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Kaanchan S Farkiya Editor in Chief of World Class India Fashion Magazine

Kaanchan S Farkiya Editor in Chief of World Class India Fashion Magazine,
Kaanchan S Farkiya Editor in Chief of World Class India Fashion Magazine, Photo by Ernie Tyler Hair and Make up - Le’nore Beauty Junction

World Class Designers Magazine would like to welcome our new Editor in Chief of World Class India Fashion Magazine Kaanchan S Farkiya.

Full name: Kaanchan S Farkiya

Title: Editor in Chief

Magazines: World Class India Fashion Magazine, World Class India Models Magazine, World Class Queens of India Magazine,

Brand: World Class Brand Publishing

Age: Eonian

Education Level: Masters of Science in Information Technology, Masters of Arts in Education, B.S. degree in Biology, Certified Yoga Teacher, Post Graduate in Computer Application, Graduate certified Mental Health professional Zodiac sign: Aries

Hobbies: Writing, Dancing, Singing, Gardening, Painting, Arts, Research

Pageant title: Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021, Ms. Asian North America 2016

Platform: Education

Years competed: 2016, 2021

Countries visited: India, Mexico, UK, China, Germany, USA

Likes: Spending time with kids, Etiquette, Honesty, Caring people, Culture & Diversity

Dislikes: Manipulative attitude, Negativity, Racism and Inequality

Status: Married

World Class Designers Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

First of all, it is an honor for me to be here for an interview with the World Class brand. My full name is Kaanchan Shrivastava Farkiya. I was born in India and I live in San Diego, California with my husband and a son. Currently, I am an educator, MM-Town Council Board of Director, Global Executive Committee IATB President California, yoga instructor, social activist, Igniting Dreams of Young Minds- USA director, and Honorary International Brand Ambassador Oxford Eduaerve India. I possess a positive attitude with a combination of cognitive, reflective, and empathetic caliber.

World Class Designers Magazine: How does it feel to be announced as Editor in Chief?

I was electrified to hear this announcement and feel thankful and grateful. I never imagined myself having this great position for the international platform. I am feeling that I have responsibilities that I would love to do with my endeavor and earnest efforts diligently. I thank the CEO of World Class Publications for this opportunity and for giving me such an internationally recognized position. I am delighted with both and will continue to work with World Class Brand Publishing. I look forward to the additional responsibilities as this new adventure is a beautiful way to create a network with other creative professionals. I'm thrilled to have my newly added role, and I'm glad I’ll be working closely with the World Class brand and team on upcoming projects.

World Class Designers Magazine: How did you get involved with World-Class Brand.

I was invited for my first interview for Ms. Asian North America in 2018 since then I have been working with World Class Brand. First, I became World Class Beauty Queens of California Ambassador. I have been internationally recognized by media and organizations. With the fame that I have been getting associated with the pageants and women empowerment, it is not surprising that many women in my community hoping to enter the pageant world or improve their lifestyle. World Class brand certainly improved my vision and now I became more responsible for anything I do in my life. Constructing careers as a World Class ambassador has been possible to have the freedom and autonomy to pursue work that matters is an achievement in itself. That’s the impact World Class has made on me and I got involved.

World Class Designers Magazine: Soon after your first interview you became World Class Celebrity Cover Girl and made your dream come true. Tell us what difference this event made in your life.

My life changed! Soon after media professionals start contacting me and offering me a variety of collaborations. Those experiences developed a strong sense of purpose, persistence, and accomplishment to perform better in every field of work. Every big and small achievement, helped me to build up feelings of self-efficacy. Completion of each task that came up on my way, made me feel motivated because it proves that I am able to define my own destiny within definitive timeframes.

All the achievements are the building blocks that enabled me to construct a sense of myself as a change agent for society. My dream came true and it combined to form a version of success that has meaning and substance for me. Thanks to my supporters, their messages and their blessings gave me a sense of pleasure, responsibility, and joy. All my achievements matter and all credit go to my mentor Mr. Derek Tokarzewski and to the World Class Brand.

World Class Designers Magazine: You have also been a World Class Celebrity Cover Girl in World Class Queens of North America Magazine. Tell us about that experience and the impact it made.

My Celebrity experience offers an exclusive perspective into the fashion and pageant industry by bringing all fashion professionals to a platform to meet directors, talent managers, authors, and media professionals. I am fortunate that the chief editors of local, national, and international magazines reached out to me for my interview. Many women in my community always message me and say that they were inspired by my actions and they also start exploring a better choice of career for themselves. Many people reach out to me as they want their daughters to be like me and this celebrity culture has a great impact on them. Their tremendous amount of love motivates me to do more good deeds in my life.

