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World Class American Royalty Magazine, 
Issue 9, 
Number of Pages 60, 

OMG, I'm a World Class Celebrity Cover Girl! 
Darlene Quinn Ms. International 2021, 

Also Featured: 
Derek Tokarzewski Owner of World Class American Royalty Magazine, 
Dawn E Fountain 2022-2023 International Classic Ms All Star, 
Sneha Gupta Miss Teen South Asia World 2022, 
Tishawna Jade Scotland Miss Boston Petite 2021, 
Addison Shaw 2020 Pure International Preteen Mississippi, 
AnnaMarie Peña World Latina New Mexico Miss 2021, 
Kimberly G. Grader International United Ms. North New York 2021-2022, 
Kameron Mantell Mrs. Central States W.O.A. 2021, 
Sarah Elizabeth Arriaga-Reyes Mrs. Philadelphia Pennsylvania America 2022, 
Corazon Ugalde Yellen Armenta 2021 World Class Woman of the Year, 
Lucia Hou 2020 World Class Woman of the Decade, 

Issue 9, World Class American Royalty Magazine

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