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Arielle Jazmine Balfermoso Roque Binibining Heneral Santos 2016

Arielle Jazmine Balfermoso Roque Binibining Heneral Santos 2016, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by: Red Project

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen and our Issue #9 Arielle Jazmine Balfermoso Roque Binibining Heneral Santos 2016.

Name: Arielle Jazmine Balfermoso Roque Title: Binibining Heneral Santos 2016

Pageant: Ginoo at Binibining Heneral Santos 2016

Age: 23

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies: cooking, baking, travelling, watching movies, surfing the internet, reading, writing, running and going to the gym.

Platform: To be the beauty with a purpose. I wanted to be a catalyst for change to all the women out there who still feel inferior. I wanted to be an inspiration to them. I want every single woman to embrace their uniqueness, acknowledge their importance, and discover their purpose. I would like to help the women in our society to unleash their full potential to be a productive contributor of our community. I will give my time and effort to all accessible programs that empower women. And if given the chance, I’d like to foster my very own program where I can incorporate my visions for all the women out there.

Contact information:  Mobile No.: +639292149427

E-mail Address: galileo.arielle@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ayeiroque

Years competed: 4 years in total

Countries visited: Philippines

Likes: Horror and romantic movies, food (especially dark chocolates), workout, exploring places and trying new things,

Dislikes: slimy things, cockroaches and rats

Status: Single

World Class Beauty Queens:  Hello Arielle thank you for taking the time to interview with us.  Are you excited about the interview?

Of course, I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my first time to be interviewed for a magazine about pageantry.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Please tell us about yourself.

I am a 23-year old Human Resource and Development Officer of Dreametry Creative Design Studio, an internationally inclined company. We provide services like graphic design, branding, photography, video-editing services and more. I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Infornation Technology at STI, where I was crowned Ms. STI College 2011. I have been blessed to be Ms. Teen South Cotabato 2011, Lakambini ng Koronadal 2012, Ms STI Region XII 2012, Ms STI National Finalist, Mutya ng South Cotabato 2012 2nd Princess, Ms PRISAA Koronadal 2012, Diwata ng Matutum 2013 2nd Runner Up, Mutya ng South Cotabato 2016 1st Runner Up and Binibining Heneral Santos 2016.

I am a person who loves sports, outdoor activities, books, music, movies, food, beaches and anything that requires exploration. I love challenges – may it be something adventurous, a competition or anything that will test my abilities.

I like to maintain lowkey despite of my achievements. I join pageants for deeper reasons. Apart from the experience and the glamour of it, I join to inspire others to always see themselves in their grandest version. I also join to pursue my advocacy - “Beauty with a Purpose”

World Class Beauty Queens:  What is your current title?

My current title is Binibining Heneral Santos 2016.

World Class Beauty Queens: For those in USA and around the world who are unfamiliar with Binibining Heneral Santos pageant, please tell us about it.

Ginoo at Binibining Heneral Santos 2016 is a local pageant in the city of General Santos found in Mindanao, Philippine’s land of promise. It is an annual event celebrating the beauty and wit of the “Generals” – people of Gensan (aka General Santos city). This year, 10 ladies and gents competed for the coveted titles. We had a Pre-pageant Night and a Coronation Night.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Does Binibining Heneral Santos translates to English?

It doesn’t, because the title needs to keep its novelty. But for the benefit of others, in English, it should mean Miss General Santos.

World Class Beauty Queens:  At the opening night of the pageant you had 4 occasions to show off to the judges.  Neon inspired carnival outfit, casual attire, swimsuit and gown plus interview.

Please tell us what did you wear for casual outfit and how did you win it.

We all wore the same casual attires sponsored by a local designer named Weng Alicarte. It’s a white satin casual dress accentuated with colors painted by hand. We had a dance number instead of modelling during the casual wear competition. I’d say that I’m a graceful dancer, that’s why I bagged the Best in Casual Wear award.

World Class Beauty Queens:  For the swimsuit do you have a choice of what to wear or is it uniform and it’s more about the body and the stage presence.

Our swimsuits were uniform, provided by the organizers. So, it was competition of body proportion and stage presence.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Please tell us about your evening gown and how did you win this competition?

I modelled a Garvy Terrado masterpiece, a well-known designer in Gensan. He sponsored all of our gowns during the event. It’s a serpentine cut gown. It felt like the gown was really made for me, it fitted my body perfectly. I do my best in every exposure. I made sure that I’d look elegant and exquisite in my gown. I guess, wearing it with grace and sophistication is the key to bag the award.

