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Joyce Weiss Evans

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Joyce Weiss Evans, World Class Argentina Models Magazine
Model: Joyce Weiss Evans, World Class Argentina Models Magazine, Left Picture Designer: Audrey Ashley Couture, Center Picture Designer Iris Rodriguez, Right Picture designer: Audrey Ashley Couture, Photo by Montu, Hairtyle by Lucian Buium

World Class Argentina Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing Model Joyce Weiss Evans.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Tell us about yourself.

Hello everyone!  I’m Joyce, I’m an international fashion model, actress and contemporary dancer based in London, but I’m originally from Argentina, Buenos Aires. The city of the fury!! 

I’m passionate about any form of art, I love the aesthetic of fashion and  I’m always in the search of being unique and authentic with myself and use art as a way to transform and create with talented and interesting fashion creatives. 

Now I am accomplishing one of my dreams, To work with World Class Argentina Models Magazine,  It was a pleasure and an honor to work for this Cover and with such exceptional people who are really talented and professional!! 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: When did you decide to become a model?

Since I was a little girl I always found fashion and posing very passionately and it felt so natural to me. When I was a teenager I started to work seriously in the fashion industry and since then I don’t stop doing what I love!! 

My first thought about the fashion world was, Okay, this is an opportunity to learn and see and meet people... If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it as best I can. I'm going to give it everything. 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: What was the first brand or designer that hired you?

Well the first designer/brand that I worked with was Emilse Benitez which I thought it was pretty cool cause she work a lot with rock and roll bands and known celebrities stars. And I actually fall in love with all of her collection! Very edgy, editorial style combined with fashion. At first at the start I thought I would be shy but when I heard the click of the camera it transforms me, and I start posing. I like that, playing different characters. 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: You hada a chance to work with "Vogue Italy", OHLALÀ, REMIX, Revista Look, WhiteMag, Londonrunwaymag, among others. How was the experiences?

It was a fantastic experience, to work with such an amazing Editorials, in amazing locations around the world, I love that I can model and travel, meet new professionals and very talented people, new cultures, foods. I actually enjoyed very much working with all these Editorials. 

Doing Editorials is what I love the most about modelling, because you can create more artistic poses. I prefer the challenge of creating something new, expressive and creative poses. 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Tell us about your experience shooting for the Cover in London with your team. First I feel so honor and happy. I accomplished one of my dreams to work for the cover of World Class Magazine, I cannot say in words how thankful I am for this! The team are all professional, talented and most important they are amazing persons without them none of these could have been possible, I have the pleasure to work again with Iris Rodriguez who was the Couture designer of this mesmerizing wedding dress that I wear in the Cover, the incredible photos from Montu our talented international photographer who I also worked with him before. The videographer Lee ( Lit. Creationz.) for an splendid Backstage-video I also worked with him before and It always surprise me with his videos, he is just so talented. 

The fascinate Fashion Stylist Charlotte Rebecca who I had the pleasure to work with her for the first time, and I was so glad, she is truly a gem. 

Molly Rayment the assistant of Charlotte (Fashion Stylist) was an angel, she was so kind and I hope I can work with both of them again!! They are so amazing. 

The lovely jewellery designer Ally (Allym Pearls) who I also worked with her before, she is so friendly, and her pearls are just out of this world, she made everything to match with the Cover dress!! 

The fantastic Make up by Krish (Krish.Makeover) She leave me so pretty for this Cover. We also worked together and she is such a talented artist, I don’t think I could have looked more beautiful!! 

The super talented Hair Stylist Lucian Buium leave me incredible, and created a bridal look which worked wonderfully with the couture dress. 

The fabulous Nail Artist Suzanne Stewart Clayton made incredible sets of nails for this Cover and matched perfectly with the jewellery and the Couture Bridal dress, made me look totally glamorous and it is always a great pleasure to work with a very dedicated professional as her!

My friend backstage photographer Rod (Rodwey) surprise me with his presence, he is always great fun, and a talented photographer. 

Thanks also to the great backstage photographer Naz Bhuiya for being there, it was a pleasure to work with him! 

The couture designer Audrey Ashley, i want to thank you. Her designs are absolutely stunning and I look very romantic in her two couture dresses that fit perfectly for this shoot.

