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Briella Arlene Cenci International Heart of Spirit PreTeen 2020

Briella Arlene Cenci International Heart of Spirit PreTeen 2020, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Michael A. Panzarino at M.A.P Graphics, Erin Ford Make-up & Skincare

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Briella Arlene Cenci International Heart of Spirit PreTeen 2020.

Full name: Briella Arlene Cenci

Title/Year: International Heart of Spirit PreTeen 2020

Pageant System: Spirit

Age: 12

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies: All Star Cheerleader, Violin, Girl Scouts

Platform: "Briella's Blessings"

Years competed: 3

Countries visited: None yet!

Likes: Baking, Giving back to my community, Spending time with family and Friends

Dislikes: Bullying, Cleaning my room

World Class Beauty Queens: Please tell us about yourself.

I live in Mechanicville New York with my family. I am in the 6th grade and I love to learn. It is my goal one day to be an elementary school teacher. I have a dog named Jasper from a "A Good Dog" rescue and he has my whole heart. I also have a younger brother that is also pretty special to me. In my spare time you can find me spending time with family and friends, volunteering in my community, cheering at my all-star cheer gym, or practicing my violin at CM Fine Arts school.

World Class Beauty Queens: What does women Empowerment means to you?

Women empowerment to me means that girls can do anything! Anyone can achieve their goals with hard work and dedication.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your pageant history.

My first pageant that I competed in was in a local county Saratoga fair pageant. After that first pageant I definitely caught the "pageant bug." I then went on to compete at the United National Miss organization and had the opportunity to represent New York at Nationals in Disney. Since then, I have been a part of the Spirit organization. Last year, I had the honor of representing a national title as Jr. Miss Spirit of the USA. I am now excited to say that I am currently an international title holder representing Spirit as your International Heart of Spirit 2020.

World Class Beauty Queens: What inspired you to do your first pageant?

The Saratoga County Fair always held a special place in my heart. When I was younger my artwork was displayed at the fair and we always went every summer together as a family. At the fair, I enjoyed the rides and especially visiting all the farm animals. When my mom told me that they were having a fair pageant we thought it would be another fun memory we would create together at the fair. I was shocked when I won! It is really special to me that is where my pageant career all began.

World Class Beauty Queens: Why did you choose to compete for your current title?

The Spirit organization has been my pageant "home" for the past couple of years. I enjoyed my reign as Jr. Miss Spirit of the USA which then allowed me to become eligible to compete for an International title. I really like the organization's focus on promoting sisterhood and community service.

World Class Beauty Queens: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about?

The Spirit organization is about sisterhood and service. The Spirit queens frequently can be seen serving in the community together or coming together for bigger charity events. I recently competed in their "Toys for Tots Pageant". This local event was so much fun and the organization was able to collect and donate over 5,000 Toys for Tots organizations which is really amazing. Since COVID, the Toys for Tots organization was in need of donations, especially this year. It brought a smile to my face to know that I helped to make a positive impact.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are you being judged on during the competition?

During the competition judges are scoring me on the required phases of competition which include interview, runway and evening gown. My favorite part of the competition is the interview. It is my opportunity for the judges to get to know me personally and I get to express my plans if I were to win the crown. It also gives me an opportunity to interact with the judges so they can see my personality off the runway.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your experience during the competition.

My experience during the pageant is amazing! I get to spend quality sister queen time and see all of my friends that may live out of state or far away. Of course getting to dress up and walk the runway is also really fun! Our amazing director Mrs. Amanda also spoils us with gifts and parties! During that week we also come together to do some type of service activity which is an important aspect of the organization.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about your platform or what cause do you volunteer for.

My platform is called "Briellas Blessings" which was inspired by my Christian faith and it allows me to give back to a variety of causes that are important to me throughout the year. There is so much need in the world and this allows me to do what I can within my own community. In addition, I try to support my sister queen's and help to promote their own platforms. That's what sisterhood and pageantry is all about!

World Class Beauty Queens: What appearances have you done with your title?

Recently I helped to display and decorate a Christmas tree at the YWCA Festival of Trees. Some of my Spirit sisters came together to donate and decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments displaying each of our own platforms. It was so fun to see how each of us was so creative in representing each of our platforms on the tree.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are some of your achievements?

As a result of completing over 100 hours of community service I was awarded the "Presidential Gold Community Service Award" this past July. I was then awarded the "COVID Acts of Kindness Award" from Senator Tedisco along with some of my sister Queens. During COVID I had to become creative in the ways I would do community service. I did a lot of activities from home such as creating "no-sew fleece blankets from home and donating them to a local hometown organization called "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" which builds and donates beds to kids who do not have beds at home and sleep on the floor. I also had the opportunity with a few of my sister Queens to create sidewalk chalk art outside of local nursing homes called "Smiles for Seniors" during COVID.

