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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Issue 120
100 page MEGA Edition
OMG, I'm a Cover Girl!
Congratulations to our Celebrity Cover Girl 
Rachel Castle 2020 National Captivating Ambassador Queen, 

Also featured 
Representing BRAZIL Caroline Fernanda dos Santos Mrs Brasil de Las Americas 2020,
Representing CANADA - Loveleen Kaur Sidhu Miss. SouthWest Edmonton World 2019,
Representing ENGLAND - Natasha Koshti Mrs Atlantic 2020/21,
Representing FIJI - Shelaila Swastika Singh MS Fiji International 2019,
Representing GHANA - Harriet Lamptey Miss Grand Prix United Nations 2019,
Representing LATVIA - Jolanta Aleksāne Mrs. Top of The World 3th Runner Up 2019,
Representing MALYASIA - Shana Yong Wee Shien Mrs Malaysia Global Universe 2019/20,
Representing MALAYSIA - Subhashini Rama Linggam Mrs Asia Global Universe 2019/20,
Representing PHILIPPINES - Marie Abigael Abalos-Bayuga Mrs. Philippines National Universe 2019,
Representing SINGAPORE - Fanelle Chua Mrs Worldwide 2019 WINNER,
Representing USA - Kristi Wischnack TKS Elite Mrs International 2019,
Representing USA - Corinne Devin International Ms. 2020,
Representing WALES - Carla Zayas Miss Beauty UK Elegant Woman 2019/2020,
Representing USA Guest PRINCESS - Yuliana Sarai Garcia Young Miss Latinita Southwest US 2019,
Representing SOUTH AFRICA Guest KING - Samkelo Rudolph Ngomane Mr Mpumalanga 2020,
Representing PHILIPPINES - Emilia Vergara Encabo - Hann "2019 World Class Woman of the Year" Mrs. Global International Classic 2019Representing Philippines - Lucia Hou 2018 World Class Woman of the Year,
Representing USA - Peta-gay Ledbetter 2017 World Class Woman of the YearFASHION - World Class Paris Fashion Week Magazine,
Representing France Guest Photographer Jean Marc Cresson

Issue 120 World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

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