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World Class Queens of North America Magazine
Issue 4
OMG, I'm a Cover Girl!
Congratulations to our Celebrity Cover Girl 
Rachel Castle 2020 National Captivating Ambassador Queen

Also featured 
Christine Jamieson Miss Canada 2019,
Natasha Parkinson Miss Northeastern Alberta World 2019,
Ayden Kosko Miss Teen Canada Petite 2018/19,
Florence Haro Mrs. Queen of the World Canada 2018,
Brenda Cheveldayoff Mrs. Canada Globe Classique 2019,
Diana Paola Gomez Portales Miss Petite Globe Tamaulipas 2019,
Keyace Sims Elite Miss Earth USA 2018,
Unie Brinckley Ms. Congo America Nation,
Taylor Francois Bodine Mrs. Maryland United States 2019,
Chan Kry Khiev National Mrs. 2019,
Shantel Reitz Mrs. Premier World 2019,
Tionna Petramalo International Ms USA 2019,
Co-Owner & National Director of USA Petite, Jenna Kienbaum,
2019 World Class Woman of the Year Emilia Vergara Encabo - Ehmz Hann Mrs. Global International Classic 2019,
Sec Lucia Hou "2018 World Class Woman of the Year",
Peta-gay Ledbetter "2017 World Class Woman of the Year",
Guest Child Model Miranda Rayne Torrey,
Guest Model Jessica Padilla Pennington

Issue 4 World Class Queens of North America Magazine

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