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Eloise Cole

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Eloise Cole, Miss World Class Teen USA 2018, World Class Argentina Models Magazine,
Eloise Cole, Miss World Class Teen USA 2018, World Class Argentina Models Magazine,

World Class Argentina Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing up and coming model Eloise Cole.

Thank you Derek, I really appreciate you taking the time to interview me, it is

such an honor!

Name: Eloise Veronica Jane Cole

Height: 5’9”

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Ash Blond

Bust (in inches): 29 Inches

Waist: 25 inches

Hips: 31 inches

Shoe size: 8 1/2

Age: 14

Zodiac sign: Leo

Hobbies or Interests: I enjoy playing volleyball, volunteering, and “Going Green” by trying to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle.

Years modeling: 4

Countries visited: Spain, Mexico, Haiti, Canada, Iceland and this summer I am going to Panama on a mission trip with my youth group at church.

Likes: Traveling to new places, trying new foods, and meeting new people

Dislikes: I don’t care for people who are selfish or who don’t recycle, and I’m afraid of spiders

Status: Single

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Eloise. My name actually means “Mighty Warrior”. I am a freshman in high school and an honor role student. I am active with my youth group and of course you already know I love modeling!

World Class Argentina Models Magazine:  Please tell us about your modeling experience.

I have been doing both print and runway modeling about 4 years now. My very first time for runway modeling, I walked for Carson Pirie Scott in a” back to school” fashion show they were having at my local mall. After that, I walked in an Anti- Bullying fashion show that was held at my church. I’ve walked in two fashion shows to benefit the American Red Cross, I’ve walked in a show for designer Victor Miller, and have walked in several fashion shows for designer Jegie Carrera. I started print modeling at the same time I was beginning to do runway shows and was working with several different photographers. I was first published in Petite Magnifique Magazine in September of 2015 in their Back to School issue. After that, I was published in Lipstik Magazine, (April 2017) At that time, I also has photos submitted that earned my first two Vogue Italia watermarks. I was also published in the A Moment in Time 2015 calendar (August) and the VintEDGE 2016 DOLLZ (February) calendar, the Joi Doll Company 2018 calendar (January), and most recently the Jegie Brand 2019 Calendar (October) These past two years I’ve been focusing even more on my modeling career and have been fortunate enough to be published in ModCulture Fashion and LifeStyle Magazine three times now, in issue 4.0 which came out Fall of 2017, issue 8.0 published November of 2018, and issue 9.0 also published November of 2018. It was also an honor to be featured in your magazines Derek, as I was featured in Beauty Queens Magazine in 2016 when Peta-Gay Ledbetter was on the cover as Mrs United Nations Globe, and again in 2017 when Peta Gay Ledbetter was honored as 2017 Woman of the Year , and also issue 64 in March 2018 when Nataliiia Varchenko was cover queen, and I was also featured in the 2018 World Class American Royalty Magazine which had Tenille Choi on the cover. My highlight has to be for the three covers that I personally have been on, first in 2017 for the cover of World Class Beauty Queens with my title of Junior Miss Great Lakes for the Miss Earth USA pageant system, and then again in issue 82 of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine as your ambassador, Miss World Class Teen USA 2018, and finally when I was on the cover of World Class American Royalty Magazine, Issue 3 which came out December 2018.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine:  What is your favorite style of modeling?

I really like all aspects of modeling, I don’t think I have a favorite. I really enjoy the print modeling and shooting for magazines and media, but I also really like wearing amazing designer clothes and walking down that runway!

World Class Argentina Models Magazine:  Which designers did you have a chance to model for?

I have modeled designs by Victor Miller (and was named his Fashion in Fashion Model of the year in 2018), designs by Jegie Carrera for her brand JEGIE, and I’ve also modeled several designs by Abraham Garcia Casanova. In fact the red dress I’m wearing on the cover of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine and the yellow dress I’m wearing on the cover of World Class American Royalty Magazine are both Abraham Garcia dresses.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine:  What is your biggest success as a model so far?

I am grateful each and every time I have an opportunity to walk in a show or be featured in a magazine or on a designer’s website or social media pages. They are all big successes to me. I am thankful for every designer who has given me an opportunity.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Tell us who is your mother agency and why did you

choose them?

