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Dr Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi Lead Director/ CEO of Miss & Mr America Nation

Dr Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi Lead Director/ CEO of Miss & Mr America Nation, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Eva Flis
Dr Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi Lead Director/ CEO of Miss & Mr America Nation, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Eva Flis

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Dr Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi Lead Director/ CEO of Miss & Mr America Nation.

Full name: Queen Amb. Dr Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi

Pageant Name: Miss & Mr America Nation

Position: Lead Director/ CEO

Year system was created: 2017

Charity system supports: America Nation Multicutural World Foundation & Africa Multicutural World Foundation.

Countries or states system has representation in: USA, Nigeria, Benin, India, China, Afghanistan, Mexico

Home Country or State: Chicago , IL USA

World Class Beauty Queens: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about? The Miss America Nation pageant system is created to empower and build kids, women and men age 5months to 75years to be leaders and advocate for a cause. We are also devoted to aid the underprivileged people. Miss & Mr America Nation is designed to inspire, create equality & integrity towards men and women, cultures and globalization. We promote culture & global service to better humanity. Oldest title have had was 61 years old and youngest is our current Baby New York America Nation 2022 - King Zakai Russel.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us what inspired you to start your system?

After competing in various world recognized pageant systems over 7 years in a roll, I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the world. I strongly urged myself to create a pageant system that portray equality in men and women , boy and girls. I felt the need for equality in diversity - regardless of gender , age , size and nationality.

I was tired of seeing the typical stereotypes of body size , height and hair textures. While being involved in other pageants my directors at that time seemed like they were all about the crowning event not a mentor or help to my platform or growth in the industry.

These were the things that motivated me to create my organizations to inspire others and build leaders through working with our ambassadors for one year - individually to elevate them all.

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us the founding story of the system. America Nation was found in 2017 and premiered May 1st . The first show had 12 contestants and about 48 kids Multicutural models. We were also granted a press segment that year with ABC 7 Chicago , because we were a unique type of pageant system that represented people of all types : cultures, race, gender , etc. There had never been a pageant system like ours ever.

World Class Beauty Queens: What was the vision and the goal in the beginning while creating your pageant.

The vision and goal was to create a system that signify uniting a diverse nation , through empowering women, men and kids from global cultures. I want to inspire, educate , create equality & acceptance towards people from all over. I want title holders to connect with their heritage, community service and platform through America Nation pageants regardless of age, race or gender. World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about yourself.

I am a business mogul, Journalist, Nigerian American supermodel, Stylist, Actress, Activist, and philanthropist. In 2020, I was appointed the ambassador of Nigerian youths in the diaspora by the Coalition of Nigerian youths organization. I was born in Chicago Illinois, USA, and raised in Kaduna, Nigeria. I am from a Multicultural background. I am very fluent in both Hausa & Igbo languages. I am a proud mother to Kleopatra Vargas a current Miss toddler USA America Nation 2021. ​I am the founder of America Kids Multicultural World Organization and Miss & Mrs. America Nation pageant. I annually hosts Kids Multicultural events across the USA, an event focused on ending discrimination and bringing awareness to culture, empowerment, and unity. In the past 6 years. I am a mentor and have mentored over 985 kids worldwide. I owns two major NGOs America Nation Multicutural World Foundation Inc & Africa Multicultural World foundation, which focused on the global wellbeing of underprivileged people, feeding, clothing, and giving out educational funds for underprivileged families/kids. On a monthly basis free meals/ groceries are given out to low incomes areas but in the USA & Nigeria. In October 2019, I was awarded a police medal of honor as an ambassador by the Nigeria Police Force. In 2020, I received an award of honor as Nigerian Young Female Diaspora of the Year by Igbere TV. In 2020, I received the Ambassadorial Award of Nigerian Youth in Diaspora by Coalition of Nigerian Youth Association and Nigerian Queen Hall of Fame honor 2020. Most recently, I starred in Nollywood movies: Daughters of the throne, Yes Ma, and IKEMBA as a lead actress. I continues to make a difference by bettering mankind and uniting a diverse nation. World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about your education. I have an Associate degree in Mass Communication.

A bachelors & Doctorate in Journalism

A Honorary in Philanthropy and humanitarianism

World Class Beauty Queens: What does women Empowerment means to you? Supporting, empowering and uniting together as females. It means having self contentment and using it to empower your fellow women . It means helping and uplifting each other's vision without a point of jealousy or bad intentions.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your personal pageant history. I was a former 2016 Ms. Illinois USA Universal, placing in the top 3 at the Miss USA Universal pageant. I represented the state of Illinois at Ms. USA Universal 2016. In July 2016, i finished in the top three, earning 2nd runner up and winning Illinois state ambassador at Ms. USA Universal 2016 which was held at Peppermill Reno, Nevada. Previous years before then I competed in Miss Illinois USA (Universe pageants ) two years in a roll and National American Miss pageant.

World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do your first pageant?