The Couture designer Eliza Jane Howell, i also want to thank her! Her glamorous jumpsuit made that special twist of avant- garden look to this amazing shoot.

A very special thank you to the Magazine owner Derek Tokarzewski. 

And to the excellent Editor in Chief my sincere gratitude and appreciation for giving me the opportunity to work on this Cover.

The location was held in Kensal Green Cemetery, London. 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: You were part of several TV commercials, can you mention some of them?

Yes indeed! Apart of being a model I am also an actress and I had the pleasure to work with Sprite, Pepsi Music, L’Oréal, Artear Channel 13, Channel 9, Among others. It was a total surprise when I get selected for the Sprite commercial because I had to sing and I never sang professional in my life, but I went anyway cause i thought it would be fun, when I get there I hear all the singers and I thought what Am I doing here? And I was about to leave when they call my name. 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: You are not only a fantastic model but also a good actress. Tell us about it?

Acting has been a big part of my life, I acted first in school plays and then at the age of seventeen I start taking acting classes, I studied also in a university and it is my passion, the reason I also became a model. I used to be very shy before acting, so for me it was a way to break with all that shyness and become the person I am now. 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: We know you participated on different video clips for bands, fashion films, great productions, and TV channels in our country Argentina and London, we would like know more about it.

Yes, I have participated in music videos for mainly rock and roll bands and solo artist , it was an amazing experience. From acting, dancing, riding a boat, to throw a Molotov bomb, which I thought it was thrilling to play a bad ass woman! 

I also have been in one of the most relevant Theatres in Argentina ‘The theatre National Cervantes’ which I had the pleasure to work in a play, that was a big step for my career, and it open so many doors to me. I also worked for a music channel ‘CM’ and I used to interview artists and musicians, that was a fantastic experience for me.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: You had a chance to work with two wonderful Argentinian Photographers Eduardo Costantini and Montu who shot our Covers. How was the experience working with them. I love working with these photographers, I learned a lot from them, they are just so incredible talented and professional artists. They are always going to push you and themselves a bit more, until they get the ‘photo’ i just love how dedicated they are and how much passion they put in their work. 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Cover designer is our lovely friend Iris Rodriguez, she designed a gorgeous exclusive dress the cover. How was your experience working with Iris?

I think she is the most honest, humble person I met in the fashion industry, she has a charming personality and always has a smile in her face. To work with her is just simply delightful. I think she is an excellent designer, my favorite artist and a beautiful person. I don’t have words for the stunning dress she made for the Cover. Unbelievable exquisite design. 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: You were part of the amazing London Fashion Week, What others runway in the world would you like to participate?

I would love to be at Milan Fashion Week.

I think they have the most outrageous designs. And I love the elegance and port.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: What do you prefer walk in runway or work in commercial and campaings?

Well both actually, but if I have to choose one I prefer to work in campaigns and commercials I just love to create different poses, to create a character and to be another person, it is so much fun to do. 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Do you have any upcoming projects? 

Yes I actually have a few projects coming soon, one is with the brilliant designer Iris Rodriguez I cannot say to much only that I will be interviewing artists, models, and it will be international!! I cannot wait! 

And I am going to participate with a British actress on a film in London but this is a surprise...I would only say that I will play a role I never did so I am very excited about this. 

 I will be modelling for Fashion Week in London, I’m super excited to work with amazing designers.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Tell us where we can find you?

You can find me in Instagram as @joyce_weiss_evans 

And in Facebook: Joyce Evans 

World Class Argentina Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview and wish you all the best. Couture designer : Iris Rodriguez @irisrod1978 Fashion stylist: @charlotte_rebec Assistant of fashion stylist: Molly Rayment Mua: @Krish.makeover Videographer: @official.lithin Photography: @montuph Jewellery designer: @allym_pearls Hairtyle: Lucian Buium Interview by Maria Fernanda Capicci Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Models Magazine and World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine.

Model: Joyce Weiss Evans, World Class Argentina Models Magazine, Photo by Montu, Hairtyle by Lucian Buium Picture 1 Designer Iris Rodriguez, Picture 2 & 3 Designer: Audrey Ashley Couture Picture 4 Designer Iris Rodriguez Picture 5 Designer: Eliza Jane Howell

Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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