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Rosemary Wendt International Titleholder Miss Generation 2021

Rosemary Wendt, International Titleholder Miss Generation 2021, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Ian Trayner
Rosemary Wendt, International Titleholder Miss Generation 2021, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Ian Trayner

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Rosemary Wendt International Titleholder Miss Generation 2021.

Full name: Mrs Rosemary Wendt

Pageant Title: International Titleholder Miss Generation 2021

Birthday: 15th of March

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about yourself and what makes you unique?

Hello everyone! My Name is Rosemary! Born and raised in Great Britain, in the beautiful capital city ‘London’. I am the current international titleholder of Miss Generation 2021. A fashion model, former debutante of lady etiquette, a psychology & Neuroscience Graduate, A former UK charity Chairperson, and a Government coat of arms awardee saving our marine life from plastic affecting our oceans. For my hobbies, I like to sing Ballet dance and write poems as a published poet. I studied at 3 different universities such as ‘University of London’, ‘Harvard university’ and ‘Cambridge university of continuing education’. Where I was selected to be featured on the Cambridge university website. Alongside gaining 5 diplomas such as Dental nursing, business and jewellery making. I occasionally love to play the violin. For my voluntary service, I was awarded a charity chairperson for ‘ladies of all Nations organisation’, helping turn women survivors into leaders and helping transform lives. I spend my time in helping mentoring women who may need guidance. As a former lady debutante, back in 2014, I was trained in waltz and polonaise dance for the opening ceremony of Billingates Ball. My God mother taught me finishing school etiquette manners for modern ladies’ practices, this equipped me to be a well-rounded woman and gave me a passion for

humanitarian causes. My Beauty Pageant history has been ongoing since the age of 15. I was a finalist for ‘Miss Universe Great Britain’. I won titles such as ‘Miss Earth Air’, ‘Miss Worldwide International’, ‘Miss Great Britain Elite’, ‘Pure International Miss United Kingdom’ and many more. I am an all-time family girl and a military wife. My Grandma was a messenger the age of 14 during World War 2. So, it only feels natural to continue the tradition in helping others whenever possible.

What makes me unique is my congenial nature. I have an ability to incisively connect with my audience on a level that is relatable. My Unique achievements I was awarded a government coat of arms in Indonesia for my charity work representing the United Kingdom. Helping ban the use of plastic affecting our oceans and marine life worldwide. At University, I won my place 3 times as a student representative, helping improve the services of my year’s educational services and equipment. As for modelling for 19 years in which I was awarded model of the year. Throughout the duration of my career, I have earnt over 100 awards in charity service, modelling, short films, education, and beauty pageants. For the future, my aspirations are to publish self-help books for women on etiquette and finishing school practices. I hope to raise the vibration of women’s morals and core values to the finest degree of etiquette.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Can you tell us more about the platform and any future volunteer/charity work you are planning to do?

Miss Generation is an International Beauty pageant that celebrates women’s life choices. Age is just a number. The pageant aims to help settled women who think they are over the age of pageants can have a chance. You can still go on and celebrate who you are as a person, whether your married, have children or having full time commitments. It is about recognising the woman’s contribution to society. Our message is to give women between the ages of (25-55 years) a chance who felt like pageantry was not accessible to them. Instead of restricting women of what society expects of them.

We challenge the stigmatisation of women by celebrating women’s life choices. More than ever people want to see the all-time relatable down to EARTH WOMEN REPRESENTING US. We want congenial women, to feel perfectly accepted, understood, and celebrated. Nobody’s perfect so let’s celebrate genuine, empowered, and strong women.

As for future charity work, I am honoured to play an ambassadorial role through my reign in working closely alongside the ‘Global kidney Foundation’. I have recently filmed an awareness campaign video in nourishing the peoples mind in knowledge about this incredible charity. Helping bringing awareness to kidney transplants and renal matters. I be continuing my charity work with them for a whole committed year. Whilst nurturing enabling women to become leaders through life transformations and mentoring. I also a continuing my public speaking ion woman focused values through the Miss Generation franchise. Another cause that has been close to my heart has been the Ukraine Humanitarian appeal where I completed a 10k run

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about your experience in Miss Generation?

