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World Class Beauty Queens Magazine
Issue 113
OMG, I'm a Cover Girl!
Congratulations to our Celebrity Cover Girl 
Naoko Ohara Mrs. Japan Worldwide 2019 

Also featured
Georgia Vagena World International Ms Universe MRS 2019
Rujilin David Lanjob Mrs Queen of the World, Angel Queen Winner 2019
Simmone Blake Mrs. Ultimate Elite 2020
Nguyen Vu Xuan Hong Mrs Singapolitan International 2019/2020
Winnie Mei Miss Petite Maja Mundial 2018
Cissa Behvian Miss Turismo São João Batista SC 2019
Bailey Raye Soucy Miss Maine Elementary 2020
Skyla Shay Libby 2020 USA National Miss Maine Dirigo Teen
Brianna Marie Pena Begay Young Miss Latinita Mexico US
Arly Amador Miss Teen Honduras US Latina 2019-2020
Kelsey Lee Hill Miss Ripley 4th of July 2019
Mikayla Eaton Miss Indiana for America 2019
Lucia Hou "2018 World Class Woman of the Year" World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador 2018

Issue 113 World Class Beauty Queens Magazine

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