rituals, a certain number of hours of sleep, or specific music you hype yourself up to, or beauty routine you swear by?

My normal ritual entails of the following prior to a photo shoot. Three days before the photoshoot I do not eat sweets or junk food. To keep my face looking healthy before the photo shoot I exclude eating salty food for one day prior. Sleep is also super important and with at least nine straight hours it guarantees awesome results

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What is the best piece of modeling advice you have received in your career that you would like to share with aspiring models?

Always stand straight and tall, be confident think positive at all times and good things will happen. Positive energy attracts positive outcomes. Life is short so enjoy every moment!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every model has a pose or part of their body that they like to focus on because it is the money shot of them. What is your favorite feature or pose for you personally?

My favorite shots are those that show off my long legs and my amazing curvy figure. I like to experiment and trust the photographer and I am always open to new ideas.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every person can make an impact on the world, what is one thing you are doing to make the world a brighter place?

Besides the fact that I demonstrate my beauty and positivity to this world, I also create dream interior designs for my clients. This makes people happy and the world becomes brighter place.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For every passion/need there is a nonprofit or charity that promotes or helps fill this need. What is your favorite nonprofit or charity and why is it your favorite?

My Favorite charity is toys for tots. Sharing is caring and by donating toys to these children it brings happiness to their life. The reason I choose this charity is because growing up as a child I also did not have these nice toys to play with. It makes me very happy when I see how the kids playing and enjoying these toys.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Who is your dream designer to model for or your dream modeling job? What steps are you currently taking to make this dream a reality?

I have always dreamt of becoming a model for Victoria's Secret. I work hard every day to keep myself in tip top shape. I work my mind my body and soul, I exercise daily eat a healthy diet I do yoga to relax my mind. Dreaming is believing so I will continue to show my talent to the world and all of my dream will come true!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Where can we learn more about your work? Tell us your websites and social media handles and where someone can go to hire you for modeling jobs?

You can learn more about my work by viewing my Instagram @leylamurugova. Please contact me there with any job inquiries

World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to thank you for this wonderful interview.

Thank you for the opportunity as well ! Interview by Cassandra Wallace Editor in Chief of World Class Bikini Models Magazine.

Leyla Murugova, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Nijaz Turdaliev

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