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Arpita Ghosh Dacy Mrs Universe America 2023-2024

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Arpita Ghosh Dacy Mrs Universe America 2023-2024.

Full Name: Arpita Ghosh Dacy

Title/Year: Mrs Universe America 2023-2024

Pageant System: AmPowering 

Age: 35

Education Level:  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Hobbies: Zumba, Pacific Northwest activities (hiking, river tubing, kayaking, snowshoeing), Traveling around the world, Community events, Spending quality time with family and friends 

Platform: Womens’ Empowerment. My goal is to lead by example and motivate females around me to "Dream Big, Believe in Themselves, Surround Themselves with Positivity, and Define Themselves".

Years Competed: 10+ years as a Tech Leader, 4 months as the reigning pageant queen, National title winner of Mrs Universe America

Countries Visited: USA, Canada, Japan, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, India, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea

Likes and Dislikes: I like learning new things, having a sense of purpose in life, having genuine and meaningful relationships, supporting domestic pets (especially dogs)/ wildlife (especially elephants). I dislike not feeling appreciated, all forms of abuse and violence.

Current Status: Married with 1 daughter and 1 Pomeranian dog

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Can you share a bit about who you are? Like, what are your passions outside of the pageant world?

I am a model, a motivational speaker, and a tech leader in the AI industry with over ten years of industry experience working in the Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science fields. Currently I work as a Senior Technical Program Manager at Amazon’s Alexa Kids Experience team, where I build lovable software products for kids and parents.

My father Sujit (Senior Engineer) and mother Reeta (Teacher) are first generation immigrants to the USA, and have worked tirelessly to provide support so I can follow my dreams. I am a proud mother to my brilliant daughter Aishani and I have a very caring husband Morgan (Electrical Engineer) who has been instrumental in fueling me to pursue my ambitions in life. 

Outside of work and family, I am very passionate about giving back to the community. I am actively involved with US-based and global non profit organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, Save the Elephant Foundation, AmPowering, and Calcutta Orphanage. I also serve as a Professional Advisory Board member at UW’s Women in Science and Engineering organization, career mentor at Amazon and a speaker at the Grace Hopper Women in Tech Conference.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: I’m curious about your education journey. What's it been like for you, any particular highlights or challenges?

I graduated from Kennewick High School, in eastern Washington State, then moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. During my education journey, I had wonderful academic advisors and mentors who helped me roadmap my chosen career. They truly helped me to understand the importance of mentorship in life. As an alumnus, I am sharing that experience by being a mentor myself for college students (especially in the STEM field) and early-mid career professionals.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Women's empowerment is such a key topic. What does it mean to you personally?

To me women's empowerment means uplifting each other and using other's success as inspiration to continue growing ourselves towards our goal. I have been advocating for women in the STEM field through the Women in Science and Engineering organization since I was an undergrad at UW - and now I serve as a professional advisory board member. I actively mentor students, early, and mid-career women through various Orgs, Amazon, and my previous company connections. Recently I was a speaker at Grace Hopper conference for women in tech leaders where I also made great connections to share my life experiences to empower females.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How did you get into pageants? What sparked your interest initially? 

I initially learned about this pageant through my friend and mentor Linda Lowry who connected me to AmPowering organization. This organization in particular was interesting to me because it resonated with my own interests regarding women’s empowerment and community service. Because it’s organized by a non-profit organization, I would get the opportunity to support local and global charitable causes.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What motivated you to participate in your first pageant? Was there a defining moment?

I was motivated to participate in this pageant (which is also my first pageant) for mainly two reasons: 

1) It provided an opportunity for personal growth. Beyond being a Tech leader at Amazon, a mentor, a mother, a wife, this was something that was new and unique, that I did specifically as an act of self-realization. This pageant journey encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone, learn new things and overall helped me to develop myself holistically.

2) I wanted to set an example for my daughter and all other girls out there. I wanted to share my life experience, and be a living example that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. We shouldn’t feel like we have to choose between profession, family, and personal development. We should feel empowered to continually challenge ourselves for the better.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Why did you choose to compete for your current title? What made it stand out for you?

By choosing to compete for my current title, I got the opportunity to learn about the various rounds that are commonly used in the Miss/Mrs Universe pageant system. What stood out for me the most was that Mrs Universe America was a National title and by earning it, I would get the opportunity to represent my country on an international platform. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: I'd love to know more about your pageant system. Could you explain what it’s all about?

