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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Issue 98
Omg, I'm a Cover Girl 
Victoria Lim TKS Ms Singapore International 2018

Also featured
Joanna Borov Miss Motors Formula 1 Silverstone 2018
Makeva Armant-Muhammad Royal International Ms. Louisiana 2019
Melissa Hetzler Burton Mrs. Richmond VA 2019
Florence Rodriguez Haro Mrs. Queen of the World Canada 2018
Anindita Ghosh Ms International 2018
Natalya Bronzova Mrs. Malaysia Global Universe 2d runner and Queen of Substance
Katie Margaret Donnelly Miss Teen Northamptonshire Galaxy 2018/19
Silvia Lorena Méndez Señora Independencia Tucumán 2019
Lucia Hou "2018 World Class Woman of the Year" World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador 2018

Issue 98 World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

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