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2018 Woman of the Year.
Congratulations to Lucia Hou World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador 2018 for being awarded this title. And being entered as a candidate for Woman of the Decade.

Let's meet all of our 40 candidates.

Issue 82 Eloise Cole Miss World Class Teen USA 2018
Issue 81 Yashvi Aware Miss Earth United States 2018
Issue 74 Ana Perez World Class Petite Models Chicago Ambassador 2018
Issue 75 Jessica Padilla Pennington World Class Petite Models Illinois Ambassador 2018
Issue 1 Tenille Choi World Class Beauty Queens West Coast Ambassador 2018
Issue 72 Rosemary Lloyd Miss Worldwide 2017/18
Issue 70 Kaanchan S Farkiya Ms Asian North America 2016, 2017
Issue 69 Jaci Tibbit Mrs Mzantzi Africa 2018
Issue 63 Pia Samantha Roldan Miss World Class Philippines 2018
Issue 62 Sangeetha Singh Mrs Earth Australia 2018
Issue 60 Chantrelle Ann Melenani Waialae Ms. Hawai‘i United States 2017
Issue 89 Winnie Mei Miss Petite Maja of the World 2018-2019
Issue 85 Ashley Nicole Smith Elite Miss West Coast Earth 2018-2019
Issue 80 Nicole Gearing Mrs. Premier World 2018
Issue 79 Sherryl Pascal-Schmidt Ms. World International 2018-19
Issue 78 San Juanita Escobar Mrs. Texas Galaxy 2018
Issue 77 Angeline Lim Mrs Singapore International 2017
Issue 76 Sesethu Mani Ms Africa Tourism Earth 2018
Issue 73 Robbie Canner Ms World 2018/19
Issue 67 Bernadette Wolfe World Elite’s Royal Grand Champion 2018
Issue 64 Nataliia Varchenko Miss Europe Continental 2017
Issue 57 Tatiana Burminskaya Mrs. Crimea Globe 2018
Issue 56 Monika Ahuja International Ms India 2017
Issue 55 Zoe Habershaw Miss Teen North America 2017
Issue 52 Whitney Montgomery Mrs Texas Galaxy 2017
Issue 51 Viktoria Borgmann Mrs. Estonia 2017 
Issue 88 Naoko Otsuki Mrs. East Sea Globe 2018
Issue 87 Esther Moo Shoon Shoon Mrs Malaysia Universe 2017, Charisma Ambassador
Issue 86 Marysol Mora Mrs Jade Universe 2018
Issue 84 Cherry Lok Mrs Singapore Globe 2018
Issue 83 Yvette Ardelean MS. Hollywood US America 2018
Issue 71 Susan Chan Siu Fung Elite Mrs Singapore International 2017
Issue 65 Samantha Goh Mrs Asean 2016
Issue 59 Linda Qin 2017 Pacific Miss Asian American 1 st runner up
Issue 53 Shonjrell Ladner Mrs. East Tennessee America 2018
Issue 54 Holly Legge Mrs Canada Globe 2017
Issue 66 Yidan Xie (Chloe) 2017 Pacific Miss Asian American 2nd Runner-up
Issue 61 Kaoru Vivienne Izumi Mrs. Japan International Global 2017
Issue 58 Aileen Teo Ms Singapore Asia Pacific 2016

Issue 2 World Class Woman of the Year Magazine

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