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Alexa Garcia

Alexa Garcia , World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Gary Hufham
Alexa Garcia , World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Gary Hufham

World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to welcome amazing Model Alexa Garcia.

Name: Alexa Garcia

Height: 5’3

Eye Color: dark brown

Hair Color: dark brown

Bust (in inches): 33

Waist: 26

Hips: 37

Shoe size: 6.5

Age: 25

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Designer: Philip Plein

Favorite Color: pink

Years modeling: 1

Countries visited: Philippines, Mexico

Likes: Having fun, iced coffee, The moon

Dislikes: rude attitude,

Status: Working hard for the next chapter in life

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

I was born in Reno, Nevada, raised in the Bay Area in California, but I now live in Houston, TX for 2 years now. My favorite hobbies are cooking, baking, nature, and quality time with loved ones. I love doing activities with children like painting, reading, games and origami. I have interests in learning about topics in health, fitness, spirituality and self care/self help. One of my favorite things to do is improving myself and my mind. I describe myself as dramatic, caring and emotional, but also fun to be around, and adaptable to the world around me.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Please tell us about your modeling experience.

I started modeling at a young age in high school, training at Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in San Francisco. I was in fashion shows that took place in San Jose and San Francisco, CA. I participated in the Miss Philippines Earth pageant. I've also done a couple photoshoots for local fashion designers. Recently I took part in a Fashion show in Houston that was hosted by the designer, Emma Cruz, and I also took part in a music video shoot for a Latin music group called Alta Alianza. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Bikini modeling is often done very early in the morning to catch that perfect lighting, are you a morning person and if not what is your strategy for 6am shoots where you have to already have your hair and makeup done?

I wasn't always a morning person. I actually used to dread the mornings, until I started learning about natural energy like juices and vitamins that I take regularly to keep my body ready and healthy. With a routine that includes skincare, hair care, and my morning matcha latte, I found it easier to wake up. I give myself at least 3 hours to do my hair and makeup. When I get ready I like to listen to music by artists that inspire me. For the most part, my excitement for shoots alone motivates me to get up and go! World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Tell us about your first big break into modeling, what was the first modeling job you did and how were you discovered?

After only a couple of fashion shows, I fell in love instantly. I'm excited and ready to go further into it. My first fashion show was in San Jose CA. I didn’t feel great because the dress I was originally supposed to wear, was taken at the last minute, and I was forced to wear a big, fluffy dress, which I had no practice walking in. During the show, I ended up tripping over my dress BOTH times I walked the runway in front of everyone. I felt super embarrassed in my head, but I knew I had to pretend it didn’t happen. Looking back, I just laugh and think about how much I’ve improved since then. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For the image to come out perfect you have to really connect with the photographer to get the pose captured just right with the lighting and angle and mood of the shoot. How do you typically connect with a photographer you just met on set?

Being coachable is the number one thing when it comes to working with anyone. This also includes being able to adapt easily because the people you work with are part of the environment. I feel that simply being able to communicate with each other is a major key. Because photography is a form of art, I let the photographer guide me. When we work together the system is flawless. If they say jump I say how high! I always acknowledge them and their work. Comfort is key. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: There are so many iconic bikini poses that create this image captured in time that stand out and are widely known even by people not connected to the modeling world, what is your favorite iconic bikini pose and why?

My favorite bikini poses are the standing poses. I like them because they make your legs look long and eccentric. I also like when my abs look stretched, so the belly looks flat. When you put calm emotion into the pose, you express passion through the body. I like poses with my back showing as well because I think back muscles are captivating. They are a good way to emphasize your complexion too. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have agency or do you freelance?

I currently do not have an agency. I freelance because of my schedule. I am a student aid, where I have the privilege to be a part of children's lives. I assist them in their development which I love being a part of because I want to be the person that I wish I had when I was a child. I want to be that amazing role model that works for their goals and follows their dreams.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Which designers did you have a chance to model for?

I had the opportunity to walk in about 5 local fashion shows. I was young so some of those artists no longer design. The most recent one I participated in was for Designer Emma Cruz. She makes Thai dresses and clothing with clothing straight from Thailand. The experience was fun. I'm glad I get to add it to my experiences. Emma was super sweet and caring for all the models. I'm half Filipino so I happened to have met her through a mutual Filipino friend group.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Have you modeled in any fashion shows?

I got to model in a couple fashion shows. It's amazing to be able to participate in these events. I believe when the crew and designers treat models well and show love to us during the entire show backstage, We are able to be our best and put on a great event. One of the best parts about being in the show was that I got to work with a bunch of beautiful talented people. Watching from the inside perspective is lovely and intriguing. I love the fast paced environment, the rush that it gives, and the focus you need to make the show a success.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Certain colors look good on certain people based on a variety of factors, what colors look best on you and which one is your favorite to model in?

I think the color that suits me best for photos would be the color dark brown, nude and black. Since I'm light-medium neutral skin toned, I feel they pop out. I also love pastels (those are my favorite) and almost any color that makes me feel girly. I love black clothing because it goes with my dark hair and dark eyes. Depending on the shoot I love a dark look or a bright look - no in between. When the lighting is right, those colors look great on my skin.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: When you are considering taking a modeling job what factors come into play. Do you have a list of items that are deal breakers, or a list of items that seal the deal for you? Tell us about your ideal modeling job and what that looks like.