World Class Beauty Queens: What makes you stand out from all those other beautiful girls?

I am genuine and always kind. I am the same girl during the pageant interview and also on and off stage. Win or learn, I am always happy for other girls that receive the crown.

World Class Beauty Queens: Tell us about the moment your name was called out as the winner.

When my name was called as 2020 International Heart of spirit I was so happy! I have some pretty impressive Spirit sisters so I know that I have some big shoes to fill!

World Class Beauty Queens: What does it mean to you to be a Beauty Queen?

Yes, the crown and sash is pretty but it is so much more than that. The crown and sash should be used as a microphone to promote your platform, to be a positive light within your community and to be a role model to other young girls. It is really an honor and a privilege that I get to represent the Spirit organization.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did competing in pageants helped your life?

I have met the most wonderful family and friends through pageantry and I am still friends with many of the girls I met since the beginning of my pageant career. Pageants have helped me gain more confidence in myself, it has helped me to become more confident in my public speaking skills. So many skills that I have learned through pageantry are lifelong skills that will help me to be successful in life, high school, college and beyond.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did pageants helped your selfesteem and body image?

I think it is important to not compare yourself to other girls. There is only one "YOU" and you are made in God's perfect image.

World Class Beauty Queens: You are an inspiration to all the girls out there. How does it feel? It feels great but it is also a privilege. Not everyone gets this opportunity and I am definitely grateful for the opportunities it has provided me. I try not to take it for granted and I want to make the most out of my year of reign serving within my community, embracing opportunities that come my way and enjoy time with my sister queens.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is your on stage strategy to win the judges over?

During the process I would just be yourself and have fun! I think that really comes through on stage if you have a positive outlook and are having fun you are surely going to shine on stage.

World Class Beauty Queens: How did you prepare for your competition?

My mom and I make a binder of the handbook and we highlight details of the competition to help us stay organized. I plan ahead with outfits and will practice walking and modeling at home. If I am working with a pageant coach I am making sure that I schedule enough time with them leading up to the pageant.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for learning better pageant walk?

I would find a good walking coach and practice, practice practice!

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for choosing right pageant dress?

Whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident! If you feel beautiful, that is going to come across in your gown and walk on stage.

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your tips for winning interview?

Know the system that you are competing for well and prepare ahead of time a list of potential questions. Be prepared to talk about your platform. If you have a pageant coach, prepare your interview with them. Be yourself always! Let the judges know what you are passionate about and don't be nervous. They are real people too! It is the only opportunity to show them who you are as a person off the stage and you want to give it your all.

World Class Beauty Queens: What is one mistake that you've done during competing you wish you could redo and fix it?

During COVID I had a gown that was a tad too long. It was difficult during that time to find a seamstress to alter my dress. My mom tried to fix it to the best of her ability but I was a bit self conscious about it on stage. At home, during our trial run it would flow fine. However, because this particular runway had a carpet like material it would get a bit caught up during my walk. My advice would be to take into consideration the type of runway you may be walking on and no matter what happens keep that confidence and smile on the runway.

World Class Beauty Queens: What other mistakes are made by girls during the contest?

I've seen other girls start to get nervous and get in their own head about the competition. It's tough and I've had moments like that before. However, I would suggest to just relax and enjoy that moment on stage. Soak it all in it goes by so fast and you really only have moments to showcase yourself on stage. I've also seen girls, including myself at times, become disappointed that they didn't win the crown. I truly believe everyone has their time when it is meant to be. If it is not in God's plan for you that time, it just wasn't your time. Keep on trying, learn that from that opportunity and carry the lessons that you have learned into future competitions.

World Class Beauty Queens: Any modeling or acting experience?

Other than pageantry, I do not have any formal modeling or acting experience but it could be fun!

World Class Beauty Queens: What are your plans for 2020 as a Queen?

To continue to be involved in my community and also to support my sister's queens platforms as well throughout the year.

World Class Beauty Queens: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I want to leave a legacy behind of a queen that was humble, kind, giving and a girl that embraced her year of reign by using my crown as a microphone to make the world a brighter place.

International Director: Mrs. Amanda Daley

National Director: Mrs. Amanda Daley

Your Local Director: Mrs. Amanda Daley

Pageant website: Miss Spirit Organization

Name of the Photographer and other credits: Michael A. Panzarino at M.A.P Graphics, Erin Ford Make-up & Skincare World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this amazing interview. Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

Briella Arlene Cenci International Heart of Spirit PreTeen 2020, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Photo by Michael A. Panzarino at M.A.P Graphics, Erin Ford Make-up & Skincare

Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment Ambassador to International Foundation for Orphans iffocares.org

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