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Nicola D`Errico

Nicola D`Errico, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine, Photo by Stefano Wurzburger
Nicola D`Errico, World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine, Photo by Stefano Wurzburger

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine has the pleasure to interview great Italian Haute Couture Designer Nicola D`Errico.

World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: When did your passion for the fashion begun? My passion for fashion was born in me practically as a child. My mother was a seamstress, one of those women who worked at home. She made custom-made clothes, and as a child I watched her while she gradually gave birth to wonderful little creations from small pieces of fabric. Everything seemed magical, and I witnessed that metamorphosis with enchanted eyes.I was born into a humble family, and I felt, as a young boy, the need to go to work to earn some money to help the family. So I started working in my uncle’s tailor shop in the afternoons after school; this was my first step in the fashion world. As time passed, I became more and more fascinated by this work to the point of, as a child, I started sewing things for myself, almost for fun. A game that, the more time passed, the more I began to feel it as my future job.A passion that increased in me winning my heart and soul with ease. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: When did you officially start your career as a fashion designer? As the years went by, 3 of my older brothers, who like me had started working as tailors in small artisan workshops, decided to start their own personal activity in the clothing field. So I started helping them during my breaks between study and work. The family activity gave the first positive results, and it was at that time that I decided to undertake something more important,So with the help of my family I moved to Milan to attend one of the most prestigious fashion design schools. After completing my studies I had different work experiences through internships in famous fashion houses, where I came into contact with the system of the international fashion scene. As years passed, when I felt ready, I returned to my brother’s company to begin my journey as a stylist, designing the first Maison D’errico’s collections. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Talk us about your brand Atelier Nicola D`Errico. The collections that I designed for the D'Errico Maison - Antonio D'Errico Couture - ADE 'and Antonio D'Errico Gold were successful both in Italy and in the world,and so to satisfy our increasingly demanding clientele I felt the need to create a line at the top of all the expectations of the best boutiques in the world. This is how Atelier Nicola D'Errico was born, made of craft knowledge mixed with the semi-industrial production cycle, but with the spirit of an atelier that dresses and builds tailor-made clothes. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: When and where was presented your first collection? The first Atelier Nicola D'Errico collection was presented in Milan at the Bridal Fashion Week in 2015.Finally the wait was over, and both customers and press immediately acclaimed the collection as elegant, feminine but above all easy to sell and tasteful. On this occasion numerous international buyers were able to appreciate the work done and consecrated the entire Maison D'Errico as an Italian Excellence. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Tell us about your first collection? The first Atelier Nicola D'Errico collection was born after a journey that lasted for years and only when my professional and artistic maturity made me feel ready for the great and prestigious step. So I wanted to call it – Incantesimo-, which means “spell” or “enchantment” . The title had a double artistic interpretation: the first was strictly personal, chasing the dream I had as a child, because in an instant I found myself as an adult presenting and materializing a noble and enchanted dream. The same dream and the same enchantment that all women feel in their souls every time they wear a dress, every time they have to give their charm to the eyes of the beholder. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: What fabrics do you like to use? Of course, being an enchantment, it was necessary to use fabrics that could express this beauty. The search for materials was done exclusively in Como, the home of silks. I was able to find them by visiting the major textile companies silk brocade, matelassé and damask with lurex thread and precious silks both in plain color and in floral prints of Renaissance inspiration. The search for lace, light and delicate was made in Paris in small artisan workshops, where there are still textile machines from the end of the 19th century. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Which Fashion Weeks have you showcased your designs? Considering the great support given to the collections both from customers and press, Maison D'Errico feels the need to present the collections in the major fashion week in the world: Bridal Fashion Week in Milan Milan Fashion Week Bridal Barcelona Fashion Week Oradea Fashion Week (Romania) New York Fashion Week Los Angeles Fashion Week There are also other presentations to add, such as London and Shanghai. