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World Class American Royalty Magazine
Issue 8
OMG, I'm a Celebrity Cover Girl!
Representing ILLINOIS -
Delmar Denise "Dominique" Peterson Ms. Illinois World Universal, 2020-2021

Also featured 
ILLINOIS: Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief, 
ARKANSAS: Arteja Stamps Pure International Ms. Arkansas State,
CALIFORNIA: Aliya Frederick Ms. California Regency International 2019-2020,
COLORADO: Erika Ponce Mrs. Colorado 2019-2020,
CONNECTICUT: Rumana Kumar Mrs. New England Petite 2020,
DELAWARE: Michela Davis 2019 Little Miss America Sweetheart,
INDIANA: Elyse Hofer Pure International Little Miss America 2019-2020,
MAINE: Jacquelyn Phelps Miss South Portland Maine For America 2020,
MARYLAND: Veyha Elizabeth Omeis Miss Maryland, Peoples Choice, 2020-21,
MASSACHUSETTS: Taylor Loesch Miss New England Petite 2019,
MICHIGAN: Radhika Shukla Ms Michigan North America 2020,
MISSISSIPPI: Keri McMillin Ms. Mississippi Pure International 2020,
NEW YORK: Charlotte Toole Mini Miss Spirit of the USA 2019,
OHIO: Cynthia Bowers-Martin United States of America's Mrs. Ohio 2020,
TEXAS: Blaine Ochoa Miss Houston USA 2019,
NORTH CAROLINA: Nancy Nguyen Liles Mrs. North Carolina Petite 2020,
VIRGINIA: Jessica Edwards Miss U.S. Plus World 2020,
VIRGINIA: Dr Michelle Vokac Lynam, M.D. - Dr. United States of America 2021,
VIRGINIA: Addison Williams USA National Miss Virginia Junior Teen 2020,
WEST VIRGINIA: Kristin Wilson Miss West Virginia for America 2020,
WEST VIRGINIA: JeanAnne Roberts Mrs. DC America 2020,
WISCONSIN: Hannah Richter Teen Petite Wisconsin 2020,
AUSTRALIA: Lucia Hou 2020 World Class Woman of the Decade 

Issue 8 World Class American Royalty Magazine

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