As a World-Class Celebrity Cover Girl in World Class Queens of North America Magazine, I am able to promote other media professionals. People from fashion industries, to lifestyle and to other professionals strongly believe in me and offer me, immense love. People from India and from my home town proudly invite me virtually for the special appearance. I think everyone deserves this much love, it makes our life more interesting and gives a motivation for your purpose.

World Class Designers Magazine You've been World Class Ambassador for a number of Years. Why did you choose to represent World Class as the Ambassador and what impact does this make for you?

I am very thankful that the CEO of the World Class Brand has full trust and confidence in my abilities. As World Class Ambassador, I found a way to contribute my knowledge to others around the world. The world-class brand supports all winners, titleholders, and other fashion professionals. Their forward-thinking mission of helping others and making others' dreams come true is marvelous.

The experience I have gained to continue working for the World Class brand as Miss World-Class is astonishing. Working as a World Class Brand ambassador has been helpful to others and I find gratification in helping others. As Miss WorldClass Ms. USA people trust me and see me as a reliable source of information, for any message I convey as well as it increases the likelihood of people using the same products or services that I promote. Along with this, I feel my skills and path of life are particularly well-suited with the World Class Brand and my clairvoyance says that I am in the right place.

World Class Designers Magazine: What are some of the appearances that are you've made as to the Ambassador.

As an ambassador for the Miss World Class, I received many international awards and recognitions such as VIP Guest of Honor in a Community Hero’s Parade 2021 in the USA. I was invited for a panel discussion by the ACMA with the vision to advance the empowerment of stronger voices in television & film arts. In addition, I was on the host committee for the community fundraising event organized by Tommy Hough the Planning Commissioner at the County of San Diego Government. Live events on educational and motivational based for different platforms of media internationally. My article regarding social issues such as mental health, psychological, and social well-being has been published in international magazines for awareness.

My interview has been featured in a renowned magazine - Corporate Insight in their “ Simply Two” segment of the magazine. Navnaar magazine featured me on their back cover for the September issue. Drishti Prabha magazine has been publishing my articles for any special events and festivals. Australian magazine Star Central Magazine also featured my interview and story as their headline. Many local and international media published my interviews such as Jagriti tv, Santyaghosh, BHTV, Dainik Dophar, Malawi Kesari, Aaj Ki Janta, Indore Bhraman, Anmol Dunia, Sanskar Darshan. My news was covered by US tv channels such as news8, CBS8 and News Chant, San Diego Union-Tribune, and abc10news.

World Class Designers Magazine: What are some of the recognitions achieved as the Ambassador

Surrounded by diligent and harmonious people around the world is a blessing and recognition by them is an honor for me. Some of the recognitions are as follows: Honorary International Brand Ambassador Oxford Eduaerve India 2021, Honored as a RISING STAR from the Star Central Magazine from Australia 2021, Certificate of Ambassadors - Human Rights Ambassador 2021 approved by the Ministry of Education Government of India, Community recognition – a Certificate of Excellence 2021 from the Education & Sports Development Committee New Delhi, The Excellence in Community Service Award by Asian Culture & Media Alliance, USA, A Certificate of Appreciation as an "Honorary Rising Jewel" (Uday Ratna Samman) 2021 by the Indian Social Service Association, Quick Hits of the month by San Diego Community college’s Jet News, An educational award as “Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Shiksha Padam Samman” to honor The Iron Man of India by IDYM, An exclusive audio interview by G nine Productions.

World Class Designers Magazine: Tell us about some of the mentorships that's you received from Derek Tokarzewski.

Someone said that make time for mentors in your life and your worldview will be better for it. It is so true and I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from amazing mentors and leaders through the years. One of them is the legendary executive CEO of World Class Brand Derek Tokarzewski who is compassionate, knowledgeable, and possessed the good qualities of a guide and a mentor. My mentor Mr. Tokarzewski always passes along all the knowledge to others in an effort to help other queens and fashion industries, professionals.

Mr. Tokarzewski is someone who inspires and is a source of experience and information from which I could learn many things. He taught me how to be focused on something deeper. His life’s perspective and mentorship are associated with education and driven by a global vision. This is because he has tremendously become successful in life due to his view of broader objectives and goals. Mr. Tokarzewski always provides his mentorship program for all titleholders and that has become one of the absolute means in achieving life goals for many beauty queens. That’s why his mentorship helps me to visualize my goals where I get a platform to share my skills and knowledge. Mr. Tokarzewski has the art of changing someone’s life and inspiring everyone to make the world a better place for all people. Many thanks to my mentor Mr. Tokarzewski and I am blessed to have a mentor like him who is willing to share all his experiences, teach and guide with his expertise.