My experience with the Miss Generation pageant has been amazing. It is a close pageant family that really enables you to express your true potential. You get to meet likeminded people and make friends with pageant contestants from all over the world, uniting on stage. I had the best experience!

During my time as a finalist, we received complimentary sponsors ‘Gifts’ who are exclusively with the system. Complimentary vouchers for treatments at London Medical school of Aesthetics. Organic Hair Care products & Essential oils. Three Weeks of Complimentary Group Pageant Training and three Weeks of dance Rehearsals. Four Complimentary Free lunches provided for every contestant. Over the period of 4 days. Complimentary Tea and coffee in the beginning of the training. A Chance to represent your Country on an International stage. Complimentary ‘Pageant Boot camp’ to attend free Photo shoots and video footage of yourself! I been given an Opportunity to win the crown within this organisation. This pageant really sets you up in your future endeavours.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What do you look for in a queen?

Thank you for the Question. For centuries, Queens have ruled their kingdoms and used their reign to serve the people. Therefore, what I look for in a Queen is selfless humanitarian with a genuine smile to express emotional connection and positive attributes of their unique character. A Queen needs to be the whole package, kind, intelligent, a natural born leader that represents the connection and relatability of the people and brand. Overall, one who accentuates confidence, inner beauty, and the celebration of women sisterhood.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are the main differences between national and international pageants?

Thank you for that question. The difference between national and international pageants are, 1. The national pageant are contestants that have been recruited from the same country but within different regions. They are competing for a national title to represent their own country. Some pageants only go up to nationals and do charity work within their own country only. Some National titleholders go on to compete internationally as the next step. On the other hand, an international pageant is when you represent an already national title such as your own country and you are competing amongst other national title holders from other countries, to overall win the international title. Winning the International title enables you to represent for one year as a Queen. where they focus on charity missions on a global scale.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What do you do to be a good role model?

Thank you for that Question. Role models have played a huge role and a fundamental importance in the way young women seek their inspiration and overall aspiring Pageantry. A role model determines a Queens reign, to set the standardised example of how young women should inspire themselves and the communities around them. Whether that is in education, pageantry, or society.

Furthermore, representing the message of a sisterhood through volunteering and emotional intelligence. What makes me a good role model whether that is in pageantry or in everyday life, is the ability to have emotional empathy for others, to listen, to be trustworthy and to help those in need. To demonstrate through my own achievements that young women can fulfil their dreams too.

Most importantly, it is to be loyal to the system or friendship I have committed too. Hence why my advocacy is in helping women survivors become leaders. The best gift as a role model is bringing value to people’s lives through setting an example that every Pageant Queen should prosper in.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your top pageant tips for other contestants?

Thank you for that question, after 15 Years’ Experience in Pageantry. I have written below my top tips on bettering your chances of winning!

Stay true to yourself no matter what is in fashion, Trends come and go, but the heart & personality is what continues to influence not only yourself but others too. Many pageant contestants buy off the rail latest season dresses. Only buying the latest fashion.

But to truly stand out, evolve your own unique style, be unpredictable, take inspiration from past fashions and incorporate it into your own identity. keep your formal wear style, regally classy. Classy never dies. A Contestant is on trend, A Queen is the ultimate trendsetter

Every interaction starts with a smile not only just the stage. Your smile is infectious to the room.

Ignite, your fire. Be the best you can be.

A crown is placed on your head, to make impactful changes in your communities not to collect

dust, be the crown! Time to make an impact!

Pageantry etiquette is 24-hour job, come always ready, with an emergency makeup bag, hair done and sophisticated clothes. Always have a case packed of outfits for last minute bookings. Channel your inner Goddess. You got this.

What makes a winner is not a woman with just a pretty crown on her head. A winner is a woman who can walk into a room and acknowledge not only the CEO millionaire, but also the cleaner, the janitor, those who genuinely are forgotten. It is your job to include people and bring communities together. Not be excluded.

