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World Class Queens of Asia Magazine
Issue 9
Number of pages: 50

OMG, I'm a World Class Celebrity Cover Girl!
Miyabi Miura Mrs. International Global 2018 Classic International World Winner

Also featured: 
Derek Tokarzewski, Owner of World Class Beauty Queens Magazine, 
Grezza Day Guimbal-Rosales Mrs. Laguna Tourism 2022,
Olga Lebedeva Ms World International Lady 2021,
Priyanka Juneja Ms India United Nations 2020-21,
Dolly Ong Jiali Mrs Singapore Worldwide 2021/22,
Vithya Raj Mrs Singapore World Peace 2021/2022,
Aarush Patel Mr. Asia America Nation 2022,  
Corazon Ugalde Yellen Armenta World Class Woman Of The Year 2021, 
Lucia Hou World Class Woman of the Decade 2020, 

Issue 9, World Class Queens of Asia Magazine, Miyabi Miura,

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