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Pia Samantha Roldan Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong 2012 Tourism

Pia Samantha Roldan Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong 2012 Tourism, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine,
Pia Samantha Roldan Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong 2012 Tourism, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine,

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen and our print issue #3 Cover Girl Pia Samantha Roldan Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong 2012 Tourism.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine will focus on pageant system form deep south of Philippines city of Tacurong.

Tacurong city is famous for it’s month long Talakudong Festival, translated to Festival of Hats. Where all the local schools compete for best street dance performance and originality of designed costumes.

The festival commemorates the early settlers and foundation day.

Name: Pia Samantha Roldan.

Title: Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong 2012 Tourism.

Philippines, Quezon City

Age: 21 years old

Height: 5’7 without heels

Hair: Black Hair

Eye Color: Black

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Titles won: Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong 2012 Tourism, Mutya ng Sultan Kudarat 2013 Eco Tourism, Mutya ng PRISAA 2013 Region 11 2 nd runner up.

Age started to competing pageants: 17 years old.

Favorite Pageant Designer: Leo Almodal

Pets: I have 2 dogs both are Belgian at my parents’ house but I always wanted to have my own puppy but I can’t I kept it longer in my place cause I’m out of town from a day to week.

Hobbies: My passion is fitness, I’m a gym rat. I also play badminton. But my favarite pass time is playing video games on PS2 and XBOX console, especially Tekken and Final Fantasy games.

Talent: I play the violin and my favorite piece is “Only Hope” by Mandy Moore.

My favorite movie is “A walk to remember”

I love acting on Broadway but I also do orations and declamations also.

Platform: I’m very passionate about helping deaf community.

To understand the culture and properly communicate with deaf I completed a course in American Sign Language. My goal is to build charity center where volunteers will help deaf people to better integrate into society. The center will be a place of love, culture and goals. Anyone can be in it, there is no stereotyping. Humans to humans, perfect or imperfect will collaborate with one another.

Favorite Place to Visit: Definitely England, I grew up over there so it’s my favorite place to visit. I felt the love of having a great childhood with my teachers, friends and best friends. Every time I had cakes and pastries with tea it made me feel like I’m royalty. I remember my first winter and the experience of touching the snow. Feeling winter for the first time made my heart smile.

Status: Single

Likes: The wind on the beach with good food such as tuna and salmon.

It makes me super sleepy. I just want to sleep all day. I like people who laugh at my jokes even when they are insane or awkward. I don’t care if it makes me look silly. Laughing boosts my confidence. Most of all I want people around me who are open-minded. I also love to read books which give me power of wisdom. I collect comic books. My favorite is Archie, I have hundreds them. During rainy days I like to watch romantic comedy movies.

Dislikes: I don’t like it when my allergy comes out in the morning it makes me so dizzy and lazy. I don’t

eat almonds, shrimps and crabs. I am absolutely scared of cats. And I don’t like when people who are late it drives me crazy.

Favorite Food: I love pickles! I don’t understand why some people don’t like them.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell us about the Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong pageant system.

The show starts with a festival of hats routine showcasing props of the Salakot to spirit up the Tacurongnons support for the festival. Next is Haute Couture, casual wear with the Interview and talent portion. After that there’s jumpsuit and finally the Evening gown. In the Question and Answer portion everyone has the chance to hear our contestants answers. Before they mention the finalist, the minor and major awards shall be awarded. Once they choose top 5 candidates the scores are reset and have to repeat the routine. After the crowning, the winners will join the parade in the Talakudong Festival of Tacurong city to cherish celebration of goodwill.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What inspired you to do pageants?

My mother was my greatest inspiration. Unfortunately during my teenage years she was very far away from me. She was working in England at that time. To encourage me she would have a talk with me letting me know that I won’t be in a shadows forever. She would share her stories of how she won beauty pageants when she was young. During those long talks I would still having doubts about myself. But now I’m confident in myself. She made me believe that I have her beautiful blood and I will continue her legacy as a great beauty queen. I have her full support and she will give me best of everything. Even though she wasn’t there to teach me how to do make up during my teenage years, she helped me to become a wise beauty queen instead. God has a plan, even though my mom was thousand of miles away during my childhood he will reward me in other ways.

World Class Beauty Queens: What do Pageants mean to you?

