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World Class Models Magazine
Issue 8
OMG, I'm a Celebrity Cover Girl!
Corazon Ugalde Yellen Armenta

Also featured:
Philippines - Sheila DeForest, 
France - Kèvin Papon,
Argentina - Dominique Rischmann,
Germany - Luca Maximilian Steinmetz,
Argentina - Martin Sochi,
England - Adrian Kasteleijn,
USA - Magdalena Kucharska,
Russia - Ekaterina Prohorova,
Argentina - Joyce Weiss Evans,
Argentina - Mariana Palacios,
England - Rosemary Lloyd,
England - Gaby Güha,
Malaysia - Samantha Go,
France - Guest Photographer - Jean Marc Cresson,
Guest Designer - Étoffes et silhouettes,
France - Laetitia Helfer,
France - Malika Laude,
Philippines - Cristhel Fraulein G. Bulabon,
Philippines - Madelyn Afripina Smith,
USA - Diane “Didi” Caneda,
Guest Photographer - Orville Spence,
Jamaica - Monepha Chin,
Jamaica - Cleopatra Whyte,
USA - Miranda Rayne Torrey,
Philippines - Emilia Vergara Encabo - Hann See Less

Issue 8 World Class Models Magazine

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