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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Issue 116
OMG, I'm a Cover Girl!
Congratulations to our Celebrity Cover Girl 
Smriti Goyal Ms. ECO Australia 2019

Also featured 
Mikayla Ann Wood United States Of America's Teen Oregon 2020
Jana-Maria Kuusiku Mrs Millenium Estonia 2019
Ahanene Angela Dove Iconic Queen Nigeria 2019
Marissa Dimond National Excellence Miss 2019-2020
Devina Didi Davidson Miss Queen International 2019/20
Gill Holm Mrs Africa Classic 2020
Monica Presiliana Romero Miss New Mexico Latina 2019
Demi-Lee Mills Miss Natural Beauty England 2019/20
Nikki Johnson-Huston United States of America's Ms. Pennsylvania 2020
Jennifer Dallana Felix Avelino Miss Teen New Mexico Latina 2019
Marian Sinahi Falcon Miss Little Latinita New Mexico 2019
Jurgen Genne Fernández Venegas Mister Joven Mesoamérica Internacional 2019
Lucia Hou "2018 World Class Woman of the Year" World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador 2018

Issue 116 World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

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