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Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss World Class Ms. USA 2021

World Class Ambassadors Magazine would like to welcome amazing Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss World Class Ms. USA 2021.

Full name: Kaanchan S Farkiya

Title/Year: Miss World Class Ms. USA 2021

Pageant System: Miss WorldClass

Age: Aeonian

Zodiac sign: Aries

Hobbies: Painting, Writing, Dancing, Singing, Gardening

Years competed: 2016, 2021

Countries visited: India, Mexico, UK, China, Germany, USA

Likes: Spending time with kids, Etiquette, Honesty, Caring people, Research & Learning, Art, Culture & Diversity

Dislikes: Manipulative attitude, Negativity, Preconceived, and Biased attitude

Status: Married

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

First of all, it is an honor and privilege for me to be here for an interview as a World Class Celebrity Cover Girl with World Class Ambassador Magazine. Having been featured in the World’s most famous pageant magazine is a fantastic surreal feeling. Many thanks to my mentor, the legendary executive editor-in-chief of Miss WorldClass Derek Tokarzewski for this amazing opportunity. I am an Indian television actress, beauty queen, model, writer, and social activist. I live with my husband and with my son in California.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: Please tell us about all your accomplishments, appearances, and achievements as Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021.

I am so humbled and feel grateful to receive all my accomplishments as Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021. I did appearances internationally as a guest of honor for schools, educational institutes, organizations, business companies, Television shows, parades, cultural shows, national and local pageants, workshops, talk shows, and many other events around the world. One of them is I was selected as the top 100 most inspiring and influential people from around the world in 2021 as well as I received an award from the - “World Records of the Universe” as the most Influential, Inspiring, and Iconic Woman of the Universe 2022.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: Why did you decide to accept this title?

World Class ambassador is a prestigious title and I am truly blessed with this honor. Becoming a World Class Ambassador is a great way to share and spread awareness of my platform.

Apart from this, my platform is something that could create a positive and welcoming ambiance for the people. Many people are not aware or they are untouched by issues happening in others' life. Through my platform, I believe that people will get to know the social causes that I am passionate about it and be able to motivate others. With the World Class publication, I will not only reach people of my country but everyone around the globe.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: What made you decide to be part of World Class?

I am part of the royal court of World Class and as a Miss WorldClass, I am able to reach out to help others and I am able to build trust, and make a connection with people and organizations. I have meaningful short-term and long-term goals to help each individual who suffers in their life and be a guide for them. My ultimate goal is to serve our community and fulfill my purpose as a good human being on this planet.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: World Class just announced you as Editor in Chief of World Class India Fashion Magazine and World Class India Models Magazine.

Tell us what it means to you.

As an Editor in Chief of World Class India Fashion Magazine and World Class India Models Magazine, people recognize my modeling side personality. I have worked with many fashion designers and other models from around the world since I was in teen. As an Editor-In-Chief, I love to make our world a better place with connection and give them opportunities to expand their business and brands. Moreover, I am able to educate new models and anyone who is interested in modeling and fashion with my continuous modeling and fashion tips. As I think I am able to share my knowledge with the world. It’s my way to give back to our society.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: What are your plans for 2023 as the Editor in Chief. And what do you hope to take away at the end of 2023 from this experience?

My plan would be to work with professionals to explore more creative and innovative ideas with more international designers who reach out to me for their designer outfits and branding. In fact, local designers will be able to expand their brand on the international level. As I think all designers work so hard on their craft and I acknowledge and appreciate their hard work.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: You are also our World Class Celebrity Cover Girl. Please tell us about your pageant covers. What is the story behind them? What do they mean to you? What opportunities did they open to you?

My pageant cover is all about the teamwork and people who worked for it. The royal outfit that I wore is made of black pearls and stones. I felt like a queen in that beautiful outfit as my designer is so caring and he brought all the outfits that I liked. All the outfits were made with different fabrics. However, my magazine cover outfit is made with layers of different textures of fabric. The best opportunity is that I am fortunate to work with my designers and my awesome team for this WorldClass Ambassador cover.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: You are also our Celebrity Cover Girl of World Class Petite Models Magazine. Tell us the story behind this Cover and how did you benefit from it.

As a World Class petite model, I am able to tell every short people to break negative stereotypes and barriers. We all have the power to become change agents and explore our degrees of competence. We should never overlook the influence and dynamism of small. I truly believe in body positivity and skill-based modeling. That’s why I am happy to represent and empower all the petite models around the world.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: What are your goals for 2023?

My goals are so many as I wear different hats of different roles in my life. Such as an educator, I would contribute my knowledge more to the students and community, as a WorldClass ambassador, I would empower all those people who need help and as an Editor-In-Chief, I would bring some fresh ideas to the modeling industry. Last but not least, I would spend more quality time with my family.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: Tell us about your pageant history.

My pageant journey started when I was a teen and it has been a beautiful experience. I am Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021, Ms. Asian North America 2016, WorldClass Beauty Queens California Ambassador 2018, 1st runner up for Miss Madhya Pradesh India and Mrs. Asia San Diego 2016, Mrs. Role Model of the Year 2016, Mrs. People Choice 2016, Mrs. Elegance 2016, Mrs. Congeniality2016, and Mrs. Cultural of the Year 2016.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: What is your modeling history?

