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World Class Brand Publishing was created to bring you closer to amazing world of Pageantry, Fashion, Modeling, Film and Music. 

World Class Brand Publishing consists of:
Over 30 Magazines 
World Class Ambassadors and
Miss World Class Queens.

World Class Brand was create in 2016 by Derek Tokarzewski and it's based in Chicago.  The idea came to him while attending fashion show in Paris during Paris Fashion Week.  He wanted to focus not only on glam of the industry but also on the heart of it.  He saw an amazing contribution by Beauty Queens and Models trough community service and volunteer work and he wanted to share those stories with the world. 
And that's how World Class Brand motto was born.
Empower, Educate and Inspire.
What separates World Class Brand from it's competitors is the passion of the team behind those stories.  We strive to bring you positive and inspirational stories that empower interviewee for all the contributions.  Educates the reader about amazing role models around the world.  And inspires the reader to get involved and make positive impact locally, nationally and internationally in their community.  

World Class Team

Derek Tokarzewski
Founder, Owner and Executive
Editor in Chief of all the
He's a Director of World
Class Ambassadors and
Miss World Class.
He's also Mr United Nations

Maria Fernanda Capicci joined World Class Brand in 2017 as intern journalist.
In 2018 she took on a role as Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Fashion Magazine. 
In 2019 she became the Editor in Chief of World Class Argentina Models Magazine. 
January 1st 2019 she was recognized as the "Editor in Chief of the Year" for her contribution to World Class Brand.

Sangeetha Singh Editor in Chief of World Class Australia Fashion Magazine.
She's also our World Class Beauty Queens Australia Ambassador 2018.

Lucia Hou Editor in Chief of World Class Queens of Australia Magazine.
She's also our World Class Beauty Queens Oceania Ambassador 2018

Samantha Goh Editor in Chief of World Class Asia Fashion Magazine.
She's also our World Class Beauty Queens Asia Ambassador 2018

Grégory Jourdain Editor in Chief of World Class Paris Fashion Magazine.

World Class Brand Publishing


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