World Class Designers Magazine: Why did you decide to accept the role of the Editor in Chief.

World Class brand is close to my heart. When I got an offer for this position, I immediately accepted the role of Editor in Chief as it was a great way to express my gratitude to the World Class. It shows their care and trust for me and they appreciate my work with mutual understanding. Moreover, I have confidence in myself for the World Class brand and I always have positive feelings about it. I look forward to applying my skills to the position of Editor-in-Chief.

World Class Designers Magazine: What do you hope to take away from this experience?

Having this prestigious role of the Editor-in-Chief, I knew there would be a tremendous amount of learning, modification, high pressure, accomplishments, and important decisions. I have a vision for leadership as well as helping our community to make a difference. I am taking time to reflect on how I wanted to proceed in an age of rapid change and emerging fashion trends. I would love to include innovation and generating value for the team I work with. I am aware that achieving these goals would require deep cross-functional collaboration, novelty, and positive messages that drove excellence.

I stay away from any “analysis paralysis” and sometimes we need not worry de trop about any incident or for decision choices. Believing in teamwork and continuous efforts with constant and open communications is my work strategy. Empowering my team whether working with a new team is my goal as I believe that everyone has unique potential. All I need to uplift them and help them find their best work for the given project. The kind of collaboration I envisioned for my role would be a whole new concept for our team; a whole new muscle to flex and exercise. Those dynamics must be worked through, with equity and my end goal is to connect all professionals to the business strategy with beautiful outcomes.

World Class Designers Magazine: What do you plan to bring to the Indian community as the Editor in Chief.

I would like to work for those Indian fashion designers who would like to showcase their products. All designers are creative in their own way and collaborating with such professional people will provide me and them a great opportunity to learn and understand new things on this international platform. Whether designers focus on regal dresses, western gowns, or chic fashion outfits, I would love to represent an array of local as well as international designer’s outfits and their creativity professionally and magnificently. Indian outfits usually come in heavy work and delicate materials. So, it would be a big responsibility to have extra care of the products and accessories during any project. My collaboration and working together with brands would help them elevate the luxury status of the designer’s products.

World Class Designers Magazine: You also recently appeared on the Cover of World Class Petite Models Magazine. Tell us about that experience.

My dreams came true with this wonderful opportunity and I am truly honored and thankful to be a Celebrity Cover Model for an international magazine World-Class Petite Models Magazine! Many thanks to the owner/editor in chief, Mr. World Class, Derek Tokarzewski, and a great designer Tommy Le for their classic collection of designer outfits. In addition, my team and great photographer Ernie Tyler converted the whole hard work into a beautiful creation. I am blessed for this collaboration for World-Class Petite Models Magazine, Print Issue 4.

World Class Designers Magazine: What are some of your achievements as a model?

I have done several modeling works and it was a fun experience. Recently, I became a celebrity cover model for an international magazine World-Class Petite Models Magazine! I worked with an international designer company Fabulous 3T. It was awesome working with them and I am feeling thankful and blessed for this collaboration. I have done many print and television commercials for varieties of products such as 24-carat gold, silver, and diamond jewelry, cooking oil, spices, eyeglasses, contact lenses, fabric whiteners, etc. Some beauty products such as face wash, face pack, hair oil, and other hair care items.

I have worked for TV and Print media for several clothing brands such as Jeans, Indian ethnic wear, gowns, accessories, etc. In addition, some other tv commercials for outlet stores, institutions, and educational organizations have been most interesting work for me. With professionalism, hard work, and resilience, my experience in the modeling world was competitive as well as highly rewarding too. World Class Designers Magazine: What are some of your other recent achievements?

My recent achievements are - The Youth Icon Award 2022. I also received an award as the Global Changemaker 2021 (Registered Under Govt Of India (049148)). Live TV appearance for virtual mega-event as a Guest of Honor. I was selected to the top 100 most inspiring and influential people 2021 from around the world by Mahogani Brides Magazine International. Most recently, I received an award of the “World Records of the Universe” as the most influential, inspiring, and iconic woman of the universe 2022.

World Class Designers Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? I would like to leave a legacy for all women to break negative stereotypes and barriers regarding their career choices, and beauty standards. We all have the power to become change agents and we are able to explore our degrees of competence. Height should not be the benchmark for finding beauty in someone regardless of any gender. Your body is a unique creation of God's gift and this precious. Never overlook the influence and dynamism of small and we all have the power to break the glass ceiling of implicit bias of underrepresented women.

World Class Designers Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview! Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Designers Magazine .

Kaanchan S Farkiya Editor in Chief of World Class India Fashion Magazine, Photo by Ernie Tyler Hair and Make up - Le’nore Beauty Junction

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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