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Ernie Tyler

Ernie Tyler, World Class Photographers Magazine,
Photographer Ernie Tyler, World Class Photographers Magazine,

World Class Photographers Magazine would like to welcome amazing USA photographer Ernie Tyler.

Name: Ernie Tyler (Ernest H. Tyler) Years in business: 10 Age: 74 Country: USA Body: Nikon Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm (favorite) Instagram: @ernietyler Facebook: Ernie Tyler (ernie.tyler.7) World Class Photographers Magazine: Please tell us about yourself and where you are from. I am a retired engineer/physicist. I have a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), graduating in 1976. My undergraduate work was also at UCSD, starting in the first full class of freshmen in 1965. I was born in San Diego, CA and grew up in the La Jolla and Pacific Beach area of town. I enjoyed the local beaches and watching local surfers. I have traveled and lived in other areas of the country. I spent more than 5 years in New England (Newport, RI, Amherst, MA and Bedford, MA). I have spent a winter in a remote Eskimo village (Newton, AK) in 1974, teaching preschool in a Head Start program. I have almost always had a camera since I first learned to shoot a 35mm camera at the age of 9 (Argus C3). World Class Photographers Magazine: Please tell us about the cover photoshoot for World Class Petite Models Magazine. I was invited to several photoshoots at a make-shift home studio in Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA) by Kaanchan S Farkiya, Miss World Class Ms. USA 2021. We had been in contact for several years. The home studio was set up in her garage. We put up a plain paper background. I brought a set of Profoto D1 and B1 strobes or moonlights with a variety of soft box diffusers (strip light, Octa Softbox, Paradox, etc.) My camera was the Nikon D850 with the Nikkor 24-70mm zoom lens (f2.8). Kaanchan came to the USA from India, having had a career in film. She studied modeling with a local model/teacher named Nayeli Cordova (now relocated to Las Vegas). I had made contact through mutual friends. She is very creative and she had her theme and wardrobe already selected for the shoot. It made it easy. She is a true professional. World Class Photographers Magazine: Are you schooled or self-taught? Self-taught. I have watched and learned from professional video class and instruction but mostly self taught. World Class Photographers Magazine: What made you decide to dive into world of fashion photography? It is an exciting world of great style and beauty. It has been an adventure meeting great and talented designers and gorgeous models. I am happy that most all have become friends. World Class Photographers Magazine: Which photoshoot would you consider your first break as a photographer? I can think of a couple of catapulting events. Actress Amber Martinez was looking for World Class Beauty Queen cover photos and invited me to meet at Wonderland Studios in Anaheim, CA. The other was a fashion show in LA called LA Swim Week. I believe supermodel Dustin Quick put in a good word and had an invitation extended to me. That was an epic event and I met so many people there. There was also a great break meeting Tatiana Shabelnik, a designer in LA that led to a great epic photoshoot in 2017. That was perhaps my most impressive break. World Class Photographers Magazine: Let's talk about your early days, which photoshoots or jobs helped you climb to where you are? I met a great number of people through mutual friends in the LA area. Fancy elaborate birthday events, fashion shows, movie premiers. That allowed me to make some contacts and plan on follow-up photoshoots. I think my greatest memory is simply making friends and earning the trust of everyone. World Class Photographers Magazine: How would you describe your style of shooting? I am still working on having a trademark unique style. I like clean backgrounds and enjoy giving models an opportunity to express themselves with their style. I do love coming in close for headshots with good lighting. I also love country settings, open fields, landscapes, mountains, canyons, desert, horses. I also love action and sports photography. I enjoy open landscapes. I started with sports locally with surfing, beach volleyball and cycling action photos. World Class Photographers Magazine: How did your style evolved since you start shooting? Perhaps the background in action photography carried over to studio photoshoots. Catching the train of a dress falling or blowing in wind from a fan. Fast changes in poses. The evolution has been to try and slow things down, shoot fewer photos but make each count, fewer bloopers and decisions during post-processing. Efficiency is the goal and I have to admit I am still working on that. World Class Photographers Magazine: Do you have any mentors? I have met a number of photographers that I have respect for. Many think I need no mentoring but we all know that’s not true. The idea is to keep on learning our craft, strive for better but keep it real in the process. Of the photographers out there with online video tutorials, I like a number of them: Jerry Ghionis, Kelvin Pimont, Chris Orwig, Joel Grimes and Peter Hurley. Peter taught me a number of things involving lighting for headshots early after trying to figure out how to best use strobes. World Class Photographers Magazine: Which magazines was your work published so far? World Class Beauty Queens, World Class Petite Models, Heart of Hollywood Magazine, Zensations Magazine, Glamour UK, Haute Couture Magazine World Class Photographers Magazine: Let's talk about gear, what do you currently shoot with and why? Nikon D850. High resolution, good dynamic range. Versatile and can crop and still have publication quality for submission. An overall very versatile camera. I also have excellent top-of-the-line lighting gear from Profoto. I have been an Nikon user for many years and have many Nikkor or compatible Sigma and Tampon lenses. When