I was crowned as Mrs Universe America 2023-2024 on December 10th, 2023 at the 11th Annual AmPowering Global Women Festival. This event was organized by US based non profit AmPowering, working with a vision of Transforming lives and Empowering communities. Founded by Menka Soni, this organization is recognized by the Global Beauty Awards in various categories and is the longest running pageant in the states of Washington and Oregon. This extraordinary and best nonprofit & best production award winner event is all about celebrating and supporting everything women. The beauty pageant is part of this event and features these categories: Mrs Universe America, Miss Teen / Miss / Mrs. India Washington & Oregon USA, Empowering Mr. / Miss / Mrs. Empowering Universe / Global Asia.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What do you think sets your pageant director apart from others?

I think what sets my pageant director, Menka Soni, apart from others is her passion and dedication for serving the community through all her initiatives, either through AmPowering or other organizations that is associated with. She is a multi-talented and versatile leader who wears many hats at all times. Overall, Menka sets a great role model for all women around her to work together, push themselves to reach their potentials and find ways to uplift each other. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: During competitions, what are the key things you're judged on? 

During my Mrs Universe America pageant, the rounds on which I was judged included panel interviews, traditional wear round, self introduction on stage, state costume round, western/ evening gown round, Q & A round. The key things that we were judged on were outfit choices, creativity in each round, confidence/ poise, ramp walk/ poses and communication. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What’s your competition experience been like? Any memorable moments or learnings?

My pageant experience was very special due to all my friends and family who supported me to pursue my dream and do something that was very unique for me. I got the opportunity to meet some amazing people during the journey through coaches, AmPowering mentors, and my fellow pageant sisters. Overall, my pageant team provided me with a great support group. We all worked together to make wonderful memories of our lifetimes. One of my favorite memories was the group dance - “Dhoom Machale”, that we all did together. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Would you recommend your pageant system to others? If so, why? 

I would recommend the pageant system to others as I found it to be a very empowering experience. In addition to making some lifelong memories, the lessons I learned throughout the journey helped me to grow holistically and gave me a new perspective on life. I believe the pageant system is a powerful platform to bring women from a wide variety of backgrounds together to showcase their uniqueness and use their voice to stand up for what they believe in.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell me about your advocacy or volunteer work. What causes are you passionate about?

Growing up, I volunteered at homeless shelters and with the Salvation Army. In college I volunteered through Roots Shelter, with the University of Washington's (UW) College of Engineering, and Sigma Lambda Gamma Multicultural sorority. As an alumnus, I give back to the community through US based and global non profit organizations whose values resonate with mine, such as World Wildlife Fund, Save the Elephant Foundation, Calcutta Orphanage, New Bethlehem Project for Families, and United Way of King County.

The platform that I remain mostly passionate about is female empowerment. I serve as a Professional Advisory Board member at UW's Women in Science and Engineering organization, mentor at Amazon and a speaker at the Grace Hopper Women in Tech Conference. I also support programs by AmPowering and Helen’s Place Women’s Shelter to advocate for women’s issues.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: With your title, what kinds of appearances or activities have you been involved in?

After winning my National title, I have become more involved with organizations like the Women’s University Club, Asia Pacific Cultural Center, United Way of King County, We Heart Seattle, Museum Of Popular Culture, AmPowering, and Encanto Arts Foundation to raise awareness of local issues and support community initiatives. I have made appearances and shared motivational speeches for cultural organizations like Oikatan Bengali Community of Seattle and American Telangana Association of Seattle.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Can you share some of your achievements, both in and outside of pageantry?

Most recently, I have received “Ravishing woman of the year” award from Mukilteo community leader Ayesha Khan during International Women’s Day Celebration and “Chief Guest of Honor” award from Fests of India for my contributions in the community. I have also received official nominations for 5 categories in The Global Beauty Awards 2024. The categories are: “Best in Science”, “Best in Education”, “Cultural Inclusion”, “Most Impactful (18-35)”, “Best Titleholder - Current (18-35)”. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: In such a competitive field, what do you think makes you stand out?

I believe that my genuine character, positivity, passion, and the breadth of my professional and community experience make me a stand-out candidate. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: I can only imagine how it feels to win. What was going through your mind when your name was announced as the winner?

The moment when my name was announced as Mrs Universe America 2023-2024 was one of the happiest memories of my life. It was a dream-come-true moment for me. And having my friends, family and supporters cheering for me in the audience made the experience extra special for me, which I will cherish forever.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What does being a Beauty Queen mean to you?

To me a Beauty queen has a lot of social responsibility associated with the title, sash and crown. We have people looking up to us, both in-person and through social media following. What we say or do matters and makes a greater impact in society. So, it is important that beauty queens set a good example through our grace and acts of service in the greater community.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How have pageants impacted your life?