A Queen never outshines another Queen, instead she stands beside her and helps to fix her crown. Always show your dignity.

Good Sportsmanship is communicating healthy with each other, uplift the room around you.

People need an energiser.

You will have your supporters all the way and you will also have those who want to crash you

down. I know it hurts. Build anyways and prove them wrong. You will have to battle very hard for the dream. Trust the process.

The most controversial thing you will ever do is to last and still be here when many doubted your abilities. Your relevance stems from not giving up to early. Demonstrate growth then teach it through implementing it in your community service, partnerships, and Collaborations.

Always carry spare Bobby pins and safety pins. There is always someone who needs one at shows.

Be that girl who can help a girl out in need. Learn leadership development.

You’re not just a crown, you are a platform, Create the empire you were born to do. Once that

crown is on your head, it is not only about you it’s a big responsibility to entertain your audience and to better people’s lives through community service.

Evolve but never change who you are inside. Remember who you are, and when in doubt think about how far you already come not how much you got to go.

Commit to one pageant at a time, focus and give your 100%. Never sign up to multiple pageants you want to show you are serious about the pageant platform you are promoting.

A Queen is a giver, promoter, teacher, impactor, influencer, charity fundraiser and the face of the brand. Represent it with good intentions always. You have little girls looking up to you, see the world through their eyes. Mirror what they like to see in a role model.

Be well spoken, articulate, be always ready. Never use inappropriate language on social media and in real life.

Stay humble never forget where you came from. No matter how many titles you won. It boils down to whether you are a Genuine human being, instead celebrate your achievements, don’t be afraid to show your confidence and be a sharer to your following.

When you are competing, you are a contestant giving a show. Let me entertain you, so give to

your audience, the judges, and organisers. The victory will be your achievement. But keep giving, they bought tickets so give them a good show.

Know your worth don’t undermine yourself if complemented. A Graceful thank you is always met with kindness. Make friends, bring communities together and above all, don’t forget too always be friendly.

Don’t forget to have fun, be in the moment, take it all in, the best feeling is when you can dust

your shoulders and say I achieved this.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What do you think is the biggest problem facing woman today?

Women for centuries have demonstrated strength bravery and intelligence through leadership motives. On the other hand, the biggest problem women are facing today is the lack of safety on our streets. Women should be able to walk down the street feeling safe and not have to keep taking accountability for the wrongness of other people’s actions. I dream of the day where women can walk down the street freely and safely.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Have you experience criticism from competing in pageantry and if so, how do you cope with it?

Thank you for that question. No matter what you choose in life, you will have amazing supporters and you will have those who criticise you. When I entered pageants, there was a stereotype that all women who were in pageantry were not educated. However, that couldn’t have been further than the truth. All the women I have met have been intelligent, successful, beautiful, and kind. They are women coming together because they all wanted to make a difference and change their lives through missions and advocacy. The way I have always coped with criticism is do not focus on the negatives, people will always have something to say. However what people say about you is none of your business, only surround yourself with people who will uplift you in heart, spirit, and overall support. To those who judged you feel free to show them kindness and continue to be a good role model regardless, through demonstrating results through your hard work and Graft. Educate the masses through sharing your reign with others. Sharing is caring.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What question would you like to see asked in the interview stage?

The question I would like to see asked into the interview stage is ‘How do you make girls who felt excluded, feel included through your Congenial skills? Describe a scenario how you would make this possible?’ The reason I chose this question, it is because congeniality is one of the most noble titles in pageant history. Being congenial, genuine is what pageantry is all about, influencing, helping, and inspiring the women around you. Forming friendships and developing a sisterhood network one can depend on when in need of help. It is about dedicating yourself and time to make impactful changes to people in society. Most importantly, the pageant families we make along the way. It is about being a platform and a voice to the voiceless, it is about expressing high emotional intelligence and understanding those around you to the highest degree.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Why did you choose to take part in Miss… pageant?

