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Nick Vera Perez Mr. USA United Nations 2023

World Class Kings Magazine would like to welcome amazing King Nick Vera Perez Mr. USA United Nations 2023.

Full name: Nick Vera Perez Title/Year: Mr. USA United Nations 2023

Pageant System: Volunteer, charity, and wit

Age: 49

Zodiac sign: Libra

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing Ballroom, Reading, Gardening, Exercising, Cooking, Hosting events

Platform: Helping others help others help

Years competed: 1

Countries visited: HongKong, Philippines, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea

Likes: Positive vibes, good energies, smiling faces, healthy or home-made meals, calm people and places

Dislikes: Delays, untimely submissions, late attendances, procrastination

Status: Single

World Class Kings Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.

Hi. I am Nick Vera Perez. I am fond of singing which I do professionally. Recently released a total of 5 albums; another 5 are on the way. Every single can be downloaded from iTunes, Spotify, and 220 more worldwide digital streaming systems. I love to cook, garden, and spend time taking care of my mom, who has a stroke. I have three white paw friends (Havanese), and they all have good attitudes yet are playful most of the time. I prefer working out at a pace when I can, loves to travel and meet new people. I do hosting as a side job and guesting as well.

I like to make time doing creative and critical thinking that can appreciate and change other people's lives. I want to listen to people's trials and learn from them. I think the best people are those who can stand up and face the world smiling despite their challenges and difficulties. World Class Kings Magazine: Why did you choose to compete for your title?

Aside from being a citizen, I believe that the crown can magnify my platform and help me reach out more help for many to help others. With the title comes faith and strong willpower that many can follow as I lead more goodwill and service to others. I believe in unity, love, and kindness. I also am a huge supporter of charity and would love to be the world's ambassador to Goodwill.

The Mr. USA-United Nations 2023 title truly is an honor to have, as it brings a torch that signifies tourism, charity, and knowledge. All of which can help enlighten people on love, respect, and acceptance. With the title comes a responsibility to lead an example to the followers and friends who can get benefits from the practices being upheld. It is never about the face or the body; it is all about what you can do for others. World Class Kings Magazine: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system, please tell us what it is about.

The pageant system is an international promotion of tourism, charity, and volunteerism uniting different countries to get involved in the platform. My platform is helping others help others help. The mantra has an extended effect that ripples exponentially as an outreach, so the domino effect is projectile, and the trajectory becomes optimal. I like to mentor new singers, younger vocals who I think have what it takes to make it. I want to work with them on confidence, people dealing, personality enhancement, and talent packaging. In showbusiness, especially in music, vice may not be enough unless you develop the complete package to be a pop star or a star to be watched out for. So the pageant Mr. USA-United Nations and the International competition counterpart believe in charity and tourism, all of which lead to my legacies. Once chosen to represent a country (residence), you will compete internationally. This year will be in India on September 2023. I am excited and looking forward to fulfilling the goals and legacies and meeting new friends.

World Class Kings Magazine: What are you being judged on during the competition?

The Mr. USA United Nations 2023 was judged based on interviews, charity, and community work involvements. The wit to answer correctly remains subjective, so the best way is to respond as currently as possible; assured and fulfilled answers always work best. You are also competing in the sportswear category, formal wear, and the interview. All of which makes total sense when you win and become the world ambassador for unity. The competition will be presented to the candidates, and all judges will take place interviewing each candidate from all over the world for the title. They are looking at the depth of the responses and, most likely, the essence of the words that match the candidate's existing platform and realization.

World Class Kings Magazine: Which part of the competition was the most fun for you?

Photography is always fun, but the journey from the start to today has made it exciting. And forwarding to the international competition, I do not know what will happen in India but positively thinking of winning for the USA. The application was a soul-bearing start as we got to be phone-interviewed or screened accordingly. Otherwise, the process was excellent. The next fun thing is raising awareness so fans and friends can start voting for the special award called the People's choice award. Coordination on calling my friends and family to support me is another great experience to have. Planning for the pageant international is another exciting part. I get to think about which sportswear I must represent well, bearing the US label and the formal wear and arranging the ticketing to India. The country requires a visa application regardless as well. So the excitement keeps coming.

World Class Kings Magazine: Which part of the competition was most challenging for you?

The most challenging will be leaving the country for India for the competition. Adjustments of work schedules, family's take over care for my mother (who has a stroke), and the costs of joining and the journey as a whole. The whole endeavor is a huge challenge. The only thing motivating me to do this is the promise to have a better legacy outreach of my life's goals. To remind them again, it is to help others help themselves so they can help others help. I certainly believe that no amount of challenges are enormous when a village of the same believers in goals are working together for good.

World Class Kings Magazine: What inspired you to do your first pageant?

Pageants provide platform magnification. This inspired me to join as I know social media can also multiply the effects of the pageant in return. The modalities where each source of information can display an array of positive data are extensively utilized by yours truly. I believe we only live once truly, and while some manage to have two lucky chances, I take this lifetime seriously. I know that helping is friendly and has proven to make lives easier for most. I believe that this motivation can exercise better results when used wisely. Pageants are great avenues to push an agenda and make our voices heard.

World Class Kings Magazine: What are some of your achievements?

Education: I am in school for a Doctoral degree in Nursing Practice. Will finish in less than a year. Graduated full scholar from grade school to college. Profession: I have been a practicing registered nurse for 35 years handling intensive care, post-anesthesia care, chemotherapy, home health care, and medical-surgical units. I also sing professionally, recorded and released five albums total, and worked on 6th for 2024 release (a dance album). Modeling: I have several appearances in ramp (tie showcases) in downtown Chicago for a designer (MRoscoe), some local skin care products, and a university social media official influencer. World Class Kings Magazine: Tell us about your platform or what charity you volunteer for.