World Class Beauty Queens:  How did it feel to take your first step in your evening gown?

It felt wonderful because I loved the gown that was provided for me. It made me feel really stunning.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What did the judges ask you during the interview and what was your answer?

During the final interview, we had one common question. The question was “What will make you give up the title Binibining Heneral Santos 2016?”. I answered, “Nothing, because I don’t think it’s necessary to give up anything. I will hold on to this title because I know that I deserve it. Besides, my reign will only be for a year or so. I deserve this because I am a woman of General Santos. A woman who weaves her dreams into reality. A woman with a purpose, a woman who takes pride on who and what she is. Lastly, I’m a woman whose identity she considers the best she can share with the world. Magandang Gensan!”

World Class Beauty Queens:  And finally the fun portion of the competition Neon Carnival outfit.  Who designed it, what did you wanted to represent and what it made you feel like?

My neon inspired outfit was designed by a local designer in Koronadal City named Michael Sibag. We wanted for me to look like a sexy carnival girl with a bit of innocence, that’s why I had balloons in my hand. It made me feel young and playful. I enjoyed that competition because it challenged me to portray a different type of personality.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Before they announced the winner what was going through your head?

The usual things going through my head every time. Obviously, I prayed for my name to be called as the winner. At the back of my mind, I was thanking God for the opportunity and praying that He’d give me the crown. I also prayed for Him to open my mind and heart to accept whatever the result may be.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What was your first reaction when your name was announced as the winner?

I was genuinely happy. It was my comeback title because I stopped joining pageants for 3 years and it was really overwhelming. I’ve been through tough times during my preparation, but everything was worth it.

World Class Beauty Queen:  How did it made you feel to take your first step as Binibining Heneral Santos 2016?

It made me feel really blessed and queenly. I feel blessed because I consider it as an opportunity to pursue my desire to inspire others. It’s indeed a blessing because me joining the pageant was really unplanned. I was not able to attend the first candidates’ screening because I was out of town. When I got back, to my surprise, I was given the chance to prove myself, that I’m worthy to be one of the candidates. It’s like a slot in the pageant was really reserved for me because one of the candidates backed out. I was overjoyed, because despite of all the criticisms and the complaints from other parties that I shouldn’t be in the competition, I was still able to fight and win the crown.

And queenly, of course, because I have a dazzling crown and, humility aside, I felt like I was the most beautiful candidate that night.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your crown.

My Binibining Heneral Santos 2016 crown is beautifully made with dazzling rhinestones. It’s quite big in size. Wearing it will really make you feel beautiful and queenly.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Tell us about your platform.

I wanted to be a catalyst for change to all the women out there who still feel inferior. I want to be an inspiration to them. I want every single woman to embrace their uniqueness, acknowledge their importance, and discover their purpose. Some women don’t see their capacity, some see themselves as the weaker sex. But that’s not true, we are all equal. I would like to help the women in our society to unleash their full potential to be a productive contributor of our community. I will give my time and effort to all accessible programs that empower women. And if given the chance, I’d like to foster my very own program where I can incorporate my visions for all the women out there. I would be very happy to spend my time doing these things.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Where do you like to volunteer?

If given the chance, I would love to volunteer for activities involving the empowerment of women. I’d love to share my time and knowledge in activities that would help women realize their worth and envision themselves in their grandest version. I would also like to volunteer for activities catering children. I’ve always had the heart for kids. I believe that every child should be given a comfortable life.

World Class Beauty Queens:  How would you like to change the world?

I know what I can do is limited. However, I also know that little efforts also matter, as long as they’re heartily given. I’ll start the change in me and eventually influence people. I will use one of the most effective source of communication – social media, to inculcate my ideas about different issues. Of course, I should be responsible of my words and actions. Like what Mahatma Gandhi said – “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.”

As a beauty queen and ordinary citizen, I will use my title as a platform to voice out my choices and opinions. I personally want to highlight equality, from which we can make a way through inclusive development brought by harmony.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What is your ultimate pageant title?

Of course, I would love to be Miss Universe in the future! But if it’s in the Philippines, I’d like to win Binibining Pilipinas. Because, winning these title would mean better opportunities for me to be in service of my community. This would provide me with a bigger network and will enable me to influence a larger crowd.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What appearances have you done with your title?

I was just crowned last October 2016. To mention a few, I have been invited to be of the judges in some pageants both inside and outside the city. I’ve also had several event hosting, photoshoot and interview invitations. Most importantly, I was able to participate in some community service activities, which is the very reason why I join pageants.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about the rest of your pageant team?