Thank you for that question. Being crowned an international title has been a dream come true!

‘Miss Generation 2021’ has been a life changing moment! I chose to take part in the Miss Generation competition because the title fits with my ethos. It is not only about helping a local community of women, but I have also already the local communities, so I wanted to aspire with a bigger focus by uplifting a Generation of women Internationally. Our Generation of women living today, some are feeling concerned for their futures, some have felt aimless with a lack of direction. But not all those who procrastinate are aimless in notion. Hence why my continued mission within my long pageant career, are helping women survivors, become leaders. Through mentorship, I will now be implementing that message into the Miss Generation franchise. No matter where you are in life, you don’t have to just exist, you can celebrate lived life choices as a woman, by coming to Miss Generation. Every woman deserves to feel empowered about herself on stage. I dream for every woman to accept herself.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What do you think is the best and worst parts of pageantry?

Throughout pageant history there have been pros and cons to the pageant sector. Therefore, what I think is best about pageantry is it enables a woman to develop all areas of skills through leadership development, poise, entrepreneurship, humanitarianism, talent, intelligence, personality, charity, advocacy, community services, platforms, congeniality, partnerships, sponsorships and above all make an influential difference. Pageantry has celebrated all the skills and essences of a woman and shown the world, that we are multidimensional and highly faceted in all areas of our lives. When many women were doubted, pageantry gave women a voice and a platform to show she is unbeatable. On the other hand, as much as I speak highly about pageantry, I also see areas that can be improved. For example, In times of progression such as in 2021. I believe Age, marital status or having children should no longer be a restricted rule. A women’s age, marital status, or her choice to have children does not make her any less of woman and should not restrict her in choosing to go for her dream title. It is those very women that need to be shown as role models too. Times have changed and more than ever people want to see all women celebrated. Since the suffragettes’ women have paved the way for the right to vote, Let’s continue in advocating for woman’s choice.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What has pageantry taught you about yourself?

Thank you for the question. It was once said by Einstein, that if you want to be happy, don’t tie it to things, tie it too a goal. Pageantry taught me that being goal orientated can enable a ripple effect in making impactful changes in someone’s life for the better. Also, perseverance, hard work on fulfilling dreams and goals always pays off. No matter how hard it seems, never give up your dream title. It has also taught me gratitude for already what I have achieved. Through my active goals and mission to help turn women survivors into leaders globally, through the passageway of focusing on building their confidence. Raising audaciously women’s core values to the finest etiquette within the pageantry sector. This has been my ongoing mission for 2 years. I have mentored many survivors into becoming leaders and given public motivational speeches globally. That way we can start a chain of women to become empowered.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: If pageants were judged based on just two areas of the competition, which would you choose and why?

Personally, I would not restrict women to just two areas because women are so much more than this. Women have a multitude of skills and talent. It would be unfair to hinder a women’s worth by generalising the ability of a females impact on the world. For many years, women have proven themselves to be a multitasker, an achiever, a nurturer an entrepreneurial career woman, a mother, a home maker, and a wife. Our skills are limitless because a woman is multidimensional in the way she shows and expresses herself, instilled with many talents. Therefore, in pageantry, I believe we should enable all areas of a women’s ability not restrict them. No woman is the same, we all have our own unique DNA. So why are we limiting women to two areas. Women are uniquely gifted in their own qualities to empower an international audience. I say let’s add more areas for global and cultural representation.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Why is following the news important for pageant contestants?

Pageantry has always been based around changing lives, advocating for good causes, humanitarianism and giving back to charitable deeds. Therefore, to build a mission is ultimately important for a pageant Queen to be knowledgeable what is going on in the world around her. So, one can focus and base their platforms in making a difference. Be the voice for the voiceless. Every great solution has stemmed from acknowledgment of something on needing to be fixed or supported. The media can give us political awareness. The Queens’s reign is about being present. So, continue to build your legacy. World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview! Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine.

Rosemary Wendt, International Titleholder Miss Generation 2021, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Ian Trayner

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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