Pageants bring the best in me, my uniqueness of character and spontaneity. I feel precious standing on a stage with thousands of people watching me, and i know i can be the best. You put yourself out there, your whole heart and soul. The performance on stage represents who you are, it’s very personal. It’s the same way during the interview. At the end of the competition whether you win or lose you are a winner. You did your best and you deserve to congratulate yourself for all the hard work. The courage it takes to enter the competition makes every girl a blessed winner.

World Class Beauty Queens: How many Contestants competed in the competition?

There were 12 candidates but one dropped out.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us one thing that is unique about you?

Definitely my accent. I think it’s the first thing people notice about me when they meet me for the first time. I developed it while i was living in England. I think it’s fun and i’m proud of it, it’s who I am. I talk very fast and I’m idealistic, I use words in a charming way. But now I’m training myself to talk slower by placing more emphasis on pronunciation.

World Class Beauty Queens: What was the most difficult part of the competition for you?

Definitely wearing heels all day long was the most difficult part of the competition. Before the competition my feet were so perfect unwounded with no blisters. Those that are unfamiliar with Philippines, it’s very hot here. And the backstage air conditioner is not enough for the candidates to cool off. My make-up would melt away and I would have to do countless touch ups. I would spend so much time in front of the mirror because it takes so long to redo things. Another difficult part of the competition would be changing outfits. You have literally seconds to jump out of one outfit and jump into second one before you are hurried you back on stage. I wouldn’t complain but my feet were be in such a pain from standing and running around all day.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us About the Haute Couture of Tacurong.

The Haute Couture represents the culture of a “Tacurongnon”. In that category each candidate is judged on creativity of the outfit. The headpiece is called “Salakot” which is the center piece. It’s the symbol of Talakudong to celebrate the Goodwill of the people.

World Class Beauty Queens: Who Designed your Haute Couture outfit?

Two people were involved in designing my Couture dress. It was my family friend /make-up artist Ruston Paladin. The finishing touches were done by Carla Blando.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your casual Blue Dress.

The significance of the casual dress colors of Blue, green, yellow and orange is to come up a youthful and contemporary design color that would best exemplify a modern Tacurongnon.

World Class Beauty Queens: Describe Jump Suit Competition to us.

Due to the high moral standards of sponsors agencies, school and church swimwear is not allowed during the competition. Instead we model in a jumpsuit.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did it feel to take your first step in your outfit?

It felt as if God was touching my heart, the feeling extended all the way down my palms, fingers and feet. God was in my heart an in my mind. I could feel that his presence with me. It was the strength and beauty of the moment. I felt excitement and relief knowing that he’s there with me each step of the way. So in my heart i felt peace.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is your technique to connect with judges?

My smile is always the center of attraction, it helps me connect with the judges through my bubbly personality. My make-up artist advised me not to practice a glimpse smile but a smile that is connecting the audience. I have my own whisper words to help me smile and these are “Hi” and “A”. And making sure my eyes sparkle together with my smile.

World Class Beauty Queens: What do you do to prepare for the striking pose?

If I didn’t practice my walk over and over I find it difficult being comfortable in heels. And then I’m really distracted and my posture and my smile suffers. I always pray to God to guide my feet. When I do that I’m very confident on stage because he will guide me. I don’t believe in luck of prayer but rather I have faith in prayer.

World Class Beauty Queens: How do you choose your gowns?

Most of my gowns are custom made, my makeup artist Ruston Paladin is behind every idea. He knows exactly what I like and what I don’t like. We’re both Sagittarians which explains why we have so much in common.

World Class Beauty Queens: You mentioned that you have allergies, did you had any problems during the competition?

There are times when my allergies strike without warning. The symptoms start with itchiness of my nose and sneezing. I’m glad it didn’t affect me during the finals. It would have ruin my entire mood.

World Class Beauty Queens: How do you choose accessories for your gown?

I do my shopping with my make-up artist or with my mom. Normally I pair up my accessories to compliment my outfit. But nowadays stud earrings are compatible to my aura.

World Class Beauty Queens: At the end all comes down to eyes and face. Who did you trust to do your

make-up and hair?

My ever darling Ruston Paladin. The first time he did make up for me he was surprised the way I transformed. He changed me from a girl next door into a beauty queen. When he said that I thought he was joking. Since then he was my pageant confidant and my family.

