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Kèvin Papon

Kèvin Papon, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Eric Mouturat Photography
Kèvin Papon, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Eric Mouturat Photography

World Class Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing French model Kèvin Papon.

Name: Kèvin Papon Native City: France, in Burgundy. Citizenship: France Age: 29 Eyes colour: Brown/green eyes. Height: 1m86. Languages that you speak: I speak French and english. A lil bit Spanish. World Class Models Magazine: Tell us about yourself. I’m Kevin Papon. I lived all my childhood in Burgundy, a state in the middle of France. After having passed my degree, I went several months in an university, in Tyler, Texas, to play tennis and for marketing studies. When I came back I passed a journalist exam, and I continue my career as a semi professional tennis player. Unfortunately, when I was 24 years old, I was injured to my left wrist. On the same time I had the opportunity to start modeling. So, I did, and stop tennis. World Class Models Magazine: When did you decide to model? Becoming a model was never a dream for me. That’s just a kind of hazard for me. My first agent saw me on social networks, and asked me to come to Genève. And, that was the beginning. First shoots, castings, runways... World Class Models Magazine: In which runway have you been involved? I did some shows in some beautiful places like on the Eiffel Tower, in beautiful places in Milano, in Montreux, in Istanbul, in the South of France... that’s always nice to do shows in prestigious places. World Class Models Magazine: We know you worked with amazing brands as Lacoste, Armani, Zara, LÒreal, Revlon, how was the experience working with so wonderful brands? To be honest, I don’t really care about if it’s a famous brand or not. I need to do my best regardless if the designer is well known or not. I need to respect everybody. And, sometimes, when you work for people not really known, the time of work is more friendly. World Class Models Magazine: What runway in the world would you like to be participate? I won’t be original, but, to a runway for Balmain is the top for a model. But, for me, it’s always an honor to represent a brand. I don’t really care about if she’s known or not World Class Models Magazine: You worked in several Europe`s countries, mentions us which, and what did you do there? In Europe, I worked in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Germany. When you are an international model, that’s a privilege to be able to travel like this. World Class Models Magazine: What country did you like more? Except France, which is my country, I really like working in Milano, which is the place number one for men’s fashion, and I like working in Switzerland. They are so respectful with models there. World Class Models Magazine: Who is your favorite fashion designer, or favorite brands? I like Italian designers, but, my favorite one is Roberto Cavalli. I never worked for him, unfortunately. World Class Models Magazine: What has given and give you the career as a model in your life? I think that being a model is not really what I was made for. Sport is my life since I’m a child, and probably always be my passion. I think that I’m not a typical model. I have a different mentality of most of them. World Class Models Magazine: What do you prefer walk in runway or work in campaigns? There is more adrenaline in walking on runways. When I do it, I can feel what I felt before playing a tennis match. So, that’s something that I really like. World Class Models Magazine: Do you have any upcoming projects? I have many projects, yes. I will be the muse and shareholder of French fragrance which is name Parisiomme. He smells sooooo good. You will can find it on the website of Parisiomme, and some different places all over the world from September. Taste it, and you won’t be desapointed. Also, I work on some business and investments, in totally different sectors of fashion since almost 2 years. People can contact me and I will advice them where to invest in terms of what they want. I really like helping people. World Class Models Magazine: Tell us where we can find you? You can find me on my Instagram, Facebook at Kevinpapon, and at I reply to everybody if the message is respectful.

World Class Models Magazine would like to say thank you to Kèvin Papon for this great interview, we wish you all the best! Interview by Maria Fernanda Capicci, Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Models Magazine and World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine

Kèvin Papon, World Class Models Magazine, Photo by Eric Mouturat Photography Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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