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Krystal Okeke Miss & Mrs America Nation Pageant Director

Krystal Okeke Miss & Mrs America Nation Pageant Director , World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Krystal Okeke Miss & Mrs America Nation Pageant Director , World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Eva Flis Photography

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing pageant director Krystal Okeke of Miss & Mrs America Nation.

Pageant Director: Krystal Okeke

Pageant Name: Miss & Mrs America Nation

Established: 2017

Pageant Mantra: Beauty with Inspiration

Nation Office: Chicago Illinois 

Pageant Division: Local, National, International  (Miss,Mrs,Mister) -AGE- 10 - 70yrs


World Class Beauty Queen:  Please tell us about yourself. Nigerian American, born in Chicago. Journalist, Super model, Beauty Queens Stylist and Activist/humanitarian: Queen Krystal Okeke. The CEO America Kids Multicultural World. CEO Miss & Mrs. America Nation, and Former Ms. Illinois USA Universal 2016. A mother to former baby Illinois and a tennis athlete Kleopatra Vargas. 

World Class Beauty Queen: Tell us about your pageant journey.  From a earlier age, Krystal had an interest of watching the Miss World/Miss Universe pageant hoping that She could be like the queens on television in the future.  In 2012, Krystal attended the Miss Universe pageant held in planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Where she went to support Miss USA & Miss Nigeria (Her best friend). That was the year Miss USA won. Krystal has worked with various foreign beauty Queen during her stay abroad. She had continued her education and participated in volunteer activities as well as competing in pageants National American Miss teen Illinois 2013, Miss Illinois USA 2014 and 2015. In 2014 she was awarded a 4 years scholarship to Lindenwood University at St Charcle, MO through Miss Universe pageant system. In 2016 Krystal Okeke Won her first ever title Ms. Illinois USA Universal, also placing as 2nd runner up at Ms. Universal National pageant held in Reno, Nevada.

World Class Beauty Queen: Tell us about your pageant.

The Miss & Mrs America Nation pageant system is created to empower and build the lives of Women of all age, uniting a diverse Nation and providing for the Underprivileged people. This pageant system is a Local, National & international pageant system designed to inspire, build and acknowledge every individual regardless of race, age, ethnicity or religion. It’s a movement of inspiring and empowering young women/LGBT community with a great purpose. The Miss & Mrs. America Nation do not discriminate on any level, accepting women of all size, age, gender or occupation. Age range 12 - 70 years old. Everyone have a purpose on earth and with this pageant system we are devoted in keeping individuals focused on their dreams. During the summer Miss America Nation 

World Class Beauty Queen: What is the pageant brand? 

“Beauty with Inspiration” Our program is designed to empower and inspire everyone to be true leaders with value and integrity.

Beauty with inspiration: not just being beautiful on the outside, but having a charitable heart to positively impact others.

Uniting a diverse Nation: uniting people of all gender, age and culture to end discrimination.

World Class Beauty Queen: What are the requirement? 

Have to be between age Pre teen : 10 - 12 years Miss & Mrs 13-70 yrs, We are open to LGBT/MEN/WOMEN. We are looking for contestants from all part of the world. We Stand for Diversity on a local, National & International level.

World Class Beauty Queen: What categories are contestants judged on:  

As a contestant, you will be judged in FIVE different categories: Personal Interview, Humanitarian/platform service, Photography, Fitness and Evening gown pose. We are not a talent base pageant system.

World Class Beauty Queen: What is the pageant mission? 

Our mission is “Uniting a Diverse Nation”… we believe men and women are beautiful in many ways. As we understand the importance of one person’s ability to make a difference. We are huge on Charity and community service. Outreach months September - October.

Beauty comes from within and our mission is to inspire mankind with perseverance and compassion. Perseverance to work diligently with those who seek the opportunity to become Miss America Nation to embrace and make a difference for humanity and the community to which they serve. Compassion to be a servant to the organization to which they have earned the right to represent. As well as be a spokesperson not only to the organization’s mission but to positively promote a need to reach out to business, communities, corporations, agencies, and government officials to make a change for the future of mankind. 

World Class Beauty Queen: Who is the founder and creative mind behind the Miss America Nation Pageant?  

CEO of MISS/MRS America Nation Pageant- Krystal Okeke a Journalist, Models Pageant Queen.She is a mother to baby illinois 2016 Kleopatra Vargas. Krystal is known to be Ms. Illinois USA Universal 2016 & 2017 World Class Queen. Who recently represented Illinois at Ms.USA Universal pageant placing in the top 3 as the 2nd runner up. She is a humanitarian and pageant activist. Ms. Okeke is known for judging various pageants and modeling for high brands within the United State. She is an  inspiration for various youths worldwide.

World Class Beauty QUEEN: Who are the Active Queens/Title holders?  

Miss Nigeria 2020 - Elsie Joseph

Miss World America Nation 2020- Calynn Lawrence

Miss Benin Universe 2020- Glory Djidonou

Miss Cameroon 2019 Oriene Toguem

Ms Congo 2019 Unie Brinkley

Mrs. Illinois 2019 Bridget Outlaw

Mrs. America Nation- Yawa Adavo

Miss America Nation 2019- Kitti MaRous

Ms. Illinois 2019- Shannon Ueberfluss

World Class Beauty Queens: What are 5 goals each Queens should accomplish during her reign? Two appearances per month. Four Community service, Two Festival involvements, platform outreach, and Miss & Mrs America Nation On a mission outreach.  All queens must have been featured on various press outlets, including World Class Beauty Queen Magazine, a radio interview etc. All Ambassadors most established a pageant portfolio and a mission on earth.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are some biggest mistakes winners do during their year?

1.Forget the reason they were hire for the job. LOL

2. Begin to overpower and disrespect their director and pageant mentors.

3. Use their title to misrepresent the pageant platform. Such as inappropriate modeling or misbehavior in pubic.

4. Abandon their responsibilities and get carried away. Etc

World Class Beauty Queens: What do pageants mean to you? It means making a positive impact in the lives of people. Making a difference to inspire and find contentment in your reality.

World Class Beauty Queens: Does the system has a charity or a cause it supports and requires Queens to be involved in? Yes, beauty with inspiration outreach ( Being held yearly during summer months), we provide meals, hygiene products, clothing and a free consulting service for underprivileged/ homeless people/domestic violence victims. Etc

For inquiries about available Titles contact

Pageant Office- 7086633189

Instagram: @Miss America Nation

Facebook: Miss & Mrs. America Nation

Webpage : World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview.

Krystal Okeke Miss & Mrs America Nation Pageant Director , World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Eva Flis Photography

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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