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Cinthia Tapia Mascorro

Cinthia Tapia Mascorro, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Patrick Wilson Photography
Cinthia Tapia Mascorro, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Patrick Wilson Photography

World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to welcome Cinthia Tapia Mascorro.

Name: Cinthia Tapia Mascorro also known as Eternitycm and Donut queen.

Height: 5'2"

Eye Color: dark brown

Hair Color: dark brown with magenta

Bust (in inches): 34

Waist: 27

Hips: 37.5

Shoe size: 6

Age: Young heart

Zodiac sign: Aries

Favorite Designer: my forever friends M&J Designs

Favorite Color: Magenta and Black

Years modeling: since 2002

Countries visited: Around 20

Likes: Respect, compliments, donuts, animals, vegan food, beer, cashews, photoshoots and fitness

Dislikes: Slow people, people that are late, animal abusers

Status: Taken sorry guys!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

Hola my name is Cinthia, I currently live in Chicago, IL but I was born in Mexico, I also lived in Colorado, California, North Carolina and Texas. I have a business administration degree that I have earned by working 3 jobs a few years back but honestly my career made me super bored and I changed careers. I'm a fitness instructor and wellness coach for 11 years and I just love it. I'm a foodie, vegan, animal lover and I gave my heart to Kika, a Shih tzu baby dog that crossed the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago after living with me for 14 happy years. I love to model and teach fitness classes.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about your modeling experience.

I started to model when I was a teenager but I started to count in 2002 when I had my 1st professional photoshoot and I was signed with John Robert Powers in Colorado. I have done plenty of promotional work for several brands. I did several TV commercials and TV segments for Univision and Telemundo, one of them was Despierta Colorado and several TV commercials to advertise different products. I also was in the live radio advertising some brands and inviting people to visit the events where I was, it was truly a fun experience.

Last year I was published 57 times, this year I lost count. I truly feel blessed, honored and thankful with everyone involved.

Being a petite model has disadvantages like my height because I'm only 5'2", but since I started my goal was to break those industry "rules" that u have to be over 5'7" and honestly I feel very proud of myself because I have walked in so many different fashion shows including New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Bikini modeling is often done very early in the morning to catch that perfect lighting, are you a morning person and if not what is your strategy for 6am shoots where you have to already have your hair and makeup done?

I'm an early bird, so waking up early is not a problem. Now with the Miss Bikini Illinois Fitness 2022 and Miss Bikini Dream US titles, bikini photos are must. This year so far I have waken up 17 times at 3am for HMUA. The key is the day before try to have an easy going day, go to bed around 8pm and as soon as you wake up have your coffee or your tea. It works for me.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Tell us about your first big break into modeling, what was the first modeling job you did and how were you discovered?

My 1st big break into modeling was in Colorado in 2005 with Roca Wear. They saw my portfolio at Model Mayhem and contacted me to do a Fashion Show, at first I thought it was spam, but I went to the casting and accepted me being petite. Fashion Show was incredible and of course I felt so proud of myself, I knew the industry was going to chance little by little, but I think I was the shortest, I'm always the shortest.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For the image to come out perfect you have to really connect with the photographer to get the pose captured just right with the lighting and angle and mood of the shoot. How do you typically connect with a photographer you just met on set?

I'm honestly a goofball, so I think by just being myself and making the team laugh helps with tension. I also always bring my music and I dance in the middle of the breaks. I think it's such an ice breaker. When you are humble, kind and patient during sets brings the tension down, you connect with the team and you deliver.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: There are so many iconic bikini poses that create this image captured in time that stand out and are widely known even by people not connected to the modeling world, what is your favorite iconic bikini pose and why?

There are so many great bikini poses, I think I have my signature pose for bikini, which in on your knees, standing tall, head tilted to the side with your eyes closed and raising your arms up bringing them to the side. It’s a sexy and passionate pose in my opinion. I think for bikini photos is not only to look sexy or good in a bikini, for me is to grab the soul of the viewer to make them ask themselves "what is she thinking or feeling" passion in photos is every everything.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have agency or do you freelance?

I was with agencies most of my life (non-exclusive contracts) it's been 3 years of freelance, and I'm enjoying it. I don't have to be informing them of every step I take or what color my hair will be next month.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Which designers did you have a chance to model for?

Omg, this is super hard, because its been so many, I will start with my designer friends M&J Designs. At first they didn't like me at all because one of them said that during a fashion show they were looking for an extra model and they saw me, and as soon as we made eye contact according to them I turned around ignoring them, haha I honestly don't remember that, but now we are super closed, I wear most of their designs, I have been finale model for their fashion shows and also the one who opens the show. I'm so grateful and thank to them.

My 1st fashion show designer was Missy Champlain in Colorado Springs, it was a rave/festival clothing super fun. I have also walked for Roca Wear, Prana Maker, Sakhiselection, Alicia Perrillo, Alesia Chaika, Josie Fox, Luchy Designs, Seamingly Sisters, Dovile Riebschlager, Tina Maria Shoes etc etc...

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Have you modeled in any fashion shows?

Yes, I have been honored to be in so many different Fashion Shows. Here are a few.