During the Binibining Heneral Santos 2016, my team was composed of 1 make-up artist – Charlie Bayking, 2 personal designers, Archie Castillo (pre-pageant gown) and Michael Sibag (neon-inspired outfit), and my handler, Kuya Mike Vergara. Charlie is a good make-up artist. Although it was his first time to handle me, he was able to make me look really stunning. Local designers from Koronadal City, Archie and Michael, are friends of mine. Both of them are well-known locally in their field of expertise. On the other hand, Kuya Mike, my handler is the one in charge of almost everything. He is the manager of MV Creative and Productions, an agency of models and beauty queens. These people played vital roles during the preparation, pre-pageant and coronation night.

World Class Beauty Queens:  How do you prepare for competitions?

In every competition, I make sure that I’m really composed. To prepare physically, I eat a balanced diet, with more protein and less carbs. I also run/jog and visit the gym regularly and get adequate amount of sleep. For my mental preparation, I keep myself updated with current issues and I study relevant facts. I also gather encouragement from people around me for my emotional preparedness. Of course, I also prepare spiritually which is the most important. Every time I compete, I ask God for guidance and strength. I ask Him to help me make the most out of the opportunity that He has given me. I ask for an open heart to accept the results of the competition.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What role does family and God play in your life?

Both my family and God play the most important roles in my life. They provide me with the encouragement, strength, confidence, and all the support I need. They give me the motivation to keep going, the faith to keep moving forward and the unconditional love that keeps the flame of desire burning in my heart. I have an older sister, Apryl Nicole, who’s also a beauty queen. She pushed me to join pageants and modeling. She’s my confidant and beauty pageant adviser.

World Class Beauty Queen:  Why should every girl do pageants?

I believe, it’s not necessary but it’s an advantage for girls to experience joining pageants because this will help develop them in different aspects of their lives. It helps them realize their potentials and acknowledge that they’re beautiful.  Talking from experience, it also builds their confidence and self-worth.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind?

I’d like to be remembered as the beauty queen with a purpose, that I’m more than just a pretty face. I will pursue my platform, with women empowerment being the highlight. Social activities catering women and the less fortunate will be the focus of my reign. I will use my title to accumulate assistance for projects. I will use my 3T’s – time, talent, and treasure, to fulfill my duties as a beauty queen.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What quote or philosophy do you live by?

I’ve always had two messages as guide. First - “Do your best and God will do the rest.” Second - Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. These messages serve as my reminder that God has equipped us well with the things that we need to surpass life’s perils and conquer every day. These remind me that God is working on our lives, that every event in our lives are planned. These give me an assurance that I am well taken care of.

World Class Beauty Queens:  What impact did pageants had in your life?

I used to be shy and boyish. Joining pageants changed me in many aspects. I have learned to take care of my body by living a healthy lifestyle. I also loved reading even more, it made me a well-informed individual, because I kept myself updated with current issues. Personally, this allowed me to discover things about myself I never knew existed. Pageantry empowered me and is still helping me reach my optimum development. It opened doors of vast opportunities for me.

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us what pageants mean to the Filipinos?

Filipinos are big fans of pageants. As a matter of fact, almost every celebration includes pageants for various sexual orientation. Even school, town, or street festival have pageants. We think of it as an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the beauty and wit of Filipinos. We find it exciting, entertaining, and informative, at times.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Tell us about your handler Mike Vergara.

Mike Vergara (I call him Kuya Mike) is my handler. I’ve known him since college but we only started working together this year when he invited me to have my comeback. I stopped joining pageants and modelling for 3 years because of school, and now, of work. I thought that was the end of my career in pageantry and modelling, because I never imagined myself in the spotlight again. Fortunately, there’s this someone who believes in my capabilities and that I can still restore the beauty queen in me. He encouraged and motivated me to push myself to my limits because he knows that I have more to offer, even better that what I used to be in the previous years. He makes sure that I have everything I need, may it be in a pageant, modelling or hosting event. He protected me from bashers and helped me reach my current position. He’s always been so proud of me and our achievements as a team. He’s been a real friend to me ever since, not just a manager. And, I will always look forward to our future endeavors together.

World Class Beauty Queens:  Besides pageants you also model.  Please tell us about it.

I usually model for photoshoots. I’ve tried fun shoots and formal photoshoots with various themes. I’ve only tried modeling for a fashion show once. It was a great experience for me and I look forward for more.

World Class Beauty Queens would like to thank Binibining Heneral Santos 2016 Arielle Jazmine Balfermoso Roque for this amazing interview. Print Issue 9 purhcase link. http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1267689

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