switching base cameras requires $20K in new lenses, the cost is a barrier unless is it revolutionary quality improvement. I am looking at whether the latest Nikon Z9 is a next step. It is if I want to move more into video but maybe not for still photos. World Class Photographers Magazine: What makes you unique as a photographer? There are many photographers who have both an artistic eye and technical skills. Yes, I think of myself as one of them. It is rare to see the combination of both sports and fashion together. When all is said and done, I do think personality and friendship go a long long way. Add to that dedication, generosity, kindness and willing to make commitments and keep them. Dedication and commitment are essential. World Class Photographers Magazine: What advice would you give to next generation of photographers? Be real, be considerate, respectful and honorable. Yes, learn your craft, know your equipment. If you need to push, explain what is your reason as best you can to maintain trust. Keep your commitments. Learn from your mistakes. World Class Photographers Magazine: What's more important, skill or gear? Skill. Yes, good gear will make a difference, especially if you want to submit to feature magazines. Good glass, clear high resolution photos, and a good eye for retouching are all good. But, once you have good gear, it is you and your skill that make the art come to life. World Class Photographers Magazine: Let's talk about post processing, what is your process and style? I use Lightroom CC and Photoshop as my primary post processing tools. A lot can be done directly in Lightroom: cropping, cleaning up background, even smoothing flaws of the subject. Photoshop is a more precise detailed tool to do more serious work. In terms of style, I like clean symmetrical backgrounds, minimal “clutter” unless it sets the scene for the photo and makes a statement. I like minimal smoothing but it does help up to a point. My wife clued me in about the dangers of overdone smoothing and touch-up by asking whether the photo was of her or not. She said she could not recognize the subject: “That’s not me! I like my wrinkles!!” So, I have to keep that in mind when post-processing at all times. Be aware when the filters are doing too much. World Class Photographers Magazine: What celebrities have you worked with? Amber Martinez, Tammie Starr, Giovanna Salas, Phyllis Spielman, Dustin Quick, Celeste Billinge, Sandy Rodriguez, Brianne Houck, Cassandre Kirkwood, Hannah Anhari, Kellee A. Cade, Rick Rodstrom, Caroline DeGrave, Yvette Fintland, Tabitha Lipkin, Barbara Lee-Edwards, Natasha Sweatte, Kaanchan S Farkiya, Ava Capra, Luc Argut, Kseniia Anikushyna, Anya Baker, Sue Wong, Tina Atrin, Natalie Oden, Madison Fay Wagner, Harmony Latham, April Ross, Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Eyga Mojus, Lisa Hoffman, Celeste Lanuza, Juliana Milano, Kimi Evans, Nikol Ette, Natalya Romanova, Gigi Xiang, Tarciana Bonomo, Cali Rossen, Kaye Laine, Kelly Lenahan, Terri Ann McDonald, Anna Vallefuoco, Anna Gupta, Brittney Phillips, Alexandra Escaffi (and there are more) World Class Photographers Magazine: What designers have you shot with? Tatiana Shabelnik, Juliet Sailo, Lila Landeros, Cheri Elizabeth, Lisseth Corrao, Stephanie Ugochi Iwuaba, Andre Soriano, Smita Vasant, Annette Higgins, Jessica West, Hannah Anhari World Class Photographers Magazine: What are some of your favorite photoshoots and why? I have enjoyed a number of photoshoots. One at Elysium Studio OC with a number of models and celebrities and with the amazing designer Lila Landeros; another studio shoot at Studio 101 in Poway, CA with a James Bond theme. It can seem magical when talented people get together. The unexpected happens almost spontaneously and everyone has a fabulous time. Some are still talking about what fun it was after several years. World Class Photographers Magazine: What is your best quality as a photographer? That’s a tough question. Many offer the thought that I am the true professional. I think it boils down to sincerity, passion, dedication and just having fun…. and delivering quality results. World Class Photographers Magazine: What is your favorite Fashion Week? I have enjoyed LA Swim Week but it appears to have faded. OC Fashion Week has been epic. All Fashion Week’s have plenty of room for improvement and planning. World Class Photographers Magazine: What some of your achievements as a photographer that you are proud of? I have enjoyed the number of magazine covers. However, some of my landscape photos have yet to be highlighted and I do believe they are wonderful photos that I can feel proud of. 1/ Ramona Christmas Sunset (2012); 2/ Yellowstone (2008); Walker Canyon superbloom (2019). I have been happy with a number of portraits of my models and friends. World Class Photographers Magazine? What can we expect from you next? I think some epic fashion on location would be a great plan. Contradictions in high end fashion with bold landscapes could be epic. I do love some of the parachute gown ideas that are popular. I am grateful to be asked to contribute to the magazine. Without great bravado, we can all call ourselves World Class Photographers!! I have been labeled a Celebrity Photographer already. World Class Photographers Magazine? What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind? I would love to be remembered for being a humble, respectful and talented artist with a camera. I enjoy hearing how clients and subjects love working with me. World Class Photographers Magazine? If someone would like to hire you, how can they do that. I am available on social media. My email: I would love to consider new adventures and clients. World Class Photographers Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview. Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Photographers Magazine.

Ernie Tyler, World Class Photographers Magazine,

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans

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