My pageant experience gave me the opportunity to learn new things outside of my comfort zone as a Tech leader or a mother. It helped me to grow as a public speaker, better communicator, maintain a healthy lifestyle, learn about how to be a graceful queen, provide equal opportunities and make new friendships with people who are going through similar experiences as me. Overall, this pageant experience was transformational for me and helped me to grow holistically as a person.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How have pageants influenced your self-esteem and body image? 

Through this pageant, I learned the importance of body positivity, inclusivity, self-love and self-care. Since starting my pageant journey, my outlook in life changed and I was able to incorporate healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes that helped me to feel better in my own skin. The pageant system also taught me how to enhance my appearance on a daily basis which helped to improve my self-esteem in all areas of my life.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: You’re an inspiration to many. How does that feel, and what message do you want to share with others?

I believe in leading by example. I want to be a role model for other women and young girls out there, encouraging them to learn new things and continue to develop themselves towards their goals. They should feel empowered to dream big, believe in themselves, surround themselves with positive people and define themselves.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What’s your strategy for captivating the judges on stage?

Be confident, be genuine, and speak from your heart. Every element on the stage from your appearance to the way you walk and speak should represent your uniqueness.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How do you prepare for competitions? Any specific routines or practices?

I prepare for competition in three areas:

1) Physical - I ensure that I am following a healthy diet and fitness routine, that I maintain good sleep and self-care routines.

2) Emotional - I continue to learn about myself, about my strengths and weaknesses, and mentally prepare myself to perform under pressure.

3) Social/Community Engagement - I attend training sessions, pursue my passion of giving back to my community, make connections with people in this field and learn from them.

Overall my preparations are dedicated to my personal growth and being the voice to promote my platform - female empowerment.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Got any tips for nailing the perfect pageant walk?

You absolutely must practice with the heels that you plan to wear on the day of the pageant. Try to add a signature move or flair to your walk (consulting with your coach/mentor of course!). And most importantly, practice your routine daily for at least 2-3 months and take your time on the stage. Remember, this is literally your moment.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Choosing the right pageant dress can be crucial. What are your tips for making the best choice?

Get color matched ahead of time by going to various department stores. Try various shapes and cuts of dresses and get feedback on what looks best on you, take lots of pictures when trying out dresses and compare them. Pick the dress that makes you feel the most confident and listen to your heart as it will give you a signal when you find the one!

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Interview rounds can be tricky. What are your strategies for a winning interview?

I like to practice as wide a variety of questions as possible by looking at sample questions from websites. Make sure your answers are relevant to you and are genuine and write down your answers to help with remembering main points. On stage, listen carefully and take 1-2 seconds to get your talking points ready before answering the question, then speak slowly and concisely.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Looking back, is there a moment in a competition you wish you could redo?

The only moment in the competition that I wish I could re-do was my Q&A where I thought my answer was longer than I would have liked. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What common mistakes do you see others making in contests?

Some common mistakes I see others making in contests are:

1) Trying to copy what other contestants are doing related to their wardrobe choices

2) Choosing shoes that are uncomfortable, which shows on their face

3) Not practicing Q&A ahead of time

4) Focusing on others’ performance on the day of the contest

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Do you have any experience in modeling or acting?

Yes, I have been doing occasional modeling for the past 2 years.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your plans or goals for the upcoming year as a Queen? 

As the reigning Mrs. Universe America, I will be representing America in South Korea later in October at the Mrs Universe Worldwide Competition. So, in the upcoming months, I will be preparing for my next worldwide pageant. In addition to that, I plan to continue my charity work to advocate for women’s issues. I will continue to partner with our Local community leaders and organizations like AmPowering, United Way of King County, We Heart Seattle, Helen’s Place Women Shelter, Women in Science and Engineering and others, to support their initiatives to bring communities together to raise awareness of local issues.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Finally, what kind of legacy do you hope to leave behind?

It is never too late to try something new. I want to set an example that we should not limit our potential based on our family or professional commitment. If the universe gives you an opportunity to do something unique for yourself, feel empowered to take that step to develop yourself. I also would like to leave the legacy that being a pageant queen is not just about winning the sash and crown, it comes with a lot of social responsibility. As pageant queens, we should strive to set a good role model in the community through our words, our public appearances and community engagements.

Additional Information

- International Director: Sava Tsekov

- National Director: Menka Soni

Photographer Credits: Jasmeet Kukreja (Jasmeet K Photography) and Tero Patana (Tero Photography)

- Sponsors Acknowledgment: 

Stylist Credits: Jeralyn Haney (Bay Trendy Boutique)

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview.

Arpita Ghosh Dacy Mrs Universe America 2023-2024, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photographer Credits: Jasmeet Kukreja (Jasmeet K Photography) and Tero Patana (Tero Photography) Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr WorldClass 2023 Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment


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