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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Issue 48
Omg, I'm a Cover Girl
Lynn Priest Ms USA Universal Elegance 2017

Also featured
Candisha Rolle Miss Earth Bahamas 2016
Jacqueline Elizabeth Thomas Miss Grand Canyon 2017
Maadhuri R Sharma Mrs. Earth International 2016
Sierra Carey Miss American Beauties Plus 2017
JoAnna Lee Villarreal Ms Texas Galaxy 2016
Catherine York Miss Massachusetts US Supranational 2018
Anne Forester Mrs. Utah United States 2017
Greta Donald Clark Ms. American Elegance Lady 2018
Tashonarae Renae Smith Mrs. Wisconsin International 2018
Sarah Rivers Wilkes Miss Alabama United States 2017
Hamdia Ahmed Miss Maine USA 2017 contestant

Issue 48 World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

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