When taking a job I make sure I check out all the details before to see if it's a good fit for me. My ideal modeling job is one where I walk into a clean, safe, happy environment. Everyone should be prepared, feel excited, ready to have fun and at the same time get things done and complete the task. The directors and crew should always set the tone for the models. I feel a lot of girls have different opinions on what the deal breakers are. I think if every person involved in the job is doing what they are supposed to then everything will work out great!

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What would you consider your biggest achievement as a model so far?

In my personal opinion my biggest achievement so far would be the self confidence that I gained. The reason I consider that an achievement is because I wasn't always giving myself approval of my body. I wasn't ever satisfied with the way I looked or felt. It started when one day I decided I no longer want to be who I was yesterday. I had to start changing my habits to become better than before. I had to get out of my comfort zone. I started exercising and eating healthy to maintain my body goals. The more I learned about modeling and experiencing self love, the more confidence I got. I learned the most self love by putting time into myself. Through reading books, doing yoga , connecting with mother earth and just experiencing time with myself. One thing I learned was that I have to love the body I already have, to start getting the body I want. I believe everyday the small tasks you get done, are small achievements to prepare for greater ones that are coming. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Do you have any bikini models that you look up to? Please tell us why you are inspired by that particular model.

One of the models I really look up to is Karlie Kloss. The reason is because I love the way she walks down the runway. When she walks down the runway, she looks focused and it's like you can feel her attitude through her walk. I also love The way she is determined in life, doing many things at once, is an inspiration. She was declared one of the top models in the 2000’s and even modeled for Victoria's Secret. She is a hard worker and a philanthropist. She runs her own business being a high level brand ambassador and a camp where she teaches children how to code. She has multiple talents other than just modeling and that's why she is one of my favorite models. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Describe how you prepare for an upcoming shoot. Tell us about your routine, do you have any superstitious rituals, a certain number of hours of sleep, or specific music you hype yourself up to, or beauty routine you swear by?

I definitely do a lot of preparing for a shoot. I start preparing the day before. I make sure I stay hydrated and take daily vitamins to prepare my body's energy. I also pack my bag with everything I might need. (Extra makeup, clothing, heels, props). I do a facemask and skincare ritual night and morning so my makeup can look flawless. I love listening to Beyonce or Britney Spears while I get ready. I wear a sweatband for a couple hours while I practice walking and look at myself in the mirror so I can bring that model energy. Then I pray for success and always thank the universe for the opportunities I receive. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: What is the best piece of modeling advice you have received in your career that you would like to share with aspiring models?

The best advice I've ever received actually came from a random quote I saw floating around the internet.

1. If you don't go after what you want, you will never have it.

2. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.

3. If you do not step forward you will remain in the same place.

This hit me because for a long time I thought I wouldn’t gain the knowledge or confidence that I have today. I used to be scared to ask for help and I learned that it's hard to go far in life when you feel alone. This helped me change my perspective, Sometimes you have to grab what you want and literally take it. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every model has a pose or part of their body that they like to focus on because it is the money shot of them. What is your favorite feature or pose for you personally?

I love creative shots and poses using my whole body. I’ve noticed that one thing I get compliments on often are my hips. I try to exaggerate my hips so they can really show my figure. Using your hips can be useful in so many different poses! Another one would be showing the backside but your face also in the shot. Something about that pose feels sensual and attracts the eye. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Every person can make an impact on the world, what is one thing you are doing to make the world a brighter place?

I feel that working with kids and being able to be there for them during their growth and developing years, and to be a role model to them will impact the world. One thing I learned over the past few years, was that being a Do-it-first first leader, and having mental toughness is important. The first person who taught me that was a man named Eric Olson. He is an entrepreneur that I have admired since I was 19. His standards, morals and values were ones that he would share with the world. He not only told us, but showed us that helping yourself first, and then helping others will play a big role in creating a bright future. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: For every passion/need there is a nonprofit or charity that promotes or helps fill this need. What is your favorite nonprofit or charity and why is it your favorite?

One of my favorite non-profits is called To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA). To Write Love on Her Arms is a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and invest directly into treatment and recovery. The reason this one is important to me is because when I was young I watched many of my peers around me struggle with different addictions. There's so many different types, other than just drugs. But they all lead up to one thing - mental damage. Mental health is super important to me because I've witnessed so many deaths or mental illness in those around me. Due to poor mental health Losing life happens every single day. I think everyone should become aware of this and always check on the people you care about. World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Who is your dream designer to model for or your dream modeling job? What steps are you currently taking to make this dream a reality?

One of my favorite designers is Philip Plein. I would be honored to be a part of one of his shows. When I first started modeling he was the first designer to inspire me through his story. He started making dog beds out of fancy leather and one day used the leather scraps to make Jackets, he then started to use Swarovski crystals in his designs. His designs became expensive and he became a billionaire. I admire him because of the hard working and determined person he is, because of the way he innovates, creates things and then brings them to life. His fashion shows are always a creative environment. One day I want to be able to model his extravagant clothing, meet him and take notes on his advice to become as big as him.

World Class Bikini Models Magazine: Where can we learn more about your work? Tell us your websites and social media handles and where someone can go to hire you for modeling jobs? I made brand new Platforms so I can grow and focus and on my work and modeling career,

My instagram is Lexacarmen

My Facebook is Alexa Garcia

My TikTok is LovelyLexxxa World Class Bikini Models Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview! Interview by Cassandra Wallace Editor in Chief of World Class Bikini Models Magazine. Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Bikini Models Magazine.

Alexa Garcia, World Class Bikini Models Magazine, Photo by Gary Hufham

Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class Brand Publishing Mr WorldClass 2022 Mr United Nations 2018 Mr USA United Nations 2017 Platform: Empowerment


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