Miss World 2001- Agbani Darego and honestly my mom Lady Florence Okeke . We used to watch Miss World and Miss Universe pageants together when I was growing up. A lot of people use to call me Agbani or Miss World . I had that stock in my head and taught I could give pageants a try.

World Class Beauty Queens: Over the years what Country, state or city the competition took place and why?

The Home State - Chicago, Illinois! That's our established location for Nationals. Chicago is a land of diversity, beauty in lands, architectures , food and life styles. Even though we host events in different States and Countries. Chicago is home to Nationals.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us what was special about each years competition. It's the audience for me, (laughing out loud) - they are so diverse "Americans , British, Asians , Middle eastern, African, etc" and the fact we have people flying in from different Countries just to attend our event. Also , the dress code to our annual event is amazing, the colors and all. The smiles on peoples faces is priceless. Contestant and stage presentations is mind blowing. The location for the event is always nice In a private large -building .

World Class Beauty Queens: What cultural significance has your pageant?

Almost all of our title holders are from a Multicultural background. We recognize global tribes, we encourage and annually give cultural tasks to our title holders.

During our National event we have a cultural costume contest on stage. Culture appropriation, culture elegance and language means everything to us.

World Class Beauty Queens: How long hours/days is the competition. We have one year to prepare for the event , title holders have 8 months to work on there individual platforms while representing their assigned regions.

Our National event is 2 days.

First day is the Unity Global Event

Second day is America Miss , Mrs and Mr America Nation crowning.

World Class Beauty Queens: Are contestants taken on any sight seeing during the competition? We have a presentation day where all Contestants showcasing there appearances done for one year, this includes event appearances. We don't have a actual group sight seeing during competition.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are the competitors being judged on during the competition? America Nation Kings and Queens are judged on FIVE categories: Community service 25% , Culture presentation 25% , Evening gown / suit Elegance, Peoples Choice 25% , Fitness 25% =100%

World Class Beauty Queens: How do you select your judges and who are they? Our Judges are selected based on experience. One in each fields pageant , Modelling industry, Activism and leadership.

World Class Beauty Queens: What kind of experience can contestants expect during the competition?

Festive experience with a lot of display of cultures and runway shows and award.

World Class Beauty Queens: Do contestants have to support and volunteer for any cause or charity either before the competition or during their reign?

Yes , all contestant volunteer with at least 4 charities during their individual reign. We also have Charity events with America Nation Multicutural World Foundation and Africa Multicutural World to feed the homeless and also raise funds tuition for underprivileged kids .

World Class Beauty Queens: Does the system have sponsors? Every year we have different sponsors, this year we are open to new sponsors. Any corporation , business entities or individual interested in sponsoring America Nation pageant is welcome. Contact us via

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us little bit about each winner from over the years and what they accomplished through out their reign.

All winners have gotten press recognition with international and local press outlet for their win and commit involvement . They have been featured on CBS Channel 2 Chicago , ABC 7 , Chicago Tribune, World Class Beauty Magazines, Nairaland, Southland Voice newspaper, etc... They have served as brand ambassadors with top brands , walked New York fashion week, and they have been recognized by their communities with awards. Etc...

A lot of Miss America Nation Queens have gotten their dream jobs while on duty as an ambassador.

Queen Aliyah Schree Miss Cook County America Nation 2018 : has been recognized by US House of Representative for her outstanding community involvement.

Queen Sharen Chester - Miss America Nation 2022 has been featured on CBS Channel 2 , abc 7 and brand ambassador for numerous top brands.

Queen Oriene - Miss International America Nation 2021 has been featured on Fox News with her platform beauty with autism.

Queen Gloria Djidonou has been gone on a lot of missionary trips to Africa and sponsored widows and underprivileged kids using the fund raised as Mrs Benin America Nation 2019 .

World Class Beauty Queens: What are some fun events you've done with your Queens?

•Hosting a Chicago Kids Multicutural Fashion Show from 2018 to 2022

•Hosting a Las Vegas Kids Multicutural Fashion Show in 2021.

• Hosting Numerous toy giveaway by America Nation Multicutural World foundation and Family 1st CL Foundation.

•Hosting breakfast with Santa every year.

•Hosting USA Kids Multicutural Halloween Fashion Show.

• Hosting Cultural photo contest displaying cultural exhibitions.

•Hosting free grocery giveaway and serving 450 packs of groceries.

• Free Chicago / Las Vegas and West Africa Giveaway (Electronics, clothings, foods and groceries).


World Class Beauty Queens: What are your plans for your system in 2022 or 2023? To expand , to inspire more people, to build a community of togetherness. To build more leaders and to advocate for each title holder individual platforms.

World Class Beauty Queens: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind as the owner.

A beauty with inspiration that never believe in impossible. A leader that set the positive example for others to follow. A leader that has united a diverse nation and empowered worldwide leaders.

International Director: Dr Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi

National Director: Sophia Lucas

Your Local Director: Queen Sharen Chester

Photographer: Eva Flis photography

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview! Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine.

Dr Krystal Okeke’Chanchangi Lead Director/ CEO of Miss & Mr America Nation, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Eva Flis

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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