I have 15 years of experience in Tv and Print commercials for beauty, textile, fashion, and grocery products. My family and friends usually surprise me when they pick up a copy of my print commercials from any grocery or drugstore in India.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: Tell us about your education and achievements.

I have an M.S. degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I am also an M.A. graduate in Education, a certified Yoga teacher, and a child development professional that taught me to be a good human being. In addition, a few of my achievements such as when I received the State of California Senate Certificate from the State Senate and Legislature of the United States in special recognition of outstanding contribution. Some wonderful evenings as a Royalty Guest of Honor at California Teen Universe 2017 and Miss San Diego Beauty Pageant. Royalty judge at the Miss & Teen Cover Girl pageant, Judge for the Miss Oceanside and Miss California 2022.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What have you learned over the years as World Class Ambassador?

For me, every day is a learning day, and as a WorldClass ambassador, I learned a variety of lessons through this journey. One of them is Mental health issues that have been spreading especially after the pandemic. As a WorldClass ambassador, I am capable of reaching out to people and speaking out for them regarding their mental health issues. I am fortunate to talk to organizations that help our youth and senior citizen for their well-being. I feel humble that I am capable of empowering people, and communities from all walks of life.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Who would you recommend World Class to and why?

I would recommend all members of the fashion and modeling industries, pageant winners, pageant directors, photographers, and designers to be part of the WorldClass brand. Especially, being on the cover will definitely change your life.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: Tell us about your platform or what cause do you volunteer for.

During my reign as the aforementioned with all pageant experience, I am fortunate to promote cultural awareness and community outreach among people of all ages. As an Executive Board for Asian Culture & Media alliance organizations, I worked with ambassadors of international organizations to empower culture and talent for underprivileged youth. I also help raise funds by organizing annual golf tournaments and other cultural programs. volunteer work against child trafficking and child abuse, as well as advocating for the needs of underprivileged and special needs children.

Although 2020 was a difficult year and so was 2021 for many other countries where the pandemic is still creating chaos in people’s life. A program that helped senior citizens with “You Are Not Alone” phone calls during the pandemic and holidays has been close to my heart.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: Tell us about other publications you appeared in.

My work has appeared in different international, national, and local magazines such as La Stelle magazine, I-Hollywood magazine, Corporate Insight, Navnaar women magazine, Galli-lion Publications, Dristy Prabha magazine, Paliwal Sakhi, Satyaghosh, Jagriti news, Indian Eagle Travel Beats, Mira Mesa Living magazine, Jai Hind, Simple Samachar, Times of Indore, Uday Prakash, Aaj Ki Janta, Malawi Kesari, Dainik Dopahar, Anmol Dunia and many more. I am thankful for all of the publications.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: Tell us about your trips to India as World Class Ambassador.

My trip to India was full of love and compassion. For example, I was invited as a Guest of Honor to present awards to doctors who have been organizing free workshops for patients. I met with the Mayor of the Municipal Corporation to inspect the cleanliness drive in my hometown! My appearance in India as WorldClass India Fashion Editor-In-Chief was delightful and creative where I explored many fashion hubs of the designer's collection. I visited orphanages and I spent with children and organizations for their good cause. I also got the honor to hoist the respected Indian flag on Independence Day and visited the Deaf Academy of India.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: Tell us about your appearances in California as World Class Ambassador.

I have appeared in local as well as national pageants as a judge such as in Miss California, and Miss Oceanside, as well as a judge for the kid's Halloween costume contest. In addition, I have appeared in a community school groundbreaking ceremony that will provide a new 4.1-acre neighborhood park & joint-use facility to serve both the community park and a playground for the elementary school. I have also appeared in International Fashion Film Festival as an actress. I have also appeared in fashion shows for Milan Fashion week designers, designers from Los Angeles, Orange County, and from Santa Ana, California.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: What other countries did you visit as the Ambassador?

I have visited India and Netherlands. I am a culturally loving person and I believe that diversity is beautiful. Visiting those countries, uplifting, and helping people have been wonderful experiences.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: What are your plans for 2023 as a Queen?

As a queen, I am a role model for children, youth, women, and our community. I also represent WorldClass, so I would like to expand my work as a philanthropist as well as educate people to become independent professionals and individuals. I also work toward students’ success and provide strategies to become successful in their life. With more additional competencies and proficiency I would continue to work towards the betterment of our society.

World Class Ambassadors Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

My dad has gifted me with a powerful legacy of his selfless and unconditional love for me. My father was someone who saw some abilities within me, and it helped bring out and realize my potential. His guiding force kept me motivated and to reach the apex of success in all areas of life. He always taught me that great things never come with a comfort zone. This kind of legacy I would like to leave behind.

The kind of legacy I want to leave behind is my willingness to place service above self, and promote awareness to live with dignity. I dedicate my title as a queen to the memory of my dad. Whatever I will do in my life, all the inspiration will come from the life lesson given by my dad. His ascendancy, his guidance, and the knowledge he imparted to me have been a great asset and source of motivation throughout my life.

International Director: Derek Tokarzewski

Pageant website: World Class Ambassadors Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview.

Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss World Class Ms. USA 2021, World Class Ambassadors Magazine, Photo: Photo by James Photography Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr WorldClass 2023 Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

Miss WorldClass and WorldClass Ambassadors.


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