World Class Beauty Queens: A walk will define a winner from a looser. How often do you practice your pageant walk?

When the pageant is few months away I practice my walk 4 times a day on my work out days.

For maximum performance I keep the same weight during the leg workout but I increase the repetitions. So the workout is very important to balance my walk.

World Class Beauty Queens: Competing in pageants can put a high stress and lower your selfesteem, what is your technique to you keep your self-esteem high.

I am Catholic so I pray a lot. But the energy of the Sikh Temple of India helps me create atmosphere to peace in my mind. When i get a chance I mediate in the temple alone even just for ten minutes.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did it feel when the crown touched your head at the crowning?

I felt an electric wave all over my body at that time. It’s was a funny feeling during the crowning moment. I was also laughing in my mind because I remember myself as little Emo scene girl with dark eyeliners, dim outfits and always gloomy. And look how I turned out to be. “ Hello rainbow and sunshine, Goodbye dark clouds!”

World Class Beauty Queens: What does the crown symbolizes to you?

Something beautiful and something fulfilling. It symbolizes a state of euphoria. There is nothing I can compare it to except pure happiness, because your dreams came true.

World Class Beauty Queens: When you are getting ready for an event and you are standing in front of the mirror. Wearing crown and sash what are you thinking to yourself?

I think to myself, I am love, center of the world. People are there to see me. When I wear

a crown I feel proud of myself. I’m a self-made woman my existence is full of positive possibilities.

World Class Beauty Queens: What motivates you to compete for the next title?

Joining the beauty camp “Camp of Aces and Queens!” This experience will change my entire life. It won’t be just any experience it’s a journey to the crown. No matter how tough the training will be I’ll finish it with grace. I’m positive this camp will help me become a better competitor and help me win the next crown.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is the Ultimate title you want to win?

I want to win the crown of Miss Universe or Miss International. I’m very confident i can represent either crown with grace and honor.

World Class Beauty Queens: What will you do with that title?

First I want to bring the honor to my home and to my country Philippines. I would use my title to help deaf and disabled community. I would ask the entire Filipino country to donate and help out. When my mission is accomplished. I would go to my Grandparents grave on my father’s side whom I’ve never met. I would share with them my achievements and thank them for their blessings since they are always in my prayers.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is the next competition you are preparing yourself for?

I’m preparing for Binibining Pilipinas , this would be my first national pageant i would compete in. I hope God will bless me with this title and the crown.

World Class Beauty Queens: You did a photo shoot with World Class Designer Leo Almodal, would you like to tell us about it?

It was like a road to Binibining Pilpinas! I swear, could you imagine a woman like me would ever wear an Almodal gown. He isn’t just Filipino designer but a World Class designer! He was my first choice to design my T’nalak cloth haute couture dress. And it was his first time working with a T’nalak cloth. The cloth come all the way from Mindanao to Luzon. I went to Leo just to have my custom made gown by him. While I was doing my fitting at Leo Almodal showroom we did a photoshoot. It was one amazing experience. There were 6-8 people inside the showroom setting up the shoot, it took almost 8 hours to finish the shoot. It felt like a whole day. It was quite tiring, we did video interviews and we tried on different gowns through out the day.

During the whole experience I was able to meet beauty queens from all over world like Miss Guam. Also I was able to meet a queen from my favorite country England. Actually I was able to met the two title holders from England. It was Miss Earth England 2016 Luissa Burton and Miss Grand International 2016 England Cherelle Rose Patterson. The three of us became close friends, especially Miss Earth England. When she was competing she was my favorite contestant and i hoped she would win especially because Miss Earth 2016 was held in my country.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about the Dress Leo designed for you.

My haute couture dress is made out of T’nalak Cloth which is a native indigenous cloth at the province of South Cotabato. Yellow flowy evening gown and it’s embellished with light colorado and topaz Swarovski crystals and it represent a resilient Woman of the Golden Era of South Cotabato.

World Class Beauty Queens: Who would you recommend Leo Almodal designs to?

My business clients, relatives and close friends. Leo Almodal is the best in the business.

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you to Pia Samantha Roldan Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong 2012 Tourism for this amazing interview. Print Issue 3 purchase link.

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