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: How was your experience during New York Fashion Week? The New York experience was fantastic. For the show an exceptional and charmatic location was chosen, one of the oldest synagogues in America: Ansche Chesed-Angel Orensanz Synagogue. Through my public relations office, the whole city elite was invited for the occasion. Famous actors, artists and some Italian diplomatic delegations in New York. A very prestigious audience for an event that ended with a Party in the exclusive Orensanz Lounge. Here I experienced a wonderful emotion: being acclaimed by such a demanding audience, on such an important and unique stage, I think it was a unique thing. When I was a boy I watched the New York fashion shows as an unreachable goal, then all of a sudden I found myself plying those catwalks I realized for the first time ever that what was my passion as a boy had really become my profession, and my name and my Brand had been consecrated worldwide. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Why did you decide to design for women and Haute Couture? During my artistic career, I have always seen women as an infinite and mysterious universe. Creating women's clothes means constantly putting oneself to the test with ever-evolving personalities and souls, and keeping up with this evolution is one of the most exciting and fascinating challenges an artist can experience. At first I drew only pret-a-porter, but my artistic exploration at some point had to stop for obvious reasons: the market imposed rules beyond which one could not go. I felt the need to go further, I absolutely didn't want obstacles through my creative input, so it was when I felt the professional maturity that I decided to take the big step: to design Haute Couture. Here my designer spirit would no longer have limits, I could finally draw without obstacles and without rules imposed by the market. All this made my job a truly wonderful journey. Design clothes for increasingly demanding women who are always looking for beauty gives an happy and “enchanted” atmosphere. With the eyes of a dreamer I can wrap women with artisan poetry. I like thinking that a woman who takes part in an event wearing one of my dresses feels sure of herself and above all appreciated by whoever looks at her. Haute Couture is feeling yourself a fairy tale, a bit like Alice in Wonderland, venture without knowing where, and feeling only the emotion that is perceived so delicately, and unconsciously knowing that in the end only a marvelous goal will be achieved. The world of luxury remains very fascinating, and today we must look at Haute couture in a different way. It was originally addressed only to the great ladies of the aristocracy and the nobility, instead today it is aimed in particular at the new generations. These dresses are always special for special occasions and for special women of all ages, and the artisan world that revolves around these creations involves a team of people who are passing on sartorial knowledge from generation to generation. All this is a continuous stimulus to do always better, and it is an energy generator that at any time gives you the charge to do your work in the best way possible. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: What celebrities did you dress, and which one would you like to dress next? During these years, I have had the opportunity to dress many women from the world of entertainment, culture and aristocracy. Being chosen by these prestigious names has been a great achievement in my artistic career. I can mention just a few of the last names: Raffaella Fico, Emanuela Tittocchia, Sandra Gigli, Sara Ricci and many others. In particular I want to remember Sofia Milos, a Hollywood star who wore one of my dresses at the last night of the 2019 Oscars, also at Elton John's party. However, my biggest dream is to be able to dress one of the most famous Italian beauty icons in the world, Sophia Loren. I really hope with all my heart that i will be able to reach this other goal as soon as possible, which for me would be like receiving a career award. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Who is your favorite designer, your inspiration? Since I started studying fashion, I have always admired Christian Dior. I have always loved his artistic vein and his creative path, and I believe that he has been an infinite source of inspiration for my artistic journey. I spent a lot of time studying this designer, as I wanted to somehow immerse myself in his spirit and his creative energy. I think Dior has revolutionized the fashion world by really imposing special segments to represent the way a woman can express all her sensuality and femininity. I take advantage of this situation to invite all those young people who are starting their path into the world of fashion to seriously study this designer and his artistic career, full of success and determination, a designer who is a source of great inspiration. Even today I spend my free time reading his books and to visit exhibitions that are usually organized especially in Paris, because whenever I turn to him, there is always a special discovery. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine: Please tell us where we can find you. (web sites, ateliers, etc) My collections today can be appreciated in the best Italian and worldwide boutiques, whose names i cannot mention because i am not authorized to. Although this, I'm very grateful because after today my creations travel around the world. Then apart from the main showroom located in Naples, there are other ones in London, Milan, Shanghai and New York. I am very happy to have been chosen by World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine for this important interview. This fills my heart with pride and enriches my artistic journey even more. I would like to thank in particular Ms Fernanda Capicci, who chose me and believed in me. Thank you N.B. World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine is so grateful with the wonderful Nicola D`Errico for give us this interview, we wish him more success! Interview by Maria Fernanda Capicci Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine.

Photo by Stefano Wurzburger

Photo by Vincenzo Spena

Photo by Dino Frittoli

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