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Lily Marotto, World Class Designers Magazine

World Class Designers Magazine would like to welcome amazing brand Lily Marotto which will be presenting during Paris City Fashion Week in 2019.

World Class Designers Magazine:  Please tell us about your brand. Lily Marotto is a Fashion Brand focused on custom-printed luxurious one-of-a-kind garments made of natural fibers. It is a fast growing brand, representing classic femininity for today’s world. Inspired by Art, Philosophy, Mythology, and Heritage. All the stages of production, including fabric printing happens in California, USA. The brand was established in 2016, and has presented at LA and NY Fashion Weeks, many other shows and events. In 2017, Lily Marotto opened the Design Studio and Showroom, and in 2018 started selling collections in West Coast Leather Store in the heart of San Francisco. Lily Marotto has won multiple awards, created gowns for winners of International Beauty contests and the most important, won hearts of customers who value the combination of uniqueness and the highest quality materials and production.

World Class Designers Magazine: Please tell us about yourself. Being born in Moscow, Lily has an international background and traveled the world since she was little. Her journey into the fashion industry started with a job as Brand manager in a well-known International Fashion Company. Her passion to it, started way before. Always being different, sketching dresses while listening in class, Lily had a desire to see the beauty every day in absolutely casual situations. After coming to the USA, Lily completed her degrees in styling, color analysis and Apparel design and Merchandising. Her vision is to embrace women and let them to speak through the way they are dressed.

World Class Designers Magazine: Tell us about your collection we are showcasing. This collection is about combining unusual draping with unique prints on natural silks and cottons. It will have lots of “vintage inspired” details, and an incredible luxury feel.  It is important for me to know that my customers feel so comfortable, even wearing a ball gown or a bridal dress, that they can be themselves and focus on their goals.

World Class Designers Magazine:  What was your inspiration? The inspiration for the new collection is Mathematics, and especially Geometry. Playing with prints, volumes, and strict lines. Spatial ability, the capacity to understand, reason and remember the spatial relations among objects or space, was one of the strong talents that Lily developed since she was a child. Lily is fascinated by the shapes and angles of geometric figures, the beauty and logic of math, and the methods and theories used in fine art.

World Class Designers Magazine: Which major fashion shows were you able to showcase your collection? We showcased our collections twice at NYFW in 2018, joined ELUCID MAGAZINE Fashion Show in NYC, and LAFW in 2017.  We have also participated in many other local, Bay Area, and California based shows and events.

World Class Designers Magazine: What local, national or international celebrities did you dress? Ulyana Zilbermints (1RU Mrs California America), Raquel Basco (Miss World America 1RU, Miss USA Intercontinental), Letty Loera (Instagram celebrity and influencer), and Lani Dickinson (ballet dancer).

World Class Designers Magazine: What made you decide to become a fashion designer? I first started to design clothes for myself. Being extremely shy and insecure, I wanted my clothes to talk for me, really represent who I am. I faced the problem that it is almost impossible to buy something unique in fine quality, and not to spend a months budget on one piece. I also found that even high-end brands use lots of polyesters and artificial fabric blends. At that point I was a student in a Fashion School and I decided to create a few pieces, just for myself. It was a huge success. People were constantly giving me compliments and asking where did I get these garments. So, I decided to to try and started designing full time after I graduated from college.

World Class Designers Magazine: What were some obstacles as a young designer that you had to overcome. It was the illusion that being a Fashion designer is easy. “Just have the right vision - and you are going to become world famous”. I needed to learn how to do everything, from a good sketch to the final stich. It took me almost 2 years to become an advanced sewer and to know how to deal with all kinds of fabrics. I believe that you can not be a Fashion designer unless you really know all the stages. Even now, when I have people helping, I can take any of their spots and do everything myself. If I am not busy with photoshoots or dealing with sales, you will find me sewing, pattern making, or designing new prints.