I’m not currently signed with an agency, I am a freelance model. I am hoping to be signed in 2020, that is my goal.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Tell us about your upcoming fashion shows.

At the end of February (2019) I will be walking in the Madison Fashion Week shows. (Madison, Wisconsin). It’s a 4-day long show. I am walking three of the four days. The one day I’m not walking is because it’s the swimsuit and lingerie show and I’m not 18 yet.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine:  What would be your ultimate modeling dream job?

I would love to walk in New York Fashion week, and also have dreams of walking in Paris, and Milan. I recently was watching the Victoria Secret Fashion show and thought that would be amazing to walk in that show too.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Who is your favorite designer? 

I think anyone who can design an outfit is incredibly talented. I’ve tried it myself and realized just how difficult it is! I designed and modeled an outfit for an Eco Warrior fashion show put on by Carrera Co. and made a dress from chicken wire, duct tape and plastic flowers. It was so time consuming; I really appreciate now all the work that goes into each outfit. I loved the three designs I was able to wear for designer Abraham Garcia. He is incredibly talented, and his styles are very unique, and he has a great personality and made the fitting a lot of fun. The colors of his dresses are bold yet very feminine. I am grateful I had the chance to wear his designs. And of course, the designs by Jegie Carrera are also great. I’ve been a model for the Jegie brand for two years now. I’m excited to see what I’ll be wearing coming up at the end of February for Madison Fashion Week. I am hoping one day to be able to model for House of Byfield. That is a goal I have on my vision board.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Any video commercial or film experience?

Yes, actually I was in a promotional video for Daishawn Franklin for his Walk Fashion advertisement for his Milwaukee fashion show in 2018. That was really a lot of fun. I have not been in any television commercials or movies.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Tell us about your Ambassadorship for World Class.

My role as the World Class Teen USA 2018 Brand Ambassador is to promote the World Class Brand, help it to expand, and to be supportive of its activities and its models. There are several of us ambassadors and it’s like we are a family. I have met Ana Perez and Jessica Padilla Pennington and hope to meet more ambassadors too! We all have the same goal, to promote the World Class Brand and everything that it stands for, and of course to support you Derek and help you to grow the brand and help spread it to every country in the world! Its awesome to have support from other ambassadors all around the world. And we also promote your platform of “Women Empowerment”

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: Do you volunteer for any cause?

Yes, I volunteer for the Feed My Starving Children Organization, for several homeless shelters and soup kitchens, but my main focus is with the International Foundation for Oprhans 501C3 charity that my family started several years ago. I help raise awareness and funding for IFFO and we help widows and orphans in Haiti, Ghana and other underdeveloped countries. Our mission is from James 1:27 “to care for widows and orphans in their distress and keep oneself unstained by the world.” With this charity, I’ve been to Haiti four times now. We help with education (teaching English), medical needs (Dental and well child visits and well as specialty surgeries”, vision clinics and of course sharing the message of Jesus our Savior.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: What is your personal fashion style?

I really don’t have personal favorite. Some days its fun to hang out in sweats and comfy clothes with no makeup on , with my hair in a messy bun and watch my favorite tv shows while I’m chillin’ on the couch, but then again, I love to get my hair and make up done and put on a fabulous gown, strap on those high heels and take in the bright lights and fast pace of the blasting music and hit that runway!

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: What would you like to accomplish as a model in 2019?

I hope September of this year I am walking in New York Fashion Week and have modeled for House of Byfield. I’m sure I will have more goals, its only January.

World Class Argentina Models Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind as a


As someone who has scoliosis and recently had a spinal fusion surgery, I want people to know to never give up on their dreams. No matter what size you are, or whatever physical limitations you have, push hard and don’t give up on your dreams. My role models also have scoliosis (Martha Hunt is a Victoria Secret model) and the new Miss Universe Catriona Gray also has scoliosis. And we are only limited by not dreaming big enough I am going to continue to dream big. Really Big!

World Class Argentina Models Magazine would like to thank you for this wonderful interview. PRINT MAGAZINE PURCHASE LINK.

#WorldClassArgentinaModelsMagazine #WorldClassBrand Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

Miss World Class and World Class Ambassadors.

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