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World Class Queens of Europe Magazine
Issue 3
Omg, I'm a World Class Celebrity Cover Girl! 
Marvel Lequido Doerste Mrs. Goodwill Ambassador Universe 2022, 

Also featured: 
Derek Tokarzewski Owner/Editor in Chief, 
UKRAINE - Olena Talapa Mrs. Transcontinental 2023, 
ESTONIA - Ave Tarend Mrs. Earth 2022, 
ENGLAND - Rosemary Wendt International Titleholder Miss Generation 2021, 
NETHERLANDS - Graciëlla Scholtes Miss Freedom of the World 1st Runner Up 2021, 
ENGLAND - Charlotte Lister Ms Diamond U.K. 2021-2022, 
WALES - Sheena J. B. Worthington Pure International Ms Wales 2021, 
Corazon Ugalde Yellen Armenta World Class Woman Of The Year 2021, 
Lucia Hou World Class Woman of the Decade 2020, 

Issue 3 World Class Queens of Europe Magazine

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