World Class Designers Magazine: As an established Designer what are your goals now. Every piece we create is absolutely unique and one-of-a- kind. Nowadays, mass production and “Fast Fashion” are overtaking the market, creating tons of products with very poor quality materials and construction, enacting unfair labor practices, and contributing environmental dangers to our planet. We work on a lot of educational content and actually explain how everything is made step by step. Our goal is to change peoples view on clothing from - “it is just a T-shirt, wear it 3 times and put in the garbage” to “this is a unique and premium quality item - I will take care of it, and it will last for ages”

World Class Designers Magazine: What can we expect from you in 2019 as a designer? This year we will present one new collection in May at San Francisco International Art Salon, and right after it start working on a Spring/Summer 2020 collection which we are going to present at Paris City Fashion Week in September.  Lily Marotto will have new releases this year for 3 different lines - Couture gowns and custom-made garments, casual Ready-to-wear items, and a very unique line of jackets and dresses for West Coast Leather.

World Class Designers Magazine: How can clients purchase your designs or contact you? Clients can purchase items from my website https://lilymarotto.com/ , contact me directly, or visit our studio/showroom. Many items are also available at West Coast Leather in San Francisco.

World Class Designers Magazine: What legacy would you like to leave behind? Two things, really: 1. It is a wonderful thing to be unique. People shouldn’t be afraid to be different. Every person deserves to showcase who they are through their appearance. “Fashion is an every day Art”, it is like a puzzle - you mix and match pieces, but you also create the picture. It is your statement, your choice to be unique. 2. Quality really matters.  Life is very fragile, so it is all about being happy and taking good care of yourself and the people you love. When people look good, they feel better. When you forget what you are wearing and feel extremely comfortable, you can focus on bigger goals and be your true self. .

World Class Designers Magazine would like to say thank you to brand Lily Marotto for this wonderful interview and wish you success while presenting during Paris City Fashion Week.


Date And Time

Sat, September 28, 2019

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM IST


Eiffel Tower

5 Avenue Anatole France

75007 Paris France Website https://pariscityfw.com

Model Letty Loera (model, instagram star and influencer @vivalakitty) Photo by Eugene Polyak (@eugenepolyak). Letty is wearing corset cotton twill and silk organza + leather front zipper dress. Dress is fully lined, has a built-in corset and pockets. Size 0-4. Retail price is 1565$. Jewelry by Marina Galinsky (@galinskyjewelry)

Model Letty Loera (model, instagram star and influencer @vivalakitty) Photo by Eugene Polyak (@eugenepolyak) Letty is wearing 100% custom-printed silk pleated pants by Lily Marotto, top and jacket by Skip Pas (@westcoastleather) Pants are made using Couture techniques and one-of-a-kind print. Retail price is 680$. Jewelry by Marina Galinsky (@galinskyjewelry)

Model Raquel Basco (@missraquelbasco Miss World America 1RU 2018, Miss USA Intercontinental 2017) Photo by Alex Matt Photography ;  Raquel is wearing black and white embroidered corset dress inspired by the Swan Lake ballet. Retail price is 1700$.

Model Raquel Basco (@missraquelbasco Miss World America 1RU 2018, Miss USA Intercontinental 2017) Photo by Alex Matt Photography ; Raquel is wearing custom-printed silk corset evening gown embroidered with unique vintage sequin details. Retail price is 2500$.

Model Kataluna Patricia (@mskataluna Queen CA, Queen USA 16, MIQ18 top 12, Super Sireyna world USA) Photo by Alex Matt Photography ; Kataluna is wearing a printed silk charmeuse feather embroidered gown inspired by a painting by the artist Ilya Zomb (world famous artist, website http://www.zombart.com/ ) Retail price is 2500$. Jewelry by Marina Galinsky (@galinskyjewelry)

Model Kataluna Patricia (@mskataluna Queen CA, Queen USA 16, MIQ18 top 12, Super Sireyna world USA) Photo by Alex Matt Photography ; Kataluna is wearing a sleeveless jacket with a 3d effect of cotton twill and silk organza, fully lined. Retail price 900$, and 100% custom-printed silk pleated pants. Pants are made using Couture techniques and one-of-a-kind print. Retail price is 680$. Jewelry by Marina Galinsky (@galinskyjewelry) #WorldClassDesignersMagazine #WorldClassBrand Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans iffocares.org

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