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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Issue 126
OMG, I'm a World Class Celebrity Cover Girl!
Dr. Nirodha Sudershini De Silva Mrs. USA United Nation International Ambassador 2019-2020, 

Also featured: 
Derek Tokarzewski - Owner,
Obiamaka Enweluzor, Miss Starlet Africa 2019,
Phung Truong Tran Dai Miss International Queen Vietnam 2020,
Manju Upadhyay Classic Mrs India International Queen 2020 Winner,
Diana Omuoyo Ms New Zealand World Universal 2021,
Yosdany Argelis Navarro Silva Miss Venezuela Latina 2021,
Sharen Chester Ms. Illinois America Nation 2021,
Monica Lebensztejn 1st R.U. of the Queen of the 2021 May 3rd Parade,
Lucia de los Angeles Alvarado Cayax Miss Quetzaltenango 2019-2021,
Kaanchan S Farkiya Miss WorldClass Ms. USA 2021,
Zaira Barbagallo Mrs World Peace Italy 2021,
Britt Ogonofski 2021 MS International World United States Petite,
Laura Gentles Ms International Curve 2019/2020,
Annie Ong TKS Elite Mrs Singapore ASEAN 2019,
Jamie de Roos Miss Canada Petite 2020/2021,
Aniyah Cropper Pure International Preteen America 2019,
Elyse Hofer Pure International Little Miss America 2019-2020,
Michela Davis 2019 Little Miss America Sweetheart,
Veyha Elizabeth Omeis Miss Maryland, Peoples Choice, 2020-21, 
Delmar Denise "Dominique" Peterson 2020 World Class Woman of the Year,
Lucia Hou 2020 World Class Woman of the Decade 

Issue 126 World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

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