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Alisha Wilson Junior Teen Diamond UK 2023

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to welcome amazing Queen Alisha Wilson Junior Teen Diamond UK 2023.

Full Name: Alisha Wilson 

Title/Year: Junior Teen Diamond UK 2023 

Pageant System: Diamond Pageants 

Age: 12 

Education Level: High School 

Zodiac Sign: Gemini 

Hobbies: Sea Cadets, MMA, Music/Dance 

Platform: Children and Young Adults Mental Health welfare 

Years Competed: 4 years 

Countries Visited: Italy, Wales, Ireland 

Likes and Dislikes: Music, swimming, water sport activities, animals, flowers 

  World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Can you share a bit about who you are? Like, what are your passions outside of the pageant world? 

My name is Alisha and I've been involved in pageantry for 4 years. I’m currently in secondary school in the UK and I'm also a member of my local sea cadet unit. Outside of pageantry I travel around the UK and Europe with modelling for various designers. I have recently modelled in London, Milan and Venice. I also do gymnastics and MMA in my spare time. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: I’m curious about your education journey. What's it been like for you, any particular highlights or challenges? 

I am only in my second year in secondary school and honestly, I have found school to be generally difficult. I am awaiting confirmation that I am dyslexic as I struggle in some subjects especially English. Although I do enjoy Physical Education as I prefer being active than sitting at a desk. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Women's empowerment is such a key topic. What does it mean to you personally? 

Being in pageantry and on stage empowers me personally and gives me a platform and a voice to show younger girls like myself that they can reach their goals. Self empowerment also aligns with my platform on supporting the mental health of young people as I believe that feeling empowered and good about yourself is a boost to mental health in all ages. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How did you get into pageants? What sparked your interest initially? 

A family friend introduced me to pageantry in my local area. I have always loved to pose which is what got me into modelling 1st but after taking the opportunity to enter my 1st pageant, I have since been hooked and just love being on stage. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What motivated you to participate in your first pageant? Was there a defining moment? 

Seeing my friends on stage after talking about pageants is what got me interested and that the feeling when on stage is what keeps me entering. I just can't put that feeling into words. I come off stage smiling no matter which round it is.  

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Why did you choose to compete for your current title? What made it stand out for you? 

Diamond Pageants are more than just a pageant system, it’s a family and this is what a lot of people told me so I just had to experience it for myself and I can say they have more than lived up to it. Ever since I became a finalist, I was welcomed with open arms and felt accepted straight away and my love for the system and my sister queens has just grown more and more.  

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: I'd love to know more about your pageant system. Could you explain what it’s all about?  

Diamond Pageants believe that everyone should be celebrated. They crown women and men starting from age 4 as well as a curve section. They crown royalty from the UK and EU and welcome everyone no matter their personal circumstances whether its a physical or hidden. They celebrate and encourage the beauty and diversity of everyone as one big family. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What do you think sets your pageant director apart from others? 

The Diamond directors, Tina and Danni are a mother and daughter team which means they understand the importance of treating everyone as family. They are always on hand to answer any question and they also make sure that we are looked after not only within the pageant world but also in our personal lives. They make sure I have the support I need at all times and have never made me feel anything but accepted despite things I have going on.   

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: During competitions, what are the key things you're judged on? 

I feel I am mainly judged on my confidence on stage including a big bright smile, my posture and my walk. I also feel like I need to show my personality on stage as it’s what helps differ me from others. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What’s your competition experience been like? Any memorable moments or learnings? 

4 years in pageantry has given me lots of experience on stage and it’s mainly been positive but also given me plenty to learn. I’ve learnt how to still be confident on stage despite being feeling at my lowest as well as determination to achieve my dreams including my most memorable moment of winning my diamond crown and being given the opportunity to compete Internationally this year.   World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Would you recommend your pageant system to others? If so, why? 

I am always talking about to Diamond to everyone and I would highly recommend it those within the UK and EU. It is the most welcoming system that I have been a part of, and do nothing but encourage and support their finalists, and royalty. I am so happy to be able to represent Diamond on an international level. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Tell me about your advocacy or volunteer work. What causes are you passionate about? 

There are 3 main causes that I will always support. Young Minds UK is a charity that works with and supports children and young adults, this aligns with my personal platform. Samaritans and Macmillan Nurses are the other 2 charities that I support regularly due to personal connections. To support all of these I host regular fundraising activities including charity events, online campaigns and collections. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: With your title, what kinds of appearances or activities have you been involved in? 