I have a charity called NVP1Charities that helps three other organizations as my recipient. Kanlungan Ni Maria, Childhaus, and Bantay Bata (all Philippine-based charities). Kanlungan ni Maria (Maria's Cradle) caters to the homeless aging populace. Most of them were abandoned by their children and had no places to live or decent food. I support the organization by bringing my followers to the site (remote and taking considerable transportation to comfortably transport us). My program provides them with songs and food; we feed them personally for a day and provide cash donations. ChildHaus is an organization dedicated to children with cancer and receiving chemotherapy and surgeries. We provide them with food, laughter, songs, and contributions to help them cope with their cancer treatment journeys. Bantay Bata (Guard the Children) is another recipient of my charity that cares for abandoned children. They are healthy kids from newborn to 13 years old, and some await adoption. I believe in these charities, so I keep them. World Class Kings Magazine: What are some of the appearances that you've done? I have appeared in several local (Chicago) community events and hosted Ms. Earth in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin in 2018. I also guested on some international (Manila) artists, which can be too lengthy to mention. I have hosted other Chicago events for many years, including the Chicago Philippine Reports TV Hall of Fame Awards, PASS Awards, and The Honors, to name a few. World Class Kings Magazine: Tell us about your evening wear. The three evening wear to choose from that I am preparing for the international competition are custom-made. One has ruby red sparkles by the lapels, a velvety overall coat, and black plants. The evening wear can, however, change. I have three looks to choose from, and we can only imagine when it happens that night. All four of them bore great stories to tell. But the essence of the formal wear was focused on the strength of a man amidst trials and difficulties. World Class Kings Magazine: Tell us about your national costume. The national costume will be equestrian or American Football (AF) for the upcoming international pageant. The AF is the number 1 watched sport in the US, especially during the NFL. I am also drawn to doing Equestrian or Polo. Again, all will be decided when I get to the event. I am an artist, so I follow my gut all the time. The looks I prepare are all dependent on my mood that day, but all are equally well thought of. World Class Kings Magazine: What makes you stand out from all those other guys? Humility, confidence, and direction. I know my platform, my goals, and where I am heading. My years of life experiences have brought me far enough to easily see where my actions lead. I do not compare myself to anyone, but speaking about what I have and can do, I follow my heart where it feels right. I nurture new talents, singers and dancers alike, and exert professional efforts in allowing them to discover their abilities and confidence. I do not aspire to be an international model. I desire to be a leader in helping people do their best. I wish for a more permanent change than unsteady dreams. World Class Kings Magazine: How did it feel to hear your name as the winner? To hear my name is fantastically ecstatic. Not only will I be able to pronounce my platform, but it will allow me to promote the beautiful USA. Living in the limelight for many years has somehow made me numb to my name being called. But to represent the fantastic USA is another story to be proud of. Although the world knows how advanced the country is and has evolved, the need to continue to promote its beautiful sites and people becomes a priority to boast. In the USA, despite everyone's differences, we still see the effects of unity based on these differences. And this is what makes the USA extremely powerful and wonderful. World Class Kings Magazine: What does the stole (sash) symbolize to you? The sash/ stole meant I was IT. I own it. It told me the title was finally and respectfully given to me because the organization believed in my platform and knew I could make things happen. To represent a country is a heavy responsibility as being visibly bearing it. Cohesively, the function that came with the foundational strength of the sash also has threaded the great desire to manage the representation with the pageant outcomes encompassing strength, unity, and respect. Called a symbol, the sash is a commanding presence worn at events and sessions. It assisted many followers and public locations in coming and taking a photo, with me being proud of the representation it provides. So to me, the sash equally symbolizes the strength, unity, and respect that comes with the title. World Class Kings Magazine: What does it mean to you to be a King? To be a King is to be a leader. Wise, strong, and able. To be a king is to be honorably responsible for improving lives through self-modeling and influencing. The word king to me equates to top and high, and I personally would appreciate the level it brings as a Mr. USA United Nations 2023. To rule is to be a king, and to be a king means to create safeguarding and leading that help the community improves. An improved group of followers allows a king to have a place where support is granted without being demanded. That, to me the real deal fit for a king. World Class Kings Magazine: Any Modeling, Film, acting, or music experience you would like to share? They are all (movies) in the works, hoping within the next five years if God wills it. Music-wise, three shows plus 6th album release are coming up in late 2023 and the Summer of 2024. I look forward to a One Night Only show in Chicago by December 15, 2023, A Christmas family show, which will be available soon at This Christmas show was a sold out last year in Manila, and we are taking them in here for a new journey. We are also preparing for the multi-album shows on May 2024. World Class Kings Magazine: What are your plans for 2023 as a King? The plan is to get more involved in signifying charitable causes. Another to do is accept more appearances to promote the mission of the United Nations and its system's values. More talents to nurture and include in the following shows we provide world-class at NVP1World. I also plan to concentrate on finishing my Doctorate degree in Nursing, which hopefully takes until May 2024. World Class Kings Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? The help I can do so more can help others help more is what I want to be remembered for someday. With sustainable charities and support groups, the legacies will include the ability to help kids refine and tune their singing talents, performance skills, and professional presentations. World Class Kings Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview.

Nick Vera Perez Mr. USA United Nations 2023, World Class Kings Magazine, Photo by Eva Flis Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr WorldClass 2023 Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

Miss WorldClass and WorldClass Ambassadors.


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