Model Icon, I was the face of Model Icon Magazine, that was super fun experience.

Chicago International Fashion Show at Palmer House Downtown where I was finale model for the 1st time in my life. I felt in cloud 9 that day.

Live out Loud NYFW. This experience was incredible, It was a fashion show for suicide awareness and I had to go to NY. Honestly it was my 1st time taking the train alone.. so glad I didn't get lost. I walked for 2 incredible designers.

Nue Magazine Denver, I walked for 2 incredible designers. I opened for one and I closed for another!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Certain colors look good on certain people based on a variety of factors, what colors look best on you and which one is your favorite to model in?

I have always been super fan of black, because its classy and you never go wrong wearing black, but I started to wear bright colors like yellow, hot pink, neon green and white and I had so many compliments, right now my fav to wear are of course black but yellow, red and white. I'm brunette I think my cinnamon color skin looks good with those colors.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: When you are considering taking a modeling job what factors come into play. Do you have a list of items that are deal breakers, or a list of items that seal the deal for you? Tell us about your ideal modeling job and what that looks like.

My ideal modeling job of course is good compensation, I also look if that compensation is worth the hours I have to work and the distance I have to drive, and of course other factors that are covered, like HMUA, wardrobe, gas, flight, hotel etc. Everything depends on what are u doing, where, times, distance and compensation. Also always try to make sure everything is legit, ask around, google and do your research before signing or accepting any job inquiries. Deal breakers are when it sounds too good to be true unless you are being contacted directly from your agency, always do your research and listen to your gut feeling.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What would you consider your biggest achievement as a model so far?

My biggest achievement is to be walking at fashion shows being petite, but honestly I feel proud of everything I have done. Specially to have model in Mexico and Amsterdam. Everything you do in the past affects your future, so always work hard, perseverance and dream big.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have any bikini models that you look up to? Please tell us why you are inspired by that particular model.

I love Jeana Turner, she was at America's next top model. I love her confidence and for being 5'5" she is slaying big fashion shows. She is all about body positive, that loving yourself the way you are is a must, and believing in yourself will help you reach your dreams. Also she states that being unique is cool, is what makes you, YOU.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Describe how you prepare for an upcoming shoot. Tell us about your routine, do you have any superstitious rituals, a certain number of hours of sleep, or specific music you hype yourself up to, or beauty routine you swear by?

I prepare myself for a photoshoot a few days before, I shoot 2-4 times a week, so try to have a healthy lifestyle all week long but don't get me wrong I still eat donuts here and there or have a glass of beer haha. I also cover my grays, yes I have grays... sadly we are old growing old, I try to keep Pedi and nails on point and I do a intermittent fasting for one day just to flush extra water gain. Sleep? what's that? haha well I don't sleep much but I try my best to get at least 6 hrs. daily.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What is the best piece of modeling advice you have received in your career that you would like to share with aspiring models?

My best piece of modeling advice when I started to model are to always be on time and always look like you are ready to shoot, hair, nails, makeup and outfits. Always try to look your best and have a positive attitude.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every model has a pose or part of their body that they like to focus on because it is the money shot of them. What is your favorite feature or pose for you personally?

My favorite feature will be my legs and my smile. I had so many compliments so I think is where the money is haha. My smile is so big and beaming I think. Photographers asked me so many times to smile and I honestly think I have such a strong a fierce look that when I show my soft side they like it more.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every person can make an impact on the world, what is one thing you are doing to make the world a brighter place?

I'm the founder of Bubbles Zumbathon, which is a fundraiser for neglected, abused and homeless animals. It consist of doing 2 fitness events one in the US and one in Mexico and all the funds collected go to nonprofit local organizations that really need the help to keep helping. I'm also a vegan that cares and respects all living beings, and I try to inspire women especially petite women that no matter your size, your height, your age or the color of your skin, we are all beautiful and if you wish for something, don't be afraid and go for it. Don't let society dictates what is beautiful.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For every passion/need there is a nonprofit or charity that promotes or helps fill this need. What is your favorite nonprofit or charity and why is it your favorite?

The one I mentioned above of course hehe. Also Shriners Hospital, that helps children with special needs, they helped my brother for around 15 years and I'm so thankful to them and Peta and Humane Society for all they do to help animals around the world.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Who is your dream designer to model for or your dream modeling job? What steps are you currently taking to make this dream a reality?

My dream modeling job.... well I would love to be in Maxim Magazine, it's been a dream since I started to model, I also would love to be in a fashion show in Paris, Italy or London and have my own magazine/brand. I'm slowly working on all of these, so hopefully soon I start to make those dreams come true.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Where can we learn more about your work? Tell us your websites and social media handles and where someone can go to hire you for modeling jobs?

You can learn more about me by going to my website or follow all my platforms Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook, instagram @eternitycm for any job inquiries send me a message at any of my platforms or email at World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing write up! Write up by Cassandra Wallace Editor in Chief of World Class Bikini Models Magazine. Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Bikini Models Magazine.

Cinthia Tapia Mascorro, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Patrick Wilson Photography

Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Brand Publishing Mr WorldClass 2022 Mr United Nations 2018 Mr USA United Nations 2017 Platform: Empowerment


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