I have attended many UK pageants to support not only my sister queens but other UK systems. I have also been able to travel to take part in several European fashion shows which is helping me develop my modelling portfolio alongside my pageant journey. I am currently organising my own charity events to help fundraise for several charities. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Can you share some of your achievements, both in and outside of pageantry? 

Outside of pageantry I have become an ambassador for several clothing designers. Also as a sea cadet, not only have I gained my first aid qualification but I have been chosen to partake in several naval based exercises and local parades. Within pageantry, I have taken to the stage in many charity pageants winning several side awards including best in interview, fashion and evening.  

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: In such a competitive field, what do you think makes you stand out? 

My bright smile and personality not only on stage but also in interview is what I believe makes me different from my competitive peers. Also I believe having a platform that relates to others that are my age and which I can use my own personal experience to develop, helps me to stand out at such a young age. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: I can only imagine how it feels to win. What was going through your mind when your name was announced as the winner? 

To be completely honest, I was genuinely shocked which was definitely shown in the photos when my name was announced but then all I could think of was I can’t wait to tell my little sister as family means the world to me. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What does being a Beauty Queen mean to you? 

I want to be the person to show others that they can do anything despite what other people say to them and being a Diamond Queen means I have the means to show them and the voice to encourage them to follow their dreams. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How have pageants impacted your life? 

Pageantry and the people in it have helped me become more confident in my day to day life which in turn means I am happier and ready to take on any challenge that life throws at me. Pageantry has also given me another family who I couldn’t live without. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How have pageants influenced your self-esteem and body image? 

I believe if anything that pageants have raised my self esteem and made me understand that you don’t have to be stick thin to go after what you want. This is another reason that I love being a Diamond Queen as they have no height or size criteria which I love as it shows that you are accepted and encourage to be who you are. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: You’re an inspiration to many. How does that feel, and what message do you want to share with others? 

I am proud to know that I can and do inspire others which to me is just incredible and surreal at the same time. My message to others is no matter your size, gender or personal background, you can achieve your dreams as long as you work hard to get there, 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What’s your strategy for captivating the judges on stage? 

For me it’s not just about engaging the judges whilst I’m on stage but also the audience as I believe their support is what me confidence. Also, eye contact and smiling are a big part of me being able to engage the judges as well as helping my personality shine through. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: How do you prepare for competitions? Any specific routines or practices? 

Keeping calm and not getting myself worked up is a big part of my preparation. I generally do this by listening to my favourite music. I also practice posing using techniques I have picked up during my modelling experiences. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Got any tips for nailing the perfect pageant walk? 

Take your time, give yourself enough room to showcase you and your outfit and hold your poses for a minimum of 3 seconds. Know your routine but also have fun with it. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Choosing the right pageant dress can be crucial. What are your tips for making the best choice? 

The best choice for me is an outfit that is comfortable, age appropriate and something you can move easily in. Also speak to someone you trust as it never hurts to have a 2nd opinion 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Interview rounds can be tricky. What are your strategies for a winning interview? 

Similar to my competition preparation is not to get worked up. I know who I am and what I want to achieve so I find the more relaxed I am the better I feel in interview and the more I can be myself.   World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Looking back, is there a moment in a competition you wish you could redo? 

I'd love to be able to say no however I feel my walk in the fitness round wasn’t as strong as I know it could be. Thankfully it was an optional round and had no bearing on the overall score but if I could I would redo it. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What common mistakes do you see others making in contests? 

I’m proud of everyone who has the courage to step on any stage and for me it’s about encouraging and supporting others not looking at their mistakes. You can’t know what is going through anyone’s mind at any point so you should encourage what they have achieved and not any mistakes they may have made. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Do you have any experience in modelling or acting? 

I have plenty of modelling experience including Live Fashion shows and photo shoots however my acting experience is only limited to drama lessons in high school. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: What are your plans or goals for the upcoming year as a Queen? 

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to compete internationally so I would say 1 of my goals is to win the international crown at Regency International Pageant in the summer but overall I just want to inspire others to do what makes them happy. 

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine: Finally, what kind of legacy do you hope to leave behind? 

I want to leave a legacy of supporting others in everything they do, inspiring others to do the same and helping support the mental health of younger people like myself. In doing this I hope to make my friends and family proud. 


International Director: - Terri Travis Dingle 

National Director: Tina and Danni De-Bear 

Pageant Website: 

Photographer: Derek Sizeland Photography  

World Class Beauty Queens Magazine would like to say thank you for this wonderful interview.

Alisha Wilson Junior Teen Diamond UK 2023, World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, Derek Sizeland Photography Interview by Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief Mr WorldClass 2023 Mr United Nations 2018 Platform: Women Empowerment

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